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Mi Wan finally put her finger on the white and tender human arm. Seeing this, the little fish silently retracted his thin fins.

The little fish fry was not very powerful, and had no defense against her. The inspection went smoothly. After a while, Mi Wan let go of the little fish fry’s hand and turned to the next one: “Okay, next one.”

Soon the next little fish fry moved over, the reason for going one by one was mainly because five children squeezed into a bathtub was still a bit crowded. Mi Wan checked one by one like this, reaching out for those with hands, and checking out the feet for those without hands. The moment Mi Wan saw the feet, she couldn’t help twitching the corners of her mouth, but in order not to hurt the young hearts of the young fry, she didn’t say anything, and checked them exactly the same.

After all the inspections, Mi Wan raised her head and met five pairs of shiny wafer-like eyes. Those eyes were really round, and the shape of fish eyes was like those drawn by compasses.

“Sister, can our illness be cured?” The little boy who was half human on the left and half fish on the right spoke first.

“What’s your name?” Mi Wan realized that this little fry was probably the eldest of the five little demons.

“My name is Xiao Hai.” Among the demons, degenerate cubs from birth were not recognized by the family, so they did not have a surname, and even the names were chosen casually by the elders of the clan who raised them. And the reason why the clan was willing to raise them all the time was to poach their demon pills after they degenerated completely. Fortunately, although the few of them had degenerated, they had not deteriorated further in the past few years. Although they could not fully transform, they had always retained the ability to transform, otherwise they would have already become food for their other friends.

“Xiao Hai, I’ve checked your bodies. The condition is not serious and can be cured.” Mi Wan said with a smile.

“Really…really?” The little boy who had been pretending to be calm could no longer hide his excitement.

“Really.” Mi Wan nodded.

“Will we be able to fully transform into a human form once we’re cured?”

“Can my tail become a leg?”

“Can my fish head become a beautiful head?”

“Can my fish eyes also grow beautiful eyelashes?”

The little fish fry in the bathtub scrambled to ask their most concerning questions.

“It’s all right.” Mi Wan smiled and nodded again.

“That’s great!” The little girl named Yaya with a fish head and a human body raised her white and tender hands and grabbed Xiao Hai’s fins dripping with sea water, “Then when I marry you in the future, I can also wear a beautiful wedding dress and comb my beautiful hair.”

“Yeah.” Xiao Hai nodded heavily.

“Yaya, your father is an elder. When you recover from your illness, he will definitely pick you up. At that time, you will be liked by many people, like Lingling. You may not be able to marry Xiao Hai.” It was a fish fry who said this.

“I don’t want to, I will only marry Xiao Hai when I grow up.” Yaya said, holding Xiao Hai’s fin tightly with both hands.

Xiao Hai lowered his head, but Mi Wan saw that the little boy’s face in human form was stained slightly red. What a big kid, how old was this, and he was already thinking about things after marriage.

“Xiao Hai, when we get married, I’ll give you a baby fish. At that time, whether our baby can transform or not, we will all like her the same.” Yaya said suddenly.

Xiao Hai, who was still shy about Yaya saying that she would grow up to marry him just a moment ago, suddenly changed his expression after hearing these words, nodded to Yaya very seriously, and hummed heavily.

Mi Wan was startled, and suddenly remembered how the Demon clans dealt with the degenerated cubs, and immediately understood. It seemed that these little fish frys who were once abandoned had shadows in their hearts, and she didn’t know if the demons she cured would have a grudge against their clans in the future.

Wait…why am I thinking this? I am a demon hunter, and I came out to treat the demon clan only for the almighty money. Why should I worry about the unity within the demon clans? The more chaotic the demon clans are, the happier I should be.

Yes, exactly.

After the group of young frys chatted cheerfully for a while, Mi Wan coughed and attracted their attention: “However, before treating you, I have one condition.”

“Condition?” After looking at her, Xiao Hai finally asked, “What conditions?”

“The demons cured by me can’t take the initiative to harm humans in the future.” Mi Wan would say this to every demon who came to her for treatment. Usually she would add an otherwise threat at the end, but seeing the innocent appearance of these little fish frys, Mi Wan realized her conscience and she did not immediately follow up with the otherwise threat.

Looking back, she would let the sparrow essence make up for it, Mi Wan thought secretly.

“However, the elders in the clan said that the reason why we degenerated is because of human beings.” Xiao Hai puzzled, “They hurt us, why can’t we hurt them?”

Uh, this question was out of line, she didn’t want to answer this. Mi Wan grimaced, and said unreasonably: “Anyway, if you get treated here, you must agree to this condition, or I won’t treat you.”

The five little frys suddenly panicked. Amidst the joy of healing, why did the doctor sister talk about stopping treating them in a blink of an eye? The five little fish frys looked at each other, and the little fish fry with the facial features of a fish started crying sadly, the fish had no eyelids, and tears flowed down his cheeks like it didn’t want money.

Suddenly, Mi Wan remembered a sentence on the Internet: When fish cry, only water knows.

No, I know it too.

“We promise you.” Xiao Hai said after a while of silence, “Although we don’t understand why, and we are unwilling, we promise you that we will not take the initiative to harm human beings in the future. But if human beings hurt us again, we will not be polite.”

“Okay.” At that time, it would be the business of the Demon Hunter Association, and it would have nothing to do with her.

Mi Wan stood up and said to the Sparrow Spirit: “I’ll write a prescription later, you go and help me complete it. I’ll take it back tonight and prepare it. Then we’ll give them a bath tomorrow.”

“Taking a bath?” The sparrow spirit was startled for a moment, then reacted suddenly, and asked excitedly, “Is it the kind of medicinal bath seen in martial arts dramas?”

“Almost.” Mi Wan nodded, then turned to look at the five little fish frys and said, “At most half a month, you will be fine.”

The foundation of these little fish frys was very good, but the development of their body’s meridians was affected by the external poison, that was, chemical waste, when they hatched. Yes, but it was not serious. And it seemed that they had been practicing hard all these years, and their bodies were very strong, so their treatment was much easier than the koi in Jin Yanyan’s stomach.

The eyes of the five small frys suddenly lit up again, and among them, the fat-headed fish with a human body and fish tail raised its chubby head and asked, “When I’m cured, can I eat braised pork?”

“You don’t have to wait until then, you can also eat it now.” Mi Wan smiled, sure enough foodies did not discriminate between races, and a fish could also like braised pork.

“Really?” Little Fat Fish flicked his tail excitedly.

“Tell your Brother Sparrow what you like to eat and let him treat you.” Mi Wan said.

“Brother Sparrow~~” The five little frys looked at Sparrow Spirit in unison.

“Okay, I’ll treat you to eat in a while.” Thinking of the commission these few small fish frys would bring him, Sparrow Jing didn’t feel sorry for the tens of dollars of braised pork at all. As a salesperson, satisfying customers was the basic quality.

While the sparrow spirit fished the five small frys back into the fish tank, and listened to them talk about what they wanted to eat one by one, Mi Wan’s prescription had already been written.

“You prepare the medicinal material according to the prescription. If there are some medicinal materials that you can’t find, you can send me a WeChat message.” The original owner’s memory had no knowledge of Chinese medicine, so Mi Wan was not sure whether these medicinal materials could be found now. But this problem was not difficult to solve. For the medicinal materials that could not be found, she could ask the boss of the demon clan next door.

“Boss, don’t worry, I will definitely find everything for you.” The sparrow spirit assured with confidence. Was she kidding; he was now an Internet celebrity demon in the demon world anyway, if he wanted something, he would just send it to the demon clan, and he would find it within minutes. Let me think about it, which branch of the Demon clans runs a Chinese medicine store?

“That’s best. I still have class in the afternoon, so I’m leaving first.” Mi Wan walked back to the front hall from the backyard and found Xu Zhuang still squatting outside the glass box of the white fox, holding a phone in his hand, his eyes were full of worry, and it seemed as if he was communicating with someone about the condition of the little white fox.

Without asking any further questions, Mi Wan greeted Xu Zhuang and left the pet shop.

Not long after Mi Wan left, the Sparrow Spirit also came out from the backyard. He went to the restaurant next door and ordered braised pork, sweet and sour pork ribs, boiled pork slices, candied sweet potatoes, and sauce-flavored eggplant, and then got it all packed up and brought it back to the store.

At this time, Xu Zhuang had just finished making a phone call. When he saw the sparrow spirit coming back with a bunch of food, he thought it was their lunch, so he greeted him very naturally: “Little sparrow, what did you buy? It smells so good, I seem to smell the smell of braised meat and boiled meat.”

Sparrow Jing moved his body, and said ruthlessly, “It’s not for you, if you want to eat it, go to the next door to order.” After finishing speaking, he continued to walk to the backyard.

Xu Zhuang, who was left in the same place, was very depressed, thinking that brother Sparrow was really narrow-minded like a sparrow, didn’t he just argue with him in the morning, and he didn’t give him lunch at noon. If you don’t give to eat, I won’t eat. I’ll see how you finish five dishes by yourself.

The sparrow spirit went to the backyard, and the five small fishes swam up from the fish tank one after another, and the sparrow spirit burst into joyful smile as they shouted out brother.

“Come on, I bought braised pork, pork ribs, and shredded meat for you. Didn’t you say that you five little fishes have been living in the water? How do you know what to eat?” The sparrow spirit asked with a smile.

“We listened to Lingling and the others.” Fathead Fish replied.

“Lingling? I’ve heard you talking about Lingling before, is she your good friend?”

The five young frys shook their heads together, and Xiao Hai explained: “She used to be, but not now. Lingling is a fry that hatched at about the same time as us. When the waters were polluted, Lingling and a few other friends swam fast, so they ran away in time and did not degenerate. Later…we are not friends anymore.”

“Lingling and the others were taken out of the water to go to school when they were five years old, and they always showed off to us what they ate outside when they came back. There are a lot of fruits, Brother Sparrow, can we have fruit for dinner? I want to eat apples.” Yaya also said.

The sparrow spirit was also from a demon clan, and his own transformation was not very smooth. Although he could barely transform into his human form, he was often bullied in the clan area when he was a child. How could he not understand what the little fish frys were saying now. Obviously, everyone was a small fry who had hatched together, but because one party degenerated and the other did not, they became two unequal classes.

“Let’s not talk about it, let’s eat, let’s eat the braised pork first, okay?” Sparrow Jing broke off the disposable chopsticks, picked up a piece of evenly fat and thin braised pork and placed it on top of the fish tank. Immediately, five small fry jumped out together, with their mouths open, waiting for the sparrow spirit to feed them.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, everyone will have it.” The sparrow spirit held the braised pork in one hand and chopsticks in the other, and quickly fed them, throwing a piece of braised pork into each fish’s mouth.

The braised pork was actually quite big, even bigger than the head of the little frys, but when the braised pork fell on the mouth of the little fry, the head of the little fry would suddenly become bigger, and the braised pork would be swallowed in one gulp. Weirdly enough, however, these operations seemed to be very common among the demon clans, anyway, so Sparrow Spirit didn’t make a fuss.

“The braised pork is really delicious, no wonder Shasha wanted to exchange the braised pork for my demon pill.” Fathead Fish said happily.

“Xiao Pang, when we recover from illness, we can go to school, and then we can eat braised pork without using the demon pill as payment.” Xiao Hai turned his head and said to the fat head fish.

“Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t promise her before.” The little fat head fish said happily.

The Sparrow demon kept on feeding them, but he felt a little sad in his heart. That little fry called Shasha must have known that the little fat-headed fish was greedy for food, so she purposely tried to lure the little fat-headed fish. So that when the little fat head fish degenerated, he would name his demon pill to her.

Could a bowl of braised pork be exchanged for a demon pill?

“Eat more, Brother Sparrow will buy you whatever you want in the future. Only when you are full can you recover quickly.”

“Yeah.” The little frys were eating the richest meal since they were born, and they were happy. They were swimming around in the water, so that the water in the fish tank became… ahem… a little greasy.

The Sparrow had no choice but to change the water in the fish tank again before returning to the store to continue cashiering. When Xu Zhuang saw the sparrow spirit coming out with five empty boxes, he was secretly surprised: I didn’t realize that Brother Sparrow has such a big appetite.

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