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The sparrow spirit didn’t notice Xu Zhuang’s surprise. He was looking for someone to buy medicinal materials on WeChat with his mobile phone at this time.

Registration group. (Yes, the name was so simple and rude, and those who could enter this group were demons with both wealth and power.)

Sparrow spirit: I just sent a prescription in the group, can any of you prepare it? This is a prescription written by our boss himself. If you can provide it, you can cooperate with us for a long time.

Water Clan Yu Feihang: Is it for our young fry?

Sparrow Spirit: Yes.

Water Clan Yu Feihang: Then I’ll ask someone.

Lang Sinian of the wolf family: I can prepare these medicinal materials in my pharmacy, and I can have them delivered there in two hours. Just, I would venture to ask, what is this prescription for?

Sparrow spirit: Our boss checked the bodies of the young fish in the aquarium, and then prescribed this medicine, saying that soaking for half a month can remove the demon poison in the body.

Cat Clan Yuan Wang: Brother Sinian, can I have a copy of the medicinal materials too?

Eagle Clan Qi Tian: Brother Sinian, can you also prepare a copy of the medicinal materials for me? +1

Xie Xing’an from the Tiger Clan: +2

Gou Wenhua from the Dog Clan: +3

and so on, adding several pages, the sparrow spirit took a peek and found that it seemed that all the groups of the Demon Clan had spoken.

Lang Sinian of the wolf family: Yes, but the quantity you want is too much, I can’t prepare it for a while, if anyone is willing to exchange the number plate in their hand with me, I am willing to give it to them first.

Cat Clan Yuan Wang: Then I’d better go to the pharmacy to buy it myself.

Eagle Clan Qi Tian: Then I’d better go to the pharmacy to buy it myself.

After the +1, there was another piece of +2 and +3, and there were several pages of gorgeous brushing. The Sparrow Essence could see that this group of people planned to make their own medicine and let their cubs soak in it. If this was useful, not only could it save a lot of medical expenses, but it could also be passed down from generation to generation within the clan, and as long as a cub was born in the future, they would throw it in for a soak.

The sparrow spirit watched silently, always feeling that he seemed to have forgotten something, and he didn’t remember it until the people from the wolf clan had packed the medicinal materials and delivered it two hours later.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Mi Wan returned to the pet shop after class, took the medicinal materials handed over by Sparrow Jing, checked it, and said: “Well, the medicinal materials are all right, and I can use it when I go back to prepare.”

Only then did Sparrow Jing suddenly remember: Ah, this medicine is only effective after the boss personally refines it, so even if the patriarchs in the group buy it back, it will be useless. Should I tell them? No, I might be beaten. Besides, I am just a small person in charge of registering and a cashier, how could I know such a thing? Yes, that’s right, that’s it.

Mi Wan didn’t know that Sparrow Spirit had already taken the prescription she prescribed in the afternoon to the demon tribe to publicize it. After taking the medicine, she hugged the little white fox who hadn’t woken up after a day’s sleep from the cage and took the medicinal material openly and honestly back home.

“Oh, what a cute fox. It’s the first time I’ve touched a real fox.” The happiest one was Mrs. Zhang, but it was a pity that the little white fox was still asleep at this time, otherwise she would have given full play to her cooking skills and cooked a delicious meal for the little white fox.

“Miss, why did you bring the pet back from the store?” Butler Ye asked.

“This fox is very precious, I was afraid of losing it, so I brought it back.” Mi Wan said casually.

“No matter how expensive it is, the Mi family can afford it.” Butler Ye said domineeringly.

“…” As long as this is lost, you may not be able to afford it. Mi Wan reluctantly changed the reason, “I think it is cute, so I took it back to play for a few days.”

Butler Ye really liked this reason more, and immediately there were no more questions.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Mi Wan put the sleeping little fox on the bed, then took the medicinal materials packed from home, and jumped over the wall into the yard next door. In the living room, Fan Chen came down from upstairs naturally, saw the things in Mi Wan’s arms, and said clearly: “Come to make medicine?”

Mi Wan wrote a prescription that could clear away the demon poison, and Fan Chen heard about it this afternoon. Moreover, this prescription spread throughout the Demon clans in less than ten minutes, and even his assistant Quan Juncai couldn’t help but keep a copy. Seeing that he was so excited, Fan Chen didn’t even have the heart to tell him that if you don’t know how to refine the medicine, even if you cook all the cubs of the fox clan with the medicine, it will be useless.

“Yeah~~” Mi Wan chuckled, the smell of refining medicine was too strong, it was not like making scented tea in the kitchen last time. When the smell of medicine wafted out, Butler Ye might suspect that she was sick and call 120 in the middle of the night to take her to the hospital. So she had no choice but to come next door, and she also concluded that Fan Chen would not refuse, after all, she only did him a big favor this morning, didn’t she.

“The kitchen has an induction cooker and a pot.” Fan Chen reminded.

“You bought an induction cooker and a pot?” Mi Wan asked in surprise.


“Did you buy it just for me?”

“…the kitchen is over there.” Fan Chen answered irrelevantly, then turned around, he walked to the sofa beside him, signaling Mi Wan to take it easy, but the walking pace seemed a little less calm than before.

Fortunately, Mi Wan didn’t get entangled either, she carried the medicinal materials and ran in the direction Fan Chen pointed just now, and soon arrived at the kitchen, and found the brand new induction cooker and iron pot on the stove at a glance.

“It’s so new, it must have been specially prepared for me.” Mi Wan giggled, but she didn’t think it was wrong, she just simply felt that most of the medicines she made were for the demon clan. As the boss of the demon clan, Fan Chen giving her a little convenience was also to care for his demon descendants.

But Mi Wan’s words were heard by Fan Chen, who had excellent hearing, and he was so surprised that he spilled half a cup of tea made from tea leaves that were priced like gold.

“I’m doing it for the Demon clan.” Obviously no one could hear it, but Fan Chen still replied stubbornly.

With the stable firepower of the induction cooker, there was no need to look at the fire, so Mi Wan just added water, put the medicinal materials in separately, and came out with ease. As long as the fire was simmered for another half an hour, when the power of the medicine had evaporated, she could go in and infuse it with her spiritual power.

“Huh, you actually bought snacks.” Once in the living room, Mi Wan was pleasantly surprised to find that there were a bunch of snacks on the coffee table. She happily ran over, flipped through them a few times, and found that many of them were the ones she used to eat.

“It was sent by the company, so I brought it back.” Fan Chen calmly drank his tea, explaining even though it was unnecessary.

“Your company still distributes snacks?”

“It’s the end of the year, and all major companies will distribute new year’s goods to employees as benefits.” Fan Chen continued to explain.

“New year’s goods will be given out as benefits at the end of the year?” Mi Wan thought of her little pet shop, so she also had to prepare some new year’s goods, she asked curiously, “Snacks will be given out during the new year’s day?”

“There are also year-end awards and some prizes.” These things were handled by Quan Juncai, and Fan Chen only showed his face at the annual meeting every year.

“What other prizes are there?”

“Last year, what we prepared seemed to be mobile phones and computers.” Fan Chen recalled.

Mi Wan nodded knowingly, then she would go and buy two mobile phones as end-of-year gifts for Sparrow Jing and Xu Zhuang.

“By the way, I have something to ask you.” At noon, Xiao Yumiao’s question of why he couldn’t harm humans bothered her all afternoon, and Mi Wan couldn’t help but come to ask Fan Chen for advice. She told Fan Chen what happened at noon, and then said: “Although I can force the young frys to agree to my request not to actively harm humans, but they still don’t accept it psychologically.”

“Because the racial barrier is too deep.” Fan Chen said, “Once hurt by a human, the demon race will hate the entire human race. The same is true for the demon hunter, once hurt by the demon race, they will hate all the demon race. This is a racial barrier, and it is difficult to solve it.”

“It’s very difficult for people who are not of the same race to let go of our guard.”

“In order to solve this problem, I once tried to let the cubs of the demon race go to human schools to study, so that they could cultivate feelings and influence each other. But the cubs of the clan were too young, unable to control their demon power, and caused a lot of troubles, which was not going well.” Fan Chen recalled, “I remember a little wolf demon who liked human beings very much. When he met a mad cow who was ill, in order to protect the students in his class, the little wolf demon transformed his body on the spot, killed the mad cow, and saved the children in the class. After that…”

“After that, what happened?” Mi Wan asked curiously.

“Afterwards, the children he rescued picked up stones on the ground and threw them at him, chasing him and smashing them with their weak legs that were frightened when they saw the mad cow.” Fan Chen stated in a calm tone.

Mi Wan snorted for a while, not knowing what to say.

“Ordinary humans are afraid of the Demons, and the Demons can’t reveal their identities, so the two sides can’t influence each other, and the gap will always exist.” Fan Chen continued.

“The demon hunters are fine. You can let the demon hunters and the demon cubs learn together.” Mi Wan suddenly remembered Xiang Zhen and Guan Li. They seemed to have helped each other a lot.

“I thought about it too, but both parties disagree.” Even though Fan Chen was the demon king, he couldn’t completely disobey the will of the people.

Thinking of the very wary Demon Hunters Association, Mi Wan immediately understood that if there were not enough benefits to lure both parties, it would be difficult for this school to open. But if every demon clan and demon hunter were like Xiang Zhen and Guan Li, would the situation be eased a bit?

Mi Wan gave up after thinking about it, she was not suitable for worrying about these things, she should just earn her money honestly.

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Fan Chen: For this year’s New Year’s goods, go to the supermarket to buy a big gift pack of snacks.

Quan Juncai: Will it be a bit inconsistent with our status as an international company?

Fan Chen: Just buy it when I’m telling you.

Quan Juncai: Oh~~

Fan Chen: Leave me a copy by the way.

Quan Juncai:!!!

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