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Yan Yan sat on the bed with his head up, his mouth slightly opened, and Ji Juechuan’s tongue was pushed into his mouth.

Although he was a little dizzy, he was still taken aback and subconsciously wanted to move back.

Sensing his intention, Ji Juechuan clasped his big hands on the back of his head, pressed forward, and touched his tongue with his tongue.

The moment their tongues touched, Ji Juechuan’s eyes darkened, as if he wanted to swallow the person in front of him.

Yan Yan’s eyelashes trembled, trying to avoid his protruding tongue, but his tongue moved a few times, as if it wanted to entangle with him.

He didn’t know how long it took, but Yan Yan’s eyes began to blur, and when the tongue finally retreated, the two thin lips were still pressing on his lips.

Yan Yan took advantage of the gap to take a breath, but before he could recover, he felt his lower lip turn moist and itchy.

It was Ji Juechuan who lightly bit his lip with his teeth, and then licked it with his tongue, as if tasting candy.

When Yan Yan was completely let go, the flesh of his lips was already slightly swollen, and his lips were moist and bright red from the kiss.

He still hadn’t recovered, his mouth was still slightly open as before, and his eyes were full of water.

Ji Juechuan’s eyes fell on his lips, and his eyes were burning as if they were on fire.

After a while, Yan Yan finally came back to his senses. He loosened his grip on the quilt, touched his lips, and frowned.

How could there be such a practice, not only sticking the tongue in, but also licking and biting his lip flesh, which was not comfortable at all.

Feeling that the swollen lips were warm, he stuck out his tongue and licked it, making it crystal clear.

When he felt better, Yan Yan raised his eyes to look at Ji Juechuan.

Then he saw that Ji Juechuan’s expression was a bit weird, his eyes were looking at his lips with burning eyes, and his breathing was still a little heavy.

Suddenly, Ji Juechuan stood up, as if he wanted to go to the bathroom, but his body froze for a moment, and he sat down on the bed with his back to him.

Yan Yan looked at his strange behavior with a little doubt in his eyes.

After sitting by the bed for a while, Ji Juechuan got on the bed stiffly, covered his body with the quilt, and turned slightly sideways.

Yan Yan didn’t notice that there was something wrong with him, but just asked: “Husband, do you want to kiss like you did just now when we get engaged?”


Ji Juechuan’s voice was a little hoarse, Yan Yan only thought it was because he had a fever during the day and hadn’t recovered yet.

Yan Yan struggled for a moment, his long eyelashes drooping slightly, he whispered, “I don’t think we need to kiss like that.”

He was still a little embarrassed to be kissed like just now in front of so many people.

“Then how should we kiss?” Ji Juechuan glanced at him, as if he was really asking for his opinion.

Yan Yan thought about it seriously, anyway, he was just putting on a show in front of others, as long as their lips touched, it should be fine, right?

He leaned over and pecked Ji Juechuan lightly on the lips, his eyes sparkling, “That’s it.”

After he finished kissing, Ji Juechuan didn’t speak, but just looked at him deeply.

Yan Yan was a little nervous when he saw him, “Can’t we?”

“Too fake, not intimate enough.” Ji Juechuan commented lightly.

“Then kiss longer?” Yan Yan discussed with him.

Ji Juechuan didn’t say if it was okay, but just asked: “You don’t like what we did just now?”

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, lowered his head and squeezed his fingers, then whispered, “It’s not that I don’t like it…”

It just felt too intimate, not only sticking his tongue into his mouth to stir, but also kissing and biting his lips, as if they were really intimate lovers.

Moreover, he had never had any experience in kissing, and the deep kiss just now made him very uncomfortable.

Seeing that Ji Juechuan didn’t speak, he thought that he disagreed, so he could only continue to discuss: “It’s better to do it your way, but before the next practice, please tell me first, okay?”

Just now Ji Juechuan kissed him so suddenly, he was not prepared at all, so that he was dazed by the kiss.

It would be too shameful to be kissed like that at the engagement banquet.

Ji Juechuan’s eyes flickered.

Next time?

He nodded, as if reluctantly agreeing: “Okay.”

Seeing that he agreed, Yan Yan felt relieved. Just as he was about to get into bed, he saw Ji Juechuan’s face froze.


“Huh? What’s the matter?” Yan Yan stopped lifting the quilt and looked at him strangely.

Ji Juechuan moved a little to the side, pressed the quilt on his body, and his expression became as weird as he saw just now, then he coughed lightly and turned his face away.

“I’m afraid of infecting you.”

How could you not be afraid of infecting him when you practiced just now?

Yan Yan still felt that he was a bit strange, but he didn’t think too much about it. After getting under the quilt, he deliberately stayed away from him, said good night softly, and fell asleep.

After he fell asleep, Ji Juechuan lay stiff for a long time before the heat on his body gradually subsided.

He glanced at Yan Yan who was sleeping on the edge of the bed, far away from him, frowned, and stretched out his hand to embrace him.

He stretched out his hand and stroked his slightly swollen lips with his thumb a few times, with some satisfaction in his eyes, then he pressed him into his arms and fell asleep.

The next morning, as soon as Yan Yan’s live broadcast ended, Ji Juechuan called him to try on clothes.

Due to too many things recently, Yan Yan asked for leave several times in the live broadcast room and was complained at by fans for a long time today.

Although he felt guilty, he still told the fans that he would ask for leave again tomorrow.

Tomorrow was the engagement banquet between him and Ji Juechuan. After the engagement banquet was over, there should be a lot of time.

So he promised the fans to participate in the live broadcast platform’s activities in a few days and add a little more live broadcast time, which calmed down the fans.

Although he didn’t know much about the activities of the live broadcast platform, it shouldn’t be too difficult, and more money could be made by increasing the live broadcast time, so Yan Yan didn’t take this matter to heart.

Although it was a working day today, Ji Juechuan didn’t go to the company, and stayed in the study all morning. After Yan Yan’s live broadcast was over, he went downstairs and asked him to try on clothes.

Ji Juechuan was holding two sets of high-end clothes, which were the clothes to be worn at the engagement banquet tomorrow.

He handed one of the sets to Yan Yan and asked him to change into it.

Yan Yan took the clothes and came out after changing in the room.

A few days ago, Ji Juechuan asked a designer to measure his body, so the size of the clothes perfectly fit his figure, and the slim fit outlined his soft and slender waistline.

The fabric of the clothes was selected by Ji Juechuan himself. It was as light as a cicada’s wings and was very comfortable to wear.

He saw that Ji Juechuan had also changed into his suit. The material of the two were the same, but the colors were different.

Although the style of the clothes was the same, the feeling Ji Juechuan gave when wearing it was completely different from him.

Ji Juechuan had a strong aura, and he was tall and long-legged. After wearing a black couture suit, he looked even more serious and mature, as if he should not be approached by strangers.

Seeing Yan Yan coming out of the room, he stared for a moment, stepped forward to help him straighten his collar, and brushed his fingers across his fair and slender neck.

“Does it still fit?”

“It fits well.” Yan Yan felt itchy when he touched his neck and shrank back.

The time for the engagement banquet was set too quickly. Although the finished clothes were rushed through, there was not much time to modify them. Fortunately, both of them were very satisfied with the clothes and there was nothing to modify.

Yan Yan had never had any real feelings about tomorrow’s engagement banquet, but now that he had tried on the clothes, he started to get nervous.

“Husband, who all will come tomorrow?”

Ji Juechuan paused while taking off his coat, and his voice was a little indifferent: “My father, stepmother, and a few of their children will come, and the rest are relatives I don’t know well.”

There was no expression on his face, as if he was talking about someone who had nothing to do with him.

Hearing the word “stepmother”, Yan Yan was slightly taken aback.

It seemed to be mentioned in the book that Ji Juechuan’s mother passed away very early, and his father married someone else not long after, which was his current stepmother.

No wonder Ji Juechuan had never been seen back home, and why he probably didn’t have much affection for his family.

The book always said that Ji Juechuan’s moody personality was also influenced by family factors.

Yan Yan grew up in a harmonious family and had never experienced such a thing, so he couldn’t help feeling a little sympathetic towards Ji Juechuan.

He had just sneaked a look at Ji Juechuan when he was caught.

Seeing the sympathy in his eyes, Ji Juechuan raised his eyebrows, wanting to laugh.

If others dared to look at him like this, he would definitely be angry, but seeing Yan Yan looking at him like this, he couldn’t lose his temper.

Yan Yan himself had only just been recognized by the Yan family, yet he still felt sympathy for him. No matter how he looked at it, he himself was worse, right?

But after thinking about what Yan Yan might have experienced before, he couldn’t laugh anymore, and he still felt a little inexplicable in his heart.

Yan Yan was caught by him just now, and immediately turned his head, not seeing the complex look flash across Ji Juechuan’s face.

He slowly took off his coat and handed it to Ji Juechuan.

Thinking of tomorrow’s engagement banquet with a bunch of people he didn’t know, Yan Yan became more and more nervous, and his eyebrows furrowed.

Noticing that his expression was wrong, Ji Juechuan paused, “What’s wrong?”

His hands gripped the clothes tightly.

Could it be that Yan Yan still didn’t want to get engaged to him?

“Honey, I’m a little nervous.” Yan Yan’s voice was muffled.

Ji Juechuan relaxed and comforted him in a deep voice: “Just follow me tomorrow, don’t be nervous.”

Seeing that Yan Yan’s eyebrows were still lowered, he said, “Aren’t uncle and aunt coming tomorrow, and your brother is also here.”

He saw that the relationship between Yan Yan and Yan Yueluo seemed to be pretty good. Although he felt uncomfortable, he still mentioned Yan Yueluo in order to ease his tension.

But Yan Yan bit his lip, and his expression became even uglier.

He had stayed with Ji Juechuan since he transmigrated, and he had never even seen Father Yan’s face, and he didn’t know Mrs. Yan very well, and he didn’t even know any of his other relatives.

It would be fine if he didn’t transmigrate into this book. If his parents were around, he wouldn’t be nervous.

“Tomorrow, all relatives will come. There won’t be too many people. If you don’t like it, just stay in the lounge.”

Ji Juechuan saw that his complexion was still not good-looking, so he comforted him patiently, paused, and said:

“There will be more people coming to the wedding at that time, you can get used to it in advance tomorrow, can’t you?”

This time, Yan Yan raised his head to look at him, then quickly lowered his head, and gave a soft “um”.

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