KHSW Ch. 154

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The man’s voice paused slightly, “You… do you remember what happened five years ago?”

As soon as the man mentioned five years ago, Ling Xi shuddered. She subconsciously remembered that terrible night. She would rather seal up her memory than recall anything from five years ago.

In an instant, her face became as pale as a freshly painted wall, without a shred of blood, her eyes were full of fear, and she pursed her lips lightly.

Although five years had passed, that nightmare had always haunted her.

It was because of that incident that she suffered from insomnia.

That’s why she tried so hard to escape.

If she sank into that nightmare again, maybe even more terrible things would happen.

“Yizhi…I don’t want to know, can you…don’t mention what happened five years ago? Please, okay?”

Seeing the girl’s eyes full of pleading and fear, Xu Yizhi’s heart was aching, he understood her thoughts, but… when he looked into her frightened eyes, he retreated again.

In the past, she lived in pain. Instead of telling her to remind her of those painful things, it was better to forget everything in the past. Their future will be very beautiful, and Xu Yizhi was relieved.

“Okay, I won’t mention it.”

Ling Xi stretched out her arms, hugged his body tightly, and put her face on his chest, “Yizhi, husband.”




Every time Ling Xi called “husband”, Xu Yizhi responded, as if this would drive away the panic in her heart.

Suddenly, the cell phone in Ling Xi’s pocket rang, and Ling Xi slowly let go of him, “Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Mom, I feel weird hearing your voice, is there something wrong?”

“Okay, you wait for me at home first, I’ll come right over.”

Seeing her hanging up the phone, Xu Yizhi said, “I’ll take you there!”

“No, you can stay with Xiao Nuo at home and I’ll ask the driver to take me there.”

After Ling Xi went out, Xu Yizhi walked to the sofa.

Seeing the little guy watching TV very seriously, he pulled out the computer from the side and started working…

“Mom, you asked me to come here now, what’s the matter?”

Meng Xinyan was a little overwhelmed, “Xi’er, you are here, tell your mother the truth, what business does the son-in-law’s family do?”

“Ah? Mom, don’t you know?”

Ling Xi thought she had already figured out all the details of Yizhi before letting her marry her. Who would have thought…

“Xi’er, hurry up and tell Mom, this matter is very important.”

“Well…Mom, do you know about the Xu Group?”

Meng Xinyan breathed a sigh of relief and said to herself, “It turned out he is an employee of the Xu Group, no wonder there is so much money.”

“Mom, what are you talking about? What employee of the Xu Group?”

Then she handed Ling Xi another card, “Xi’er, didn’t we have dinner with my son-in-law and his family last time, they said they wanted to make up for the betrothal gift money, so Mom didn’t think too much about it at the time, I really thought it was just a little bit inside. I didn’t expect that when I checked it today, the amount inside was terrifyingly large, Xi’er, what should I do with this money?”

“Mom, since it’s a betrothal gift, you can accept it!”

“Mom can’t ask for anything, there are ten ‘zeros’ in it!”

“Ten billion?” Ling Xi was also petrified in an instant.

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