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Yan Yan didn’t recover, his lips were moist, and his long eyelashes blinked several times in disbelief.

But Ji Juechuan had already laid back, his expression was as usual, as if nothing happened just now.

“Honey, you…” Yan Yan straightened up suddenly, almost biting his own tongue, “Why were you licking my lips?”

Ji Juechuan pursed his lower lip. He was dizzy with fever and his mouth was dry. Just now when he saw Yan Yan approaching him, he kissed him unconsciously.

Now his mind was full of the touch just now. Yan Yan’s lips were soft, with a sweet taste of candy.

Should taste better than those fruit hard candies.

Seeing that Ji Juechuan didn’t speak, Yan Yan frowned again, “What if the infection is passed on to me?”

He didn’t want to be sick, being sick was uncomfortable to death.

Ji Juechuan pursed his thin lips even tighter.

It was just done on a spur of the moment, but he didn’t think of this.

When Yan Yan thought of getting sick, he felt a little scared, so he got up and ran to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, then sat down by the bed again.

He also explained to Ji Juechuan: “I don’t dislike you, I just don’t want to get sick.”

Ji Juechuan stared at his ruddy lips for a while, then suddenly said: “Peach tastes good.”

“You wanted peach flavor?” Yan Yan heard it clearly this time, and searched among the candies, “I seem to have eaten the last one.”

“Hmm.” Ji Juechuan uttered a single syllable in his voice.

What did it mean?

Yan Yan saw that Ji Juechuan closed his eyes again and felt that he must be a little burnt out now.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have kissed him suddenly just now.

He picked up the medicine bowl, scooped up a spoonful, blew on it, and brought it to Ji Juechuan’s mouth.

The medicine was left on the bedside table for a while, and it was not as hot as before.

Ji Juechuan opened his mouth and let him feed the medicine spoon by spoon.

In fact, he wasn’t too weak to drink the medicine by himself, but Yan Yan wanted to feed him, and he didn’t bother to stop him.

After feeding a bowl of medicine, Yan Yan put down the bowl and picked up a candy from the bedside table.

He helped Ji Juechuan pick a strawberry-flavored candy, peeled off the beautiful candy wrapper, and handed it to Ji Juechuan.

Ji Juechuan looked down at his white jade-like fingers for a while, opened his mouth to eat the candy, and accidentally touched his cool fingertips with his lips.

Yan Yan shrank his fingers, didn’t pay much attention, picked up the medicine bowl and went out.

The sweetness of sugar overwhelmed the faint bitter taste of medicine in the mouth.

Ji Juechuan never liked to eat this kind of sweet and greasy food before, but today he didn’t know if it was burnt, but he thought the taste was okay.

But the peach flavor was more delicious.

After a while, Yan Yan went back to the room and filled a basin of warm water from the bathroom.

“What are you going to do?” Ji Juechuan’s eyes followed his movements.

After drinking the medicine, his voice was not as hoarse as before, but it was still low.

“Wipe your body for you.” Yan Yan twisted the wet towel and put it on the basin, “It seems that it can cool down quickly.”

“Just drink the medicine.” Ji Juechuan frowned and grabbed the hand he extended to unbutton his shirt.

Yan Yan was not as strong as him, and he couldn’t move his hands when he was caught.

He pouted, “If you don’t want to take it off, don’t take it off.”

He withdrew his hand, wiped Ji Juechuan’s neck with a towel, took his hand again, and wiped his palm and arm carefully.

Although it was his first time taking care of someone, he still did a good job. By noon, Ji Juechuan’s fever had mostly subsided.

At noon, Aunt Zhang came over to cook. After she got to know that Ji Juechuan was sick, she went out to buy some things, and came back to make chicken soup and porridge for him.

When she brought the chicken soup, Yan Yan was sitting by the bed taking Ji Juechuan’s temperature.

Aunt Zhang walked over to take a look at the thermometer, and frowned: “Why do you have a fever all of a sudden?”

Yan Yan glanced at Ji Juechuan who was lying on the bed, and felt that he might not have the strength to stand up now, so he began to complain:

“Aunt Zhang, he has always been taking a cold shower these days, and he was going to take a cold shower yesterday even when he had a fever.”

“Taking a cold shower?” Aunt Zhang was a little surprised. Could it be that the young man was full of vigor, so he wanted to take a cold shower to suppress his vigor?

But the two of them lived together, even if they were feeling vigorous, they didn’t need to take cold showers every time to suppress it, right?

Yan Yan didn’t notice Aunt Zhang’s subtle expression, and nodded, “Yes.”

Ji Juechuan opened his eyes on the bed and looked at Yan Yan with a pair of dark eyes, then he said with a warning tone: “Yan Yan.”

Yan Yan glanced at him with his clear eyes and stopped talking.

Aunt Zhang saw that Yan Yan said this because he was worried about Ji Juechuan, and a smile appeared on her face, thinking that the two were really in love.

She could see that Ji Juechuan also cared about Yan Yan, but he was not good at expressing his feelings, so he might not be as frank as Yan Yan, and she was afraid that if this continued for a long time, Yan Yan would feel insecure.

She teased: “Xiao Ji, you and Yan Yan have lived together for so long, why are you still calling people by their names so seriously?”

Yan Yan blinked and went to look at Ji Juechuan again.

He also felt that Ji Juechuan was very serious when he called him by his first and last names, which made him a little nervous every time, but he couldn’t make Ji Juechuan change his words.

Now that Aunt Zhang had brought it up, he was also looking forward to it, wondering if Ji Juechuan would call him by another name.

Ji Juechuan glanced at him lightly, then lowered his eyes, “I’m used to it.”

Although it was expected, Yan Yan pouted.

Anyway, he was leaving soon, so it didn’t matter if he didn’t change his words.

Aunt Zhang sighed in her heart, knowing that Ji Juechuan could not be blamed for this.

Ji Juechuan had always been alone. Now that he had someone he liked, it was normal for him not to know how to let the other person know his feelings.

He just hoped that there would be no gap between the two of them.

“Yanyan, hurry up and feed him a bowl of chicken soup, it will be cold later.” Aunt Zhang patted Yan Yan on the back and left the room, leaving a separate space for the two of them.

Yan Yan sat down by the bed again, holding a soup bowl and feeding it to Ji Juechuan spoon by spoon as if he had just fed medicine.

After feeding the soup, he went downstairs to make another bowl of porridge and fed it to Ji Juechuan.

Ji Juechuan took a nap in the afternoon, and when he woke up at night, the fever on his body had completely subsided.

Yan Yan was sitting in the room playing with his mobile phone, when he saw him standing up and walking towards the bathroom, so he hurried over to grab him.

“How do you feel now?”

“It’s all right.” Ji Juechuan paused, his voice lowered, “Thank you.”

Yan Yan still took his hand, looked up at him slightly, “Are you going to take a hot bath?”

Ji Juechuan pursed his lips and nodded, “Yes.”

After making sure that he would not take a cold shower again, Yan Yan let go of his hand.

After taking a shower in the bathroom, Ji Juechuan felt that his body had completely recovered, and his mind was also cleared up a lot.

Standing in the steamy bathroom, he suddenly remembered the kiss he had printed on Yan Yan’s lips in the morning when he was drowsy from the fever.

At that time, he thought that he would do that because he was delusional, but now that his mind was clear, he still wanted to speak to him.

Ji Juechuan frowned, a little confused about his thoughts.

However, he and Yan Yan had an engagement to begin with, and they had lived together for so long, so there was nothing wrong with a little intimacy.

He stood in the bathroom for a while before going out.

Yan Yan had already taken a shower while he was sleeping, and now he was sitting on the bed.

Hearing the movement, he looked over immediately, and was relieved when he saw the steam coming out of the bathroom.

As soon as Ji Juechuan walked to the bed, his fingers were grabbed by Yan Yan.

He raised his head, his long eyelashes were like fragile butterfly wings, “Honey, do you remember what happened in the morning?”

When Ji Juechuan was taking a bath just now, Yan Yan remembered that Ji Juechuan kissed him in the morning.

After thinking about it, he felt that Ji Juechuan was confused and did such a thing.

Now that Ji Juechuan was awake, he didn’t know if he still remembered this incident, even if he did, he would probably deny it because of the shock.

He deliberately mentioned it now, just to make Ji Juechuan feel disgusted.

Ji Juechuan’s eyes darkened slightly, then he looked down at him for a while, and said, “Remember, I kissed you.”

“Do you remember?” Yan Yan was taken aback, then stammered, “Then, why did you kiss me?”

Ji Juechuan didn’t answer his question directly but brought up another matter: “The day after tomorrow is the engagement banquet.”

Yan Yan was led away by him, and nodded, “Yes.”

“When there are so many people, if it is seen that we have never been intimate, what will others think?”

“Ah?” Yan Yan was taken aback again, “Are we going to have to kiss that day?”

“The appearance has to be maintained.” Ji Juechuan said lightly.

He was almost persuaded by his excuses, and even felt that this was the reason why he would personally speak up this morning.

Yan Yan let out an “oh”, unconsciously licked his lower lip, his expression a bit tangled.

Ji Juechuan looked at his sparkling lips under the light, and his mouth became parched again like in the morning.

He bent down and got closer to Yan Yan, and the two breathed together.

He heard his voice sounding a little hoarse: “Do you want to practice?”

Yan Yan was still thinking about what he just said, but didn’t realize it for a while, and just about to ask what to practice, when two thin lips pressed against her.

He grabbed the quilt under him tightly, and his knuckles went a little white.

Suddenly, the long eyelashes trembled a few times.

Why did he stick his tongue into his mouth for practice?

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