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Chai Liang helped her open the back seat door, Si Huang bent down and climbed in, and when she looked up, she saw Dou Wenqing sitting by the window at the other end.

She sat in the car calmly and closed the door smoothly.

Chai Liang also sat in the driver’s seat and started the car.

“Where are we going?” Si Huang asked proactively.

It was only now that Dou Wenqing turned his head to look at her, his eyes were as cold and fierce as the ice and snow just like when they first met.

[His Majesty! He has a very murderous aura towards you! Danger!] Five Treasure reminded.

Si Huang didn’t respond and faced Dou Wenqing with the same expression.

The eyes of the two met, one was hidden behind the hair, and the other was calm and clear.

Dou Wenqing paused, “Pretending?”

Si Huang: “Huh?”

Dou Wenqing stared at her coldly, this kind of coldness seemed to be mechanically lifeless, and it was more appropriate to say that it was creepy compared to the pressure.

Faced with his cold stare, Si Huang quietly waited for his follow-up words, but after three seconds there was no movement, so she lowered her head to wipe the kitten in her arms.

[…Your Majesty, his danger is weakening little by little.] Five Treasure was a little dumb. What did His Majesty do? Why didn’t it understand?

“Why are you dressed like this?” Dou Wenqing’s voice sounded again.

Si Huang didn’t answer, but raised her eyebrows slightly, and glanced at Chai Liang who was driving ahead.

Chai Liang didn’t need to look in the rearview mirror to feel a piercing cold gaze falling on him. He cursed secretly in his heart: I knew this kid was not a good person. But he still calmly said: “Second Young Master, I didn’t let him take off his makeup.” After a pause, he added: “It would have taken at least half an hour for him to take off this special effect makeup.”

Dou Wenqing didn’t say anything and turned his gaze again outside the window.

In the quiet atmosphere in the car, there was only the swishing sound of the towel rubbing against the little black cat’s fur, and the black cat purring from its throat comfortably.

Chai Liang, who was driving in front, was surprised. He had seen people who could calmly sit alone with the Second Young Master, but there was always the sense of two tigers fighting and tense depression; but he had never seen someone get along with his Second Young Master as quietly and naturally as this child, as if they were friends who had known each other for a long time, and thus treated each other indifferently.

Was this extraordinary courage? Or nervousness?

Chai Liang recalled Si Huang’s performance and was more inclined to the former.

After driving for about half an hour, the surrounding houses gradually disappeared, and the final destination was the famous racecourse in H City.

Chai Liang got out of the car to open the door for Dou Wenqing, then walked to Si Huang’s side, without saying anything on the surface, Si Huang could see that he was secretly preventing him from escaping.

As soon as the greeters at the racecourse saw Dou Wenqing, they immediately came up to him. Dou Wenqing walked in front, and Si Huang followed with the black cat in his arms. Seeing the natural look, Chai Liang was speechless again, feeling that he was making a big deal out of a molehill.

“Young Master Dou, is today still the same?” the waiter in uniform asked respectfully.

Dou Wenqing: “Yeah.”

The four came to the stable, and the waiter went in and led out a tall and handsome horse that was completely black, except for its brown mane, but it was followed by two people.

“As soon as I saw this kid lead Saier out, I knew it was you, Second Young Master Dou.” A magnetic voice sounded.

Si Huang felt an aggressive gaze sweep over her body.

She looked up and saw two men walking towards them, both of them were wearing horse riding clothes. The man who spoke was probably in his twenties, about 1.8 meters tall and looked quite tall and straight in his riding clothes, with a tough face. His thick eyebrows were like knives, his eyes were small but deep, and the vertical eyelashes covered the emotions in his eyes, which could easily brew a melancholy charm. The smile drawn by his thin lips was personable, revealing the charm of a mature man.

Next to him was a young man with fair skin, bright eyes and bright teeth, these words were mostly used to describe women, but they were not inconsistent with him. Soft brown short hair, smooth facial lines, handsome nose bridge and healthy red lips, all of which gave people the visual enjoyment of a beautiful boy, who was prettier than ordinary girls, if you didn’t look carefully, you may even think of him as a woman at a glance.

At this time, the young man’s eyes also fell on Si Huang, with a hint of mockery in his eyes, “Isn’t this Si Huang? You are very popular recently.”

Si Huang also recognized the identity of the young man, he was the one who just terminated the contract with RB this year, the popular young star Le Xian.

Si Huang ignored his obvious hostility.

“I heard from Xiaoxian before that you stole his RB endorsement.” This time it was the man next to Le Xian who spoke, “Although it’s only a small brand, it made Xiaoxian unhappy for a while.”

Si Huang didn’t say anything yet, but Le Xian had already said: “There’s nothing to be upset about, he just picked up what I left.” These words were very arrogant, but the man laughed, and he touched Le Xian’s hair with his big palm. Le Xian’s attitude was very natural, he seemed to be used to it, and he looked obedient with lowered eyes. It was also because of this that he didn’t notice that when the man’s eyes fell on Si Huang, they were flickering with interest, “Second Young Master Dou, I always thought you didn’t understand fun, but I didn’t expect that one day I would see myself being wrong.”

Dou Wenqing nodded to the man, and then introduced to Si Huang without emotion: “Zhuang Jin, the mayor of City H.”

Si Huang heard this and looked up at Zhuang Jin, who just happened to be looking at her leisurely, as if waiting for her to go greet him.

She was too familiar with him, she had seen this kind of smile too many times, and she was so familiar that she could instinctively suppress her emotions, so that she showed no flaws when they met for the first time.

“Hello.” Like strangers meeting for the first time, for this life, they were indeed like this. Si Huang smiled, her eyes filled with the mystery of emerald mist, and stretched out her hand to Zhuang Jin, “I’m Si Huang, nice to meet you.”

[Your Majesty…] Five Treasure’s nervous voice sounded.

Si Huang’s smile remained the same, the more intense the color in her eyes, the purer she looked, she tilted her head slightly, her hairy ears trembled, and her voice was gorgeous enough to amaze anyone, “I’ve heard of you, the youngest mayor in the history of this city.”

Zhuang Jin’s pupils tightened, and Le Xian, who was touched by his big palm, felt it keenly. He raised his head and looked at Si Huang, his eyes filled with disgust and sarcasm, were full of deep hostility, “Shameless.”

These words woke all the people present up, the few people who were looking at Si Huang, naturally fell for him.

Zhuang Jin stretched out the hand that was touching his hair towards Si Huang, “Xiaoxian has a straight temper and was spoiled by me, don’t mind.”

Si Huang smiled without saying a word and shook hands with him. Both of them were gentlemen who were just right in terms of strength and timing when shaking hands. After they separated, Zhuang Jin suddenly said: “But I can never see Xiaoxian being wronged. We happened to meet today, yes as men, hurry up, resolve any grievances face to face, and we will be friends when we meet in the future. Second Young Master Dou, what do you think?”

He didn’t ask Si Huang for his opinion, but Dou Wenqing.

This attitude belittled Si Huang and regarded her as Dou Wenqing’s property.

After saying this, Zhuang Jin looked at Si Huang’s expression calmly, and unexpectedly found this young man, who was so delicate and perfect in appearance, looking indifferent.

It stood to reason that children of this age would throw a temper tantrum after hearing this, and those with a weak temper would blush and dare not speak out. he never thought that one day he would not be able to see through a minor of the same sex.

Dou Wenqing responded, “Please do.”

Zhuang Jin smiled inexplicably. Dou Wenqing’s attitude was as if he didn’t take this child seriously. He looked at the helpless Si Huang, “Xiaoxian likes to ride horses, and it happens that everyone is at the racetrack, so why not have a race with Xiaoxian.”

His tone was gentle, but his attitude didn’t mean to ask at all.

Le Xian raised his chin haughtily, but because Si Huang was a few centimeters taller, he had to raise his eyes to look at her, but he didn’t hide the belittling disdain in his eyes at all.

“Let’s play bigger.” Faced with the embarrassment of several people, Si Huang became calmer and her blood was burning. Except for Five Treasure who knew her past, no one in the room could see anything strange about her, but felt that her smile was too pure and innocent, as if she hadn’t noticed everyone’s oppression at all, thinking that this was really just a game between men. A simple game of fighting enemies.

Le Xian took the initiative to ask: “How do you want to play?”

Si Huang: “Jousting.”

The expressions of several people became subtle.

Si Huang looked at Le Xian with a smile on her face, “Aren’t you dissatisfied? I am not convinced either.”

Le Xian was startled, and then heard Si Huang continue to say: “RB’s endorsement replaced you, it just means that you are not as good as me, you have to verify it with your own eyes again, I will give you this chance.”

Arrogant! It was just too arrogant!

Zhuang Jin’s slightly widened eyes couldn’t hide his surprise.

In the current situation, it was obvious that he was fighting alone, and he had declared himself to be on Le Xian’s side, how dare he still say such a thing? So funny!

“You!” Le Xian was so angry that there was hostility in his eyes, and when he looked up and saw the change in Zhuang Jin’s expression, his heart panicked like a basin of cold water poured down on his head, which made him calm down. What Zhuang Jin liked was this kind of straightforward and arrogant personality, which must not be compared by Si Huang. His thoughts turned quickly, he seemed to have calmed down on the surface, and said confidently and arrogantly: “Jousting it is, I’m not afraid of you. But the ugly words are up front, don’t blame others for accidental injuries.”

Si Huang didn’t respond to him, and turned to the trainer and said: “Take me to choose horses.”

The trainer was about to agree, when Dou Wenqing suddenly came over and handed her the reins of the black horse named ‘Saier’, “Use it.”

The dark eyes of the black horse Saier swept over Si Huang, its eyes were full of wildness and agility, and it didn’t seem to take Si Huang seriously at all.

[Humph! This little girl dares to despise His Majesty, look at me!] Five Treasure’s angry voice sounded, and he paused for half a second and then said: [But I need to consume some little pink, what do you think, Your Majesty?]

Si Huang responded silently: “As you wish.”

Five Treasure: […I will definitely make His Majesty have a good time!] If I don’t help vent Your Majesty’s anger today, I don’t know what will happen!

In the eyes of others, Dou Wenqing’s actions were clearly embarrassing Si Huang.

Whether it was the horse trainer at the racecourse, Chai Liang, or Zhuang Jin, they all knew that Saier was Dou Wenqing’s special horse. This horse had the lineage of an ancient wildebeest. It was not only stronger than ordinary horses, but also more humane. It was transported by Dou Wenqing in a private car to this racecourse. This racecourse was only responsible for temporary support. Except for Dou Wenqing, Saier didn’t let anyone else get on his body at all. At this time, Dou Wenqing’s attitude clearly insisted that Si Huang use it.

“Good.” Dou Wenqing stroked Saier’s mane, and said the word mechanically and coldly, “Let him try.”

Saier seemed to understand his words, gasped from its nasal cavity, and stepped on its horseshoe anxiously.

Dou Wenqing handed Si Huang the reins.

Si Huang stared at him for two seconds, the latter remained motionless, his eyes hidden under his black hair with too long bangs.

[Your Majesty, watch this little girl’s eyes carefully] Five Treasures reminded.

When Si Huang heard the name ‘Saier’ again, her eyes turned around Dou Wenqing’s face, and she couldn’t help laughing.

Dou Wenqing’s expression moved, not knowing why. Before he could ask, Si Huang had already reached out to take the rein, and stared into Saier’s eyes.

There was a hint of clever mischief in Saier’s eyes, but its horse’s hoof froze just a few centimeters up, and its eyes kept changing. After a few seconds, it calmed down, and even showed a hint of flattery. Then the horse’s head stretched out to rub against Si Huang.

[Whoever allowed you to take the initiative to touch His Majesty, obediently wait for His Majesty to charitably touch you!] Five Treasure shouted.

Si Huang: “…” She actually understood the grievance in Saier’s eyes and stretched out her hand to touch its head twice.

Saier let out a comfortable nasal gasp and rubbed it twice in favor.

Zhuang Jin froze with an expression of watching the show.

Chai Liang looked like he had seen a ghost.

Le Xian didn’t understand Saier’s specialness, but he was also annoyed that he didn’t see Si Huang make a fool of himself.

On the contrary, Dou Wenqing didn’t seem to respond, but he always had this mechanical expression, and no one knew what was going on in his heart.

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