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“Buzz–” The phone in his hand vibrated again, Qin Fan was overjoyed, but when he answered, a hoarse and ruffian voice came in his ear, “Master, you left as soon as you said yesterday, and you left me there alone, how could you? You didn’t answer two of my calls, but now you answered in seconds!”

Qin Fan frowned, “What’s the matter?”

When Guo Chengxiong on the other end of the phone heard this, his hair instantly rose, “Cough! Lord, Dou Wenqing has already discovered Dou Jun’s accident, and he also intends to investigate the little white rabbit.”

Qin Fan scolded coldly, “Who asked you to call him by that nickname.”

Guo Chengxiong: “…” Lord, is your focus wrong?! “I was wrong, I was talking about Si Huang, Dou Wenqing won’t be able to find Si Huang for a while, but Lord, I don’t understand why you value him so much, we are getting busy here for him, but he went to a brothel and must have been enjoying happiness in a pile of women, he is even being happy with women while shooting.”

Hearing Guo Chengxiong’s complaint, Qin Fan felt a little unhappy, but he was quickly attracted by his last sentence.

“Being happy with women?”

He remembered that when he was talking to Si Huang just now, he seemed to have heard the subtle voice of a woman.

“Isn’t that right?” There was a clatter of typing on the keyboard from Guo Chengxiong, “Weibo has gone crazy with rumors, tsk tsk! Not only is he having fun among the women, but also having fun with the men around him.”

Qin Fan’s face became even colder: “Weibo?”

Guo Chengxiong: “Uh, I forgot that you don’t play these things. I’ll send you a link, and you’ll know when you click it.”

The call was hung up.

In less than two seconds, he received a message from Guo Chengxiong on his mobile phone.

Qin Fan clicked on the URL, but the linked pages were not photos of Si Huang, but the man he had seen before when Si Huang had been taking promotional photos for the show.

Seeing that it was not Si Huang, Qin Fan was not interested in continuing to look, but he noticed Si Huang’s name with a glance.

[An Yiyuan V: Your Majesty is the real dragon and the emperor, with unparalleled martial arts, this sect master is defeated, I’m willing to bet and admit defeat! @Sihuang V]

Below this caption was a video, Qin Fan clicked on it, and felt disdain for the embarrassed figure hanging on wires in the picture, but his ears moved and he concentrated on hearing the roar in the video, and realized that the words ‘Si Huang’, ‘Xiao huang’ or ‘Your Majesty’ had a high appearance rate.

After the video got over, Qin Fan’s eyes fell on the comment area below.

“Aiya! Is the sect Master An being subdued by His Majesty? Do you want to serve him on bed? Or do you want to warm the bed?”

“Hahaha! I was on the scene, His Majesty can’t be any more handsome! The sect leader is also cute!”

“Please explain the truth upstairs!”

Qin Fan turned several pages in a row, and finally found the explanation that had been written down on the second floor. After reading it in detail, he looked at the profile picture on An Yiyuan V’s blog with a disdainful look, and then clicked on the blue font of ‘Si Huang V’ without hesitation.

This time, the profile picture belonging to Si Huang came into his sight. The young man in the picture was not looking at the camera. It should have been taken secretly. He was leaning on the chair and sleeping with his eyes closed. In this way, his facial features were fully displayed in front of people, he looked soft and delicate like a work of art, and with his short black hair and fair skin contrasting vividly, he was simply beautiful beyond the world.

Qin Fan’s eyes deepened. He touched the photo with his fingers and slid his hands over the person’s cheeks and hair. He vaguely remembered the softness and smoothness of this person’s hair. When he touched it, his heart also softened unconsciously. It was hard to imagine. This stubborn and self-improving boy, every part of his body was so soft, his cheeks… hair, it seemed that even his waist and arms were soft.

His mood softened again, but when he saw the situation under Si Huang’s Weibo profile picture, his lips pursed for a moment.

[Sihuang V: No gift. Remember that there are people beyond people, and there are realms outside the sky, so be good. An Yiyuan V: Your Majesty is the real dragon and the emperor, with unparalleled martial arts, this sect master is defeated, I’m willing to bet and admit defeat! @Sihuang V]

The fans in the comment area exploded, there were all kinds of jumping and onlookers selling meng under the post.

“Your Majesty is mighty and domineering, I can’t explain it!”

“What the hell is good! Your Majesty, is it really okay for you to be so arrogant just after you ascended the throne? In fact, what I want to say is that it doesn’t matter even if you are more arrogant!”

The more Qin Fan looked at the comment area, the more serious his expression became, so he followed some information in the comment area to find someone else’s Weibo, from which he got the information that Si Huang had delivered fruit to fans on the set, and that he was diligently taken care of by all the female staff.

“Nonsense!” Qin Fan reprimanded, and before closing the page, he silently saved the photos from Si Huang’s Weibo and his profile picture in his mobile phone album. Then he called Guo Chengxiong.


“What is a Weibo?”

“This… In short, it is a communication tool. As long as you follow the person you want to follow, you can immediately know about any news posted by that person, and you can go to comment.”

“Will Si Huang chat with them?”

“Pfft!” Guo Chengxiong coughed and answered accurately: “No. Lord, look, Si Huang now has over one million fans, if he replied to everyone all the time, he won’t have enough time. So, he will only see the comments from fans, and in general, he would never chat with every fan.”

The sullenness in Qin Fan’s chest was relieved by these words. Guo Chengxiong’s next sentence raised his anger again, “But it doesn’t rule out if some fan gets into Si Huang’s eyes, and the two start chatting secretly. Online dating is normal these days.”

It was just casual words of gossip, but Guo Chengxiong didn’t know that it pierced into Qin Fan’s heart like a thin needle, making him feel a stabbing pain and numbness in his heart.

“Get me an account.”


“A fan account that can enter Si Huang’s eye.”

Guo Chengxiong, who was far away, heard the words from the other end of the phone and was hung up on before he had time to ask for an explanation. With a sullen face, he scratched his hair and muttered in distress: “What the hell are you thinking about, does this kind of name mean that you can get his attention? Stealing someone else’s account won’t work, because according to the character of the lord, the tone of speech should reveal everything in an instant.”


One afternoon, on the set of “The Emperor’s Path”, Si Huang had just finished filming his part without NGing again. After confirming that he didn’t have any more scenes today, he went to take a bath and changed into his casual clothes, then he sat on the chair and brushed his Weibo, looked at the stock market, and observed Guan Li and her scenes, looking comfortable and leisurely.

He was looking at other things, but he didn’t know that he had become a beautiful scenery in the eyes of many people. The relaxed appearance of the young man made everyone who saw him dispel the irritability caused by the wet and cold climate. Just looking at him was pleasing to the eye.

Following Director Liu’s ‘cut’ shout, today’s work was successfully completed, and he was going to go back to the hotel, but An Yiyuan suddenly shouted: “Xiao Si, you made such a big splash today, don’t you plan to treat everyone?”

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