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Everyone stopped and looked different.

Si Huang smiled and said, “Okay. But first, let me say that Director Liu’s salary has not been released. I don’t have much savings, and I can’t afford to invite everyone to a big meal.” The slightly distressed smile simply melted the hearts of all older women.

“Ah! I remembered, Your Majesty, you are really not taking Fenghua’s help, are you starting from scratch?” Said the female crew member who had helped Si Huang with the wires before.

Before Si Huang could speak, Director Liu smiled and said, “That’s right, this kid has a big heart!” Si Huang’s performance today had made him very satisfied, and he liked him even more. So, he put his arm around Si Huang’s shoulders, “Let’s go, I know a barbecue restaurant with affordable prices, good taste, and enough quantity!” After walking a few steps, Director Liu grinned and lowered his arm from Si Huang’s shoulder.

He was not as tall as Si Huang, so he looked weird like that and he had also gotten tired from putting his arm around Si Huang like this.

An Yiyuan watched Si Huang, who was surrounded like the stars around the moon, and felt that he had not entrapped the other party at all. He had even handed Si Huang an opportunity to make his popularity in the “The Emperor’s Path” crew even higher.

Guan Li passed by him and said coldly, “Are you not embarrassed while trying to embarrass a minor?”

Even Guan Li, who had never liked to be meddlesome, always spoke for Si Huang! An Yiyuan turned his face and smiled evilly: “Is this embarrassing?”

Guan Li snorted lightly.

An Yiyuan’s smile faded, and he looked tangled: “It’s just that my self-esteem is a little frustrated. I don’t mean to go against him.”

Guan Li looked at him strangely, and after two seconds she uttered two words coldly, “Childish.” And then with big strides, she was gone.

An Yiyuan’s face twisted. He had heard these two words too many times today because of Si Huang, which really made him quite ashamed, and also gave him a trace of a strange joy. …Actually, being called cute by women occasionally and the feeling of being pampered seemed to be an interesting experience.

If An Yiyuan’s agent knew what he was thinking, he would definitely collapse. Dear! You are following the path of the evil and charming leader, don’t be brainwashed into becoming an awkward little arrogant tsundere! This was miles away from his set image!


This meal was eaten until late in the evening. As the host of the treat, everyone also poured Si Huang wine, especially the male staff of the crew. Seeing that Si Huang was surrounded by so many women today, it was impossible to say that they hated him because of it, but in the end, they still felt a little suffocated.

Facing their toasts, Si Huang calmly drank them cup by cup. With such a face-saving and generous attitude, the group of men began to feel embarrassed, and the slightest opinion towards her disappeared. After a few words and a few glasses of wine, their attitude towards Si Huang had also undergone a real qualitative change.

Director Liu and An Yiyuan saw these changes with their eyes, and were amazed at Si Huang’s affinity, while An Yiyuan was sure that he had made a wedding dress for the other party again.

In the end, it was Director Liu who ended the banquet, “Don’t you have to work tomorrow? If someone gets drunk and makes a mistake tomorrow while working, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Looking at Si Huang who had his eyes closed in the back seat since he got in the car, Yu Xi asked worriedly, “Are you okay? Do you want me to help you?”

Si Huang opened her eyes blankly, “Arrived?” Through the car window, seeing the familiar scene, she shook her head and said, “No need.” Then she opened the door and walked towards the elevator by herself.

Seeing that her steps were not unsteady, Yu Xi felt a little relieved, and thought to himself: The alcohol tolerance is really good.

If Si Huang knew what he was thinking, she would definitely laugh out loud. Where was she good at drinking, in fact, she was still the same as in her previous life, and her drinking was not good at all. She just learned a lot of mixing methods and could get habitually drunk without showing any signs of being drunk, always maintaining a seemingly sober state.

As soon as she got back to the hotel room, Si Huang took a shower, the hot air made the alcohol in her body flare up, and her previously fair cheeks gradually turned bright red.

She lazily put on the bathrobe, and without drying her hair, she just rubbed it with a towel and walked out barefoot.

Si Huang, who went back to bed to check the time on her phone, found three missed calls. Before she could think more, the phone rang again.

She slowly pressed the answer button.

“Si Huang?”


Hearing the more leisurely tone than usual, Qin Fan, who was standing by the window in the Weiming Mountain villa, shook his hand and almost couldn’t hold his phone. He paused and remained silent for two seconds before asking, “What are you doing?”

Si Huang arched one leg and leaned lazily on the head of the bed, “Getting ready to sleep.”

It was still the same low and lazy tone, Qin Fan noticed something and frowned, “You’ve been drinking!”

Si Huang’s head felt so hot that she couldn’t move at all. Hearing the serious voice with a bit of anger, she didn’t know why she laughed, “Well, I drank a lot.”

Qin Fan heard her attitude, like a child who had made a mistake and arrogantly admitted to the mistake, it was simply infuriating.

“You’re not yet an adult!”


“Speak well!”

“You’re so lenient.”

Si Huang’s tone was soft and slow, it was even without sarcasm, let alone acting like a spoiled child, it was just a light statement. However, being said in her unique voice and with a lazy tone, he was simply fascinated. In Internet language, after hearing it, his ears were about to become pregnant, and it was so numb and itchy.

Qin Fan’s heart was stuffy and itchy. Thinking of the video he saw during the day and the Weibo information, he thought that Si Huang was drinking now, and he was not happy. “Drunk? Have you taken a bath? Is there hot milk in the hotel? Drink some. Or you will have a hangover.”

“Washed.” No more words.

Qin Fan held the edge of the window with one hand, “Did you blow dry your hair?”

“…” There was no response.

Qin Fan became agitated, and his blood was burning again, making him a little anxious.

“Go and dry your hair, drink milk before going to sleep!”

After saying this, the sound of hanging up “dudududu” entered Qin Fan’s ears.

“…” Qin Fan stared at the phone as if he was about to shoot it through. This was the second time he was hung up on today.

As for the culprit, Si Huang, who was leaning against the head of the bed, she had closed her eyes, and had no idea of how much of a daring task she had done. The phone in her hand rang again, she frowned irritably, and waited two or three seconds before pressing the answer button by feeling.

“Why are you bothering me?” It was still soft and slow, but with a hint of coldness.

“Pick up the phone and face it!”

Qin Fan’s voice seemed to be amplified, and it rang in Si Huang’s ear. She squinted and raised the phone to her face, and then saw Qin Fan’s face on the screen.

He seemed to be angry, and his eyebrows were slightly frowned, making his eyes look icier and deeper. It was obviously just the small screen of a mobile phone, but he still gave people a strong sense of oppression. His line of sight seemed to be able to penetrate through the screen. It was as thick and sharp as a Mitsubishi thorn. It scratched the skin of the person being watched and produced the illusion of pain.

Si Huang was not afraid, and said coldly, “Is something wrong?”

At this time, Qin Fan didn’t hear what she said at all.

The picture on the small mobile phone screen turned, and the impact from darkness to a beautiful face was too big for him. Maybe he couldn’t say that, it was not that he hadn’t seen beauty, but the beauty who had suddenly appeared on his mobile phone was different.

This man had wet hair, blushing cheeks, squinting eyes, vermilion lips, and his neck was leaning on the head of the bed, with a graceful curve like a swan. The white bathrobe was also a bit loose, but unfortunately the camera couldn’t see below.

She was so lazy as if she was defenseless, and there was an irritable coldness in her moist eyes.

Qin Fan didn’t know what was wrong with him, his heart slammed into his chest a few times, and a fire different from anger rose from his lower abdomen, burning his throat hoarse. Holding the phone tightly, the anger that had been condensed before did not know where to dissipate.

He was stunned for a while, and in a hoarse voice, he said somewhat indifferently: “Dry your hair before going to sleep, don’t catch a cold.”

Si Huang said, “Are you doing this? Don’t call me again.” Then he hung up the video call.

Qin Fan was still staring at the blacked-out mobile phone screen in a daze. After two or three seconds, he lowered his head and frowned, staring at the ‘hill’ bulging below him, he started thinking about life.

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