PPM Ch. 77: Losing Her was far more difficult for him than Forgiving Her!!!!

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Jian Dan sneered: “Yeah, I used to think that by sacrificing what I have, I can get what I want. But what about the fact? The fact is that I lost what I had and got all I didn’t need.”

“These years, under a beautiful halo called ‘Jian Dan’, I thought I had everything, but in fact, I know better than anyone else that I have lost far more than I have waited for.”

“I even forgot my original intention, what real design is. In fact, I have nothing, and I have nothing to lose.”

“You still have me!” Williams pressed her shoulder blade: “I’m still waiting for you. If you really want to give up designing, then come back.”

Jian Dan was taken aback. Before, she had been doubting his relationship with Li Shengxia, and there were signs of him helping Li Shengxia everywhere, but she knew that she was very wrong…

Li Shengxia’s behind-the-scenes lover was the Prince. The Prince…

Just as she despicably wanted to use her position to destroy Li Shengxia, the prince could easily destroy her.

“Williams, we’ve come too far in these years.” Everyone knew that they couldn’t go back.

“I’ll wait for you,” Williams said firmly.

Jian Dan’s heart throbbed, and the regret of losing him seemed to come back to her heart. “Don’t say these pretty words.”

She thought she was hard-hearted, but facing Williams, she felt as if her emotions were breaking.

He was still the original Williams, but she was no longer the original Jian Dan.

“I do what I say.” Williams said succinctly, “Jian Dan, life is so long, and everyone makes mistakes. Knowing your mistakes can help you correct them, which is a good thing. I will wait for you.”

Knowing your mistakes can help you correct them?

It meant that her giving him up for her dream, was her fault. Or was it her fault for stealing inspiration from others in order to preserve her own status and dignity?

“Don’t wait for me! No matter how long you wait, the result will be the same.” Jian Dan said, then she stretched out her hand, held his wrist, and took his wrist away from her shoulder blade.

It was the temperature she was familiar with, and she froze for a moment.

“Jian Dan! You are very talented. Even if you give up on me a thousand times or ten thousand times, you should not give up designing even once.”

He put himself in such a lowly position…

Jian Dan felt that her heart began to tremble. She always felt that she had a hard heart, but it turned out not to be so. She always thought that she had no nostalgia for him, but it wasn’t…

“Is it so difficult to admit that you were wrong? If you stay in the Emperor’s Inheritance, you will have a thousand or even ten thousand possibilities.” Williams continued.

Talent? She also used to think she was very talented.

Jian Dan came back to her senses, and coldly rejected Williams’ good words of persuasion: “Li Shengxia is just a newcomer. I lost face to her, and it is impossible for me to stay in the Emperor’s Inheritance.”

“Jian Dan”

“Wait and see. I will come up with a world-shattering work and regain the glory that belongs to me!” Jian Dan said, completely leaving Williams’ imprisonment, turned around, and walked away!

Williams looked at Jian Dan’s back for a long time, but couldn’t call out her name again.

Jian Dan’s back looked so free and easy, but her mood was completely opposite to this free and easy back.

Because she was responsible for herself. She had to take responsibility for what she said, and what she did.

The Emperor’s Inheritance once brought her infinite glory, and brought her to the peak of her career, but at this moment, she suddenly remembered her original intention.

She always thought that she was doing something she was proud of, that she had capital to be proud of, enviable work, status, glory, and talent.

She had been dreaming of such pride, telling herself that all the sacrifices she had made were things to be proud of.

But suddenly one day, a person appeared out of thin air, and suddenly woke her from her dream.

The person told her that what she had made was not a proud sacrifice, but a foolish one. What she has was not enviable status, but self-hypnosis. She had long been honoured without talent, only consuming the value she had created before. She wasn’t as good as she thought, and there was nothing to be proud off.

Her dream collapsed, she became anxious and afraid.

She just wanted to pursue her dream. The dream had however deviated from the track at some point.

She had sacrificed too much and could not go on like this!

She wanted to design works that would shock the world, come up with works that the whole world did not dare to belittle, and come up with works that were truly worthy of that infinite halo!

One day, she would come back and take back the infinite glory!

Li Shengxia, wait for me to return!

The audience had already left one after another.

Mo Nianchen still stood there motionless.

After a while, Ouyang also became a little nervous. So this should be right, right? It seemed that A Chen was not angry, but why had he become motionless?

There was no one on the stage…

Suddenly, Mo Nianchen stretched out his long legs and walked towards the lounge.

Ouyang, Jiang Youxi and the others watched him leave, looked at each other and didn’t call him.

They knew that the way he was going led to the lounge, it seemed that he had decided to find Li Shengxia.

They guessed right, Mo Nianchen was indeed walking towards the lounge.

He still remembered his mood just now.

He knew he couldn’t let her go.

What if he was angry with her? It didn’t affect her anyway. After all, he fell in love with a woman who hated him.

He had decided to forgive her lies, as long as she didn’t lie to him from now on, he could let go of the past and stop there.

Because losing her was far more difficult for him than forgiving her.

He thought that if the suppression was too harsh, she would disappear completely.

He couldn’t bear to lose her again. So, he had to compromise.

He really didn’t understand what kind of poison he had been poisoned by. There were thousands of ways to torture her, but he chose to torture himself!

The sound of his footsteps echoed softly in the corridor, as if counting the length of his approach to her…

He cared more about the present than the past.

He knew that his mood would only get worse if he continued like this, so he was willing to take ninety-nine steps towards her, and she only needed to take one step towards him.

No, he could even take the last step for her, as long as she stood where she was, didn’t move, and didn’t step back.

Mo Nianchen silently approached the lounge, still thinking about which sentence to use as an opening remark, and he couldn’t help but become nervous. Imagine if she suddenly saw him here, would she suddenly hug him because she was moved.

If this was the case, he felt that everything could be forgiven…

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