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Everyone who had looked down on the Pink Rabbit in the past was slapped in the face, and he even slapped Cheng Yangbin in the face hard.

The battle ended too quickly, and Cheng Yangbin couldn’t accept the sudden defeat.

This time he ran for the first place in the semi-finals of the preliminaries. He was packaged as a genius in mecha manufacturing, with good looks and high IQ as well as high face value, nut the fans and traffic he had painstakingly managed for most of the day, was that not making wedding dresses for others?!

Cheng Yangbin’s complexion was very ugly, and it so happened that the live broadcast gave him a shot right then. The gentle and noble man who claimed to never have a bad face looked venomous, and the contrast between the front and the back shocked the barrage.

[Cheng Yangbin’s eyes are so scary]

[I didn’t expect Xie Ruheng to win so easily. Is it a mecha problem or a human problem?]

[Cheng Yangbin’s mecha can’t be beaten, pride is the original sin, who is showing the black face?]

Cheng Yangbin’s fans were unhappy, and began to support Cheng Yangbin:

[Our family’s Cheng Cheng is still young and can’t hide his emotions. Do you want him to smile when he loses? And be a hypocrite]

[What does it mean that there is a problem with my male god’s mecha? It is obviously that the mecha master is too weak to give full play to the full advantages of the mecha]

Just as the barrage was raging, the judges suddenly became serious, and saw that in the live broadcast platform, a special user appearance effect suddenly appeared:

[“Tang Rong” enters the live broadcast room]

The name of this national treasure weapon maker was well known in the Federation. As soon as Grandpa Tang entered the live broadcast room, the barrage spontaneously quieted down, as quiet as a chicken listening to Tang Grandpa said:

“I have been paying attention to this preliminary competition. I have also investigated the shady things circulating on the Internet.”

The expressions of the two judges froze. Anyone who had experienced this old man’s brilliant deeds knew how strong Elder Tang’s intelligence investigation and information collection capabilities were.

In the beginning, when the federation was poor and backward in intelligence, it was almost impossible to obtain any intelligence from the empire. This master weapon maker had intercepted empire battle reports thirteen times. No one knew how he did it, but Elder Tang did it.

In front of this legendary old man, there was nowhere to hide all the secrets.

“I don’t want to see some players using unfair means in this preliminary competition. The most important thing in the competition is fairness and justice. If we find a player who violates the rules of the game in the future, we will deprive him of his lifetime qualifications, and at the same time the research institute will also refuse to recruit such players.”

Maybe it was because of the Cheng family, or maybe it was because the old man cherished his talents, he didn’t point out Cheng Yangbin’s bribery of the judges, and the two fearful judges broke out in cold sweat, making up their minds to return the spar to Cheng Yangbin as soon as they went back.

Cheng Yangbin, who was beaten by Grandpa Tang, finally turned dark to the extreme this time. He lowered his head to hide the resentment in his eyes.


Tang Bai’s novel was unlocked today, he was happy but also a little bit disappointed, regretting that he couldn’t continue to be lazy.

After only two days of not writing an article, Tang Bai couldn’t turn his head around. Tang Bai stumbled and wrote a chapter about Jun Tongchen’s daily life after he entered the federal mechanical department and just after his military training.

The content of this chapter was that Jun Tongchen slept with a group of alphas in the same room and found out that the group of alphas chatted at night about which omegas they met today, what was that omega’s figure, what was his face, and what had happened to their pheromones.

Jun Tongchen turned over expressionlessly, covered his head with the quilt, and didn’t want to join this group of alpha’s night chat.

This group of alphas quickly discovered that Jun Tongchen’s aura was different from theirs, and they didn’t want to communicate with Jun Tongchen, a mud-legged man who was born in a slum.

The mechanical training in the military training was very intensive. This group of future mecha makers needed to carry heavy tools and practice under the scorching sun. Because Jun Tongchen had his glands removed, his physical fitness was worse than that of an ordinary omega. But on the third day of military training, he still fainted.

Jun Tongchen’s dormitory head carried Jun Tongchen to the infirmary. On the way, he found that this “beta” roommate was unbelievably light.

Such a weak chicken was rare among betas.

The head of the dormitory suddenly felt a little pity for this weak roommate who didn’t fit in.

Because of this fainting, Jun Tongchen became the laughing stock of the Mechanics Department, as a beta more delicate than an omega.

They said they didn’t know how he got into the Federal Machinery Manufacturing Department.

After this chapter was published, Tang Bai opened the comment area as usual, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there were fewer voices scolding him in the comment area this time. The readers in the comment area were discussing Jun Tongchen enthusiastically, but it was not Jun Tongchen in the article, but the Jun Tongchen who ranked first in the preliminary round of the Mecha Manufacturing Competition.

“The big guy who won the first place in the preliminary round of the Mecha Manufacturing Contest and I read the same novel! It’s an honor!”

“If the experience of the big guy who won the first place in the preliminary round is written as a novel, some people will definitely call it absurd. The poisonous point is reality. How could there be a mecha maker in China who designed the mecha in the shape of a pink rabbit.”

“The author of the one-person blood book wrote that Jun Tongchen made a pink rabbit mecha! This is the mecha that a Meng O should make!”

“The rabbit mecha is real! I’m already in love with that rabbit.”

While almost all the comments were bullshit and memes, the comments posted by “X” readers were particularly different:

“The world each of us expects is different from the real world. But the world is trying to assimilate everyone, yet Jun Tongchen let me see the power to fight against it. I always believe that young people should keep angry, keep thinking, and keep their blood boiling. Even if these burnings will eventually go silent and die. Knowing that the process of being a martyr is unreasonably difficult, the sweetest honey, and the splendor when fighting a fire, only the sacrifices of successive martyrs can bring about a broader future. And I hope everyone can have a wider star sea.”

“Art comes from life, but reality is even more ridiculous. The author writes very well. Only when he is watered by abundant emotions and his own three views are the soil, can the words bloom gorgeously and fragrantly. I am very happy. I can see your story, hear your thoughts, and you have to believe that your words will shine.”

Tang Bai: “!!!”

Here! yes! Varied! what! god! Fairy! reader!

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