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Qiao Yanan was only 28 years old this year, but she had already taken the position of deputy director of the R&D department of Haiming Group, and the average age of the entire R&D department was around 46 years old, which also proved her scientific research ability and super talent.

Her strength was second only to Dr. Zhao, and surpassed most scientists, so everyone in the R&D department was quite convinced of her.

At this moment, everyone was looking at Qiao Yanan expectantly.

Xuan Ming also looked up, but the corner of his mouth was raised in a very subtle arc. He wanted to know how Qiao Yanan would solve this situation.

“System, can you do this question? Tell me the answer!” Qiao Yanan urged anxiously in her heart.

248’s tone was extremely aggrieved: “Host, I can’t tell you the answer. You can find a way to solve it yourself.” While saying this, it was checking the draft paper that everyone placed on the table through the monitoring equipment in the conference room. However, they were either blank, or only a few characters are written, and there was no reference value.

“I can’t even understand the question, how can I solve it?” Qiao Yanan screamed.

“This is your problem, host. If you had used these five years to study communication technology well, you won’t encounter a scene like today.” 248 also had a lot of resentment in his heart. It was really his bloody bad luck to meet such a host whose mud couldn’t support the wall.

“Let’s not blame each other now, can we deal with this hurdle first? Tell me the answer!” Qiao Yanan hid her trembling hands under the table.

“I can’t tell you the answer. As I said, the Lord God does not allow us to leak technology beyond this era. In the past, the scientific research results I provided to you were already made by others, which did not violate the rules, but the current situation does not allow it. This question is still a question mark so far, do you understand? If I tell you the answer, it is tantamount to directly bringing this technology into this world, and I will be severely punished by the Lord God! While the Lord God destroys me remotely, you who is bound to me will also die!”

248 had to issue the most severe warning.

“Then what should I do now? Ah? I’m Minister Qiao, there’s no way I can’t do this question!” Qiao Yanan’s voice was so sharp that his head split.

During the time when she was sitting still, everyone looked at her differently.

“You find a way yourself!” After saying this, 248 fell into silence. No matter how Qiao Yanan screamed, threatened, or sold misery, he remained indifferent.

The inner activities of the two were like a Beijing opera with gongs and drums, sonorous and exciting. Xuan Ming almost laughed, and could only put his fist against his lips, pretending to be serious.

On the other end, Zhuang Li got impatient and ordered again: “Ma’am, please come and do this question.”

“Xiao Qiao, what are you still doing? Teacher Zhuang called you.” An engineer next to Qiao Yanan was unable to sit still anymore, so he poked her arm with a ballpoint pen.

Qiao Yanan looked at the other side with a gloomy face, and said with a sneer: “It’s always this lady, this lady, don’t I have a name? Before doing scientific research, I hope you learn to be a human being. At least you should understand what is called being polite.”

Accustomed to the high life, Qiao Yanan almost forgot that she was just a waitress selling red wine in a nightclub at first. She didn’t know what high technology was, but she sure knew how to mess around.

Zhuang Li asked her to go up to do the questions, and she picked on his faults, making everyone think that she was fighting, not that she did not know.

Sure enough, some colleagues who had a good relationship with her showed understanding expressions and whispered to her not to care.

A few old scientists murmured: “Mr. Zhuang is highly talented, so he is naturally proud, and he came back from abroad. If you don’t engage in seniority, why are you angry with others? You don’t have any guts at all.” Zhuang Li went there.

Xuan Ming: “…”

These old stubborn people were getting more and more pleasing to the eye today.

Zhuang Li propped his hands on the table, and smiled with his lips curled up: “Then what do you want me to call you? Minister Qiao?” He straightened up and nodded gracefully, “Then Minister Qiao, please prove with your strength that you are still in front of me and can afford this position.”

Seeing him generalize, Xuan Ming covered the corner of his crazily raised mouth with his palm.

Qiao Yanan, who thought she could deal with this issue by talking nonsense, was suddenly held up in mid-air and couldn’t get off. If she didn’t go up to do the questions today, she would have to admit that she was not capable.

“Minister Qiao, let’s go up and do it. With your scientific research ability, you should be able to deduce part of the answer.” Several colleagues who had a good relationship with Qiao Yanan raised her up again.

Zhuang Li took advantage of the situation and walked aside to give up the position of the podium.

A flash of inspiration suddenly flashed in Qiao Yanan’s mind.

248, who was silently observing the external situation, immediately warned: “Host, I advise you not to pretend to be dizzy. From the analysis of behavioral psychology, I guess Zhuang Li’s first reaction would not be to call a doctor for you, but to pinch you. And I’m afraid you will jump up in pain. A person with a high IQ like him is usually a skeptic, and he will not believe any of your words and deeds if he thinks you are a liar.” Qiao Yanan, who was shaking her body while clutching her head, became stiff for a moment like a rock.

“Puff…cough cough…” Xuan Ming quickly covered his mouth.

“This won’t work, that won’t work, what do you want me to do?!” Qiao Yanan wanted to grab her hair, kneel on the ground and shout at the sky.

After dawdling for so long, and with cold sweat all over her head, everyone noticed her abnormality. But they had worked with her for many years, so they didn’t think about it deeply.

However, Zhuang Li didn’t save her face at all. He walked up to the podium again and said calmly: “It seems that this question is too difficult for you, so I will change it.”

He tapped the keyboard lightly and came up with another question ——D2D resource allocation algorithm based on exhaustive search in 5G.

“Minister Qiao, please.” He retreated to the side, bowed slightly, and stretched out a hand to invite, with a very humble and polite attitude.

But to Qiao Yanan’s ears, the “Minister Qiao” was more ironic than the previous “this lady”.

What broke her even more was that 248 suddenly said in her mind: “He also filled the second loophole.”

The engineers and scientists sitting on both sides were thinking hard about this problem, but no one picked up a pen to calculate it. They looked back and forth between Zhuang Li, who had pursed his lips and was smiling, and Qiao Yanan, who had a sullen expression, and seemed to understand something.

Minister Qiao didn’t know how to do these two questions…

Zhuang Li nodded and said, “It seems that this question is still too difficult for Minister Qiao.” He stepped onto the podium, tapped the keyboard, and said in a soft voice, “Then I will change it.”

After a while, the third question appeared on the screen – under the SDN/NFV architecture, a 5G network slice orchestration algorithm based on GA-PSO optimization.

248 sighed, “This is the third loophole.”

Qiao Yanan looked at the screen blankly.

Zhuang Li admired her expression playfully, nodded and said: “It seems that you don’t know how to do this question either. Then I will make another simple one.” His slender fingertips were flying on the keyboard again.

The beads of sweat on Qiao Yanan’s forehead had gathered into a trickle. She looked flickeringly at the colleagues sitting on both sides, and then at Xuan Ming sitting opposite, her heart clenching tightly due to embarrassment and anxiety.

“Minister Qiao, please take a look at this question.” Zhuang Li turned his head and pointed to the white screen.

248 said weakly: “The fourth loophole has been filled.”

Qiao Yanan’s mind had become a mess, and she couldn’t think at all. Of course, even if she could think, she still couldn’t understand these difficult technical terms. The bewilderment in her heart had turned into substance, which was clearly written on her face.

There was a noisy discussion in the conference room:

“No way? Does Minister Qiao have no idea at all?”

“Then how did she derive the basic algorithm of 5G?”

“She is so abnormal today!”

Qiao Yanan’s body was trembling slightly. She felt like the erotic ghost in the story of Liaozhai, whose glamorous human skin was stripped alive, revealing its ugly original shape.

She hugged herself tightly in a strong sense of shame and insecurity.

“It seems that Minister Qiao doesn’t know how to do this question either, so I’ll pick a few simpler ones.” Zhuang Li smiled and tapped on the keyboard.

After reading the title, 248 announced in despair: “He has filled all the loopholes, and you have no chance to surpass him in the 5G field. He seems to have noticed that you are a noob, so he deliberately left out these six algorithms for convenience, in order to set up a trap for you.”

“How would he know?” Qiao Yanan was so frightened that her heart almost burst.

“I watched the surveillance video just now, and he seemed to have judged it from your expression. After all, he is really capable. Experts in this field can figure out others’ depth just by listening, but you are different. You were still here laughing at him.” 248 accused: “I said a long time ago, you need to learn how to manage your facial expressions!”

Of course, Qiao Yanan had learned how to manage facial expressions, but she was too highly praised in this world, and her extremely inflated self-confidence made her fall into a state of forgetfulness.

Now, everyone in the conference room was looking at her with suspicion, scrutiny, and disbelief in their eyes.

Qiao Yanan desperately searched for an excuse in her mind.

Zhuang Li didn’t give her a chance to die at all, and connected the six questions together, and said slowly: “Since Minister Qiao can’t deduce their algorithms, can you explain their basic ideas.” In this way, the difficulty of answering these questions had been reduced to a minimum, which was equivalent to a basic operation for experts in the communication field.

Qiao Yanan called for help again: “System, help me!”

248 shook his head dejectedly: “Host, no! Explaining the basic idea is equivalent to indirectly bringing the algorithm to this world, and I will be killed by the main god!”

Qiao Yanan was desperate.

Hearing this, Xuan Ming clearly realized that the main god’s suppression of this world had reached an extremely severe level. Even a small technological advancement of 0.001% was not allowed by him.

“What should I do? What should I do? They are all looking at me!” Qiao Yanan yelled frantically in her heart, there was no trace of arrogance in her tone, only the embarrassment and helplessness of being skinned.

248 remained silent.

Several young engineers asked loudly: “Minister Qiao, can’t you even explain the basic idea? This is not your level!”

Zhuang Li laughed softly: “Yes, Minister Qiao, this is not your level. Come on,” he twitched his fingers contemptuously, “use your strength to overthrow my arguments, to refute my arguments, to argue with me about which is better, and to prove with iron-like facts that your 5G technology is better than mine.”

Qiao Yanan looked at his long and narrow eyes that shone like cold stars, and suddenly felt very regretful. If she hadn’t messed around at the beginning, she would never be so embarrassed now.

Zhuang Li kept calling Minister Qiao, but it was equivalent to slapping her in the face again and again, reminding everyone all the time how unworthy she was.

Looking at Qiao Yanan’s guilty expression and evasive eyes, everyone confirmed the seemingly absurd guess from before.

Zhuang Li propped his hands on the table, leaned slightly, and made a verdict on Qiao Yanan: “Ms. Qiao, you don’t understand communication technology.”

There was an astonishing noise in the conference room.

Xuan Ming looked very serious on the surface, but slowly applauded in his heart.

Wonderful, so wonderful! Little curly hair was worthy of being an expert in skinning.

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