AMEG Ch. 2: Birthday

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The man who entered the door had an outstanding appearance. He was nearly 1.9 meters tall and had a pair of slightly raised phoenix eyes. He looked particularly elegant and charming when he smiled. It was just that Qi Baicha was the only one who was lucky enough to see the big CEO’s smile often.

As soon as Fu Mingye entered the room, he just took off his suit jacket when Qi Baicha took it over and hung it on the back of the chair.

“It’s such a hot day to wear formal clothes, it’s too hot.” Qi Baicha raised his hand familiarly to untie Fu Mingye’s tie, “Do you remember that today is your birthday? I made you a lot of food…”

The whole person was suddenly hugged into his arms.

Fu Mingye hugged Qi Baicha’s waist, lowered his head and put his lips next to his ear: “I will cool down after I hug you.”

Qi Baicha’s body was always cold all year round, and his body temperature was lower than the normal temperature of the human body. Fu Mingye was worried before, but couldn’t find any abnormality, so he could only attribute it to his special constitution.

He was right. Qi Baicha was indeed born with snow-skinned appearance, icy muscles and fine bones. Sleeping while hugging him was the most comfortable on a summer night, such that Fu Mingye couldn’t put him down.

The gods lived the same life as the heaven and the earth, and Fu Mingye had long forgotten his real birthday. This so-called birthday was just a fabrication when applying for a human ID card, and it didn’t mean anything to him today.

But thinking that there was still a young man at home who seriously prepared for his birthday, everything was full of meaning again. Fu Mingye immediately left all his official duties and rushed back without stopping.

“Hey.” Qi Baicha leaned on his chest and said softly, “Don’t move around, the tie hasn’t been untied yet.”

Fu Mingye pulled off the tie with one hand, strode to the dining table and sat down: “You’ve done so much? Cha Cha is becoming more and more virtuous.”

Qi Baicha pursed his lips and smiled and sat down opposite Fu Mingye: “As long as you like it.”

“Can I not like what you did.” Fu Mingye said, reaching out to pick up the plate of spring bamboo shoots.

He didn’t really need to eat human food, but he definitely wanted to eat food made by Cha Cha.

And the food was really delicious.

It’s just that the chopsticks had just reached halfway, when Qi Baicha pinned down his wrist.

Fu Mingye paused, then looked up at him: “What’s the matter?”

Qi Baicha held up the cake-cutting knife, and said gently, “Make a wish first.”

He had prepared for this birthday for so long, how could he just eat the cake without making a wish?

Although the young man held a plastic knife and spoke softly, Fu Mingye saw a posture of “If you don’t follow the procedure, I will hack you to death”.

Fu Mingye weighed it in his mind and put down his chopsticks cautiously: “…Okay.”

The little human he married was extremely gentle in every way, and he never got angry, but sometimes when he became unhappy, even with a smile, he could show his unhappiness. It made people feel an inexplicable chill.

How could Fu Mingye make Qi Baicha unhappy. Even though he knew this wish would never be heard.

God had endless life, but not death. The death of a god was called falling, and it meant that the real three souls and seven souls of the God were all scattered, and there would be no afterlife.

There used to be countless gods in the world. Immortality could be cultivated after birth, but gods were all born innately. They could be roughly divided into four categories.

The first to appear and the most powerful were the Gods of Nature. The sun, moon, stars, wind, thunder, rain and snow all belonged to nature. The gods of nature were ancient gods, who could only sleep and never die. Take the Snow God as an example, unless all the glaciers on the earth melted, the snow mountains collapsed, and there was no more snow in the world, the Snow God would never die. Now all the gods of nature had fallen asleep except the Snow God.

In addition to the gods of nature, there were also gods of all things formed from animals, plants and dead things, such as dragon gods, flower gods, tree gods, and lamp gods. These gods were also tired of the vicissitudes of the world, and they all slept.

In addition, there were gods of skills who specialized in a certain skill, such as the god of music who was good at rhythm, the god of dancing who was good at dancing, the god of forging who was proficient in forging, the god of weaving who could weave heavenly clothes… As more and more skills were lost, these gods fell into the long river of time, and the rest fell asleep.

Then there were the gods of prayer that came into being from faith. If people believed that a piece of land could protect them, the land would give birth to a land god who would protect them. If people believed that the mountains could keep them safe for generations, the mountains would give birth to mountain gods who would them protect the people. People made wishes to the gods, and the gods fulfilled their wishes and accumulated their own merits.

However, now was the age of the Dharma, people no longer believed in gods, so those gods who gained power by fulfilling people’s wishes gradually lost their divine power and had almost all disappeared, leaving only one, the evil god.

Evil gods were born from the evil thoughts of all things, and among all things, the evil thoughts of human beings were the worst, more terrifying than demons and ghosts.

Faith could wither, but the sinister human heart would never change. All creatures had greed, so evil gods would last forever.

All greed, selfishness, ugliness, resentment, and all negative emotions and prayers in the world would be heard by the evil god. He would satisfy the wishes of some of these creatures according to his mood. Correspondingly, the other party would also have to pay a price to make the power of the evil god stronger.

However, even though the evil god could satisfy the countless wishes of the world, it was difficult to realize his own wishes.

Thinking of this, Fu Mingye’s eyes turned slightly gloomy.

He had never heard the heartfelt voice of his lover, and Cha Cha was indeed too pure and flawless.

He had been alive for thousands of years, and it was the first time he met such a clean person.

Which let him fall in love with him at a glance.

Fu Mingye unwrapped the bow on the box, and there was a fruit cake inside. The sweet cream was dotted with fresh strawberries and cherries, and the bottom was soft and delicious mango mille-feuille. The chocolate plate on it read “Happy 27th birthday to Mr. Fu”.

Fu Mingye curled his lips unconsciously, and there was a thin smile in his eyes.

Qi Baicha put candles on the cake and lit them, there were 27 candles, no more, no less.

He handed Fu Mingye the conical birthday hat presented by the cake shop and said: “Put this on.”

Fu Mingye refused: “It’s too naive, I can’t wear it…” This was too contrary to his noble status as an evil god, human cubs usually wore such ridiculous hats!

Qi Baicha turned off the light with a “snap”, and looked back, the flickering candlelight reflected on his snow-white face, making the eyes under the long eyelashes rippling and bright.

“…” Fu Mingye put on the top hat silently.

There was such a beautiful husband in the family, so of course he had to rely on him for everything.

Qi Baicha laughed again: “Close your eyes and make a wish, and I’ll sing for you.”

He clapped his hands gently: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

Fu Mingye didn’t take these human birthday ceremonies seriously at first, but when he heard Qi Baicha’s clear and soft singing, his heart softened, and he closed his eyes and became devout, silently making a wish that no one would listen to.

I want Cha Cha…to live forever with me.

After Qi Baicha finished singing, Fu Mingye opened his eyes, after looking at each other for a moment, they saw endless love hidden in each other’s eyes.

Qi Baicha reminded: “Mr. Fu, it’s time for you to blow out the candles.”

The two looked at each other and smiled, and Fu Mingye blew out the candles in one breath.

Qi Baicha turned on the light again, and the room was bright again. His brows and eyes were stretched, and his tone was brisk: “The cake can be cut now.”

He really wanted to know what wish Fu Mingye had made, but unfortunately there was a saying in the world that birthday wishes would not come true if they are spoken out.

Qi Baicha really wanted him to say it, and it would be more effective if he spoke out, because he could help realize it…

He was a god of nature, not a god of prayer who specialized in helping people realize their wishes, and so he couldn’t hear the voices of ordinary people, but most things that could be done with magic was still within his power.

It was a pity that even Gods couldn’t make a mortal live forever, which went against the laws of nature.

Holding a plastic knife, Fu Mingye cut the cake into eight equal parts, and served one to Qi Baicha. The two began to enjoy dinner, and the atmosphere was warm and sweet.

Fu Mingye tasted the wine, and raised his eyebrows: “The vintage Romanée-Conti, where did you find such a rare wine, Cha Cha?”

Not just one bottle, he had a whole cellar.

“Things you can’t get without money.” Qi Baicha sipped his red wine.

He ate the cake with a fork. Qi Baicha had a good-looking appearance, and his eating appearance was also very elegant and refined. His rosy lips were stained with white cream, and his crow-black long eyelashes trembled with the blink of an eye, like a gentle painting.

Fu Mingye liked it more and more and called out: “Cha Cha.”

“Huh?” Qi Baicha raised his head, his eyes were dazed, and there was a cherry in his mouth.

Fu Mingye stood up and leaned over to kiss him, then he licked the cream on the tip of his tongue and swept away the cherry from Qi Baicha’s mouth.

Qi Baicha’s eyes slightly opened.

“Thank you, Mr. Qi for the fruit cake.” Fu Mingye sat back and looked at him with a smile, “It’s very sweet.”

“…” Qi Baicha lowered his eyes in a hurry, picked up a cherry with a fork, and fed it into his mouth in a disguised manner. “Why are you not eating your own and grabbing mine?”

Fu Mingye teased, “Because Cha Cha blushes so cutely.”

Qi Baicha covered his cheeks in shock: “Is it?” They had been married for more than a day, why would his face blush and his heart race just because of a kiss…

Fu Mingye squinted and smiled, then he collapsed on the back of the chair: “No, but this frightened look is cuter hahahaha——”

Qi Baicha directly picked up a piece of cream cake, smeared it on his face, and said softly: “Say it again.”

“…” Fu Mingye looked at his noble and glamorous husband for a moment, and lowered his head to confess, “I was wrong.”

Qi Baicha raised his chin: “Go wash it off.”

With cream on his face, Fu Mingye obediently went to the bathroom to wash his face.

If the directors of the company saw the president who was usually 2.8 meters tall in front of them looking like a little sheep, they would be so shocked that their jaws would drop to the ground.

After taking off the childish birthday hat and cleaning up the cream on his face, Fu Mingye looked at himself in the mirror with satisfaction. Very well, he was still the impeccably handsome Lord Cthulhu.

Walking out of the bathroom, Fu Mingye saw that Qi Baicha had put the leftovers in the refrigerator and was clearing the dishes on the table, so he hurried forward: “Let’s leave it to the nanny tomorrow.”

Qi Baicha said, “Anyway, it’s still early.”

“It’s getting late.” Fu Mingye hugged him from behind and chuckled, “After drinking the red wine, I want to drink white tea.”


Qi Baicha said softly, “Vigorous exercise is not suitable after meals.”

Fu Mingye kissed his cheek and lowered his voice a bit.

“Then kiss you longer.”

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