TBVSR Ch. 13: Itching

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Huo Cheng went straight to Jiang Yu, blocking her way: “Jiang Yu, I have something to tell you.”

Jiang Yu didn’t look at him, her expression was indifferent and alienated: “Please get out of the way.”

Huo Cheng said angrily: “I was impulsive that day, and I won’t do it again in the future.”

Jiang Yu had a sneer at the corner of her mouth. She had heard this guarantee no less than a hundred times, but domestic abusers would never change.

She couldn’t trust him anymore.

“What happens to you in the future has nothing to do with me.”

Huo Cheng reached out to hold her, but Jiang Yu took a step back and swiftly avoided him.

Huo Cheng looked at Jiang Yu’s icy expression and felt that she had completely changed.

Unprecedented frustration flooded his heart, and his whole person did not look well.

Losing Jiang Yu was not the most uncomfortable place for him, what was uncomfortable was… Jiang Yu’s indifferent attitude towards him, and her initiative to break up with him, who was she… what qualifications did she have!

Huo Cheng gritted his teeth and said, “As long as you don’t break up with me, you can do whatever you want. I’ll give you anything you want. Don’t you want to dance? If you enter the Esmera Art Center, and I’ll pay for your tuition, no matter how much it is.”

Jiang Yu smiled coldly, with a bit of irony.

In the last life, she was so moved by Huo Cheng’s promises that she mistakenly thought that this was true love.

After all, people who had given up their dreams because of poverty and lost opportunities would have no chance in the future. Only those who had experienced this vicious circle would know what was lofty, what was reserved, and what was slanderous compared with life in the next few decades. Curse words were not worth mentioning, so she thought that she needed to hold on tightly to the only floating board in front of youher, so as not to sink into the abyss.

If there was no opportunity for her to earn money from the [Knowing] app, maybe Jiang Yu would still fall into the trap of beautiful dreams woven by Huo Cheng.

But now, she didn’t need it anymore.

Jiang Yu looked back at Tao Anxin and said to Huo Cheng, “Choose the person you really like.”

After speaking, she carried her schoolbag and left without looking back.

Huo Cheng stared at her back with no end in sight, unable to stop looking for a long time.

Why was this happening, how could she be like this…

Huo Cheng had never had to work so hard for Jiang Yu, so it was difficult for him to accept today’s accident, and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

The people who were eating melons around were looking at him, and they were all surprised by this scene.

Didn’t Huo Cheng like Tao Anxin the most? Wasn’t Jiang Yu Tao Anxin’s stand-in!

Why today, he so humbly begged for Jiang Yu, who was dismissive of him, and instead put the real deal Tao Anxin aside.

Not only the melon eaters, but even Tao Anxin herself was a little uncomfortable with this change.

Huo Cheng was a really good suitor. It could be said that among her many suitors, no one had better conditions than Huo Cheng.

She originally chose Huo Cheng, but she did not want to let him get her easily, as she wanted to let him know how valuable she was.

And when Huo Cheng and Jiang Yu were together, she didn’t panic at all, because she knew that Huo Cheng was just looking for a substitute.

If they can’t get it, they will think about it day and night, and will love it even more deeply.

But right now, things didn’t seem to be going the way she expected.

Jiang Yu walked out of the school gate and saw a tall and thin young man under the ginkgo tree across the road.

Qiu Li was wearing a black sweater, leaning against the tree.

There were a few strands of black hair hanging down on his forehead, his skin was very white, and his lips were a little crimson. Perhaps with the foil of yellow ginkgo leaves, his temperament looked less sharp and more relaxed at this moment.

Jiang Yu knew that he was waiting for her.

Taking a deep breath, she secretly prepared for a few seconds, and then strode towards him.

“I’m going to the dance class in a while.” Jiang Yu said to him, “So I can’t date.”

Qiu Li said it didn’t matter: “Eat dinner first.”

Jiang Yu heard this, and said in her heart that her guess was really wrong. Qiu Li really regarded her as a long-term meal ticket.

Her mood… was quite complicated.

From this point of view, she had to work hard to earn money so that she could afford this little wolf cub who couldn’t get enough to eat.

The 300 million remuneration was far away, and the most important thing right now was to do the task well.

Jiang Yu looked at Qiu Li, suddenly had an idea, and said, “Since it’s a relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, if I ask you for something, you will try your best to help, right?”

Maybe Qiu Li could still help with tasks in the future. This guy was good in both intelligence and skills.

Qiu Li glanced down at her and said playfully, “We haven’t made any progress in our relationship, and you already want to ask me to do things?”

Jiang Yu licked her lips, thinking that since you want to be with me as a long-term meal ticket, of course you have to be obedient.

“Let’s go, I can’t have dinner, but I can treat you to it.”

Qiu Li didn’t refuse, and followed her happily with lazy steps.

The little girl was wearing a close-fitting autumn sportswear, which was tight enough that it showed her good figure, beautiful swan arms, slender waist, and especially emphasised her pair of legs, which were slender and well-proportioned, with perfect lines.

The more Qiu Li looked at her, the more itchy he felt, the kind of itch that he couldn’t scratch.

His desire for her was far more than just eating something tasty.

He also wanted to feel many, many… things.

There were also other couples on the road, walking together hand in hand.

Jiang Yu looked at them, feeling a little embarrassed inexplicably, and looked away.

Qiu Li understood Jiang Yu’s thoughts at a glance, and said, “You can hold my hand if you want.”

“Not for now.” She said guiltily, “Thank you.”

Although she agreed to be his long-term meal ticket, but she did not need to “repay with her own body”.

The corners of Qiu Li’s mouth were raised slightly, and he did not force her.

He was not in a hurry because the future was long.

Passing by a convenience store, Qiu Li immediately took Jiang Yu and walked in, bought a strawberry-flavoured lollipop, tore the package, and handed it to Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu looked at the lollipop and looked up at him uncertainly.



Jiang Yu took the lollipop and felt the sweetness on the tip of her tongue.

“Is it delicious?”


She looked at the smirk in the corner of the boy’s eyes, and she felt a little love.

She didn’t expect that Qiu Li, who looked fierce before, would still be like a little milk dog after falling in love.

However, before the sweetness on the tip of the tongue had remained for ten seconds, Qiu Li pulled the lollipop out of her mouth and put it into his own.

Jiang Yu: ???

Qiu Li took the lollipop and smiled: “Sweet.”

Jiang Yu scolded him slightly angrily: “Can’t you eat yourself and buy another one? How can you eat mine!”

Qiu Li’s left cheek was supported by the lollipop, and he said indifferently, “Then I’ll buy you another one.”

“No, your behaviour is…”

She was very confused.

Qiu Li walked in front with a lollipop in his mouth, and seemed to be in a good mood.

Jiang Yu followed behind, smirking slightly dissatisfiedly: “It’s not dirty, you…”

He turned back, his eyes were slightly raised, and he said with a smile: “My own girlfriend ate it, what’s there to dislike.”

Jiang Yu: …

Qiu Li sent Jiang Yu to the dance school.

After Jiang Yu warmed up, she began to practice the excerpts from “Swan Lake” that she was going to perform at the end of the year.

Qiu Li stood by the floor-to-ceiling window, watching the girl dancing in the dance classroom, she looked like a black swan about to fly, elegant and seductive.

Qiu Li thought of his mother who abandoned him back then.

She was also so charming and beautiful, with long hair like a waterfall, her voice was thin, and her smile was like melting snow in spring.

She was the only beautiful existence in Qiu Li’s terrifying childhood memories.

But she left him forever in that Shura hell.

He heard that she was doing well now and was a professor at Beicheng University.

Maybe she had to leave, maybe as long as he became better, he could get the approval of his mother and she would come back to him.

Qiu Li took out a monograph on psychoanalysis from his schoolbag, sat in the empty corridor, and read it with a deep heart.

He was going to be…a very good person.

Jiang Yu happily finished dancing, took a shower, and changed clothes. It was already nine o’clock in the evening.

There were no more students in the art class. Jiang Yu saw Qiu Li sitting alone in the empty corridor, reading a thick book.

The dim light shone on his pale skin, his pitch-black eyes were deep, and the outlines of his facial features were sharp and distinct.

He was holding the pages of the book with his fingertips, and his expression was serious.

For such a young man, it was really difficult for Jiang Yu to associate him with a murderer.

What happened to him in the near future?

Qiu Li seemed to notice the girl standing at a distance, looked up at her, and said in a low voice, “Is it over?”

“Well, why are you here?”

“Waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me to do what?”

“Waiting for you to end practice.”

Qiu Li closed the thick monograph, put it in his schoolbag, and walked towards her: “It’s very late, I’ll see you off.” As he spoke, he carried the heavy schoolbag on her shoulders.

In the corridor, Jiang Yu looked at Qiu Li’s tall and straight figure, and bursts of warmth suddenly rose in her heart.

In her last life, when she was in love with Huo Cheng, Huo Cheng never carried her schoolbag for her, let alone waiting for her to finish class till the middle of the night.

More often, she accommodated Huo Cheng, did everything to please him, and gave in to everything willingly.

After all, their identities were very different, and her posture was inevitably lower.

Qiu Li, this “cheap” boyfriend made her feel the sweetness of adolescent love.

Looking at his thin back, Jiang Yu couldn’t help thinking that he wouldn’t really like her.

She caught up with Qiu Li and asked curiously, “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Qiu Li said blankly, “How am I being nice to you?”

“Well! Very good.”

“Then you are also a little nice to me.” With that, Qiu Li leaned over and moved closer to her, his cheeks gently brushed against her ear.

Jiang Yu felt the hot and humid breath in her ears, her heart trembled, and her voice changed so nervously: “What are you going to do?”

Qiu Li rubbed her earlobe with his nose, and the corners of his mouth curled up: “I’m hungry, let’s have supper together.”

Jiang Yu: ……

The wild guesses in her mind vanished in an instant.

Sure enough, the wolf cub who couldn’t get enough to feed still wanted to be near her because of this.

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