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Hearing this word, Shen Yuqing glanced at Pei Jin and He Xun in disbelief.

Were they two together? When did this happen? Why didn’t Pei Jin tell her anything?

In the past, Pei Jin would tell her about all big and small matters, but after more than a month, she found that she didn’t know Pei Jin at all. She didn’t know where Pei Jin was studying, or how Pei Jin was doing now, let alone how Pei Jin and He Xun knew each other and how they got together.

The squad leader took a step forward, with an eager smile on his face, “Young Master He, I really need to thank you today.”

He Xun hooked his lips, “You’re welcome.” He glanced at Pei Jin, “I did it looking at my girlfriend’s face.”

The smile on the monitor’s face almost collapsed, and several girls in the class raised their hands to cover their mouths and snickered when they heard this. They didn’t expect that even though Young Master He looked wild and cool, he couldn’t leave his girlfriend out even when saying three words.

A trace of jealousy flashed across Shen Yuqing’s eyes.

The monitor twitched the corners of his mouth, “Anyway, thank you.” No matter who He Xun looked at, today he not only helped them solve the problem of the box, but also solved the problem of the meal’s cost. It was better to say thank you. After speaking, he silently retreated into the crowd.

Pei Jin wanted to hold her forehead. She didn’t want to be so high-profile. But He Xun… Forget it, let him be.

While eating, Shen Yuqing sent her a lot of WeChat messages.

Qingqing: Pei Jin, aren’t we the best friends? Why didn’t you tell me when you are in love?

Qingqing: How did you and He Xun meet?

Qingqing: Qingqing is really grateful to He Xun today. He is so generous. I want to come to your box to toast him with a glass of wine to express my gratitude.

Looking at the messages sent by Shen Yuqing, Pei Jin frowned invisibly. She didn’t like Shen Yuqing, so letting Shen Yuqing and He Xun have more contact was impossible.

Shen Yuqing’s style was too social. Today, she not only dressed very fashionable, but was also behaving very socially. She didn’t know how the original body became best friends with Shen Yuqing. Pei Jin thought for a while and replied that there was no need to come over to make a toast.

Qingqing: How does this work? Humans can’t do that. Besides, he’s your boyfriend, but I don’t know him, as your best friend, I’m not familiar with him at all, everyone will laugh when I say it.

Pei Jin had a good temperament, but when she encountered someone like Shen Yuqing, her good temperament could not be maintained.

Xiao Wuyi, you are not my best friend. Second, even if you were a good best friend, you don’t have to get acquainted with someone else’s boyfriend?

Qingqing [hehe] Pei Jin, what do you mean?

Pei Jin took a deep breath and typed slowly, “Would a good girlfriend tell everyone about my failure to confess? A good girlfriend would not say a word of comfort after my breakup? A good girlfriend would not contact me for more than a month? A good girlfriend would miss my boyfriend? I really can’t afford this kind of girlfriend, so we should cut off our friendship and not contact each other again in the future.

After speaking, Pei Jin decisively deleted Shen Yuqing’s friend contact.

He Xun gave Pei Jin a dish and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Pei Jin shook his head, “It’s nothing. Just deleted a friend.”

Yu Yuan immediately responded, “You deleted Shen Yuqing?”


Yu Yuan took a bite of the chicken leg with an indignant expression on her face, “Shen Yuqing has a vixen face and is full of bad thoughts, you are right to delete her.”

Then, Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu began to discuss Shen Yuqing. Later, even Fatty joined their team.

Zheng Li was not interested in this kind of thing, needless to say He Xun, he had even forgotten who Shen Yuqing was. He concentratedly peeled a plate full of shrimp for Pei Jin. Zheng Li watched from the side, couldn’t hold back, and was happy.

Who used to say that he was too obsessed with his first love and deserved to be dumped?

Who used to say that he didn’t take the initiative in a relationship enough and deserved to be dumped?

Who used to say that his first love had a big temper, and he should not be used to it?

It was He Xun!

Who said before that if he had a girlfriend in the future, he would never give in to her?

And who used to say that girlfriends were never as important as brothers?

It was still He Xun!

Look at what He Xun was like now!

He Xun, you have this day too!

Zheng Li tsk tsk tsked, leaned close to He Xun’s ear, and asked jokingly, “Xun, is it fun to be the licking dog?”

He Xun glanced at Zheng Li coldly, and slowly spit out the words, “Go away!”

Although being scolded, Zheng Li still couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Fatty was attracted by the laughter and asked, “Zheng Li, what are you laughing at?”

Zheng Li reluctantly stopped the laughter and replied, “I laugh… wang wang wang, this!” After speaking, Zheng Li laughed out loud again.

Fatty was full of question marks, “Wang Wangwang? What do you mean?”

Yu Yuan said from the side, “New year, Wangwangwang?”

Fatty scratched his head, “But there are still nearly three months before the new year.”

Yu Yuan rolled his eyes at Fatty, “Three months pass very quickly.”

Fatty said, “So that’s how it is. Well, I wish you all the best every year!”

Because there were Fatty and Zheng Li always giggling while eating, so it was almost nine o’clock by the time they finished dinner.

But the group of people were in high spirits, and it wasn’t too late, so they didn’t want to go back to the dormitory at all.

Zheng Li reminded in a low voice, “Xun, has anyone seen the flower room?”

He Xun then remembered something. He tapped Zheng Li’s shoulder lightly, “No, thanks to you for reminding me.”

After walking for a while, Xu Lulu realized that they were not on their way to the dormitory. She rubbed her eyes and asked, “Where are we going now?”

Zheng Li grinned, “What are you worried about? I won’t sell you anyway.”

Yu Yuan said dissatisfiedly, “It’s not certain who will sell who?”

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