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As soon as Lin Jianlu spoke, the surroundings became eerily quiet.

He seemed to be born with such an aura.

Especially the person who made a mistake couldn’t lift his head up in front of him at all.

At this moment, even Yu Jing was wilting, as if she couldn’t use it even if she had a violent flame, as she said to Lin Jianlu listlessly: “We didn’t fight, how could we fight?”

“Yeah.” Lin Jianlu nodded and threw the ball of paper in his hand into a nearby trash can, his frown finally relaxing.

It was as if the ice and snow had melted around them, and they felt much less stressed.

It was rare to see him, and since Yu Jing was a bold and outgoing person, now she had the courage to try to say to him in a joking tone: “This will startle you, Lin Jianlu…” The word “ue” had not yet been pronounced. But Lin Jianlu, who went out to throw the paper ball and came back, passed her directly and walked in front of Yan Han.

Everyone took a deep breath together, and under the watchful eyes of everyone, Lin Jianlu said: “Student, come with me.”

“Me?” Yan Han pointed to himself, he couldn’t believe it just like everyone else.

“Yes, come with me to the teaching office.”


He didn’t know if he had been a bad student for too long, but Yan Han subconsciously thought that those who had to go to the teaching office were not good.

It was obvious that other people felt the same way, and whispers of discussion sounded around.

“Well… do I have the liberty to ask you, what do you want me for?”

Facing Lin Jianlu’s unwavering gaze, Yan Han stared back at him in a dazed manner.

There must be an explanation for the death penalty this time, calling people to the teaching office for no reason? Sorry he didn’t really want to go.

Unexpectedly, Lin Jianlu told him easily: “Teacher Gu asked me to call you to talk because he wants you to lead the exercise drill.”

“Teacher Gu?” Yan Han blinked a few times quickly, and then he remembered that it was the chubby dean who was on stage just now.

But it’s not right…

The point should be… The dean actually let him lead the drill?!!

Yan Han was a little speechless when a big-breasted girl in a miniskirt suddenly appeared in front of him: [Congratulations!!]


Xiao Wu’s image appeared so suddenly that Yan Han was taken aback by surprise.

He glanced at Xiao Wu who suddenly “revealed his original shape”, and asked it in his mind: “Congratulations?”

[Congratulations to the host for starting the first hidden mission!]

“!!!” Yan Han: “???”

[Become an excellent leader. If you perform well, the host can get extra points in many items!]

That was indeed good news.

Yan Han glanced at Xiao Wu who kept winking at him: “I understand your excitement, but can you stop showing up suddenly in the future?”

[Why?] Xiao Wu didn’t understand: [Others can’t see me.]

“But you will scare me.”

[I thought the host was not afraid of anything!]

“But I’m afraid of you!”

[Why?] Xiao Wu still didn’t understand.

“Because I don’t like your look.”

[What about this?]

Xiao Wu suddenly transformed into a strong man who was more than 1.9 meters tall with his bare upper body showing his eight-pack abs.


What did the strong man’s face look like? Yan Han didn’t look at it, he just glanced at the neck and then hurriedly looked away: “No, I was wrong, you’d better change back to how you were before.”


When Xiao Wu and Yan Han were talking, he inevitably looked a little unnatural, especially since the eight-pack abs were too darn eye-catching. As a gay who was born only interested in male bodies, he was still a man who hadn’t even broken anything. All his gay desires existed in the fantasy stage, almost just looking at that, Yan Han had a kind of… how do you say the adjective?

Oh yes, the d**k feels hard.

Uncomfortably lowering his head to look at the skirt around his waist, Yan Han thought out of line: If this fu**ing erection is real, I don’t know if it will be obvious.

Probably not.

He was still wearing tight leggings anyway… Just as he was thinking about it, he raised his head subconsciously, and met a pair of black eyes staring at him unblinkingly.

Sorry for forgetting, Lin Jianlu was standing in front of him.

Yan Han told Xiao Wu to go back quickly, he didn’t want to change things in front of Lin Jianlu!

Wait big brother! What are you looking at! Hold your head up! I have nothing under me! No more stones! Really do not have!

He always felt that Lin Jianlu had discovered something, and the little Yan Han was frightened into a soft egg in an instant.

Yan Han simply grabbed Lin Jianlu’s arm, grabbed his cuff with both hands like iron pliers, and dragged him away, not letting him see: “Then what are you waiting for, let’s go!”

Yan Han was strong, thin and tall, relatively speaking, the chassis was not very stable. Lin Jianlu was caught off guard by him and pulled away by him, leaving the people around him to exclaim again, and they all put on a look of shock with the look of the world falling apart.

“Damn it! She, she, she even took Lin Jianlu’s arm! Who gave her the courage to do that!”

“Oh my god… she touched Lin Jianlu… oh my god!”

“Hurry up and hold me, I’m going to faint… Isn’t Lin Jianlu a clean freak? No one has dared to do this to him!”

“This, this person… how dare she! Woooooo why does Lin Jianlu let her carry it I don’t believe it!”

At the same time, someone on the playground took out his mobile phone and took a snapshot of the background of the two walking away.

Yan Han still didn’t know what kind of uproar his subconscious brother’s good behavior had caused.

In fact he didn’t notice anything at all.

It only took a moment for Lin Jianlu to react. Lin Jianlu’s body did stiffen for a moment at first, but the two of them didn’t take more than two steps, when Yan Han felt that something was wrong, so he let him go.

The two of them then just disappeared from everyone’s sight.

The students in the playground had already dispersed, and the rest of them were just watching the fun. Now, under the organization of the class sports committee, they stood up again and walked towards the teaching building in an orderly manner.

Before finally disappearing, the figures of the two were still close to each other. Everyone was immersed in the incomparable shock. Some were still discussing, while others were sending messages on their mobile phones.

Only Wen Juerong said enviously: “If I knew I could go to the front to lead the dance, I would have done it too…”

“I’m afraid you can’t jump with your body?” The monkey in front said very accommodatingly and the truth came out.

“You! I hate it!” Wen Juorong gave him a blank look on the spot.

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