Yin Xiaomei the Bad Girl (YXBG)


My name is Yin Xiaomei and they all say that I am a bad woman. But I don’t think so.

What? You want me to start from my childhood? Okay!

I don’t think its such a bad idea to shoot a nude photo of my brother, right? After all, I’m helping my female compatriots. You don’t know how much a single photo can sell… If you’re going to ask for the amount… it’s a secret!

What? You said that my mother and father divorced? Please, it’s my handsome old man who’s been going outside. You can see how much father and son are alike! Although my parents rarely come home, but when they do, they are more active in bed than anyone else! Mom is young and beautiful, and the money she has is infinite! Tsk tsk.. let me wipe my saliva and continue.

It’s been so many years, but I still wonder how my brother discovered that I was the one who took his pants away? Well, he still had to stay in the school bathhouse until midnight either way!

There is also Zhang’s little brother who took a nap. Who knew that when he was in a very deep sleep, his full face got painted yet he doesn’t even realise it! Good! She is very good!

However, the current Yin Xiaomei isn’t the same as before. She is now out of style, has a bad taste, and is black bellied!

In short, she is not suitable to be a wife, so they should not threaten her to marry someone knowing what she has done.

“Bad woman Yin Xiaomei, you think you can escape?!”

“Eh? Brother, please don’t pull my hind legs.”

Yin Zhefei coldly said, “Do you think you are a dog? You can divide your front legs and hind legs?!”

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Xiaomei

Chapter 2: Zhefei

Chapter 3: To One

Chapter 4: The Witch

Chapter 5: Yuanyuan

Chapter 6: Chang Mei

Chapter 7.1: If So

Chapter 7.2: If So

Chapter 8: Thanksgiving

Chapter 9: Parent-Teacher Meeting

Chapter 10: Xianxian

Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Business

Chapter 13

Chapter 14: Results

Chapter 15: Banquet

Chapter 16: Gao Yu

Chapter 17: Brother and Sister

Chapter 18: Transfer

Chapter 19: Help Me

Chapter 20: Return

Chapter 21.1: Fight

Chapter 21.2: Fight

Chapter 22: Farewell

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25: Misunderstanding

Chapter 26.1: Revenge

Chapter 26.2: Revenge

Chapter 27.1: Goodbye

Chapter 27.2: Goodbye

Chapter 28.1: Ten Years later

Chapter 28.2: Ten Years later

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31: Endless

Chapter 32

Chapter 33: Kiss

Chapter 34: Awkward

Chapter 35

Chapter 36; Audition

Chapter 37: Friends’ Reunion

Chapter 38: Brother’s Fight

Chapter 39: Showdown

Chapter 40: Natural

Chapter 41

Chapter 42: Losing Weight

Chapter 43: Mother is Back

Chapter 44: The so-called truth

Chapter 45: Public Opinion

Chapter 46: Painful Process

Chapter 47

Chapter 48: Be Smart

Chapter 49: The Champion

Chapter 50: The Temptation of Food

Chapter 51: Advertising

Chapter 52: Dry Cleaning

Chapter 53: Sharing a Bed

Chapter 54: The Picture

Chapter 55: Biological Father

Chapter 56: Variety Shows

Chapter 57.1: New Journey P.1

Chapter 57.2: New Journey P. 2

Chapter 58: Exotic Scenery

Chapter 59.1: Uninvited Guest P.1

Chapter 59.2: Uninvited Guest P.2

Chapter 60: Confession

Chapter 61.1: Public Opinion P.1

Chapter 61.2: Public Opinion P.2

Chapter 62: Secrets

Chapter 63: Disappointment

Chapter 64.1: Abduction P.1

Chapter 64.2: Abduction P.2

Chapter 65 Abduction

Chapter 66: The End!!!

Chapter 67.1: Reunion and Separation

Chapter 67.2: Reunion and Separation

Extra: Xiaomei’s First Kiss

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