PPM Ch. 76: Li Shengxia, You Wait and See!!!

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“Yeah, Li Shengxia, you have to forgive people. Let’s forget about this.”

Many people pleaded for Jian Dan, but Jian Dan herself did not say a word.

Li Shengxia had seen a lot of Jian Dan’s designs. It could be said that if she displayed her design works this time, she might not have been able to win.

But she used despicable means to force her to leave the design world and deliberately stole her own works.

If she didn’t teach Jian Dan a lesson, she would really feel sorry for ‘Ten Miles Red Makeup’.

Li Shengxia looked at Jian Dan and said, “Designer Jian, I have no intention of going against you, if you are willing to take back what you said to me before and apologize to me, I can also take back what you said and let you continue and stay in the design world.”

Jian Dan clenched her fists and sneered: “I have earned everything from my own hard work, why do you want me to apologize to you?”

“Your hard work?” Li Shengxia raised his eyebrows: “It originally seems that I was too naive to think that designer Jian was a respectable predecessor. If you do not apologize to me for what you have done, I will never forgive you.”

Let Jian Dan apologize, it was already the biggest concession Li Shengxia had given, she didn’t think her request was too much at all.

If Jian Dan refused to apologize, she would not let it go!

Jian Dan sneered, “I don’t think I’m wrong! It’s you, who relies on men, what qualifications do you have to ask for respect in front of the people who have reached to today by thier own efforts!”

Li Shengxia was not to be outdone : “What if I really rely on men? If my work is so bad, how can I get the pity of an internationally renowned designer like you?”

Li Shengxia’s words made Jian Dan feel ashamed.

Jian Dan’s face was pale: “Why do I need someone like you to forgive me? Don’t you just want me to quit! Well, the Emperor’s Inheritance will have you but not me!”

“Since designer Jian is so obsessed with words, then walk slowly! If you are willing to apologize to me one day, I will welcome you back at any time.”

Li Shengxia said the truth, but to Jian Dan, it sounded very harsh.

There were cracks in Jian Dan’s expression: “Li Shengxia, let’s wait and see!”

Jian Dan put down these words and walked away.

“Jian Dan…” Williams immediately chased her out.

The people present pointed at Li Shengxia, and they all said that she was aggressive. Li Shengxia stood there and didn’t speak, and ignored the gossip.

She gave Jian Dan a chance, everything else was Jian Dan’s own business. Besides, the person who said that she wanted to compete was Jian Dan, and she didn’t mean to let her retire.

She just wanted to let Jian Dan admit that she had the qualifications and ability to stay in Emperor’s Inheritance and in the design world through this matter.

She didn’t think there was anything wrong with her request. If she was the one who lost today, then what Jian Dan would’ve destroyed was the dream stage of her life.

She was lucky enough to win, but she just asked Jian Dan to apologize for her behaviour. Was it too much?

No, no matter how many times she repeated it, she would still choose this way! If Jian Dan apologized sincerely, then she would definitely forgive her mistakes.

In the same way, if Jian Dan never apologized, then she would never let it rest in peace!

On the other side, Williams caught up with Jian Dan.

“Jian Dan, stop, isn’t design what you have always liked? How can you give up when you say you give up? It’s really your fault, you apologize to her, it will be over, why don’t you do it ?”

“Why should I do it?” Jan Dan didn’t expect Williams to chase after her. At this moment, she felt that her mood was very messy, but she could not allow herself to collapse in front of Williams.

This, the man she gave up for her dream… Now, her dream had become a bubble-like phantom, but he chased after her and asked her why she didn’t apologize, why didn’t she stay, why didn’t she do it?

Why? Why did she have to do it?

Williams said disappointedly: “Can’t you give up everything for your dream? Isn’t it more important than your self-esteem?”

That was it? Jian Dan smiled bitterly. She would rather just do it, but the word dream was too beautiful, too many people pursued it, but too many people couldn’t achieve it.

She paid too much, and because of this, she couldn’t let go.

“How much I paid for my dream, can you not see? I once gave up the person I loved most for this dream, but what did I get? I got mockery from a newcomer, and a belittling compliment from a sales lady in the mall for my work. And today, I got the disapproval from all the audience present!”

“You will never understand that you are holding your own works, withholding your name, being a newcomer, and putting your works on consignment with expectation. You can sell your work anywhere, and you get the cheapest price tag and still no one cares about it!”

“I’m a first-class designer, but I’m not a first-class designer. All I have is just a title!” Jian Dan said excitedly to Williams, “That’s all? Do you think it’s just that? My work, which is not titled ‘Designed by Jian Dan’, is so cheap that nobody cares about it. A newcomer’s works are so tender and heart-warming on the other hand!”

“I just wanted to stay, I just wanted to protect my dream, so I did things that I despise myself for. I took advantage of my current status, tried to destroy someone who made me feel like I was in jeopardy. Do you think it’s that easy to do these things?”

“Is it that easy to admit that you’re not good enough to be outdone?”

“Why should I apologize? So that I can prove that I lost, I’m wrong, I’m out of inspiration, and I can’t compare to the shoddy design of a mere rookie? For the kind of rookie who relies on a man to make it to the top, I have to swallow my breath, keep my breath low, and protect myself despite being in the position of the Emperor’s Inheritance’s designer?”

“You know better than me, there is no place for me there!”

Williams was speechless, and it took a while to call her name, “Jian Dan…”

He wanted to speak something, but he felt that every word was so heavy that he couldn’t breathe.

“Even if you will lose a lot of things, even if it is a very precious thing, you must stay, you must remain in the Emperor’s Inheritance, you must stabilize your title as a world-class designer, and you must protect your dreams. This is not what you used to be. Didn’t you tell me?”

For her dream, she gave up on him.

Now, she wanted to give up everything she had now for the sake of dignity.

What was he? She sacrificed him for all this, if it was so unimportant to her, then what was he?”

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