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“I say little girl, I’m your boss anyway, I’ve been here for so long, and you didn’t say hello to me, is that okay?” After finishing the business, Han Yi started to tease Yu Xiaoxuan, and said with a serious face.

Yu Xiaoxuan pursed her lips and put down the juice in her hand, “Hi, boss.” She was serious, but very insincere.

Han Yi felt a little helpless in his heart, looking at Yu Xiaoxuan’s side face that had lost a lot of weight, he couldn’t help but think of the baby fat on her face when he first saw her, now the baby fat was completely gone, revealing her pointed chin.

“Andre is coming to the capital, and I have organized a dinner party, do you want to participate?” Han Yi asked.

Yu Xiaoxuan suddenly raised her head, her eyes had lit up, “Can I participate?”

Han Yi looked into her bright eyes, and couldn’t help the black lines which covered his head, this dead girl is really a nympho.

“Yes.” The two words were squeezed out from between Han Yi’s teeth, and he thought that he shouldn’t have mentioned this.

“Qinglan, I can have dinner with Andre now.” Yu Xiaoxuan was very happy.

Fang Tong looked a little speechless, and glanced at Han Yi, she had already noticed the difference between Han Yi and Xiaoxuan, after all, Han Yi didn’t hide it at all, but Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t seem to notice it at all, it was because she was too slow to react!

She and Shen Qinglan looked at each other and stopped talking.

Yan house in Nancheng.

Yan Anbang sat on the sofa, put a piece of paper on the coffee table, looked at Zhao Jiaqing across from him and said, “Sign it.”

“At home, you can talk about anything you want.”

“Yan Anbang, I can sign, but I still have to make some things clear. The woman said that I lost her child on purpose in order to get revenge on her for destroying my family. I will not take the blame.”

Yan Anbang’s face was not good-looking, and he looked at Zhao Jiaqing with disgust in his eyes, “Zhao Jiaqing, I used to think that although you are not the woman I like, at least you can be called kind, but I didn’t expect your thoughts to be so vicious. At that time Mumu, how old was she, she was still a child, you still had the heart to do it?”

Yan Anbang was filled with anger when the past was revealed, and if he had regrets and guilt towards Zhao Jiaqing in the past, now he only had disgust.

If he had known that Zhao Jiaqing was such a person, he would not have married such a poisonous woman even if the Yan family had declined back then. If it hadn’t been for this poisonous woman, he would not have separated from Qin Yan. He and Qin Yan’s daughter Qin Mu would not be lost, Qin Yan would not have gone crazy, and even left him directly in the end.

“Are you convinced that I did this?” Zhao Jiaqing asked calmly, neither angry nor sad, she was only calm now, her heart had been completely hurt by the man in front of her.

Yan Anbang didn’t want to talk about this topic with her anymore, it was a pain in his heart, a pain that would never heal.

“Sheng Yu and Xiao Xi are children of my Yan family. You can’t take them away. For the sake of Sheng Yu and Xiao Xi, I won’t say anything about what you did back then. You can leave after signing. Don’t appear in front of me again, Xiao Xi and Sheng Yu, for their own good, you will rarely see them.”

Zhao Jiaqing smiled, the smile was very shallow, but full of sarcasm, “Yan Anbang, when it comes to shameless men, you are definitely the most shameless one I have ever seen. Well, I will fulfil your wish, you and your red rose can grow old together from now on, and I will never have a day of regret.”

She picked up the papers very neatly, took the pen, signed her name at the end of the document, put the pen down, stood up, went upstairs, and when she came down again, she was holding a small suitcase in her hand, without even looking at Yan Anbang, she walked out of Yan family house directly.

She looked back at the home where she had lived for more than 20 years, and the corners of her eyes were slightly moist.

The Zhao family’s old house was still there, so Zhao Jiaqing went straight back to the Zhao family’s house. Because no one lived there, the house was covered with thick dust, so she rolled up her sleeves and started cleaning.

“Dad, where’s my mother?” When Yan Shengyu rushed home from the capital, he only saw Yan Anbang at home, but not his mother.

Yan Anbang was still sitting on the sofa, and the divorce agreement on the table fell into Yan Shengyu’s eyes so brightly. He picked it up and took a look, his face suddenly changing.

“You divorced my mother?” Yan Shengyu asked in disbelief.

Yan Anbang glanced at his son, “Yes.”

“Why? Could it be because of that woman outside?” Yan Shengyu lowered his voice. The last time he saw his parents quarrelling, he already knew that his father had a woman outside. There was even another child, a child a few months older than him.

It was just that for some reason, that child was gone, and that woman had disappeared, and now that woman was back, so was his father’s unforgettable old relationship, and now he wanted to get back together with his old lover?

Yan Shengyu looked at his father’s eyes full of accusations, “Dad, did you forget that my mother is your wife, who has lived with you for more than 20 years and raised children for you, and for a woman of unknown origin, you’re divorcing my mother?”

Yan Anbang’s face was livid, “Is this your attitude towards your elders? What about your upbringing? Your sister is like this, and you are also like this. I really don’t know how your mother educates you on weekdays.”

Yan Shengyu’s eyes changed, “Xiao Xi also knows?” Suddenly he understood something, “So the last time Xiao Xi ran away from home was because of this incident?”

No wonder. Yan Shengyu understood, and at the same time regretted it in his heart. At that time, he shouldn’t have accused Yan Xi of being wilful.

“Hehe.” Yan Shengyu sneered, looking at his father with cold eyes, “You abandoned your wife for such a woman, and you don’t even want your family.”

“I’m your father.”

“I’d rather not have a father like you.” Yan Shengyu left without saying a word, he was going to find his mother. He called Zhao Jiaqing, but he couldn’t get through. After thinking about it, he took a taxi to Zhao’s old house.

“Shengyu, why are you here?” When Yan Shengyu arrived, Zhao Jiaqing was still cleaning. Yan Shengyu looked at his mother, opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say, and finally just called “Mom.”

Zhao Jiaqing smiled, “Mom is fine, don’t worry, aren’t you in school. Why did you come back?”

Yan Shengyu looked at his mother’s forced smile, endured it, and said, “Mom, if you are sad, you can cry.”

Zhao Jiaqing shook her head, “Mom is not sad.” She had no heart to be hurt for a long time.

Yan Shengyu helped Zhao Jiaqing clean up.

“Is Xiao Xi okay?” Zhao Jiaqing asked.

“It’s okay, she’s fine.” His mother probably thought that she didn’t know about her parents’ divorce, but Yan Shengyu felt very distressed. She probably knew about it a long time ago and kept it silently in her heart. She had such a temperament, this incident must have hit her hard.

Even when he knew it, he was deeply shocked, not to mention Yan Xi.

“Mom, what are you going to do in the future?” Yan Shengyu asked softly.

Zhao Jiaqing smiled, “What can I do? Mom doesn’t have a husband, but she still has a son and a daughter. For my children, I will be fine, just pass time for a while. I wanted to travel abroad for a while, and will leave Xiao Xi to you. She wants to be admitted to B University, so you will help and supervise her.”

Yan Shengyu nodded in agreement.

On the other hand, after Yan Shengyu left home, it took Yan Anbang a long time to calm down. Looking at the divorce agreement on the table, he hadn’t realized it yet. He had been asked Zhao Jiaqing for a divorce all this time. However, Zhao Jiaqing had always disagreed. He was even ready to sue her, but he did not expect Zhao Jiaqing to agree suddenly. He rubbed his forehead, still hesitating how to tell his family about this matter, even though Zhao Jiaqing did such unconscionable things, but these things couldn’t be explained to Yan Shengyu and Yan Xi. They only thought that he wanted to divorce Zhao Jiaqing because Qin Yan came back and he wanted to rekindle his old love with his first love, but in fact, this was not the case.

Qin Yan was back, but she was already married and had a happy family, and she had never come to him. If he hadn’t met her by chance, he wouldn’t even know that Qin Yan was back, and Zhao Jiaqing once did such an excessive thing to their daughter.

The phone rang, and Yan Anbang picked it up and looked at it. It was Qin Yan, “Yanyan.”

Qin Yan paused, and then said softly, “Anbang, I already know about your divorce with Zhao Jiaqing. In fact, you don’t need do it at all. It has been so long since that happened back then, and I have already figured it out. It was originally my fault, and it was my punishment. You and her have two children, and the children are innocent. You can’t do this because of the consideration of the two children.”

Qin Yan eased her tone and continued, “Besides, with your status, if the leaders of the army find out, your future will be over. Now that I am married and living a happy life, let the past go. As for Mumu…” Qin Yan lowered her voice, “I didn’t take good care of her, just treat it as me, her mother owing her something. If there is an afterlife, I will definitely love her well. In this life, we were not destined to be mother and daughter.”

Yan Anbang’s eyes turned red, and he said in a rough voice, “Yanyan, don’t say that. It’s not wrong, it’s all my fault, I was too cowardly.”

If he had been braver back then, he wouldn’t have caused today’s tragedy.

“Anbang, don’t talk about it, this matter is over, and won’t do anything for me. I came back this time because this is my hometown, not because I want to destroy your family. If I had known earlier than I won’t have come back at all.”

She said sincerely, but it made Yan Anbang feel even guiltier, “Yanyan, I’m sorry for you, if you need anything in the future, you can come to me, as long as I can help, I will definitely help.”

He didn’t say that he had divorced Zhao Jiaqing, as he didn’t want to add psychological burden to Qin Yan, she was such a kind woman.

After hanging up the phone, when Yan Anbang looked at the divorce agreement again, the little emotion in his heart disappeared without a trace.

Qin Yan looked at the mobile phone that ended the call, with a faint smile on her lips.

“What are you thinking, so happy?” The man hugged her from behind and asked softly in her ear.

Qin Yan smiled softly, and kissed the man’s face, “Honey, you’re back. I just called a friend and chatted for a while. What do you want to eat for dinner? I’ll make it for you.”

The man’s age was in his forties or fifties, with an ordinary appearance, but the eyes he looked at Qin Yan were full of pampering. Presumably, he liked Qin Yan very much.

Qin Yan was wearing a suspender pyjamas. From the man’s perspective, he could see a large area of snow-white skin, and he could still see her two balls of snow-white. The man’s eyes became darker. He had to say that Qin Yan was beautiful. Even as a woman in her forties she was still charming, not only her face was well-maintained, but her figure was also quite well-maintained. If she went out, people would believe her even if she said that she was only in her early thirties.

The man picked her up and walked into the bedroom, “I want to eat you tonight.” The man’s ambiguous voice rang in Qin Yan’s ears, and she smiled enchantingly, wrapping her arms around the man’s neck.

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