LGHIHW Ch. 21: Arc 1.17

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Zhuang Li’s sentence sounded like a bell in Qiao Yanan’s ear, causing her mind to buzz. Her forehead was covered in cold sweat, her hands were shaking uncontrollably, but she subconsciously retorted: “Don’t joke, I am the head of the R&D department, how could I not understand communication technology? Do you know how many scientific research results I can produce in a year??”

Yes, Minister Qiao’s scientific research achievements were indeed the greatest and the most cutting-edge in the R&D department. There was no doubt about her ability. Thinking of this, the doubts in everyone’s eyes disappeared.

Xuan Ming sneered with the corners of his lips.

Zhuang Li also laughed sarcastically: “Minister Qiao, since your scientific research ability is so strong, these topics should be easy for you, right? Please help us do the calculations.”

After talking about it, the topic went back again. No matter how Qiao Yanan argued, Zhuang Li had only one word to deal with—you do what you need to do.

Six blank questions were still hanging on the screen, as long as they were done, Qiao Yanan could prove herself. This was the quickest way.

For top experts in the field, even for technologies that had never been studied in depth, a general process could always be derived from previous knowledge accumulation.

Mr. Zhuang’s request was not considered to be difficult, but a kind of consideration. If it were them, they would surely go. Thinking like this, everyone turned their attention back to Qiao Yanan.

The meeting room was very quiet, and no one spoke to urge her, but they had all written the words “You go up and do the question” on their faces.

Along with Qiao Yanan’s stalemate, the seeds of doubt that had been sown just now took root and sprouted in everyone’s heart.

Qiao Yanan remained calm on the face, but her heart was ruthless: “System, can I sell the news that Zhuang Li has developed the entire 5G technology to the United States and let them kill him?”

Xuan Ming’s tower-shaped hands suddenly clenched into fists, and blue veins burst out.

248 shook his head: “Better not, because only those present today will know the news. If Zhuang Li dies, Xuan Ming will definitely investigate, and we would also be one of the suspects, which will seriously disrupt our original plan. Due to Xuan Ming’s character, he would never have a relationship with a suspect.”

“Anyway, I must destroy him!” Qiao Yanan’s voice was full of resentment.

248: “Zhuang Li is indeed a huge obstacle. Xuan Ming cares about him far more than anyone else. I have observed that when Zhuang Li is present, Xuan Ming’s eyes are always fixed on him, but Xuan Ming’s eyes being fixed on someone, it is never the case with others.”

Qiao Yanan’s eyes were covered with red blood, and the ruthlessness in her pupils could hardly be hidden.

In terms of scientific research, she had no talent at all, but she was a master in terms of rendering harm. In just half a second, she came up with a poisonous plan: “System, you send these technologies mentioned by Zhuang Li today to some experts in the United States and let them publish the paper first. When the paper is published, would Zhuang Li not become a liar who plagiarized other people’s scientific research results? When it comes to intellectual property issues, Haiming Group will not be able to use his technology. In the end, they would have to rely on my theory to build the 5G algorithm, and then everything will follow our original plan.”

He had to admit that in terms of conspiracy and tricks, Qiao Yanan’s level was at the doctoral level. Some people were born different from others and were rotten from the root.

Hearing these extremely vicious words, Xuan Ming really wanted to screw off Qiao Yanan’s head with his own hands. But now he couldn’t do anything.

First, Qiao Yanan was one of the most outstanding young scientists in China. She was protected by the government, and no one could easily touch her. Second, even if she was transferred from the R&D department, her system could still learn all the movements of Haiming through the Internet.

So even if she didn’t attend this meeting today, Xiao Curly’s technologies would still be stolen by her system in the end. After all, the construction of 5G technology was inseparable from the network.

Right now, even if she had such evil thoughts, unless Xuan Ming immediately conjured a gun and blew her head off, 248 would be able to transmit these technologies to the United States anytime, anywhere.

Xuan Ming pressed his forehead with a splitting headache, not knowing what to do for a while.

At the same time, Zhuang Li saw that Qiao Yanan was always frozen, so he shook his head and said: “Minister Qiao, I don’t know you, so I don’t know how many amazing achievements you have achieved. But I do know one thing for sure—”

He stared directly at Qiao Yanan’s eyes: “A person who can’t understand even the most basic professional terms can’t make scientific research results.”

“Why do you say I can’t understand technical terms?” Qiao Yanan roared hoarsely. For this time, she was completely confident to deal with it. The technical term was not a scientific research secret, and the system would always tell her the answer.

248 responded immediately: “The interpretation of professional terms is completely fine, the Lord God doesn’t care about this.”

Zhuang Li smiled with interest, his red lips raised a corner, and his hair, which had been completely combed to the back of his head, was now hanging down in a strand, slightly curled around his temples, and his evil and unruly appearance looked like some demon who was used to playing with people’s hearts.

Seeing his expression, Qiao Yanan shuddered.

248 was also stunned.

Zhuang Li tapped the keyboard in a sloppy tone, “Then ask Minister Qiao to explain to me what this word means.”

A large line of English letters appeared on the screen—3D-MIMO

Almost immediately, the engineers sitting around the long table realized that this was a technology related to massive antenna arrays, since MIMO was short for “multi-channel antenna system.”

Compared with the six questions above, the difficulty of this question was simply a drop off a cliff. Anyone who had done a little research on communication technology could answer it casually.

“Is Mr. Zhuang joking with Minister Qiao?” someone whispered.

However, Qiao Yanan’s reaction let them know that this was not a joke, but a thorn that pierced Qiao Yanan’s disguise. She stood there in a daze and didn’t give the answer immediately. This was an impossible situation for a top expert. It was like a professional pig farmer who didn’t know what a pig was. The scene was ridiculous enough to make people laugh.

Qiao Yanan shouted anxiously: “System, what does that mean? Tell me now!”

248 rang loudly for a long time before saying, “Host, I can’t tell you.”

Qiao Yanan’s face almost split, “What did you say? It’s just a professional term, why can’t you say it!”

248 felt very helpless: “Host, Zhuang Li is smarter than I thought! Even if I say something, you can’t understand it. Let me explain it to you like this. This term is also a technology that has not yet appeared, and I can’t leak it. This technology is the product of the in-depth development of another technology. It is not a loophole, so I didn’t notice it before. It was buried too deep. I suspect that Zhuang Li did this on purpose to force you to show up. Yes, after seeing through you, he has come up with a series of plans.”

“He’s so scary! If the host I was bound to at the beginning was him, I might have become a gold medal system long ago.” 248 sighed with regret.

Xuan Ming’s mood was originally very nervous and angry, but when he heard these words, he couldn’t help but twitch his lips. He knew the technique of peeling off the skin of the Xiao Curly best, but it was really deadly, and it was progressive, leaving no dead ends.

“Which technology is the product of the in-depth development of this technology? He should have mentioned it before, right?” Qiao Yanan asked anxiously.

“I can’t tell you.” 248 was tight-lipped about this.

In fact, this technology was an evolved version of the previous large-scale antenna array technology. It could shape the vertical plane of the beam through the two-dimensional arrangement of large-scale antennas, which greatly improved the transmission distance and transmission range of 5G signals.

Once 248 reminded Qiao Yanan, she was likely to guess that the term was called 3D-MIMO large-scale antenna array, so according to the judgment of the Lord God, if it was felt that this technology that had not yet come out was leaked from 248, it would have to die, so it dared not say a word.

Qiao Yanan didn’t understand 248’s ruthlessness, and screamed: “Isn’t it not a special term? Why can’t it be leaked? The technological development of this world has a fart relationship with the Lord God! What is he doing being so strict! What do you want me to do now?? Just act blind? If this destroys my character design, it will be completely over!”

Xuan Ming silently admired her flustered, anxious, almost collapsed expression, and the anger that had accumulated in his heart was finally relieved.

The entire conference room became very quiet. Everyone looked at Qiao Yanan, who had not spoken for a long time, and the seed of doubt in their hearts had quietly grown into a towering tree.

Zhuang Li tapped lightly on the table with his fingertips, his voice full of sarcasm: “Minister Qiao, you don’t even understand the terminology, so the question is, how did you make your scientific research results?”

Qiao Yanan stared at him with red eyes, her parched lips wriggling slightly, but she couldn’t say a word.

248 sighed faintly: “Don’t make excuses, they won’t believe it. Being able to write a paper without knowing professional terms is like building a house without building materials. It’s pure fantasy.”

Qiao Yanan swayed.

Zhuang Li turned to look at Xuan Ming, with a cautious tone: “Mr. Xuan, I think you need to investigate the situation of Minister Qiao. In my opinion, she is a complete layman.”

Hearing this verdict, the engineers and scientists sitting on both sides of the long table did not object, but instead gathered together to whisper, and from time to time cast disgusted glances at Qiao Yanan.

Xuan Ming nodded and said yes, but his heart was mixed with two emotions of admiration and worry. On the one hand, he was happy for Qiao Yanan’s demise; on the other hand, he was worried that her jumping off the wall would hurt the Xiao Curly.

However, the next moment, a small memory card was stuffed into his hand.

Zhuang Li said lightly: “Last night, I have written some of the most basic technologies into papers, submitted them to major journals, and submitted a patent application to the country. I heard that the patent review process will be very troublesome, so I have to ask Mr. Xuan can help clear it up, and global patenting must also be carried out simultaneously.”

He thought for a while, and then added: “As long as we master the basic patents, other countries can’t get around us if they want to develop 5G. This is the underlying logic of technology development.”

“I understand that in the future, we will be able to maintain profitability just by charging patent fees.” Xuan Ming immediately grasped this precious memory card. Those worries and anxieties just now had disappeared without a trace.

He guessed that Xiao Curly must be a master at chess. When others took a step, his eyes had been cast to the end of the distance. Therefore, even a system with supernatural powers couldn’t do anything about him now.

Hearing the conversation between the two, 248 woke up the collapsed Qiao Yanan: “Your plan went wrong again. Zhuang Li had written his scientific research results in a paper and submitted a paper last night and applied for a patent. We cannot use his technology, and neither can the US.”

“He was writing a thesis last night, so why didn’t you find out when you hacked into his computer?” Qiao Yanan asked angrily.

“He is supposedly a highly skilled hacker who wiped out all traces of the network. I thought he was just an ordinary person and it was my fault that I didn’t check his electronic devices deeply.” 248 felt very frustrated, this was his first loss to a human.

“You delete his paper, the submission, and the patent application!” Qiao Yanan ordered arrogantly. She often did this kind of thing, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to steal so many scientific research results without getting into a lawsuit.

“It’s too late. Due to the time difference, many editors have read those papers and given enthusiastic responses. The government has begun to pay attention to him after receiving the patent application. With national protection, our plan will absolutely not go smoothly, and it is more likely to expose ourselves. After all, I can delete the evidence on the Internet, but I cannot delete the memory of human beings.” 248’s tone was dejected.

Qiao Yanan was completely at a loss for words. The head that used to be held high, couldn’t be raised now, and she looked as embarrassed as a lost dog.

Seeing her giving up her struggle, everyone was shocked and angry.

However, Zhuang Li said calmly: “Mr. Xuan, this lady will be handled by you. I still have some key technologies to finish.”

The outraged engineers immediately turned their attention, straightening their laptops one by one, and looked at the stage with shining eyes.

Xuan Ming really wanted to continue listening to Xiao Curly’s lecture, but he had to take away this curse Qiao Yanan, so he nodded reluctantly.

Before leaving, he solemnly announced: “From this moment on, Mr. Zhuang Li will be your minister.”

The engineers and old scientists just froze for a moment before bursting into applause.

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