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In the evening of the third day back from S City to San Francisco, while waiting for a meeting to start, Li Shu flipped through a book.

A few years ago for Christmas, Li Shu’s friend Fred gave him this book, calling it the Silicon Valley Emotional Bible.

When he first received the book, Li Shu had read a few pages. The content of the book was supported by a large amount of theoretical basis and data, and the writing method was relatively scientific, which Li Shu could recognize.

However, at that time, he had no close relationship to maintain, and after getting to know Shen Yiyou, the relationship between the two developed very smoothly, so he never read any further.

Until one night recently, Li Shu had slight insomnia. He came to the study and wanted to pick out a book to help him fall asleep. He saw it on the bookshelf at a glance.

Li Shu thought that maybe he could find a solution to his problem from this book, so he often took the book with him recently and read it in his fragmented free time.

Just as he was reading the section on the root of the relationship change, Irene knocked on the door of Li Shu’s office and walked in. She held the phone and informed Li Shu, “Mr. Shen has called the driver.”

“Mr. Shen didn’t want to bother the driver. He asked the driver for his address and wanted to pick it up himself.” Irene repeated.

But the driver didn’t dare to agree without permission, so he had to call Irene and ask her to ask Li Shu’s opinion.

“Can he send the address to Mr. Shen?” Irene stood in the middle of Li Shu’s office, waiting for Li Shu to make a decision.

Li Shu looked at her and did not speak immediately.

He felt unspeakable discomfort and anxiety, because the cloth bag placed in S City was not dropped by Shen Yiyou, but was made by him using modeling software, and it was impossible to mistake the fake for the real.

To be honest, during the production process, Li Shu clearly knew that this was useless labor, that his image memory ability was not good enough for him to do it correctly, and he was wasting time.

But Li Shu couldn’t control himself and couldn’t shut down the modeling software rationally. He just wanted to see Shen Yiyou, so he changed the model and made a poor copy, which the secretary sent to a 3D printing mold company.

When he got the model, Li Shu sat on the chair and spent two minutes imagining what Shen Yiyou would look like when he saw the cloth bag.

First of all, Shen Yiyou would recognize at a glance that it was fake.

If it was before, Shen Yiyou might laugh, but Li Shu couldn’t be sure how Shen Yiyou would react now. ——Maybe he would be unhappy, maybe surprised.

No matter what, Li Shu stubbornly brought it to S City. He put the cloth bag in his pocket, made a phone call outside Shen Yiyou’s community, sat in the car for a while, ate half a cake, and didn’t know what to do with the bouquet, so he handed it over to his secretary, and finally left the cloth bag with the driver and returned to San Francisco alone.

Irene Felton was a very good secretary, she handled the roses for Li Shu, and did not remind or urge Li Shu when he was thinking.

Li Shu thought about Shen Yiyou for a short period of time, and then made a decision: “Let him take it.”

“Okay,” Irene nodded, then reminded Li Shu, “The rehearsal preparatory meeting will start in fifteen minutes. Do you need me to tie your tie?”

Li Shu shook his head and said to Irene, “No need.”

He lowered his head and glanced at the white shirt and trousers that were ironed neatly, raised his head slightly, and buttoned the top two buttons of the shirt.

The neckline of the shirt made him uncomfortable, but he didn’t care. He opened the tie box that Irene had placed on his desk, took out the dark patterned tie, and tied it for himself according to the way the clerk had shown. Then he looked up and asked Irene: “Is this the standard?”

“Completely correct.”

Li Shu nodded to her: “Thank you.”

The environmental company where he served as CEO was preparing to go public with just a week to go, so they were holding a rehearsal, and the constant stream of problems, and the emergencies that came with it, had taken up nearly all of his time nowadays.

The listing team was very determined when asking Li Shu to wear formal attire at the rehearsal dinner. After ten minutes of negotiation, Li Shu compromised with them. He hated vain bankers but, when necessary, he could give in temporarily.

“By the way,” Irene looked down at the electronic record book and told Li Shu, “Miss Li just called to ask if you are free to have dinner with Miss Lilith recently.”

Li Shu glanced at Irene and asked, “Who is Lilith?”

“Lilith Leslie, Miss Li’s friend,” Irene reminded, “the lady who appeared in the middle of your meal with Miss Li last month and was also there when you bought an apartment in Los Angeles.”

“No time.” Li Shu put the bookmark on the page, stood up, put on the suit jacket hanging on the side, buttoned a single button, and walked to his special elevator with Irene Felton.

Thirty-seven minutes after the rehearsal preparation meeting started, Li Shu received a text message from Shen Yiyou.

The analyst of the listing team was giving Li Shu a detailed introduction to the banks that would participate in the preview. Li Shu’s phone on the table vibrated, he glanced down, and Shen Yiyou had sent him this message: “It seems that you made a mistake. I didn’t drop this.”

Li Shu put his fingers on the keyboard, thinking about how to reply back to Shen Yiyou.

Seemingly aware of Li Shu’s actions, the analyst slowed down his speech with a hesitant expression on his face, and the team leader coughed lightly.

Li Shu raised his head, looked at the person in charge, repeated word for word what the analyst had said in half a minute, and asked, “Any questions?”

The person in charge looked a little embarrassed, and immediately shook his head to explain a few words. Li Shu didn’t pay attention to what he said. He continued to listen to the analyst’s introduction and typed in the reply box, “Are you sure?”

After a while, Shen Yiyou suddenly called him.

The picture shown on the incoming call was still the photo Li Shu took for him. Li Shu liked the photo very much. Shen Yiyou was sitting on Li Shu’s chair in Li Shu’s San Francisco property.

Li Shu clenched his phone tightly, and said to the analyst, “I’ll take a call, you continue to speak”, and then answered Shen Yiyou’s call.

“What’s wrong?” Li Shu asked Shen Yiyou.

“I didn’t drop it.” Shen Yiyou explained.

Shen Yiyou’s voice was very soft, with a little sleepiness, as if he had been traveling for too long and was a little tired. He didn’t get angry because he drove a long distance and got the wrong thing, but told Li Shu softly, “Thank you for remembering.”

Li Shu looked at the analyst’s open mouth, thought for a while, then moved his eyes away and calmly said to Shen Yiyou, “No thanks required. I thought it was yours.”

“Well,” Shen Yiyou paused and asked Li Shu, “Where did you find it?”

“Study.” Li Shu said without blushing.

Shen Yiyou seemed a little embarrassed, stopped for a few seconds, and then said, “Would it be someone else who left it in your study, ask someone else.”

“I’ll leave it with the driver, and you can take it with you the next time you come to S city.” Shen Yiyou said again.

The speed of Shen Yiyou’s speech seemed to have become faster, but it was not very obvious. Before Li Shu could answer, he asked again, “Are you okay?”

Li Shu really wanted to hear what Shen Yiyou would say to him, but Shen Yiyou didn’t seem to plan to continue.

“I’ll hang up now,” he said.

“Wait.” Li Shu stopped him.

Shen Yiyou made a sound of “um”, and Li Shu said to Shen Yiyou after a few seconds, “You better find it yourself.”

After saying this, the next deceitful words came easily, Li Shu threatened Shen Yiyou: “I’m going to sell this property, and I won’t be able to find it if I sell it.”

Listening to Shen Yiyou’s silence, Li Shu said again, “Isn’t it a very important thing? You can find it yourself.”

After a long time, Shen Yiyou asked him, “Have you bought a new house?”

Li Shu said yes.

“Congratulations,” Shen Yiyou said in a softer voice, “but I’m not free recently.”

“It’s okay,” Li Shu replied quickly, “I can wait.”

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