IHSB Ch. 94

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As soon as their car stopped, the cars behind them also stopped, and soon some young men and women with fanatical eyes ran down.


Gu Mingyu told the agent, and got out of the car with his own brother.

He didn’t need to use it at any time.

“Yuyu! We are your fans!”

A young girl looked at Gu Mingyu obsessively, her tone was full of excitemnt, “Can I hug you?”

Gu Mingyu’s tone was cold, “No.”

He looked at the others while the girl froze.

“It’s fine to be my fan, but please follow stars rationally.”

“But we wanted to see you so much.”

Another girl stood up and looked at him aggrieved, as if Gu Mingyu had done something to offend her.

“There are so many people who like you, and there are bodyguards around you, we can’t get close to you at all, and we don’t want to do this, but if we don’t do this, how can we see you at close range, and how can you remember us?”

Gu Mingli looked at them coldly, “Then can I ask you to leave now?”


A wretched man walked out and stared at Gu Mingyu.

“It was hard for us to find your whereabouts and keep up with you. You can’t let us make this trip in vain. You should give us a hug anyway.”

“That’s right, Yuyu, we worked so hard to find you.”

“Yuyu, we are your fans, can we hug and take a photo? We don’t want much.”

The manager’s lungs were about to explode, how could there be such arrogant and shameless people in the world.

Nuan Nuan was also so angry that her little face was bulging, and her big moist eyes stared fiercely at those people, bullying her third brother, these scoundrels!

Gu Mingyu laughed angrily, being able to be brothers with Gu Mingli who didn’t have a very good temper, he could still bear it!

“You guys? My fans?”

He crossed his arms and looked at them contemptuously.

“Don’t embarrass me, okay? When did I, Gu Mingyu, admit that you are my fan? You look so wretched and want to hug me. Can your face run over a train or drive a spaceship? Have the adults at home taught you to behave like this? Tracking and chasing cars, and that too in a place with so much traffic and people, what else can you do if something goes wrong? You are really the fish who slipped through the net of nine years of obligatory education, ignoring the law and being whimsical, it’s not so good looking. One by one jumping on the bottom line of my aesthetics, and still want to hug me. If I get infected and become ugly, should I go to Nuwa to reason? If you don’t want to leave, then don’t leave. Let’s go to the police station for reform.”

Everyone present: “…”

The manager twitched his mouth and covered his face, bro, do you remember that he was still shooting a video here…, and those students who had been caught by this sarcasm filled with dirty words were stunned.

After reacting, they all looked at Gu Mingyu in disbelief.

“You… how could you do this, we are your fans, don’t you have fear in your heart when you say that?”

“Why did you call the police! We didn’t do anything wrong!”

The wretched man suddenly rushed over with a distorted expression. He rushed towards Gu Mingyu.

Gu Mingyu took a step back calmly and gracefully, and handed over the home court to Gu Mingli.

Just when the wretched man was less than half a meter away from Gu Mingyu, when he thought he was about to succeed and showed an excited and distorted smile on his face, a long leg stretched out from the side and kicked fiercely. He was kicked out abruptly and hit the van with a bang, which still hurt a bit.

Then there was a scream.

Gu Mingli picked his ears with his little finger, and looked at them with a contemptuous and lazy expression.

“Do you still dare to be crazy fans with such courage?”

The two stood together, one with a wild aura, and the other with a demeanour like a noble prince. They both had the same smile, but the effect was completely different. The only thing that was the same was probably the contempt in the eyes of those people.

Both of them were like kings.

When the police arrived, they took the crazy fans away.

Sitting in the car, Gu Mingyu raised his hand and asked his agent to give him the video he just recorded.

The manager looked wary, “What are you doing? We’ll talk about it after I finish editing.”

Gu Mingyu’s elegant posture was full of laziness, and the other hand lazily leaned against her small shoulder.

“Is the sound recorded?”

The manager nodded.

Gu Mingyu yawned lazily.

“That’s fine, just post it online without editing, and I didn’t do anything rude, even if my brother hit someone, it’s self-defence.”

The manager turned pale in shock, “You haven’t done anything yet! Just what you said is enough, believe it or not!”

Gu Mingyu blinked his eyes, “What are you afraid of? After this is released, if I slap people in the future, can I…”

The manager interrupted with a blank expression: “You can’t!”

Gu Mingyu clicked his tongue, “It’s boring.”

After finishing speaking, he pressed his chin against Nuan Nuan’s furry head and rubbed it. The little girl was very obedient and did not resist at all.

Ah… how lucky to have such an obedient little sister.

Although the video was not available, Gu Mingyu still posted a Weibo.

Ba****ds, let alone my fans, with a picture of a van chasing cars in the rear-view mirror, and a vomit emoticon.

As soon as it was posted, it immediately caused a sensation. In less than a minute, countless people rushed in to comment and forward it.

Oh my god, is my husband being chased by a crazy fan?

I feel sorry for Yuyu, is Yuyu okay!

Aigoo! Those crazy fans chase after them like dogs smelling something fishy, it stinks! I want to vomit, Yuyu’s expression is too vivid.

Disgraceful to the dog, the person the dog likes is loyal and protected, this is obviously a stinky rat in the dark gutter.

I just want to know how my husband is doing now, I’m so worried, I don’t understand why there are disgusting people like illegitimate children in the fan circle, isn’t it good to pay attention to idols from a distance? Why do you have to disturb their lives.

This kind of person is distorted and uneducated, and have no legal awareness.

Gu Mingyu browsed the Internet for a long time, and many of them were distressed and asked if there was anything wrong, so he picked out a comment to reply with a smile on his lips.

A crazy fan is not worthy of being a fan, so I feel sorry for Yuyu and hope Yuyu is okay.

He replied below: I am fine, they have been handed over to the police.

Before that fan could react, a group of envious and jealous people frantically rushed over.

Ahh… Jimei, did you worship the koi carp? You are so lucky that Yuyu replied to you!

I’m not envious at all, I’m not jealous at all…

My husband can’t beat me, let’s give this humble little fan a look.

That’s obviously my husband!

It’s fine, Yuyu is not sad, this kind of people who ignore the law will be dealt with by the police, Yuyu, we will always support you.

Nuan Nuan held her third brother’s arm with her thin white hands, her pointed and delicate chin rested on the back of her soft white hands, and her little furry head leaned over to read the comments with him.

The little girl’s moist and clear eyes shone with curiosity, obediently soft and clingy, cuter than a kitten.

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