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“Shouldn’t we have to guess the occupation at night?” Huo Cheng said, “I see that other romance dramas try to guess the occupation on the first night.”

Zhai Xingchen said, “Probably not.”

The information about this group of rich second generations was all over the internet, and they even knew each other.

“Which university are you from and what do you study?” Huo Cheng asked.

“From the Dance Academy.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Student?” Pei Xu turned to look at him.

Zhai Xingchen nodded.

“He looks like a student at first glance.” Huo Cheng said, “The competition in the love market is too cruel now, have all of you college students born in the 2000s come to compete with us?”

Zhai Xingchen hurriedly said: “I’m here to make up the number, this is your home court.”

Huo Cheng looked at him: “Just let the brothers know.”

At the end, Huo Cheng suddenly added: “Dancing, no wonder you look different…”

Pei Xu looked at Huo Cheng through the rear-view mirror, and Huo Cheng’s expression was very subtle, after the smile on his lips disappeared, his eyes when looking at Zhai Xingchen were red, naked and straightforward. Probably relying on the fact that he was sitting in the back, he thought that no one could see.

But this scene was all seen by netizens.

This look…

I knew that Huo Cheng was very perverted just by looking at him.

Even the same kind are not spared… Is there going to be a blue love this season?

When two attackers meet, there must be one.

I understand why three 1s can do a lot of things.

Huo Cheng is very fierce at first sight, and Zhai Xingchen’s dancing is just too unbearable.

Small face is yellow, no wonder everyone says that the barrage of BL romance dramas is large in scale, did they make such a blast at the beginning of the article?

The car door is locked, I have already thought of their CP names, Mars CP!

The big supermarket was very close to where they lived, and it took only five or six minutes to drive there, but it took much longer to find a parking space than the time on the road.

This area was the old town of Nancheng, with a row of old western-style buildings. There were no high-rise buildings around. The road turned seven times and had eight turns. Thus, Zhai Xingchen specially observed the nearby terrain.

The three of them were all handsome guys, and there were a bunch of cameras following them, attracting everyone’s attention as soon as they entered the supermarket.

Pei Xu glanced at the sign at the entrance: “I’ll go to the second floor.”

“What do you want to buy?” Huo Cheng asked.


“Are there no slippers in your room?” Huo Cheng asked.

The program team prepared a lot of slippers for them, and one person couldn’t wear out all ten pairs.

“I don’t like the color,” Pei Xu said.

Huo Cheng watched Pei Xu go up the escalator, and then walked towards the fresh food area with Zhai Xingchen.

Zhai Xingchen explained: “He only likes black and white.”

Huo Cheng smiled and said, “Really?”

Zhai Xingchen nodded.

Pei Xu’s clothes, shoes, and even bedding were all black and white, there was not even grey.

As monotonous as he was.

Huo Cheng had been very busy in the past few years. Going to the supermarket to buy vegetables had become a new thing for him. He read the list while Zhai Xingchen was in charge of taking it. The two cooperated tacitly.

Because the camera director had been following them all the time, many people in the supermarket were looking at them, and even the staff in the supermarket were extremely dedicated and enthusiastic. Huo Cheng behaved extremely gentlemanly. The snacks that Wen Nuo wanted to buy were on his side. Zhai Xingchen went to get them through the shopping cart, and Huo Cheng pressed his shoulders, and reached out to take down the bag of shrimp crackers: “I thought you had pierced earrings.”

Zhai Xingchen turned his head: “Huh?”

“You have a mole on your earlobe.”

Huo Cheng said and took a closer look at it. It was a very faint mole, which couldn’t even be seen without a close look.

Zhai Xingchen smiled.

Huo Cheng’s mood also improved inexplicably, and he asked: “Who do you think the text messages of the four guests on the red party will be sent to tonight?”

Zhai Xingchen said: “I don’t know.”

“Who will you send it to?” Huo Cheng asked again.

“Isn’t this to be kept secret?” Zhai Xingchen glanced at the follow-up photo after speaking.

“I feel that neither of us may be able to receive a text message today, why don’t we send to each other.”

Huo Cheng said with a smile, “Anyway, this season, the eight people can send it casually.”

The reason why they did this was because last year there was a romance show on a friendly channel. There was a male guest who changed his heart for another person, so he was scolded by netizens for being a scumbag. This male guest was later interviewed and said that he actually didn’t have feelings for any of them, but the program team stipulated that he must send text messages to a girl who was attracted to him every day, so he sent them one by one in turn.

This incident had caused a lot of repercussions on the Internet, yes, even if it was a romantic drama, you have to allow people not to like any of them, right? It was indeed unreasonable to require guests to choose a favourite object in each issue.

So “Red and Blue Signal” had changed the rules this season. If you don’t have any love for several guests, you could send friendly text messages.

Since it was a friendly text message, it could be sent to anyone.

They had just finished shopping for snacks when they saw Pei Xu coming down from the second floor.

Huo Cheng was the first to see him and beckon to him.

Zhai Xingchen turned his head to look, and had to say with emotion, Pei Xu really deserved to be a Jinjiang-style male lead, with his figure and appearance, he was really one of a kind. Standing on the descending escalator with a pair of slippers, he looked like he was filming an idol drama.

The most striking thing about him was his lazy and indifferent style, as if he had been used to the admiration and gaze of the people around him since he was a child.

The barrage was even more confusing.

I really don’t blame the other guests. Who wouldn’t love such good looks?

Pei Xu is really amazing, looking at him like that, I want to slap him and kiss him hard at the same time!

This man who makes people love and hate, his figure and temperament are really amazing.

“I think this kid is our biggest opponent.” Huo Cheng said to Zhai Xingchen, “Why don’t we join forces first.”

Zhai Xingchen laughed when he heard that, Huo Cheng smiled and glanced at him, only thinking that Zhai Xingchen’s smile was also so pretty, there were stars in his eyes, and he couldn’t help but want to get closer and smell the milky fragrance on his body.

Such milk should be delicious no matter where it was, right?

Huo Cheng glanced at the slippers in Pei Xu’s hand, and said, “Just now Xingchen said you only like black and white, and you really bought a pair of pure black slippers.”

Pei Xu put the slippers in the shopping cart and glanced at Zhai Xingchen.

“How do you know that I only like black and white?”

Zhai Xingchen couldn’t say that he read it in a novel, so he said, “I see that your clothes are all these two colours, there is no variation at all.”

“Then, what color do you think I like?” Huo Cheng asked.

Zhai Xingchen turned to look at him.

“You like floral shirts, don’t you?”

Pei Xu, who had always been lifeless, suddenly smiled.

Huo Cheng was surprised: “How do you know, I haven’t even worn it yet!”

The smile on Pei Xu’s face became even more obvious, so much so that his follow-up cameramen came together to take a close-up of his face. Pei Xu probably noticed it, and glanced coldly at the camera, the smile on his face suddenly gone.

The cameramen sighed.

There were more and more people surrounding them, and many people took out their mobile phones to secretly take pictures of them. But the three male guests were very calm. When they went shopping, Pei Xu and Huo Cheng stood quietly beside them, watching Zhai Xingchen pick and choose.

“I believe you really know how to cook.” Huo Cheng took the dishes picked by Zhai Xingchen and said, “It seems that you are an expert.”

“I often cook for myself when I am at home. I know how to cook Chinese, Western and Japanese food, so it is ok.”

“I’ve taken care of the kitchen of the Blue House, so don’t steal it from me.” Zhai Xingchen said.

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