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In a room in the same hallway.

A little leopard was sleeping on a man’s body.

As the man’s chest moved up and down, the little leopard’s whole body also went up and down, his paws rubbed against the man’s waist unconsciously, and he muttered in a daze: “Well… “

The last sound landed, and the little leopard opened his eyes, panting fiercely.

But soon, his eyes became confused again, and then he realized in a trance that he was dreaming just now.

The sun shone in through the cracks in the curtains, and the room was quiet.

Hearing the gentle breathing, the little leopard turned to look at the man, who was sleeping very quietly, and it was quite rare to see him without his defenses.

Chris couldn’t tell what the itch in his heart was, but his paws scratched the man’s stomach unconsciously, the more he scratched it, the higher he went.

Suddenly, a slender hand pressed his paw.

Chris met the man’s opened eyes, withdrew his claws with a “swoosh”, and said with a light cough, “You’re awake, I just woke up.”

“My stomach is so itchy, it was hard not to wake up.”

Chris said with a guilty conscience: “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t notice it, and I didn’t react to anything!”

Ye He said coolly: “Yes, anyway, every time you have a good time. It ‘s all three consecutive denials.”

Chris was stunned for a moment, and his hair instantly exploded: “What do you mean I’m ‘cool'”

“Shh—” Ye He suddenly sat up and interrupted him, listening intently, “What’s the matter? The voice.”

Chris wanted to continue arguing with Ye He, but he heard the voice now.

Speaking of which, the soundproofing of this villa was not bad, so although they could hear the sound clearly, it seemed to come from far away, and it was not too loud.

Chris listened carefully and looked at Ye He.

“Qiao Xi is screaming!”

In the room, Jing Yan hurriedly held the frantically thumping little chicken, trying hard to stabilize the latter, and said at a loss, “Qiao Xi, are you all right?”

Why couldn’t this guy stop crying and follow. It was like a stress reaction…

Suddenly, with a “bang”, the door was pushed open!

Jing Yan turned around with a confused look and saw the little leopard and Ye He standing there. After the little leopard saw the scene on the bed clearly, he exclaimed: “—Jing Yan is being indecent to Qiao Xi!!!”

Jing Yan: “…Wait for me!”

The little leopard pounced on the bed with his teeth and claws bared: “Aw, Jing Yan, you pervert”

“Fuck!” Jing Yan scolded using swear words and blocked the flying little leopard with one hand. Then, embarrassed, he said, “I’m not, I don’t, don’t talk nonsense!”

He moved his hand away, and Qiao Xi immediately shouted “Ooh” and flapped his wings and flew up and down, unexpectedly flying two meters away and landing on the bedside table!

Jing Yan and Chris stopped tearing at each other and said in shock, “Fuck, Qiao Xi is flying so high!”

Ye He touched his chin: “Is this height breaking his record?”

The chick huddled in the corner, still whispering: “Oh oh oh…”

The two small eyes had become mosquito-repellent incense eyes, turning around in circles, obviously the whole chicken had not recovered from the stimulation just now.

At this time, more people attracted by the sound appeared at the door.

The black bear princess, whose hair was in a mess after just waking up, had a snake hanging around her neck. She pushed away the tiger prince who took up a lot of space, and Lin Chu, who immediately went upstairs when she heard the sound. She opened her sleepy eyes and saw the body on the bed. Jing Yan, who was not wearing a single piece of clothing on his upper body, huddled by the bedside table like a provoked rookie.

Princess Black Bear widened her eyes and said, “Jing Yan, you insulted Qiao Xi!?”

Jing Yan shouted: “I didn’t!!!”

Tiger Prince: “Wow Jing Yan, you could do this after being drunk too!”

Snake Prince: “Beastly beastly.”

Black Bear Princess: “Is Qiao Xi alright? Poor little one!”

The Snake Prince said, “He’s already taken off his clothes, and is just short of taking off his pants, tsk tsk.”

Jing Yan went mad: “I really didn’t! That’s it!!!”

He just dreamed that Beauty Qiao was wearing his shirt and sitting on his lap with a sweet smile on his face, and then like this… When he woke up, he really saw Qiao Xiaoxi wearing his shirt, naked, standing on the edge of the bed with two bare legs, he thought it was still in a dream, so…

…Although that was in the dream, the clothes were also one, sure, maybe, maybe he took them off when he was dreaming… But the reality, anyway in the middle of the day, he won’t do anything too much to Qiao Xiaoxi, okay?!

Uh, that touch when you’re not awake doesn’t count…

Jing Yan felt ashamed and to save his respect, he glanced at Qiao Xi who was huddled in the corner with a guilty conscience and glared angrily at those who were watching the fun. The big guy, grinding his teeth and putting on his shirt, wanted to jump out of bed and beat someone, when he suddenly heard a weak voice.


Everyone stopped and looked at the bedside table.

The little chick looked at the wall and thought about it, but whispered: “…Jing Yan didn’t do anything to me, his clothes were also taken off by me…”

Although the voice was small, since everyone was quiet, it spread very clearly in the space.

Qiao Xi calmed down and heard everyone’s accusations against Jing Yan. Although his heartbeat hadn’t calmed down and his body’s heat had not subsided, he didn’t want Jing Yan to be misunderstood and carry a black history on his back, so he endured the trembling with shame. Then he explained it for Jing Yan.

He faced the wall and dared not turn around.

Hearing the silence behind him for a moment, Princess Black Bear’s calm voice rang out: “It’s really you who took it off, didn’t Jing Yan take it off by himself?”

Qiao Xi lowered her head and said shamefully, “… um.”

“Is that so? Was it taken off when Jing Yan was asleep?” Princess Black Bear continued to calmly ask.

Qiao Xi said embarrassedly: “Well… I transformed in the middle of the night. I couldn’t help but want to go to the toilet just now, so I took off Jing Yan’s clothes and put it on…”

“Ah, then you have endured it for a long time. After getting dressed, did you foolishly fell asleep on the bed?” Princess Black Bear said in a considerate tone.

Qiao Xi nodded quickly.

That’s right, I’ve been naked for half the night, I really want to leave this room so I took off Jing Yan’s clothes!

“Hey, then you’ve already gone out with Jing Yan’s shirt on? You were not wearing anything else? I could have contacted the guards and asked them to bring you a set of clothes!” Princess Black Bear said in a caring tone.

“I, I was afraid of waking you up at first, but I just wanted to go downstairs to contact the guards, but I changed back…” Princess Black Bear’s tone was gentle and calm, and Qiao Xi slowly calmed down.    

Princess Black Bear: “Then you didn’t catch a cold just now? Was Jing Yan’s shirt long enough?”

Qiao Xi slowly exhaled and nodded, “Well, it’s long enough!”

Covered his ass too!

Qiao Xi felt that he could finally face everyone, so after answering this question, he turned around, and then – was frightened and screamed and stuck it on the wall.

He didn’t know when, but everyone had come close to him and were staring at him with piercing eyes, Qiao Xi even seemed to see the “crackling” sparks in their eyes.

Jing Yan was still kneeling on the bed, stunned, his face flushed red.

He didn’t know when, he tightly grabbed the quilt to block himself, and the veins on the back of his hands burst out!

Qiao Xi swallowed his saliva: “You, what are you doing…”

“It’s nothing, misunderstanding, it turns out that everyone misunderstood, it’s okay,” Princess Black Bear laughed so much that Qiao Xi’s goosebumps rose, and she covered her lips, “Actually, it was originally because you wanted to go downstairs and it was inconvenient without clothes, it’s okay even if you had taken off Jing Yan’s pants and worn them for a while.”

Jing Yan: “!!!”

He pulled the quilt a little tighter.

Qiao Xi said indifferently: “That’s not good…”

Princess Black Bear smiled and said: “Why are you being so polite to him, just tell him if you want to wear it, he must be willing to lend you a full set of clothes, what do you think?”    

Jing Yan: “?”

All eyes were focused on the blushing man on the bed.

The man tightened his hand…

Then he nodded very calmly, and said reservedly: “Well, I will.”

Yes!!! Invincible Thunderbolt willing!!! Three hundred and sixty degree swivels willing!!!

When Qiao Xi heard this, his hair exploded slightly, and he shrank his neck.

He, he was embarrassed to wear a full set…

Ah, it was still too hot in the room!

A play early in the morning made several people relish it, and all the sleepy bugs flew away.

Although Qiao Xi slowed down, he had mistakenly thought that Jing Yan was going to kiss him on the mouth just now and was caught stealing his clothes by Jing Yan himself. He was still a little embarrassed for a while. All the thoughts of “being brave to try” flew out and he escaped from the room after everyone.

Jing Yan hesitated for a while, but did not stop him, instead he closed the door furtively.

The guards of all ethnic groups received instructions one after another and handed a change of clothes into the villa.

Jing Yan came out refreshed after half an hour.

At that time, Qiao Xi was already eating breakfast, and when Jing Yan came over, the two looked at each other.

There was a smile in Jing Yan’s eyes, and Qiao Xi always felt that his smile was very gentle, and his heart seemed to be scratched several times.

Nope, I’m really shy. Is secret love really like this?

It was not bad at first, he could even lean on Jing Yan’s arms quietly the day before yesterday, but after this morning, Qiao Xi and Jing Yan were a little uncomfortable even looking at each other now!

Why was he so bold the day before yesterday, Qiao Xi turned his head with a warm face, nibbled bread quickly in order to hide his emotions, and felt guilty for Lin Chu who had cheered him on.

But Jing Yan only felt that the sun was shining brightly and the sky was clear, and he even wanted to go out and howl for a while!

The shirt had been carefully put away by him, after all Qiao Xiaoxi wore it close to his body, it was stained with Qiao Xiaoxi’s smell and stained with Qiao Xiaoxi’s body temperature – the shirt!

Thinking of that shirt, he involuntarily raised his head more than usual, and his heart was surging.

When he went back, he must put the original shirt away! It might even become a family heirloom in the future! Ha ha ha ha!

Jing Yan refreshed himself and walked over gently. In front of the ambiguous and teasing eyes of several people, he stretched out his hand and wanted to pick up the little chick as usual: “Qiao…”

Due to the chick’s conditioned reflex, he flew into the arms of the black bear princess next door. Then, he froze after the flight, so he had to hand over the bread that he had smeared with jam to Princess Black Bear, and said with a dry smile, “Eat…eat?”

Jing Yan sighed.

Princess Black Bear was surprised, glanced at the man who was standing still, and said with schadenfreude, “Eat, thank you, little baby Qiao Xi.”

Jing Yan took two steps and stretched out his hand again: “Qiao…”

The little chick jumped on the chair of the little leopard again, squatted side by side with the little leopard, and said bluntly, “Chris, you eat a lot!”

“Have I?” The little leopard stuffed something in his mouth, and vaguely said, “You are eating too little! You should eat more too!”

Little Chicken nodded, calmly took a piece of bread and nibbled on it again.

And Jing Yan… as if struck by lightning!

Qiao Xiaoxi was not allowing him to hug!


At this moment, Qiao Xi turned his head, glanced at Jing Yan quickly, and said with a guilty conscience: “What are you doing standing, sit down and eat.”

Jing Yan: “…”

Not happy!


T/N: JY’s mental journey: Shocked> Indignant> Mortified> Shy> Happy (on top of the world)> Sad… He really went through so many emotions in this chapter

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