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Coincidentally, as soon as Yan Han and Lin Jianlu entered the gate of the office building, they ran into Teacher Gu.

The teaching director just saw a person dancing very well from the stage, but it was too far away to see who it was.

He asked the nearby discipline committee member who was inspecting discipline, and finally sent Lin Jianlu to find this person.

Now, when he saw Lin Jianlu bringing someone, Mr. Gu understood everything, and asked, “Is this the student who was very good at exercises just now?”

Lin Jianlu nodded and said, “Yes.”

Teacher Gu looked Yan Han up and down, and said, “This little student’s hair is well cut, um, and the school uniform is also neatly dressed. What’s your name?”

“Yan Han.”

“Grade 1 Class 17?”


“It’s rare to have someone like you in Class 17, you can lead the exercise from next week, and I’ll tell your head teacher later.”

Yan Han showed a standard smile: “Thank you, teacher.”

No, he thought it was all so smooth.

Listening to Xiao Wu’s tone, leading exercises should bring him huge benefits, maybe it could quickly increase his points.

In this way, he was a little motivated.

Teacher Gu seemed to have something else to do, so he left first.

The class bell had already rung, and Lin Jianlu seemed to have something on his mind on the way back to the teaching building together. He didn’t say a word, as the two walked to the third floor. When they parted at the stairs, Lin Jianlu said: “Go back.”

“… Oh, good.”

When Yan Han was about to leave, Lin Jianlu hadn’t moved yet.

Seeing that Lin Jianlu didn’t move, Yan Han took two slow steps on purpose, and wanted to take advantage of such a good time to find the toilet. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the short and fat head teacher of their class happened to come upstairs, looking quite aggressive.


“Hello, teacher.”

The stern class teacher didn’t respond when he saw Yan Han and Lin Jianlu, a man and a woman standing alone at the fork of the stairs, and only talked to Yan Han: “Let’s go back to the class.”

Yan Han: “…”

All the way back to the class, although the class had already started, since there was no teacher in the class, the chaos at this moment was like a pot of porridge.

The strange thing was that when Yan Han came in, the pot of porridge suddenly became quiet.

It was obvious what the classmates were talking about just now.

But Yan Han didn’t care about these things, after he found his own seat and sat down, he suddenly found that the condition of his bladder seemed to be even worse.

The head teacher followed Yan Han and entered the classroom. With a low air pressure, he said, “Teacher went to a meeting. I happened to meet Teacher Gu when I was coming back. He said that the classmates of our class are very good.”

The word “good” was deliberately aggravated. His tone was full of irony. Looking at the posture, he undoubtedly knew that they had been criticized by name during the drill and after the exercise.

The teacher in charge had taken many classes anyway, the coercion was still there, and could hold the students down, everyone was afraid of him, especially afraid that he would speak in this kind of yin and yang tone.

The class was silent for a moment.

“Yan Han, stand up,” the head teacher said, and then his gaze fell on him.

Hearing the roll call, Yan Han stood up, and the classmates around him also became nervous.

It was just that they didn’t expect that the depression that they had just seen on the head teacher disappeared in an instant, and he even smiled and said, “I heard that you have been selected as a lead operator. Do it hard and gain our class some face.”

Everyone: “…”

Obviously, it was far more important to have a lead operator from their class than to be named and criticized during indirect exercises.

Think about it, they were not criticized once or twice because of bad discipline, but it was the first time that a leader had appeared from their class.

How low the air pressure around the teacher was when entering the door, that amiably the head teacher was now smiling again.

The temperament changed too much before and after, and there was a feeling of melting ice and snow for no reason.

After being engaged in this way by him, all the students who didn’t think they could go to the front to lead the exercise suddenly began to feel…this seemed to be a really awesome thing?

In particular, you could talk to people like Lin Jianlu. Wasn’t this the so-called breaking into the “high-level” of the school?

Yan Han was praised in public, and after sitting down again, the head teacher began to talk about the content of the meeting he had just gone to—the notice of the placement test next week, and then he made a straight face and began to mobilize before the test:

“The placement test is about to take place. Although it is up to you to see how your academic performance is, our class is not bad, but people go to higher places and lower places, and they can at least get in touch with the learning attitude of their classmates when they go to other classes. I don’t need to say that. After class, you go to the gate of Class 9 to see if they are going crazy after class or whether they are all studying there. Then you can take a look at our class again, as long as there is no teacher in class. Screaming, no classmates who want to learn or can’t learn…”

There was no big difference in the strength of teachers between good and bad classes. Their head teacher also taught chemistry to the first few classes at the same time, so he was not ashamed that he was the class teacher of a bad class.

“What do the monitor and the study committee member do, you two stand up first!”

Standing up in the first two rows, one male and one female, were two students, the girl was the monitor, and the boy was the study committee member.

“You two will show me after class. If anyone else roams all over the place except going to the bathroom, just let me take care of it. If he doesn’t listen to you, send them to me!”

“…it is good.”

The two class cadres sat down, and the head teacher began to work hard again: “Classmates, next week will be the placement test. There is not much difference between you and the previous classes. Take advantage of these few days, see if you can make a good charge?”

Next week was the placement test, Yan Han thought this was the most recent opportunity for him.

He now had scores for morality, physical fitness, and beauty, so there should be no need to worry about labor. The only thing that was hard to change was wisdom.

In addition to concealing identity and achieving achievements in the task requirements, there was another one that was to be successfully admitted to X University as an outstanding cadre and a three good student, so there was no doubt that wisdom represented academic performance.

Although he was now very interested in the one-hundred-point reward, he still needed five comprehensive developments in the long run. Obviously, his biggest shortcoming was learning.

He was originally a scumbag, but this time he came to a renunciation halfway. In fact, it was equivalent to not having a little high school knowledge and no learning skills.

IQ was enough, he was not stupid, but it could only be said to be enough.

…If only the system could give him a skill to adjust IQ from the beginning.

Yan Han couldn’t help but look forward to reaching a reward of 100 points.

No matter what, let’s get together a treasure chest first.

Gradually, he became familiar with the routines of the system. Yan Han, who had previously found it difficult to achieve the pentathlon because he had no direction, did not expect that the road would be paved on the first day of school, and the direction would be there. He just had to keep his head down.

And what he hadn’t expected before…the problem of women’s clothing still bothered him.

Thinking of this question, Yan Han subconsciously clamped his legs.

The sky was big, the school was so big, he just wanted to pee, why was it so difficult?!

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