YXBG Ch. 55: Biological Father

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As soon as it was released, it became the premiere ratings champion, which Yin Xiaomei did not expect. Naturally, as her manager, Bai Lu didn’t think much of it either. Although she thought that the script of this drama was good and the whole drama was well-made, but after all, the cost was small, and the male lead was also a newcomer. It might win a good reputation, but it may not attract too many people.

But this was not the case. Fiona’s name was once again a household name, and even the two male actors had also gained momentum. Fans couldn’t wait to beat gongs and drums to beat people who didn’t like this show before. The name and protagonist of this show had always been high on the search portal.

Bai Lu struck while the iron was hot and cooperated with an international cosmetics company to launch the lipstick color used by Yin Xiaomei in the play – a retro red with a slightly bean paste color, which immediately sold out. Yin Xiaomei was quite proud of this, because that color was created by herself for this show, and she didn’t expect it to be so popular! In the future, when she retired, she could also develop a beauty department in the Skyline Group to work in if she didn’t have a good bank balance.

In contrast was the situation of Yu Ziqi.

After driving away Bai Lu, Yu Ziqi’s first work was as the female lead on the big screen, and this movie was “Sorrow of Love”, which was rejected by Yin Xiaomei. At the beginning, when Yu Ziqi’s team bought the film, the announcement had said that Yin Xiaomei’s acting skills were slightly inferior, so she chose to succumb to the small screen because of this. Yu Ziqi stepped on her, but now, it was all the other way around. The film was called a disaster by film and television critics, who said it was indeed “intelligent”, because everyone who came out of the movie theater felt that their IQ was rolling in a circle in “purgatory”.

“But compared to its dismal reputation, the box office is justified, so it’s not a fiasco…” Bai Lu naturally knew that according to Yu Ziqi’s consistent behavior, she would use all the relationships in the circle to promote herself. However, the stars who helped promote it were also criticized by the audience whose IQ was insulted, and now they were quiet and dared not say anything.

“Why is it not a fiasco, no one will watch it in the future.” Yin Xiaomei was puzzled.

“How should I put it, the audience’s forgetfulness is quite large…”

The two were chatting when assistant Xiao Jin suddenly ran in and hesitated, “Sister Bai, someone came outside and said he was Fiona’s father.”

Huh? What was Dad doing here at this time… Yin Xiaomei hurriedly said: “Let him in, why are you asking me, haven’t you met my dad?”

Xiao Jin scratched her head, she had seen him, but she always felt that this person was not the same as Mr. Yin in her impression…

After a while, Xiao Jin led the man in.

Yin Xiaomei looked at the person in front of her in amazement and saw that the person was in his thirties or forties, with a pair of elegant glasses, his temperament was somewhat refined, and he was neatly dressed, but she could swear to God that she didn’t know this man!

“Xiao Jin, who is this?” She wondered, “Where is my father?”

“Xiaomei, I am your father!” The man stepped forward excitedly: “I am your biological father!”


Yin Xiaomei and Bai Lu looked at each other, and whispered: “Is this uncle crazy…”

Bai Lu was not so polite, and said to Xiao Jin: “Xiao Jin, what’s the matter, this is not Mr. Yin? 80% he is a lunatic, hurry up and get him out!”

Today was the filming day of the finale of the TV series, she couldn’t let such a person delay the progress.

“No, don’t worry, I’m really her father! I mean, I’m her biological father!” Seeing that the situation was not good, the man hurriedly revealed his identity, “My name is Meng Ke, Xiaomei, your full name is Meng Dilai, and Xiaomei is just the nickname your mother gave you!”

Meng Dilai? What the hell was this name!

“I knew your mother when I was studying in the UK, Jane Blake, I didn’t lie to you!” Meng Ke anxiously took out a photo with a yellowed corner, “This is a photo of our family of three.”

“What nonsense?”, Bai Lu lost her patience first and shouted, “Xiao Jin, go and call the security guard!”

“Wait a minute.” Yin Xiaomei suddenly said and took the photo paper. Although the man on it was unfamiliar, she had seen the bright smile of the woman in many of the picture frames in her uncle’s house, not to mention, that little girl, although still a baby, had great similarities with her own facial features.

Yin Xiaomei looked at him in a complicated mood: “Mr. Meng, no matter what you have to do with me, please wait until I finish filming today.” Then she said to Xiao Jin, “The time is almost up, you take Mr. Meng to rest in one moment.” Immediately, she clutched the photo and walked out without looking back.

Bai Lu followed closely behind her and whispered, “What’s going on here, he can’t really be your father…”

“I’ll ask him again after filming, and I can only trouble Sister Bai to help me with the banquet, I may not be there until later.” Yin Xiaomei’s face was gloomy, her heart felt like a heavy stone.

How did Meng Ke find her? Yin Xiaomei remembered her recent TV show, yes, her exposure rate had increased greatly recently, and her basic information could be clearly found on the online encyclopedia. It was not difficult for him to find her.

But if he really wanted her to face this so-called biological father alone, she felt extremely disgusted, and it was accompanied by waves of nausea.

She couldn’t let her mother know about this. She was already upset enough, so naturally, she couldn’t tell her father… She thought about it, then she gritted her teeth and sent Yin Zhefei a WeChat to briefly explain the situation, hoping that he could come to accompany her. She didn’t forget to send the photo to him as well.

After the finale was finished, amid the cheers of everyone, Yin Xiaomei hugged the flowers brought by everyone, bowed with a smile, and returned to her dressing room. She heard Bai Lu happily greet everyone: “Tonight at Haitian Restaurant, Fiona will treat you!”

But the excitement and happiness were separated by the door at this time, just like her gloomy mood at this time.

Yin Zhefei’s WeChat was sent at this time: Where are you, I’m here.

Yin Xiaomei hurriedly removed her makeup and replied to him: See you at the entrance of the film and television city.

After Yin Zhefei waited for a long time, he saw Yin Xiaomei’s figure appearing alone at the door of the film and television base.

Seeing a brand-new Maybach flashing, she hurried into it.

“Eh…” Yin Xiaomei didn’t dare to take off her mask even in the car, and even though he couldn’t see her expression through the mask, Yin Zhefei could sense her low air pressure.

She looked around the car and said, “Aren’t you nostalgic, why did you suddenly change cars?”

“This is the car that Dad gave you. He said it was to celebrate your successful premiere. I just drove it over,” he said. Thinking of his father’s partiality, he couldn’t help but sigh and ask, “Where’s that person?”

“I asked Xiao Jin to take him to Grind Time first. There are always celebrities there, so the confidentiality is not bad.” She said in despair, even if Yin Ruoji gave her a new car, it couldn’t make her happy.

“I asked Vincent, and he said…it is indeed this man, and the name is correct. He was surprised when he heard that Meng Ke was looking for you and asked what your plans were.”

“Do you know what my real name is?” Yin Xiaomei didn’t answer him, but let out a sharp laugh, “Meng Dilai! What the hell this name is!”

“Xiaomei,” Yin Zhefei held her hand, which was terrifyingly cold, “If you don’t want to see him, I will take you away now, and promise that he will never appear in your sight!”

“Hey, forget it…” The heat from his palm gave Yin Xiaomei a hint of courage, “In fact, I also want to ask him what happened back then… Let’s go.”

Yin Zhefei nodded: “Okay, but don’t be nervous, no matter what, I’m here.”

She smiled at him: “I’m here. Only now did I feel that you are a little bit like a brother.”

Yin Zhefei couldn’t help grinding his back molars, thinking that it was not the time to argue with her, so he simply ignored her.

By the time they got to the box at Grind Time, Meng Ke was obviously getting impatient. When he saw Yin Xiaomei and Yin Zhefei walking in, he couldn’t help complaining: “Why did it take you so long, I’ve been waiting for you all afternoon!”

Yin Zhefei heard the words and glanced at him coldly. Meng Ke was startled and shrank involuntarily. Could this man be a star too? It’s just why were his eyes so terrifying.

Yin Xiaomei said to Xiao Jin, who was at a loss, “Thank you for your hard work, Xiao Jin, you go to the celebration banquet. I’ll stay here by myself.”

“Okay Fiona, just give me a call if you need anything, it’s not too far away.” Xiao Jin got up and left. By the way, she thoughtfully closed the door for them.

“Your name is Meng Ke, right?” Yin Xiaomei sat down and said to him, “I have confirmed that you are indeed my biological father. What’s the matter with your coming?”

“Xiaomei, I haven’t seen you for so many years. I miss you very much… I know you are resentful that I didn’t take good care of you…”

“Wait, I think you are wrong, I never resented you, I didn’t know there was you in the world, I thought you were dead.” Her expression was a cold one that Yin Zhefei had never seen before, “I only have two things to ask here, first, what happened between you and my biological mother; second, what is the purpose of your looking for me?”

Meng Ke obviously did not expect her to have such an attitude, but he still rambled about what happened back then.

Jane and he were classmates when they were graduate students. Meng Ke didn’t expect any results between them at first. Jane’s family was rich, and she was a baifumei[1]. He thought that it would be good to have a relationship, but he never thought that Jane would come to China to be with him.

At first, Meng Ke’s mother agreed with the marriage. She was a traditional and ignorant woman who boasted that her son had “abducted” a wealthy foreign daughter-in-law back, and she naturally assumed the posture of a mother-in-law. And said that it was to avenge the invasion of the Eight-Power Allied Forces.

Jane was a romantic girl, and naturally she did not expect that she was not only facing a man, but also a family. Soon, after she told them that she was alone and hiding from her family, and the family would not give her even a penny more, Meng Ke’s mother’s true nature was revealed, calling her “foreign devil” every day, and the two even fought each other. And Meng Ke naturally couldn’t help his foreign wife to make his mother feel wronged, so he had to suppress Jane and force her to compromise.

Jane didn’t expect Meng Ke to do something like this to her. She was very desperate. She wanted to go back to England immediately but found out that she was pregnant. Strange to say, her fierce and savage mother-in-law, seemed to have changed overnight and cared for her, while Meng Ke was more attentive and had turned into the knight who regarded her as a princess.

She thought that her nightmare was finally over.

Jane couldn’t have dreamed that they were all looking forward to her having a boy—she didn’t even know what it meant to have a boy.

So, when she held Yin Xiaomei in her arms as if she was holding a treasure, Yin Xiaomei’s grandmother just scolded her as a loser and left, and Meng Ke also sighed and said with a sullen expression: “Your foreign woman’s stomach is so unsatisfactory!”

So, the previous events were repeated, Jane was desperate and broke, she temporarily entrusted Yin Xiaomei to the orphanage, and she tried to walk to the embassy for help. That is, on that rainy night, she had a high fever, couldn’t distinguish things, and died in a car accident.

But in Meng Ke’s narration, the tone was: “…Xiaomei, that’s how things went, foreigners don’t understand our culture, your mother kept saying that she wanted to be friends with her mother-in-law and be equal. It’s ridiculous to say it. Just because grandma slapped her twice, she hugged you and ran away from home on a rainy day, saying she wanted to go back to the UK, and killed herself. You say, grandma is also her mother, what’s wrong with her mother reprimanding her?”

Yin Xiaomei only felt her whole body’s blood go cold. Although the grandparents in her TV series were conservative people, they could be said to be very caring to their foreign daughters-in-law and mixed-race granddaughters. There was indeed some cultural conflict but not like this. Yin Xiaomei never imagined that the reality was so cruel, and her biological mother died so worthlessly!

Although this man had studied abroad early to receive higher education, he still had the garbage of the old times in his bones! He even had the face to come to her!

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[1] Perfect, white and rich.

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