TBVSR Ch. 35: The Library

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There was a lot of trouble at the New Year’s Day party, and several elder sisters headed by He Zilu were all taken to the public security department for investigation.

Coincidentally, He Zilu had just came of age two weeks ago and was already a person with capacity for civil misconduct.

Therefore, as long as Jiang Yu and the other girls who had been bullied insisted on pursuing it, she would definitely not have a good end.

The He family turned around, coercing and enticing, trying to get the girls in the school to drop the charges against He Zilu.

However, the direct consequence of this was that it didn’t take long for the He family to be on the verge of bankruptcy under Xie Yuan’s capital means.

Everyone had to pay for what they did wrong.

After the party, the senior management of Yuxi Middle School also began to rectify the internal regulations and crack down on campus violence. Qin Fei from the entertainment department and a group of teachers who turned a blind eye to bullying were forced to leave their jobs, and had the mark of bad discipline left under the teacher’s style and morality on their resumes.

The atmosphere of the school was indeed getting better day by day, and even the comparison between students was much less.

As the end of the term approached, Qiu Li always took Jiang Yu to the library to help her review her lessons.

Jiang Yu originally thought that Qiu Li was just casually persuading Jiang Manyi when he had said that he would urge her to study, but she didn’t expect that he would actually do it.

During this time, he didn’t even let her go to the dance studio, and as long as he had time, he stared at her while she reviewed her homework.

Quiet dusk, quiet library, and the warm winter sun shone in from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Jiang Yu was lying absent-mindedly on the table, with a math workbook spread out in front of her.

She sometimes used her mobile phone to watch teaching videos of ballet movements, and sometimes tapped the melody on the table with the tip of her pen.

On the opposite side, Qiu Li looked up at her.

The white headphone cable was hidden in her soft hair, the sun was lightly shrouded in her face like tulle, her skin seemed to glow, she had closed her eyes, her eyelashes were curled up and were trembling slightly…

She seemed to have gone to another world, following Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”, and her soul seemed to be dancing to the rhythm.

Beautifully unreal.

Just like this was for him, a very unreal world.

Qiu Li couldn’t help reaching out, and his fingertips touched her skin that could hurt just by touching.

Jiang Yu opened her eyes sensitively: “What?”

Qiu Li bent his index finger and tapped her forehead: “Be more serious.”

Jiang Yu nodded obediently: “Oh.”

She picked up the pen and began to seriously draw a parabolic calculus math problem on the paper, then she scratched her head for a long time, and only did a few multiple-choice questions.

Qiu Li’s test paper was about to end, Jiang Yu was still struggling on the multiple-choice questions, and her hair was now in a messy condition.

He simply pulled Jiang Yu’s exercise book, checked it, and then crossed her answers with a red pen: “Wrong, this question is also wrong, this is also wrong, you can’t do the simplest multiple choice questions.”

Jiang Yu looked at her exercise book full of red crosses, lay down on the table in frustration, and sighed, “Study is really hard.”

Qiu Li sat beside her and took the scratch paper in front of her and said: “I’ll teach you.”

“I can’t understand you even if you teach me.” Jiang Yu frowned and muttered: “I’m not the learning type, it’s so hard, so hard, I’d better focus on ballet. People have to find what they are good at before they can succeed…”

Qiu Li drew a parabola on the paper and said with a blank face, “If you can improve your grades and get admitted to a key university, then you can become the best student among ballet dancers.”

“Is this… any good?” Jiang Yu asked curiously.

Qiu Li thought about it and said, “It will be cool.”

Jiang Yu: …

For the next hour, Qiu Li earnestly explained math problems to Jiang Yu.

His voice was no longer as cold as it used to be, but was rather gentle, a bit like the warm sunshine in winter, which made people feel warm and comfortable.

In the past, Jiang Yu thought that Qiu Li was a particularly impatient man. If she didn’t say a few words, he would ignore her when he was angry.

But at this moment, he was very patient when he explained the math problems to her step by step.

Over and over again, she didn’t know how to say it again.

The several multiple-choice questions took a full hour, and she finally understood it.

So, he gave her a few inferring questions for her to do.

Jiang Yu held the pen, looked at the topic, blinked her eyes, and looked dazed.

“This question, I just changed the value from the previous question!” No matter how patient he was, he couldn’t hold back: “You know how to solve it!”

“How long does it take for Xiao Hong to get home, this question is to ask how long it takes for Xiao Ming to go to school!”

Jiang Yu frowned: “But why should I count the time for them to go home and to go to school! What does this have to do with me?”

Qiu Li rubbed his forehead, feeling that the whole world was going bad.

This girl was really not study material.

“Forget it.” Qiu Li closed the exercise book and took back the scratch paper: “Just be happy.”

Jiang Yu was also discouraged, glanced at him, and said sadly, “Are you disappointed?”

“No, I won’t be disappointed with you.”

“Then why are you looking like that.” Jiang Yu felt that he was underestimating her: “You have a good brain, but you can’t dance ballet…”

“You are very sensitive.” Qiu Li smiled lightly and put his head on her thin shoulders: “I don’t think you are bad, I just feel a little tired.”

“Is this tired? Then are you not healthy?”

“Well, it’s like being hollowed out.”

“Is this hollowed out?”

“I was hollowed out by you.”


Jiang Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him, so she picked up the pen, and started seriously working on the problem he had just written on the scratch paper.

Qiu Li looked at her frowning serious face and said, “It’s fine if you don’t like it, don’t force yourself, I don’t have to be a school bully girlfriend who is delayed by ballet.”

“No.” Jiang Yu said stubbornly: “With you, I always look like a fool.”

“What’s wrong with being a fool.”


She glanced at him: “You are so smart, if I am too stupid, I will be deceived by you.”

The corners of Qiu Li’s mouth rose into a small smile: “What am I lying to you, whether I lie to you or lie to your heart.”

“It’s all a lie.”

“It would be nice if you were so easy to fool.”

Qiu Li stretched and looked around. The beautiful girl was like a fairy tale princess that was treasured in a crystal bottle.

There was an uncontrollable urge in his heart, but at the same time, there was a strange kind of pity and reluctance, so he tried his best to suppress it and endure it…

“Qiu Li.”


Jiang Yu turned around and found that his dark eyes were staring at her, and she didn’t know how long he had been looking at her.

“I want to ask you, you talked about your mother before, can you tell me more about it?”

Qiu Li took her exercise book and began to check the questions for her: “Why do you want to know?”

“I want to get to know you better.”

Qiu Li did not reject her approach, but rather wanted her to understand him, so he said, “When I was very young, she divorced that man, I have no memory of her, the only thing I remember is that she was very beautiful and she seemed to be a university professor.”

“No wonder.” Jiang Yu said thoughtfully: “Your parents are both intellectuals, no wonder you were born so smart. It can be seen that the gene thing… is really inherited.”

However, as soon as she finished speaking, Qiu Li’s face turned cold.

Jiang Yu suddenly remembered that his father was a crazy psychoanalyst who had done many terrible things.

She changed the subject and asked, “Do you know where your mother is now?”

“Beicheng University.” Qiu Li said calmly: “She is a professor at Beicheng University, a Changjiang Scholar, I saw her at the cultural forum on TV. I’ve seen her, her appearance…is the same as I remembered when I was a child, it hasn’t changed.”

“Changjiang Scholar! Oh my God, it’s amazing!”

“Yeah.” Qiu Li showed a rare tenderness: “Mom is a very powerful person, I think when I get better, we’ll go to see her, I should at least get admitted to the best university first.”

“Isn’t that Beicheng University?”

“Well, maybe I can give her a surprise.”

Jiang Yu looked at the corner of his mouth. The smile that had risen unconsciously gradually made her realize that in Qiu Li’s heart, his mother was a really very important existence.

He wanted to see her in the best possible way and make her proud of himself.

Jiang Yu also felt warm in her heart, so she sat closer to him, reached out and rubbed Qiu Li’s hair into a mess: “My boyfriend is really ambitious, I can’t justify it if I don’t study hard.”

As soon as she approached, Qiu Li’s five senses began to expand again, smelling her body fragrance, feeling her touch to him, and even her body temperature so close…

Just when he wanted to wrap his hands around her gently, Jiang Yu withdrew her hand, then she laid her arms on the table and began to answer the questions earnestly, “Then I can’t fall behind, I also have to take the test with my boyfriend and get admitted in the same university.”

Qiu Li looked at her frail figure, and the surging desire in his heart came up again and again, and was suppressed again and again.

After a long time, his Adam’s apple rolled, swallowed his saliva, then sat next to her and said restrainedly, “No, ask your boyfriend.”

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