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As a result, Si Huang’s mount was decided to be Saier, and Le Xian also went to pull out a white horse that he often used, and the two were each assigned a rapier used in Western riding competitions.

Le Xian was wearing a net helmet. At a glance, he saw that Si Huang had climbed onto the horse, and his movements were quite skillful and smooth. He was sitting on a high horse with a light behind his back, with long hair and cat ears, and flawless facial features. He wore a long robe with a silver fine sword around her waist. At first glance, it was not surprising if she was mistaken for an elf in an ancient western fairy tale. He looked elegant, natural, powerful and arrogant.

Le Xian’s hand holding the net helmet tightened, and he also got on the horse, and sneered at Si Huang: “If you don’t wear a helmet, aren’t you afraid that your face will be disfigured, after all it is your meal ticket?”

Si Huang responded by pulling out the thin silver sword and raise his eyebrows when looking at him.

Le Xian threw his net helmet to the ground forcefully as well, “Okay! If you want to play big, you can play big! I will accompany you!”

The two went and stood at the opposite end of the racecourse, and the pistol was handed over to Zhuang Jin, who held it up and pulled the trigger, and with the “bang”, the two people on the racecourse moved.

“Second Young Master Dou,” Zhuang Jin said slowly, keeping his eyes on the two people on the field, “I didn’t know you before, but now it’s okay. Xiao Xian has been trained by me, and he is more talented than a novice, how about we change the competition?”

Dou Wenqing: “I don’t like this one.”

“Heh. That’s right, it’s no wonder you look down on Xiao Xian with Si Huang accompanying you.” Zhuang Jin squinted his eyes and smiled slightly, with melancholy mixed into a mature look showing the experiencing of vicissitudes of life. He seemed to possess the charm that could confuse people’s hearts, “But with Er Shao’s personality, I’m afraid you won’t have the patience to tame this beautiful beast. It would be a pity to accidentally destroy him. Why don’t you leave it to me first.” He said, just like a paranoid artist who was addicted to his own art, “I will definitely be able to train him to be more beautiful and moving and become an existence that makes the world go crazy.”

Saying this, goosebumps had already appeared on his arms.

Dou Wenqing didn’t react at all, and said coldly: “The work you have been holding in your hand is about to be destroyed.”

On the racetrack, Le Xian had already fallen behind, and anyone with clear eyes could see it.

Zhuang Jin also saw it. The person who said he would protect him before, now when he saw that he almost fell off the horse a few times, was smiling. His eyes were locked on another figure, and his eyes were becoming deeper and deeper.


The two rapiers collided, and Le Xian’s sword was sent flying.

Originally, according to the rules, if the sword was thrown away, it was equivalent to losing. But Le Xian lifted his foot fiercely and kicked Saier.

[Jump up and kick him back!] Five Treasure was in charge of directing Saier.

Saier let out a long neigh, raised his two front hooves high, and avoided Le Xian’s sneak attack. Si Huang also adjusted her body posture in preparation. When Saier’s two front hooves smashed hard at the white horse, Si Huang easily stabilized her body and stabbed Le Xian with her sword. Her heroic appearance at that moment was enough to amaze everyone who saw it. One person and one horse cooperated so well. If they didn’t know that Si Huang and Saier had come in contact for the first time, they would suspect that this was the tacit understanding of their moves that they had trained together for many years.

Chai Liang looked at Dou Wenqing with a strange face and found that his second young master also had a slight change of expression on his face.

At this time, Le Xian was frightened out of his wits. Even if he dodged in time, his shirt was pierced. The tingling pain made him understand that he had been stabbed.

He fell off the horse, hit his back on the ground, screamed in pain, and at the same time roared angrily: “Si Huang, your mother…” The words behind him stopped abruptly, and he stared at a shoe sole covering his eyelids.


Si Huang raised his foot, Le Xian’s beautiful face was covered with mud, and his nose was bleeding profusely. His face was flushed with anger, and he opened his eyes and stared at Si Huang, “How dare you… How dare you…” His voice trembled with anger.

Si Huang looked at his appearance.

From not far away, Zhuang Jin and Dou Wenqing, who were spectators, came over. They both thought that the victory and defeat had been decided, and the battle between the two was over. Even Le Xian felt the same way, and Si Huang would definitely relax his vigilance temporarily. He secretly grabbed a handful of soil on the ground, his eyes wandered to Zhuang Jin who was approaching this side from time to time, and he took the opportunity to throw the soil in his hand at Si Huang.

As a result, his hand which had just lifted a few centimeters was suddenly stepped on by Si Huang’s shoe.

“Ah! Brother Jin!” Le Xian cried out in pain.

Not far away, Zhuang Jin just shouted: “Si…” There was no follow-up after that one word, and his heart trembled since he was shocked by Si Huang’s next behavior.

He saw Si Huang step on Le Xian’s hand with one foot, and stab down quickly and decisively with the thin silver sword from top to bottom in his other hand.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” Le Xian’s heart-piercing cry was the only thing left in this racecourse. He opened his mouth like a fish out of water, breathing heavily and panting continuously.

His head was covered with sweat, his eyes were bloodshot, and his eyeballs had almost popped out of their sockets. He watched helplessly as the difference between the thin silver sword and his pupils remained less than one centimeter, and his eyelashes could still touch the sword.

“Pfft.” A low laugh sounded above his head.

Le Xian rolled his eyes slowly and stiffly and saw Si Huang’s smiling face. His heart was still beating violently against his chest. Compared with the anger at the beginning, now he could only be described as ‘terrified’. He scolded Si Huang angrily before, but now his mouth was trembling and he couldn’t even say a word.

“Xiao Xian, are you okay?” Zhuang Jin’s concerned cry came.

This voice brought back Le Xian’s sanity, his eyes almost instinctively flooded with water, and he blurted out a call ‘Brother Jin’. A shadow covered the top of his head, and his obsessive voice sounded like the whisper of a demon to him, “It seems that you have been trained by him.”

Le Xian’s face flashed from shame to anger, “What qualifications do you have? Tell me, you are also hugging a man’s thigh!” The voice was so small that only Si Huang could hear it, one was full of shame, and the other was full of fear of Si Huang.

Si Huang chuckled, and the shadow cast by his upper body bent over him, “You don’t look like a man now.” There was a cold sneer in the half-closed eyes, which meant an unknown danger, but exaggerated his soul-stirring charm, Le Xian’s heart beat violently a few more times, the mixture of fear and astonishment, as well as the unwillingness to be ashamed, made his face gradually distort.

Si Huang moved his hand lightly.

The slender silver sword turned from Le Xian’s eyes to his cheeks and blood flashed.

Le Xian felt the tingling pain on his cheeks, and his eyes widened in shock, “What are you doing!?”

“You don’t have to thank me too much for helping you become a man again and get rid of the fate of a domestic tsundere kitten.” Si Huang chuckled.

“You lunatic! Pervert!” Le Xian roared.

Si Huang’s smile disappeared as soon as he heard it, and the expressionless facial features were so exquisite that they lost their reality and were almost not like a real person, which made Le Xian shrivel instinctively in fear, and then a silver light flashed in front of his eyes, and his neck felt moist immediately after a flash of pain. Horrified, he quickly covered the scratched neck with his still moving hand and stared at Si Huang in disbelief.

“This is the price you pay for stepping into the circle of perverts.” Si Huang squatted down, and softly threatened in his ear: “If you dare to mess with me again, I will let you die silently.”

Le Xian shuddered, his face turning pale.


When Zhuang Jin and the others arrived, Si Huang had already let go of Le Xian, walked up to Saier, reached out and stroked the horse’s head, “Well done.”

Saier let out a spiritual laugh, grunting very rhythmically.

“Xiao Xian, how are you?” Zhuang Jin asked with concern.

Le Xian’s complexion had not recovered for the time being, but he got up from the ground tremblingly. “Brother Jin…” After calling out, he fell silent, and Si Huang’s words sounded like a spell in his mind a few seconds ago—how do you look like a man now?

He vaguely remembered, since when did he start calling Zhuang Jin whenever he was in trouble and wronged?

Le Xian raised his head to look at Zhuang Jin, at this moment he understood Zhuang Jin’s eyes.

His melancholy eyes fell on his face and showed the disappointment of a dilapidated artwork.

Le Xian shuddered. He remembered, before he was found by Zhuang Jin, there was a young man beside Zhuang Jin, who was originally a famous young talent in the entertainment circle, what happened to him? He was preoccupied with pride and entanglement before, completely forgetting the lessons of his predecessor.

By the way, what did he think when he first decided to agree to follow Zhuang Jin? Get the benefits you deserve from Zhuang Jin, and when you have a wider stardom and get the script you want, you will break up with him immediately! A man didn’t have the fears of a woman, and the other party was the mayor, who would definitely not dare to spread this matter, and he would treat it as being bitten by a dog afterwards. No one would know about this dark history, and he would soon forget it himself.    

He had planned everything, and got the script he wanted, but instead of leaving Zhuang Jin, he offended many people in order to please him, and lost his original circle of friends; and in order to spend more time with him, he turned down a lot of work, being late and leaving early from the aet had also happened more than once or twice.    

It was just that everyone dared to be angry but dared not speak out because of the backing behind him.    


Le Xian was sweating profusely from the thoughts that came to his mind in an instant.    

If he didn’t wake up today, what would happen to him if he lost Zhuang Jin one day?    

“Xiao Xian? Xiao Xian.”    

“Huh?” Le Xian recovered and saw Zhuang Jin’s unhappy expression.    

Zhuang Jin looked at him for two seconds before sighing, “I would like you to admit defeat, go and apologize to Si Huang.”    

If it was Le Xian who hadn’t yet woken up, he would definitely have lost his temper. Now he walked towards Si Huang very obediently. Then, with drooping eyes, he did not dare to look into Si Huang’s eyes, instead he bowed his head and said seriously to her: “I lost this time, our grievances are wiped out, and I will never trouble you again in the future, and please don’t mind me too much, my lord. This little guy, thank you!”

Surprise appeared in Zhuang Jin’s eyes, and Le Xian’s obedience was beyond his expectation. He originally thought that he could use Le Xian’s nonsense to get close to Si Huang, but now it seemed that the plan would have to change.

He couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth slightly, and his interest in Si Huang became more and more intense in his heart. A horse race had changed the pet he had trained for more than half a year, interesting!

Si Huang nodded, “Go and get the wound treated.”

Le Xian let out a sigh of relief, and shouted to Zhuang Jin: “Brother Jin, I feel a little uncomfortable and want to go first?” Even if he had woken up, he did not dare to tear faces with Zhuang Jin.

Zhuang Jin’s eyes flashed, he didn’t know what he was thinking, but he walked over with a smile and handed him a handkerchief, “I’ll walk with you.”

Le Xian dared not say no.

The two left, leaving behind Si Huang and Dou Wenqing. Si Huang handed Saier’s reins to Dou Wenqing, “Is there anything else? If you want to ride the horse, I’ll go to eat first.”

Chai Liang admired Si Huang’s courage again, and what surprised him even more was that Dou Wenqing was silent and then two seconds later, he handed Saier’s reins to the horse trainer, “Go to eat.”

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