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Several people sat down on the sofa in the living room, while two policemen sat on one side, Jiang Lan and Xue Meng sat on the other side, and Zhao Qunfang sat alone on the single sofa. After the policemen took out the printed chat records, she seemed very disturbed. Sitting on the sofa at the moment, her expression was cramped and her eyes were erratic.

The police asked her a few questions according to the procedure, but she stumbled and contradicted her answers.

Jiang Lan listened in silence, and only then did he got to know that just two days before May Day, someone died in this community. The deceased was Li Chunhua, forty-two years old, who lived in Building No. 1 of the community. Li Chunhua and Zhao Qunfang were the same, they were both divorced and lived alone. Li Chunhua worked as a cleaner in a certain building, while Zhao Qunfang worked as a cashier in a supermarket on the first floor of the building. Probably because they were in similar circumstances and lived close to each other, the two had very close contacts.

But on April 27, Li Chunhua died suddenly at home for no apparent reason. The body was found by Li Chunhua’s superiors, who found her after seeing that she hadn’t come to work and that they couldn’t get in touch with her.

Li Chunhua died very peacefully, with a strange smile on her face. The police autopsy did not find a cause of death. The autopsy report showed that the deceased had no fatal injuries inside or outside, and had no history of fatal diseases, but she just died in such an inexplicable manner.

And just in April, there were two other victims whose death conditions were similar to Li Chunhua’s, and the cause of death was still unknown.

The police investigated Li Chunhua’s personal relationships, only to find that she had been in close contact with Zhao Qunfang. But just one week before Li Chunhua’s death, Zhao Qunfang suddenly resigned from the cashier’s job, and did not go in and out with Li Chunhua anymore. The two only kept in touch on WeChat.

“On April 24th, Li Chunhua sent you a message saying, ‘My lord has really appeared’. What does that mean?” the policeman asked, pointing to the chat records.

Zhao Qunfang lowered her head and unconsciously clenched her hands on her knees: “I, I don’t know…”

Seeing that she didn’t cooperate, the policeman couldn’t help but increase his tone, and press her step by step: “In the chat record, you replied to her ‘I didn’t lie to you’. Do you really not know, or are you trying to hide the truth?”

Zhao Qunfang raised her head suddenly, her cloudy eyes trembling uncomfortably, she swallowed nervously, and then changed her words: “I, I forgot… Both of us are a bit superstitious, I met a very powerful master at that time, and I…introduced it to her, but I really don’t know what she was going to do.”

The policeman stared at her sharply, as if to see through her skin to see the bottom of her heart.

“What master? How did you get to know each other? Does your sudden resignation have anything to do with the Master and Li Chunhua?”

“We called him Master Sui, I don’t know where he is, we…we met on the road,” Zhao Qunfang spoke fluently but said little: “I resigned because I bought a lottery ticket according to the master’s instructions and won 150,000 yuan.”

The two policemen looked at each other, obviously not expecting her to have won the lottery.

“How do you usually contact the master?”

“No contact. When the master wants to find me, he would naturally find me.” Zhao Qunfang shook her head, and fear flashed in her eyes when the master was mentioned.

Jiang Lan was listening from beside them, and the more he listened, the more he felt that this master should be Tai Sui.

He just didn’t know what the relationship between Zhao Qunfang and Tai Sui was. And she obviously called and reported the jewelry store opened by Tai Sui before.

Jiang Lan coughed, raised his hand and made a gesture to say something: “Comrade policeman, I have something to say.”

Seeing the policemen looking over, he continued: “On May 4th, the Sub-district Office received an anonymous report call from Ms. Zhao Qunfang, reporting that the ‘Wishing Everything’ jewelry store in Wenhua Street was a cult organization, and their feudal superstition activities had harmed people.”

Zhao Qunfang trembled, and suddenly screamed: “You are talking nonsense, I, no phone calls have been made!

She seemed to be stimulated, and suddenly yelled. No matter what the police said, she would not listen or communicate. Seeing this, Jiang Lan innocently pointed to her ear: “I answered the call at the time, and I have good ears and can recognize her voice. If the two comrades don’t believe it, they can go to our unit to retrieve the call records for verification. Except for May 4th, she also made several reporting calls a few days ago. That Master Sui may have something to do with this jewelry store.”

When the police heard this, it was a master who was reporting feudal superstition. Maybe some cult organization was behind it to deceive people. Seeing that Zhao Qunfang was still pretending to be crazy, they immediately got up and said, “We will check the phone number and the jewelry store first. We will visit you again after we confirm it. We hope you can cooperate with the police to explain the situation truthfully.”

After saying that, they said goodbye and left. Jiang Lan and Xue Meng were one step behind them. Zhao Qunfang scolded them while glaring at them fiercely and drove them out unceremoniously. As soon as they left, she slumped on the ground, her hands and feet shivering for a long time, she barely got up and sat on the sofa. As soon as she sat down, the mobile phone next to her rang.

Zhao Qunfang’s teeth were grinding, and after a while she finally plucked up the courage and hung up the phone.

But soon the phone rang again, she stared in horror, and hung up again. After three consecutive calls, the calls finally stopped, then there was a ding dong, and a text message came in.

[At 11:30 tonight, come to Iron Bridge Bay.]

Coming out of Zhao Qunfang’s house, the two policemen asked for the address of the Sub-district Office and went directly to retrieve the call records. But Jiang Lan and Xue Meng continued to collect information, so they stayed and continued to work.

The two continued to work until 4:30 in the afternoon, and drove back to the work unit, just in time to clock out of work.

Jiang Lan cleaned up the table, let Suan Ni jump into the bag, and planned to go to the Municipal People’s Hospital to visit Uncle Yao first. Xue Meng happened to follow him for a while. The two were sitting in the back row of the bus, and he seemed to bear it again and again, but finally he couldn’t help but approach and ask in a low voice: “Those people who died, couldn’t it be because they made a wish to that idol in their dreams?”

He thought about it all the way in his heart. Once he heard what Jiang Lan said in the morning, he still had some doubts about ghosts and gods. What he heard at Zhao Qunfang’s house today made him confirm his half doubts.

Maybe the dream was real, and so was the god.

In this world, there really were demons and ghosts hiding in the dark night.

Goosebumps crawled from his back to his face, even sitting on a crowded and hot bus, Xue Meng felt cold all over his body.

Jiang Lan glanced at him and saw the apprehension and fear he carefully hid in his eyes.

After all, it was a scientific society now, and ordinary people held a skeptical attitude towards the theory of ghosts and gods. When they were suddenly exposed to such things, they would inevitably feel fear and anxiety. Xue Meng was already considered as an ordinary person with a big heart, so it was hard for him to hold back until now before asking.

“It doesn’t really matter what they died for,” Jiang Lan said slowly: “There is a saying called ‘Character determines destiny’, people with bad intentions, even if they don’t have gods, they may die for other reasons.”

His words were a disguised admission of Xue Meng’s guess.

Xue Meng was lying in his heart, but at the same time he felt that after Jiang Lan said that, the coolness behind his back seemed not so severe.

In the end, no matter whether there were monsters or ghosts in this world, there was a saying that must be true: if you don’t do it, you won’t die.

“You’re right.”

He looked at Jiang Lan with bright eyes, not knowing what he had imagined. Judging by that expression, if it wasn’t for being on the bus, he would have probably wanted to pass tea to Jiang Lan, beat his shoulders and hug his thighs.

At this time, the Jiang Lan in his eyes, was similar to, a Buddhist monk, a hidden boss.

Xue Meng grasped Jiang Lan’s hand vigorously, and said with emotion: “Father, I will be your own son from now on. If you get rich, let’s not forget each other.”

Jiang Lan couldn’t laugh or cry, so he slapped his paw, and said indifferently: “Fuck off! I don’t have such an ugly son as you.”

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