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Seeing that Luo Ning’s complexion was not good, Qin Yize immediately took a step forward, put his arms around Luo Ning’s shoulders lightly, and said, “Don’t think about it, I will deal with this matter with Li Xin, seeing your complexion is so bad, hurry up and go back to the room and rest.”

Li Xin also comforted: “Luo Ning, go and rest, we just need to find a suitable opportunity to clarify this matter.”

Luo Ning was pregnant and just finished a bunch of checks in the hospital. At this time, his head was still a little dizzy, and his stomach felt uncomfortable. But he quickly calmed down, took a deep breath, held Qin Yize’s hand tightly and said, “Yize, I won’t let you bear the accusation of ‘derailment within marriage’ for nothing. You have already posted a statement on Weibo before. About this time, leave it to me to declare, okay?”

In the last scandal, Qin Yize publicly expressed his love on Weibo and shared his marriage certificate.

This time, Luo Ning also wanted to protect his Alpha’s reputation.

He thought of a great opportunity.

Tomorrow happened to be the Nolan Film Festival. The annual film festival was the biggest festival in the film industry. And all the films, directors, screenwriters and other awards of this film festival were scored and evaluated by senior judges which would not be affected by various scandals on the Internet. The scandals in the entertainment circle could be true or false, unless the parties admitted it, otherwise, the paparazzi’s revelations didn’t count.

The scandal between Luo Ning and Qin Yize was still inconclusive.

The scoring of each project of the film festival should have been determined long ago and would not be changed temporarily.

Luo Ning was very confident about winning the best new screenwriter.

At the much-anticipated awards ceremony, once he got on the podium, there would definitely be more people scolding him as a mistress and shameless, but he had a clear conscience, and he would give Qin Yize an identity in front of the audience. It was justifiable, and also give him a fair and bright future.


December 24, noon.

Netizens’ accusations on Qin Yize and Luo Ning’s Weibo hadn’t stopped yet.

Luo Ning stepped forward at this time and sent a message: “Tonight, I will participate in the Nolan Film Festival as a new screenwriter. The final box office of “Digital Code” is 2 billion. I didn’t expect the first time my book was adapted into film, it will achieve such results, thank you everyone.”

He acted very calm, as if nothing had happened.

The netizens who scolded him all day were so angry that they rushed forward to scold him collectively, saying that he was still promoting a movie at this time, and they had never seen such a shameless person. Some people even swore on Weibo: “If you little three can still clean up, I will swallow an optical brain live!”

As a result, Qin Yize reposted his Weibo, saying: “This movie is really good, you should be proud of your achievement.”

The onlookers were almost stunned.

The scandal between the two of you is about to turn the world upside down, and you can still post on Weibo like nothing happened. Is this because you have too much heart, or are you too thick-skinned?

Many sane fans smelled strange signs, and said one after another: “The situation doesn’t seem right?” “There is no need for him to seduce Qin Yize, okay?”

Of course, there were only a few who said this. Most passers-by still thought that the two rumored protagonists were super shameless.

At 18:00 in the evening, the admission ceremony for the Avenue of Stars of the film festival officially began.

The Avenue of Stars was the most exciting part every year, because all the artists would dress up carefully. The female stars wore all kinds of gorgeous dresses, and the male stars would also be dressed in all kinds of custom-made suits and tuxedos…

This year, Qin Yize did not wear a tuxedo, instead he wore a very simple dark suit with a blue striped tie. He entered the venue together with Lin Su. As the male and female protagonists of “Feng Xing Chen”, they were invited to participate in the film festival, so naturally they also entered the venue together. During the interview, the reporter tactfully did not ask about the scandal, but asked about Qin Yize’s next plans, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. But in the webcast room, from the moment Qin Yize appeared, barrages of shameless, cheating scum, etc. had long filled the screen.

Immediately afterwards, “Digital Code” crew: actor Zhou Jinyun, director Yu, and screenwriter Lin Xiaoluo entered the arena together.

In the live video, Lin Xiaoluo was wearing a light-colored suit, paired with clean white leather shoes, his hair was neatly tidied up, and he looked very energetic. The corners of his lips were slightly raised, his eyes were curved, and his smile was gentle. It seemed that he had not been impacted by the scandal at all. He was originally very handsome, and under the spotlight, he looked even more flawless. Such a high appearance was not inferior to the traffic stars in the entertainment industry.

Live barrage: “So thick-skinned!” “I’ve never seen someone so thick-skinned!” “My God, he can still laugh?” “I’m going blind, and there is such an arrogant mistress??” “Hehe, I feel relieved seeing him being scolded.”

Luo Ning found his seat after walking into the awards ceremony.

He and Director Yu, Zhou Jinyun and other members of the Digital Code production crew were seated in the fifth row, and stars with high traffic like Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo were of course in the first row. The two didn’t sit together, so after the live broadcast started, the barrage of onlookers scolding them soon decreased, and everyone began to concentrate on watching the wonderful performances.

The awards were presented one after another in an orderly manner. Qin Yize won the Best Actor last year, so this year he won’t win consecutively according to the rules. However, the film “Digital Code” broke through the siege as a dark horse, and won numerous awards in a row –

The best newcomer of the year – Digital Code, Zhou Jinyun!

Best Newcomer Director of the Year – Digital Code, Yu Cheng!

The black fans suddenly had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, the next moment, the hostess smiled and said: “The best new screenwriter of the year: Digital Code, Lin Xiaoluo!”

The camera turned to Lin Xiaoluo, and then turned to Qin Yize wittily. Qin Yize smiled slightly and stretched out his hands to applaud. Many celebrities in the circle sensed that the wind was not in the right direction, and immediately applauded in concert.

But the live broadcast room exploded in an instant, and a large group of black fans and passers-by appeared again to taunt: “How can a bitch like Lin Xiaoluo win the best screenwriter?” “Qin Yize is really shameles and has the nerve to applaud for him!” “This pair of shameless sl*ts actually dare to attend the film festival, aren’t they afraid of being smashed in the face?!” “Sure enough, like attracts like, and sl*ts come in pairs!” All kinds of bullet screens were brushed so that they couldn’t be seen at all.

Luo Ning walked to the podium with a smile.

The award presenter happened to be the well-known screenwriter in the industry, his master Xue An’an.

Teacher Xue handed him the trophy and said with a smile, “Congratulations, you deserve it.” Luo Ning gratefully took the trophy from her.

The host said: “Xiaoluo, do you have anything to say to the audience?”

Luo Ning walked to the middle of the stage, took the microphone from the host, and smiled slightly.

On the big screen, his face was magnified, and when his delicate facial features were smiling, he looked very kind and gentle.

His eyes were clear and bright, as he looked at the direction of the camera calmly and said word by word: “Of course I am very happy to win the Newcomer Screenwriter Award. It was my first attempt to write a screenplay for a movie. During this process, I want to thank many people for helping me, thank you Teacher Xue for your guidance, thank you Director Yu for your trust, and thank you to the actors and staff of the entire crew of “Digital Code”, thanks to everyone’s hard work, we can have the results of our film today.”

He bowed politely to the audience, and the scene immediately burst into applause.

Then, he stood up straight, smiled gracefully, and then said: “Here, I have to thank one person in particular.”

He paused, and after the audience was completely quiet, he said loudly: “That is ——My spouse, Mr. Qin Yize!”

The onlookers who were swiping the screen to scold him as the mistress: “?????”

All the entertainment stars in the audience: “??!!!!”

Countless stars had opened their mouths in surprise, almost able to stuff an egg into them. Countless onlookers stared wide-eyed in surprise, their eyeballs almost falling off.


Did they hear him right?

Luo Ning smiled gracefully, and his voice was clear and pleasant. He said into the microphone word by word: “In fact, I am an omega. Mr. Qin Yize and I were married a long time ago. After marriage, he has been very supportive of me. Because I have a dream of putting words on the screen, he encouraged me to become a screenwriter. The first draft of the movie “Digital Code” was completed by Yize and I during our honeymoon. I am really grateful to him for giving me a lot of advice and help. Without Yize, I would not have achieved today’s results.”

He looked at Qin Yize’s position, smiled and said, “Thank you, Yize, I I love you.”

All the stars and onlookers: “…”

The photographer finally came to his senses, and immediately pointed the camera at Qin Yize.

In the picture, Qin Yize had gentle eyes and was giving Luo Ning a thumbs up.

Attentive viewers finally discovered that today, the tie worn by Qin Yize and the tie worn by screenwriter Lin Xiaoluo were… the same style, for couples!!

This mode of showing affection immediately left everyone completely speechless.

The audience who swore at others quickly quieted down. Everyone just felt that their faces had been slapped hot, and they wished they could go back and delete their stupid words.

Gradually, the wind direction in the barrage area also began to change: “As I said, how could Qin Yize be this kind of person?” “Awesome, he is actually an omega!” “Isn’t this couple too sweet? Qin Yize made a public confession, and today it’s Lin Xiaoluo’s public confession…” “Those who swore at them for cheating and mistresses, where is your IQ?”

At the end of the brush, it suddenly changed to: “Paparazzi can’t do it! They have been exposing them for several days, but they are husband and wife?” “The paparazzi should be ashamed of themselves, saying that the young couple making out is cheating in marriage, hahaha this is the funniest joke I have ever heard!” “Isn’t this considered a violation of **?”

The live broadcast platform was in chaos.

There was also chaos on Weibo, and many rational fans who had been watching were so excited that they were about to cry. Those shaken fans also came back and expressed their continued support. As for those who scolded harshly, they had already fled in desperation.

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