YXBG Ch. 67.2: Reunion and Separation

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In the old house of the Yin family, the belated party finally started.

Yin Xiaomei said to Yin Zhefei uneasily: “According to the situation that every time there is something, I am very curious about what this time will be.”

“Since we are together, and are happy, I think something good will happen this time.” He couldn’t take his eyes off Xiaomei while speaking. She was wearing a long purple dress with a knee-high slit today, her flaxen hair was pulled up high, and in her maturity, he could see the young girl’s innocence and simplicity, to him she looked like the Goddess Venus.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this word…” She raised her eyebrows, I hope so, otherwise her fragile little nerves would really be unable to hold on.

While the two were talking, Qin Yuan and Song Yuanyuan walked in, Yin Xiaomei greeted them with a smile, and said in a strange tone: “This is the time you started going out!”

Song Yuanyuan smiled embarrassedly: “That’s right, I brought the ugly daughter-in-law to see her in-laws!”

“Hey, Qin Yuan, you have to treat my family’s Yuanyuan well, if I get to know you cheated on her, I will chop it off!” Yin Xiaomei fierce threatening appearance was not inferior from Yin Zhefei’s, as she stared at the tall man in front of her.    

“I don’t dare!” Qin Yuan waved his hands again and again, “A Fei, this little tiger of yours, is it okay for her to eat vinegar even from my family.”

The men gathered to chat and laugh, and Yin Xiaomei said to Song Yuanyuan, “Yuanyuan, where’s Diyi? Why didn’t she come?”

“She seems to be preparing to go abroad recently. She has to take the IELTS test, so she probably doesn’t have time to come.”

“Going abroad? It’s so sudden, then… what about Gao Yu?”

“I don’t know, maybe she wants to learn more about art management and come back to help Gao Yu.” She didn’t know.

“That’s right, hey, Diyi is really a good helper.” Yin Xiaomei said, then she saw Zhang Xiangyi and Hu Yue’er walking towards this side talking and laughing from the window, while Hu Fei followed behind the two with a very angry and helpless expression.

He still couldn’t accept the fact that his excellent sister was abducted by a bear, even if the bear was his good buddy. But his sister has been very assertive since she was a child, saying that she had taken all the tokens of his love, and she couldn’t go back on her word!

He also thought that Zhang Xiangyi had given her some gold and silver mountains as a token of love, which made his sister so fascinated and made trouble for a long time, but the token turned out to be that old, castrated cat!

What was it called: Jin Jian! Simply disgusting!

Zhang Xiangyi, however, had no such self-consciousness at all. It made no difference to him that his good friend became his big brother. In his blind self-confidence, he even felt that Hu Fei must be 100% satisfied with the combination of him and Hu Yue’er.

After that, all the people including Sean, Bai Lu, Xiao Jin, A Zhong and A Xiang came, and the Yin family had never been so lively before.

“Come, come, let me propose a toast!” Zhang Xiangyi raised his glass, “Let’s raise a glass for Zhefei and Xiaomei, and wish them an early success.” Zhang Xiangyi took the lead to get up and raise his glass.

Among the sound of congratulations, Sean couldn’t help rolling his eyes, he just knew that he couldn’t keep her safe, so his family Xiaomei was kidnapped and had to run from there.

Hu Fei also glanced at Zhang Xiangyi with disgust, what the hell, he was so excited about his engagement! How could I become friends with such a person, and why didn’t I take precautions against him?

“Ding dong—!”

“Huh? Who else!” Hu Fei, who was closest to the door, hurried to open the door.

The woman outside the door was tall and beautiful, but her usual indifferent face was now a little uncomfortable: “This guy Yin Zhefei, could he not wait for me before starting the party?”

“Xianxian…” He wasn’t dreaming.

“Hu Fei, who is it!” Zhang Xiangyi shouted loudly.

Lu Xianxian walked in and said angrily, “Your eldest sister, heed me!”

Hu Yue’er was surprised to find that Zhang Xiangyi was suddenly obedient like a mouse that had seen a cat for a moment.

“Xianxian…sister!” Yin Xiaomei almost wanted to call out “sister-in-law” again.

“Congratulations, Xiaomei,” Lu Xianxian stepped forward generously. “If you don’t die, you will have good luck. Your choice is not wrong.”

Yin Xiaomei blushed and couldn’t help but glance at Yin Zhefei smiling: “Thank you for your blessing, it means a lot to me.”

Yin Zhefei also said with a smile: “Thank you, Xianxian.”

“Be good to her,” Lu Xianxian turned back to Zhang Xiangyi, who shrank like a little daughter-in-law in front of her mother-in-law, “And you, Zhang Xiangyi, if you dare to bully Hu Yue’er, I will make you regret being born.”

“It’s she who bullies me…” Zhang Xiangyi retorted cowardly.

Everyone laughed, and the atmosphere quickly became lively and relaxed again.

“Huh, I was scared to death.” Taking advantage of everyone’s lively conversation again, Zhang Xiangyi leaned over to Yin Zhefei’s side, “I thought she was coming to grab the marriage, to be honest, I originally planned to help her… “

“Zhang Xiangyi, you are so ‘loyal’.” Yin Zhefei looked at him sarcastically.

When Zhang Xiangyi saw Hu Fei approaching Lu Xianxian to talk to her again, he couldn’t help shaking his head: “Hu Fei has such a strong taste that I really can’t understand him.”

“Come on, you are afraid that he will marry Lu Xianxian into the house, and you will never be able to turn over!” Yin Zhefei said with a smile.

“I’m afraid of her? What a joke! It’s just that I give her face!” The stout bear-like man shouted with no confidence.

The house was so lively, but Yin Xiaomei walked to the balcony alone, looking at the grass, trees, bricks and tiles that she was familiar with.

She still remembered that when she was brought back to the Yin family, she thought she was in heaven, and she thought it was just a dream of hers… This was also like a dream, where she grew up and married Yin Zhefei, the best man in the world.

A warm embrace surrounded her from behind, and Yin Zhefei whispered in her ear, “What are you thinking?”

“Well, I’m thinking that our parents are finally reconciled, and I’m very happy.” She leaned on his shoulder, “I went to see our father the other day, and he was so happy because our mother finally decided to stay and he told me that even if Dad used a bitter plan, it was worth it.”

“Xiaomei, you don’t have to worry about your mother leaving you anymore, she will always be your mother.”

“Well…” She gave him a light kiss on his lips, and her eyes sparkled with happiness, “I’m finally no longer afraid… You don’t think of getting rid of me for the rest of your life, brother…”


Yin Xiaomei was getting one good news after another – she won the Best Actress Award at the Flying Vision Awards, and it was the first Chinese trophy in her life. Then Bai Lu successfully signed the popular Lai Wangming, and her own Meishen studio gradually started developing on the right track, and she started outputting more high-quality actors.

It was just that in addition to this happiness, she had to face the separation from her friend again.

Lin Diyi was going abroad.

She and Song Yuanyuan came to the airport to see her off. When they parted, all three of them had red eyes.

“Diyi, you must take care of yourself there, don’t wrong yourself.” Yin Xiaomei hugged her and said reluctantly, “I will miss you, and I will see you when I have a chance!”

“Diyi, I’ll wait for you. After I finish my studies, I will hire you as a consultant…” Song Yuanyuan wiped her tears and held her hand tightly.

“Okay you two, don’t make me cry, my parents will start crying as well!” She joked with a smile.

Mother Lin hurriedly waved her hand: “You children have deep feelings for each other, and we are also moved when we see it.”

Lin Diyi held the hands of Yin Xiaomei and Song Yuanyuan, and whispered, “I really should go.”

“Jiayou! Diyi!”

“Call me anytime!”

She turned back step by step reluctantly. At this moment, she saw a tall and thin figure wearing a gray shirt standing among the crowd of people in the distance, waving at her gently.

Her tears welled up, but she walked towards the shuttle bus without hesitation.

Gao Yu, I really love you, maybe only time can help me forget you.

No matter what, I will be as you expected, and when I come back to you in the future, I will have become a better me.

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