CFCS Ch. 202: Apocalypse World (6)

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Li Sheng, Wu Zhong, and several other bodyguards from the same company before Jing Yang walked to Jing Yang’s car. They wanted Jing Yang to take in the other people, but they didn’t know whether Jing Yang would agree or not. They didn’t know what they would do if Jing Yang didn’t agree, whether to stay or leave with the others.

Jing Yang turned his head and saw that they were hesitant to speak, and said, “Let them all go in, this is not the place to talk, so many people gathered here, it is too conspicuous, and it is likely to attract big crowds and trouble.”

Several bodyguards went back to inform others, Jing Yang opened the door with the remote control, and all the cars drove in.

Jing Yang said to Li Sheng, who was driving, “You can choose a few representatives to come and talk to me. Others can enter the house and find their own room to rest. Except for the third floor of the middle building, you can use the other floors as you like. Oh, by the way, find a good room for Professor Cui to rest, and arrange a person to take charge of his diet and daily life.”

Jing Yang knew that suddenly the apocalypse came, and the zombies all over the street began to bite people, which was not so easy to accept. Even if these bodyguards were trained, people with strong bodies and strong hearts, it was impossible to immediately accept such a sudden change of the world, psychologically.

Therefore, Jing Yang asked them to take a rest and adjust their psychological state. These people were all professionals, so they knew how to quickly adapt to changes in the environment, so they were not prone to mental breakdowns like ordinary people. Time was the best medicine to heal everything, and it was also the best help for people to accept this cruel reality. In the process of time passing, you could either become accustomed to numbness or choose to leave this world. There was always a choice that could free you.

Jing Yang sat in a small conference room that the original owner’s parents used to use, waiting for them to select a representative to negotiate with him.

In addition to Li Sheng and Wu Zhong, there were three other people who came in. They were the leaders of all the bodyguards who could control the people below.

After Li Sheng closed the door, Jing Yang motioned them to sit down, and then said to them, “I know that it is difficult for all of you to accept the fact that the world has changed suddenly, but the arrival of the end times cannot be stopped by man, so either accept it and work hard to live, or give up life and leave this world, these are your only two choices. But I think, professional bodyguards like you, who are the elite of the elite, should not give up life so easily. So, tell me what you think.”

Li Sheng glanced at the others, and then, as a representative, expressed their thoughts, “We all want to live, you have materials and weapons here, and the hope of our survival is the greatest it if we all stay here. And…, I believe that you really have the ability to predict the future.”

“I can predict the future, I hope there will be no other people except the five of you who know.” Jing Yang said seriously.

“Don’t worry, we will never tell anyone else, including our other brothers.” Li Sheng also assured very seriously.

“If you want to stay, I welcome you. After all, I have enough supplies here, enough for you people to live for a long time. And I need helpers to help me complete some things, so that I can live a better life in this world.” Jing Yang said.

Hearing what Jing Yang said, the five of them felt relieved at the same time.

“But since you are in my place, you must listen to me. I will not force anyone who wants to leave to stay, and I welcome those who want to stay. However, no matter who it is, as long as there is someone who doesn’t want to obey my arrangement, just leave immediately. If there is someone who doesn’t want to leave but also doesn’t want to obey my arrangement, then I’ll have to use the easiest and quickest way to get rid of that person.”

“Since I dare to let you stay, naturally I won’t be afraid of your bad thoughts. Anyway, from today onwards, killing people is no longer a crime. If there are any conflicts that cannot be resolved by talking, just use guns to resolve them.” Jing Yang revealed the electronic bracelet in his hand and said, “But there are other solutions. I have hidden more than ten bombs in this place. As long as any one of the bombs explodes, this place will become a pile of ruins. If all the bombs explode at the same time, and this place will become a huge crater. I have also installed bombs in other places where supplies are stored, and as long as my pulse stops beating, all the bombs will explode immediately.”

The five looked at each other but did not expect Jing Yang would have made such adequate preparations, but they also felt that Jing Yang’s actions were reasonable.

“I have to face so many of you alone, and I have to have some security to feel at ease. I hope you can understand. I will provide you with materials, and you will help me with my things. I think it is very fair in the end times when materials are about to become very scarce.” Jing Yang stood up and said, “After spending a long time together in the future, you will find that my temper is not very good, and I don’t really like someone to fight against me. So, in order to avoid conflicts, I hope you will do your best to constrain others, I won’t give anyone a second chance.”

“After we stay, is there anything for us to abide by?” Li Sheng wanted to avoid touching Jing Yang’s taboo, so he asked in advance.

“Don’t make trouble, do what I say when I make an arrangement, and when I don’t have an arrangement, you all stay well, rest when it’s time to rest, and exercise when it’s time to exercise. You can’t bring other people in without my permission, no matter how kind I am, I can’t save everyone. But if any of your team members are coming, I can give you a special permission. Others encountered on the roadside must not be brought back. You will know later, there is no need for compassion, if you persist, in addition to killing more people, you will also kill yourself. That’s all I want to say, you can pass it on to other people, if there are other things, Li Sheng and Wu Zhong can be the representative of the people and come to me.”

Jing Yang returned to his room, took out the first super power crystal nucleus that appeared in this world, lay on the bed and looked at it like a gem. Every time the super power crystal nucleus appeared, there would be a vision nearby, and a lot of intelligent zombies would be attracted. If he took the super power crystal core as soon as possible before the appearance of visions and intelligent zombies, he could save himself a lot of unnecessary trouble.

The super power crystal core was not the crystal core of an ordinary zombie like those running around the streets. The super power crystal core was not only small in number, but also appeared after a long time. Where the next super power crystal nucleus would appear, only he and Qi Yun knew in this world. If Qi Yun was not dead, with this failure, he would definitely start preparing earlier.

But Jing Yang was not worried, because he knew that with Qi Yun’s selfish personality, he would definitely not tell others about the super power crystal core, at least not for now, so even if Qi Yun asked for help, he could handle it.

The apocalypse had come. From now on, the number of zombies would increase. Not only would there be a large number of intelligent zombies, but there would also be countless ordinary zombies. And what he was about to face was not just zombies, but also the humans who were fighting against them. So, the sooner he got an ability, the better, because strong enough defense and attack ability were the biggest guarantee for survival in this world.

Jing Yang sat up, activated the system, then he activated the abilities that already existed in the body, and made those abilities that were still very weak to quickly become apparent.

Sweat kept pouring out of his forehead, and he held the super power crystal core tightly until the light of the super power crystal core slowly disappeared, and its blue color faded, as it turned into a piece of gray-white glass. Jing Yang finally relaxed and lay down on the bed again, he was sweating all over his body, and was breathing heavily with his mouth open.

After a while, the tiredness in his body disappeared instantly. Not only did his limbs become lighter, but his whole body was filled with endless energy. This was the energy of the first super power crystal core.

Jing Yang got up and ran to take a shower, then he fell asleep comfortably.

From the next day, Jing Yang asked all the bodyguards to start modifying their weapons. He personally drew the drawings and recorded a video for them, and asked them to modify them accordingly, which was considered a job for them. A small number of bodyguards left in order to find their family members far away, and those who remained were basically those who had no relatives, or those whose homes were not far away but whose relatives had been determined to be irreversibly transformed. Most of the people who were going to leave had already left as soon as they could, and they did not come here with these people at all. Although the people who lost their family members were very sad, but in the face of the cruel reality, what could they do?

So, Jing Yang gave them something to do, on the one hand to increase the number of weapons they could use, and on the other to reduce the time they spent immersed in grief.

The bodyguards would send two or three people out to check the situation every day, watching the tragedies happening in front of the city, and watching more and more people turn into zombies. After the bodyguards had been out for a few days, they were unwilling to go out again. They would rather devote themselves to transforming weapons in the workplace, this way they could at least temporarily escape reality.

The TV wall in the hall was connected to the cameras installed by Jing Yang on the street. There was a total of more than ten street videos, some of which were no longer visible. Although the rest could be seen, but except for the beginning when they were watched every day, the number of times the screen was turned on later became less and less.

When the whole world was in chaos, countless tragedies happened every day, while they seemed to be in a paradise here, and it was as if they were not affected at all.

As time passed, Jing Yang originally planned to wait until other people’s abilities began to appear, then go out to hunt intelligent zombies and use the crystal cores of intelligent zombies to enhance their abilities. There was absolutely no need to go out now, because there was no way to save the crystal core of the current intelligent zombies. If the energy was not absorbed within 24 hours, the energy would be quickly lost.

Jing Yang thought he could still live a quiet life, but when he woke up one day, Li Sheng hurriedly came to tell him that they had been surrounded by the army.

Jing Yang was stunned for a moment, thinking about why the army would surround this place? Should it be to snatch material, or was it because of Professor Cui? Then just hand Professor Cui directly to them. Anyway, it was useless for him to stay here. It was better to let him go to the base and do something.

Jing Yang decided to go to the rooftop to see the situation first, then hurriedly open the door to welcome guests, which was not his usual style.

Standing on the rooftop, Jing Yang looked out with the latest high-powered telescope, and then his eyesight gave him a surprise. He took off the telescope and tried to look into the distance. He found that when he was looking at the distance, it was as clear as when he was looking at something near. This should be the effect of the super crystal nucleus.

He didn’t even have to turn on the system, Jing Yang could see everyone outside clearly, it felt like a telescope was installed in his eyes, and he could adjust the distance at will.

Jing Yang handed the binoculars in his hand to Li Sheng next to him, and then directly scanned the cars and people outside with his eyes, looking at the people on those cars and those people, it was true that they were from the military. But he remembered that after the end of the world, the army was divided into several factions, and he didn’t know which faction was outside now.

Jing Yang swept his eyes and saw that the person sitting in the passenger seat of a certain car was actually Qi Yun.

Jing Yang laughed, thinking that this Qi Yun was really capable, and it was really interesting that he changed from mixing with murderers to mixing with people in the army in such a short period of time.

It seemed that whether to hand over Professor Cui, he had to think carefully, what about the army, should he be afraid of them? What’s more, there were so many different factions of the army now, Qi Yun thought that only he could find the army as a backer?

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