IHSB Ch. 93

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Nuan Nuan’s phone rang while eating, and the little girl took out the phone with puffy cheeks.

“It’s Dad.”

She swallowed the food in her mouth and said softly, looking at her third brother with big moist eyes.

“Nuan Nuan should go back.”

Gu Mingyu stretched out a finger to poke her soft cheeks. He didn’t eat a few mouthfuls and basically watched the little girl eat, mainly because she was so obedient and friendly. Her happy and cute little appearance was really eye-catching.

“Don’t go back yet, I’ll take you out to play tomorrow.”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, let out a soft oh, and then answered the phone.


“When are you coming back, baby?”

Nuan Nuan said in a childlike voice, “Dad, Nuan Nuan and cousin, fourth brother and third brother are eating outside, and third brother said that he wants to take Nuan Nuan out to play.”


Gu Linmo’s voice was suddenly raised, and Nuan Nuan’s mobile phone was taken by a slender finger with well-defined knuckles.


When Gu Mingyu answered the phone, he leaned back slightly on the back of the chair and crossed his legs. Some people did this action a little roguely, and some people did it with a sense of nobility and elegance, he was obviously the latter.

“Nuan Nuan is here with me. If you and aunt are busy, you can go back first. It’s hard to come here. Why don’t I take her to other places to play? After you go back like this, you won’t have time to take her with you. It’s a pity that she came to play, we will go back to Lincheng in two days, and I will go back with Nuan Nuan.”

Father Gu almost jumped up, “No… I don’t feel relieved to leave Nuan Nuan here.”

Gu Mingyu had a smile on his face, but his tone of voice revealed a heart breaking sadness.

“Uncle, is it that you don’t trust me? Although I’m not as mature and stable as my elder brother, I can still protect Nuan Nuan, and I just met Nuan Nuan when I came back, and we haven’t been able to communicate with each other properly. Unlike you who can often get along with her and meet her, I won’t stay at home for a long time and I will be busy flying to various places to film, and maybe I won’t have time to watch her well in the future…”

Everyone at the scene: “…”

Gu Linmo who was on the opposite side: “…”

Gu Linmo took a deep breath, and was about to grit his teeth to say something when his wife snatched his mobile phone.

“Mingyu, it’s me your eldest aunt, you can take Nuan Nuan to play for a few days, but remember to keep warm so you don’t get sick, and don’t be sad.” Gu Mingyu’s voice was pleasantly surprised and seemed to be unbelievable.

“Really? Auntie, but Uncle’s side…”

He wanted to speak but stopped right then.

Mother Gu said softly, “It’s okay, take your sister to play, your uncle has me here.”

Father Gu looked shocked, “But…”

“Okay, remember to ask Nuan Nuan to video call at night, Auntie has to hang up first.”

After speaking, there was a beeping sound from the opposite side.

The corners of Gu Mingyu’s mouth raised, and he blinked at Nuan Nuan who was stunned beside him.

“It’s done!”

Nuan Nuan: “…Third brother, you…you have worked hard!”

She couldn’t close her small mouth for a long time.

He was obviously laughing just now, how could he say such sad words.

Gu Mingyu handed her the phone, “Small thing.”

Bai Mohua was curious, but he didn’t dare to say Gu Mingyu loudly, so he could only go to Gu Mingli’s side and whisper to him quietly.

“Is this the skill of the film emperor? Your brother is really amazing!”

Gu Mingli was speechless, “He has loved acting so much since he was a child, and he has deceived many people.”

After eating, he signed for the waiter, put on a mask and left with Nuan Nuan.

“Go back to the apartment first. I rushed back right after the filming. Third brother is tired and wants to sleep. Can Nuan Nuan stay with me?”

He looked at Nuan Nuan with a fragile face. The bruises under his eyes were quite obvious, and of course it could not be ruled out that the main reason was that his skin was too white.

The little girl held his beautiful face in her arms, and felt very distressed seeing his tired face.

Nuan Nuan nodded her head vigorously, and said in a soft voice, “Okay, third brother, go to rest.”

Gu Mingli stretched his waist, like a big leopard that was full after eating, and occupied most of the space after getting into the car, with his head tilted and lazily resting on Bai Mohua’s shoulder.

“I’ll borrow your shoulder for a pillow.”

Bai Mohua sat a little aggrieved, with a heavy head resting on his shoulder, he showed dissatisfaction on his face, then he pushed Gu Mingli’s head with his hands.

“Get up, can you sit in a little bit.”

Gu Mingli closed his eyes, “No, I’m grown up and you’re so small, it’s not like you can’t sit still, lean on me, it’s a headache.”

Bai Mohua gritted his teeth, this person just saw him as a weak person he can bully!

“Then you rely on your brother.”

“He smells too strong.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was knocked. Gu Mingyu squinted his eyes and looked at him dangerously, with a slightly cold smile on his face.

“My dear brother, tell me what you mean by what you just said?”

Gu Mingli muttered, “I’m telling the truth, can you spray less of your perfume?”

Gu Mingyu sneered, his beautiful pink lips starting to curl.

“I haven’t disliked the smell of sweat on your body yet. Only you are my own brother and I can bear you until now. If it were someone else, they would have been thrown away. You have smoked a good car, I have to hold my breath, in order to feel better, it is you who is full of masculinity. Those who don’t know would think that I put durian in the car. Anyway, durian is still edible. What else can you do besides being smelly?”

The sharp-tongued Gu Mingli regretted it. He shouldn’t have said such a cheap word. He clearly knew what kind of stinky character his brother was, and he could utter ten sentences with a vicious tongue. “Brother… I was wrong!”

Gu Mingli admitted his mistake resolutely. If it was a fight, he would definitely not be cowardly, but quarrel? No one in the family could quarrel with his brother.

Gu Mingyu tuned in elegantly and nobly in Bai Mohua’s adoring eyes, and he took off his peaked cap and blew a sigh of relief.

“Do you have to say something?”

“If someone hits you one day, I will definitely watch the show by the side.”

Maybe he would help.

Gu Mingyu said, “I’m so sorry, you probably won’t have that chance. Your brother, I have several bodyguards with me when I go out.”

As soon as the words fell, the driver in front suddenly looked very ugly.

“Boss, we are being followed.”

The expression on Gu Mingyu’s beautiful face instantly collapsed, “An illegitimate fan again?”

The driver nodded. Gu Mingli gloated, “Oh, it seems that someone didn’t bring a bodyguard today.”

The agent and the assistant hurriedly called, “I’ll call the bodyguards over now.”

The van behind was following closely. After they accelerated here, the cars behind also accelerated crazily.

Nuan Nuan nervously tugged on her Third Brother’s clothes, with a flustered expression on her delicate face.

“Third Brother.”

Gu Mingyu squeezed her thin and soft fingers comfortingly.

“Don’t be afraid, it will be resolved soon.”

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