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On this day, Mi Wan carried the little white fox to school, and then she sent the little white fox to the pet shop as usual.

Xu Zhuang came up to pick up the little white fox, and reported to Mi Wan: “Boss, I invited my tutor, Professor Xu.”

“Ah? Your tutor? Why did you invite him?” Mi Wan was startled.

“To treat the little white fox.” Xu Zhuang said, “I sent the little white fox’s medical records to Professor Xu two days ago. Professor Xu had gone to give a lecture in the next province, but he returned last night, and he agreed to come over to check on the little white fox later.”

“Oh~~” Mi Wan was a little confused, Xu Zhuang really loved the little white fox, and even invited his expert professor to come over for consultation. It was just a pity, no matter how powerful the expert was, they couldn’t cure demons, right?

“So boss, when Professor Xu comes over later, can I take him into the medical room of our shop?” Although with Professor Xu’s status in the veterinary field, it was a shame to enter their small pet shop. But he was not the boss after all, so he still had to report if outsiders wanted to use the equipment in the store. And based on his understanding of his boss, his boss would definitely not refuse.

“Okay, no problem.” Mi Wan really agreed.

“Thank you, boss.” Xu Zhuang left satisfied. He planned to go to the medical room to clean up all the equipment. Although he always cleaned up strictly according to the operating regulations, Professor Xu was very strict about this.

At this time, the sparrow spirit came over with his melon seeds: “This old Xu probably cares more about the little white fox than the elders of the fox clan. It’s the first time I’ve seen a human who likes animals so much even when I have grown up to be this big.”

Ever since he became a colleague with Xu Zhuang, every day, the sparrow spirit watched the other party do his best to treat those stray animals. Sometimes he didn’t even go to his girlfriend’s appointments and performed surgery on animals all night. The other party’s salary was only 20,000 yuan a month, and there was no mention of bonuses. Apart from true love, Sparrow Spirit couldn’t find a reason for Xu Zhuang to do so.

It was also for this reason that Mi Wan had kept Xu Zhuang in the first place. She nodded in agreement and reminded the sparrow: “The breath on the little white fox is a little messy. I guess it will wake up in the next two days. When you are in the store, keep an eye on it. If the little white fox wakes up, tell me immediately.”

“Okay.” The sparrow demon nodded.

“Also, if Xu Zhuang’s mentor comes, it’s fine to let him check his body, but don’t let them use the knife.” The demon’s body was too strong, and she was afraid that Xu Zhuang would perform some kind of surgery with his mentor. According to the plan, if the surgery was done on the spot, the picture turned sour when she thought about it. And the little white fox was about to wake up recently, if the little white fox suddenly woke up when the knife was being used, the little white fox might think that someone was going to kill him, and if he raised his paw and shot… That scene would be really exciting.

“Remember, keep an eye on it.” Mi Wan couldn’t help telling the sparrow spirit again, and then left with some anxiety.

Mi Wan’s recent study intensity was a bit high, because in half a month, the school would officially enter the exam week. There were eight exams at the end of this term. Although the three masters in Han Xiao’s dormitory provided reading notes and a collection of betting questions, the study for the eight exams still exhausted Mi Wan physically and mentally. She didn’t know why, she used to learn spells, and could memorize them after reading them once, but she couldn’t remember the knowledge points when she was doing the questions. Sometimes the topic that she did yesterday, if she did it again today, it would be wiped out… why couldn’t she remember it again.

This landscaping was really much more difficult than hunting demons.

At 10:30 in the morning, shortly after Mi Wan started the second class, an old man in casual clothes came to the door of the pet shop. This old man had white hair, a kind demeanor, and a bookish air. He looked like a super-learned person.

“Professor Xu?” The Sparrow Spirit asked tentatively.

“I am, and you?” Professor Xu looked at the sparrow spirit modestly.

“I’m Xu Zhuang’s colleague, please come in.” After staying with Xu Zhuang for a long time recently, Sparrow Jing had a good impression of pet doctors. He invited the person into the store, then he turned around and shouted inside, “Old Xu, Professor Xu is here.”

Xu Zhuang was treating the broken leg of a stray dog. When he saw Professor Xu coming, he didn’t stop what he was doing, but said apologetically, “Teacher, wait a moment. I’ll come out when I’m done.”

“It’s okay. It’s okay, you’re busy.” Professor Xu waved his hand indifferently, and he stared at the dog under Xu Zhuang’s hands carefully, the dog was indeed a mixed breed that could be seen at one glance and its body was covered with dirty mud. At first glance, it was a stray dog that no one wanted which must have been picked on the side of the road. Knowing the temperament of his student, he smiled and asked the sparrow spirit beside him, “Does Xu Zhuang often pick up stray animals? Do you have no opinion?”

“No, our boss said that as long as Lao Xu comes over by himself, she doesn’t care how many pets he picks up.” Their pet shop did not rely on these ordinary animals to make money anyway.

Professor Xu nodded secretly. It seemed that Xu Zhuang was not lying. His current boss was a local rich tyrant and an animal lover. That’s why he rushed here. He was going to check the white fox in a while.

“This is the white fox?” Professor Xu quickly found the white fox sleeping soundly in the glass box. He looked at it carefully for a moment and asked in doubt, “This fox is really beautiful. It stands to reason that it is impossible for an animal that is seriously ill to have such beautiful fur.”

“Hehehe…Maybe when it recovers from its illness, its fur will become even more beautiful.” The sparrow smiled dryly.

“Can I take it out and take a look?” Seeing that the fox inside was so cute, Professor Xu’s hands started turning itchy. The last time he felt so itchy was when he went to the Panda Base to see a doctor for giant pandas.

“Yes.” Before the sparrow spirit could answer, Xu Zhuang’s voice suddenly came from behind him. He held the little stray dog that had just got his legs in his arms, put it in the cage inside the store, then he turned to Professor Xu and said, “Professor, let me open the cage.”

When Xu Zhuang was about to open the glass cage that locked the little white fox in, the sparrow spirit suddenly noticed a wave of demonic power overflowing from the cage.

This was…waking up? Moreover, the feel of this demonic power, was it going to transform?

“Wait a minute.” The sparrow spirit pushed Xu Zhuang away, blocked the glass box with his body, and wailed infinitely in his heart: Didn’t the boss put a seal to prevent the little white fox from transforming? What was going on now? Could it be the boss’s seal failed?

“Little Sparrow, what are you doing?” Xu Zhuang asked in a daze.

“That… this…” The Sparrow Spirit faltered and delayed for time, while thinking about what to do, and finally was cornered, and could only use the voice that the demon race could understand to utter a burst of birdsong.

@#¥%@#¥%~~” (Little white fox, don’t transform.)

“Little sparrow, what bird song are you imitating, get out of the way quickly.” Xu Zhuang pulled him away impatiently, then he was pleasantly surprised to find that the little white fox had already woken up, and was staring at him quietly with a pair of pitch-black eyes, “Awake?!”

Xu Zhuang was overjoyed and stretched out his hand to hug the little white fox. The little white fox rolled its eyes, and scratched him with one paw, scaring the other party back, and then calmly jumped out of the box.

It was great that he didn’t transform, the sparrow spirit breathed a sigh of relief, now he just needed to notify the boss to come back. It was just that he didn’t finish his breath when he heard the little white fox on the ground suddenly say: “Human?!”

The little white fox squatted on the ground, obviously looking up at the three people in front of him, but he spoke with an air of superiority.

“Say… did it speak?” Xu Zhuang and his professor immediately stood there dumbfounded.

The sparrow spirit suddenly wanted to cry, Little fox, I don’t want you to transform because I didn’t want you to reveal your identity, why did you still talk, don’t they say that foxes are the smartest?

“Little sparrow, why don’t you let me transform? Did you set the seal on me?” The little fox stared at the sparrow again and asked, yes, he didn’t transform not because he listened to the little sparrow, but because there was a seal on his body.

“Brother Sparrow, you… do you know each other? Also, what is the seal? What is the transformation?” Xu Zhuang felt that his brain capacity was not enough to understand the situation.

The Sparrow Spirit shook his head frantically, almost turning his head into a rattle, and didn’t know whether he was answering the little fox’s question or Xu Zhuang’s.

“Where is this place? Where’s uncle?” The little white fox looked out from the door suspiciously, and then saw people all over the street.

There were so many human beings, it was a bit too conspicuous to go out like this. Fortunately, the seal on him was not very strong, so he could unlock it with the magic weapon his mother left him. Then, the little white fox suddenly opened its mouth and spit out a red bead, then he raised its foot and stepped on it. After a puff of smoke, the little white fox had disappeared, and in front of the eyes of the three of them was a doll with red lips and white teeth, looking as cute as an angel.

Changed… Transformed?! The brains of Xu Zhuang and Professor Xu completely froze.

Uncle said that when you are away from home, it was best not to let others find out that you are a demon. The little white fox thought, then he raised his cute face and smiled at the two dull humans. At that moment, everything in the world seemed to be still, only the little boy in front of them was left who was smiling beautifully.

At the same time, Mi Wan, who was listening to the class seriously, suddenly felt that her seal had been broken, and it was broken by a very rough method. She stood up suddenly: Could it be that a big demon came to the pet store to smash the place??

“That classmate, why are you standing up?” The teacher who was taking the class asked very unhappily when he saw a girl sitting in the back row stand up suddenly.

“Old… teacher, I have diarrhea. I need to go to the bathroom.” After finishing speaking, Mi Wan ran outside the classroom, as if she was really in a hurry.

Nowadays, female college students were becoming more and more vulgar, and the teacher was a little speechless. Although people all ate whole grains, diarrhea was not something difficult to say, but it was more tactful not to mention such things in public.

Mi Wan ran back to the pet shop at a sprint speed of 100 meters per second and was about to see which desperate demon dared to smash her place, but found that apart from two smirking humans, there were no sparrow spirits and little foxes in the shop.

This was… the fox clan’s charm technique? How old was that little fox, and he could use the charm technique already?

Mi Wan hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called the Sparrow demon, “Where are you?”

“Boss, I sent you a location sharing message, come quickly.” The sparrow’s anxious voice came over.

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