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Only then did Mi Wan open her WeChat and found that Sparrow Spirit had sent her a message two minutes ago, telling her that the little fox had woken up, but she ran too fast to notice. Mi Wan hurriedly saw the shared location and found that Sparrow Spirit was not far from the pet store, he was just on the other side of the food street next door.

Mi Wan ran out in a hurry, and after running for a while, she realized that something was wrong, because everyone she met along the way had a silly smile on their faces. Mi Wan was a little startled immediately, did the little fox not stop the charm technique, and even charmed people all the way there?

Mi Wan couldn’t help speeding up her pace again, and ran for another distance, and finally saw the sparrow spirit in the distance and a little kid in ancient costume with long hair. She saw that little boy was talking to the brother who sold chicken chops.

“Excuse me, do you know where Qingqiu is?”

“I don’t know.” With a smirk on his face, the little brother fished out all the chicken chops from the frying pan and handed them to the other party, “I’ll give you all of these.”

“Thank you.” The little boy accepted it unceremoniously, and turned to the next one, it was a stall selling hot and sour noodles, “Do you know how to get to Qingqiu?”

The Uncle, ignoring the customers who were waiting for their hot and sour noodles and handed the hot and sour noodles directly to the little boy: “I don’t know, this is for you.”

The little boy took the hot and sour noodles again and continued to move forward.

Mi Wan went speechless immediately, you came out specially in disguise, just to trick people into feeding you with the charm technique? Taking a deep breath, Mi Wan walked to another stall and slipped next to the little white fox and picked him, who was about to continue asking where Qingqiu was, up.

“Who are you?” The little white fox struggled twice, but found that he couldn’t break free, and asked vigilantly.

“Boss, you’re finally here.” The sparrow spirit was about to cry. This little fox had charmed a whole street. It would not be good if it was discovered by the Demon Hunter Association. His boss just got released, would she have to go in again.

“Take your charm technique away.” Mi Wan ordered.

She hadn’t noticed it when the little white fox was sleeping before, but only now did she realize that the little white fox had turned out to be a ninth-rank celestial fox who was naturally charming. The natural charm of the fox demon did not need to be practiced, it was a natural talent. Fortunately, the little white fox was still young, so the charm technique couldn’t arouse the lust of men and women, but it could make him be loved by everyone and make flowers bloom. No wonder the little fox dared to come out so boldly and ask where Qingqiu was. It turned out that he had this innate skill.

“I can’t take it away.” The little white fox replied crisply with a cold face.

“Why can’t you take it away?”

“I’m still young, so I don’t have enough mana.” The little white fox said innocently.

Mi Wan really wanted to swear, but if he couldn’t stop it, why did he still dare to use it?! It was at least 500 meters from here to the pet store, how many people had been charmed. No, this pot must be carried by Fan Chen.

Mi Wan called Fan Chen: “Come here.”    

Fan Chen who received Mi Wan’s call was stunned: “What’s wrong?”

Then he turned his head and asked his assistant: “Your nephew has a natural charm?” The fox family was good at charm, but it was a technique that could only be cultivated after they entered adulthood, and young foxes could not cultivate it.

“Xiao Rui woke up?” Quan Juncai was overjoyed.

It seemed that it was so, it was rare to see a male fox with a natural charm.

Fan Chen explained to Mi Wan on the other end of the phone: “The charm technique of the fox tribe is not very effective until they reach adulthood. As long as the little white foxes don’t continue to use it, they will naturally wake up in five minutes.”

“What to do with the staff in front of whom he transformed directly?” Mi Wan said uncomfortable, the charm technique would be unlocked, but how to erase the memory?

“I’ll take care of it.” Fan Chen hung up the phone and rushed over with Quan Juncai.

Fan Chen’s speed was very fast, and when Mi Wan and the little white fox came back to the store from outside, the two demons had already arrived. The little white fox who had been struggling saw Quan Juncai coming out of the backyard, and he opened his mouth excitedly and called, “Uncle.”

He jumped into Quan Juncai’s arms and he tried to kiss him. The little white fox dodged left and right in disgust, but there was nothing he could do.

“First help me unlock the charm of these two people.” Mi Wan pointed to Xu Zhuang and Professor Xu who were still giggling. She didn’t know what the little white fox did to these two people, but she always felt that these two people were in a much more serious condition than the people on the street outside.

“Quan Juncai.” Fan Chen called out in a low voice.

Quan Juncai immediately looked over and saw that his lord was pointing at the two stupid humans and he immediately understood. He walked over with his nephew in his arms, then a green light flashed in the fox’s eyes, and he murmured: “You guys had a dream just now, now go home and sleep, and you won’t remember anything when you wake up.”

As soon as Quan Juncai’s words were finished, Professor Xu and Xu Zhuang walked out of the pet shop together and went home to sleep.

“It’s done!” Quan Juncai looked at his lord flatteringly.

“Apologize.” Fan Chen said again.

Apologize? As the IQ representative of the demons, Quan Juncai immediately understood, and he immediately lifted his nephew, then he turned his head and bowed deeply to Mi Wan: “Sorry, my child has caused you trouble.”

Mi Wan saw his attitude was good, and it didn’t cause any serious consequences, so she didn’t want to blame him too much. She just said: “You should tell me in advance about the magic weapon on it.” Otherwise, she wouldn’t have put a simple seal and left the little white fox in the pet shop.

“Yes, yes, it’s all my fault.” It must have been left by his sister, and he didn’t know about it.

“Uncle.” At this moment, the little white fox, who was held down by Quan Juncai to apologize, suddenly covered his chest with an ugly expression, “My chest hurts.”

Quan Juncai’s face changed drastically immediately: “Master Mi Wan, Xiao Rui is ill, please take a look.”

Because the little white fox suddenly fell ill, everyone moved to the backyard, only the sparrow spirit stayed in front to watch the shop. In the room, the little white fox was huddled in his uncle’s arms, his little face was pale from pain and his tail and ears had popped out uncontrollably, but his overall shape remained human.

“Is it a half-demon?” Mi Wan looked at the little white fox in surprise after a circle of spiritual energy was completed. She did not expect that a naturally charming ninth-rank sky fox would actually be a half-demon.

Fan Chen was also a little surprised, the demon power on the little white fox was extremely pure, not at all like a half-demon.

“Yes.” Quan Juncai nodded. He was also shocked when he got to know that his sister had fallen in love with a human being and had become pregnant with a child.

Mi Wan withdrew her hand and ended the inspection.

“Master Mi Wan, have you found out the cause of his illness?” Quan Juncai asked expectantly, if even Mi Wan couldn’t cure him, he would have to seal his nephew again and wait for the next opportunity.

“It’s not sick.” Mi Wan replied.

“What?” Quan Juncai said in disbelief, “Then why is Xiao Rui in severe pain all over?”

At this time, the little white fox was already trembling with pain, but he gritted his teeth and refused to make a sound. This kind of pain was very usual to him, because it had been with him since birth, and it had become more and more obvious as he grew older. He had been silently enduring it until he couldn’t take it anymore, and then only he let his mother and uncle find out.

“Because his demon power is too strong.” Mi Wan replied.

“What do you mean?” Quan Juncai didn’t understand.

“It’s repulsion.” Fan Chen understood, “Because the power of the mother’s body is too strong, the two forces in the half-demon’s body cannot be integrated.”

“That’s right, the little white fox’s body is being eroded and collapsed by his own demon power.” Mi Wan said, “It stands to reason that it is impossible for such a half-demon to be born with this much demon power, as it would be impossible to take shape when it was in the mother’s body.”

Although the demon race had crossed the reproductive isolation from humans after turning into a human form, they still had power rejection, which was why since ancient times, the strength of half demons had always been weak. Because it was difficult for powerful demons to have children with humans, only those weak little demons could combine with humans to give birth to half-demons, such as the green tea mother and daughter who were beheaded by Mi Wan. But the little white fox was a special case. His mother seemed to have been a big demon who had cultivated well, who accidentally saved the child which should have been destroyed by its overwhelming power and gave birth to him successfully.

Quan Juncai suddenly thought of his sister’s rapidly weakening strength during pregnancy and seemed to understand a little bit. So his sister knew that Xiao Rui might not live long, but she still gave birth to him.

“Then how long can I live?” The little white fox who had been quiet all this time suddenly asked.

“How long do you want to live?” Mi Wan asked.

The little white fox was stunned, unable to react, could he choose by himself? The little white fox didn’t understand, but the two big demons at the side understood it immediately. Mi Wan’s asking this question proved that she had a way to save him.

“Master Mi Wan, please save Xiao Rui.” Quan Juncai put down his nephew in his arms, then he stood up and solemnly bowed to Mi Wan.

“There are ways to save him, but you may not be willing.” Mi Wan did not agree to Quan Juncai’s request directly.

Fan Chen frowned, as if he had guessed something from Mi Wan’s words.

“No matter what method, as long as it can save Xiao Rui, I’m willing to try.” Quan Juncai said.

“Are you willing to let him be a spiritual pet?” Mi Wan asked.

Sure enough, Fan Chen showed an unsurprised expression.

“I don’t want to.” Without waiting for his uncle to express his opinion, the little white fox gave the answer first, “Even if I die, I don’t want to be a spiritual pet for others.”

Quan Juncai looked at his stubborn nephew, and understood that he couldn’t accept this treatment method. The demon race was free in nature, so naturally they would not be willing to be spiritual pets for others, let alone after the great war five hundred years ago.

“The spiritual power of a demon hunter is the only power that can moderate the demon power. If you are not willing to contract to become a spiritual pet, then the demon power in your body will never be reconciled.” Mi Wan said, “If you still want to live, we can only abolish the demon pill.”

“Abolish the demon pill?” Everyone was stunned.

“Abolish the demon pill, and you will not have demon power. Half of your body is human, and if you are lucky, you may be able to become an ordinary human.” Mi Wan continued to add, “But this possibility is relatively small.”

If it was an ordinary half-demon, Mi Wan was sure to do it, but the little white fox’s body was obviously dominated by the power of the demon clan. If the demon pill was abolished, it was likely to degenerate into an ordinary fox. If he was less lucky, he might still maintain a human mind.

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