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Shen Qinglan didn’t think too much about it, or believed that Fang Tong could handle it by herself, if it couldn’t be done, then she wouldn’t be the Fang Tong she knew.

“Qinglan, Qinglan, I’m starving to death, do you have anything to eat?” Yu Xiaoxuan’s voice came from outside when she was still at the door, Fang Tong and Shen Qinglan looked at each other and smiled silently.

“Hey, why are there only fruits and vegetables? Why is there no meat at all?” Yu Xiaoxuan was disappointed that she didn’t see anything to eat on the table.

“The last time you ate meat,  you were sent to the hospital, was the lesson not deep enough. You still miss the meat.” Fang Tong laughed.

Yu Xiaoxuan bared her teeth, “What do you know, last time I ate too much at once, this time I definitely won’t eat too much.” Then she looked at Shen Qinglan eagerly, like a child waiting to be fed.

Shen Qinglan had no choice but to press the service bell on the wall, the waiter came in quickly, and Shen Qinglan handed the menu to Yu Xiaoxuan.

Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t order a lot this time, but ordered for three people.

While waiting for the food to be served, Yu Xiaoxuan’s mouth did not stop. She picked up the fruit on the table and ate happily. While eating, she did not forget to say to Shen Qinglan and the others, “Qinglan, do you know that recently my idol is coming to the capital!” Yu Xiaoxuan looked excited.

“Your idol? Who?” Fang Tong asked.

Yu Xiaoxuan rolled her eyes, “It’s the international superstar Andre, he’s coming to the capital, next week. And he’s still coming to our company. I’ve only seen him on TV and in magazines, but now I can see him in reality, and I heard that this time he is cooperating with our company to make a movie and will stay in country Z for a while, which is really great.”

Shen Qinglan, who was just listening casually, paused and looked at Yu Xiaoxuan, “Andre is coming to Country Z?”

Yu Xiaoxuan nodded, “Yes, next Wednesday, our company is going to make a movie, and he is the leading actor.”

Having said that, Yu Xiaoxuan lowered her voice and said mysteriously, “Actually, the company had no hope in sending an invitation to him, because since his debut, he has never accepted an invitation from country Z. Be it any invitation. This time the company was actually just trying it out, but he actually agreed.”

“Why didn’t he accept any invitations from country Z?” Fang Tong was puzzled, she didn’t follow stars, and didn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, so naturally she didn’t know about these things.

Yu Xiaoxuan took a bite of the watermelon and shook her head, “I don’t know, anyway, he has never accepted an invitation from country Z, nor has he been to country Z, and this person is very mysterious, even though he has debuted for so many years, nobody knows about his private life. It’s very rare, and he doesn’t have any scandals or negative news. All the reports about him are positive. It can be said that he is a clear stream in the entertainment industry. But recently there is news that he is a couple with the supermodel Sisli, and they have been dating for many years, I don’t know if it is true. But Sisli’s figure is really good, I wish I had such a figure.”

Yu Xiaoxuan had longing on her face, she herself paid more attention to entertainment gossip news, now that she was in the circle, she knew even more about these, and she was familiar with them when talking about them.

Shen Qinglan listened silently, thinking about it in her heart.

“By the way, Qinglan, my graduation thesis is finished. You can help me take a look at it some other day. I’m afraid I won’t be able to pass it with my supervisor.”

Shen Qinglan said yes, and looked at Fang Tong, “Have you finished your thesis yet?”

“It’s finished, and I can hand it over to my supervisor at that time, but there may be some problems with my foreign language translation, Qinglan, can you help me take a look?”

“No problem, you can mail the file to me when the time comes.”

After dinner, the three of them went to the bar downstairs to sit for a while. The three of them had different temperaments and were beautiful. Naturally, they attracted the attention of many people, but no one came up to bother them. Shen Qinglan’s whole body seemed to indicate that strangers should stay away.

The family conditions of those who could come here were not bad, at least they were not short of money. Naturally, Shen Qinglan, an upstart in the capital, knew that when people gathered with friends, they would naturally not come up to bother them so coldly.

“Qinglan, it’s better to come out with you, it’s clean.” Yu Xiaoxuan looked around, noticed the eyes of the people around her, covered her mouth and smiled lightly, while holding a glass of juice in her hand, not because she didn’t want to drink, but because it was Shen Qinglan who stopped her.

Fang Tong nodded in agreement, and then her eyes suddenly paused when he looked at a certain place, “Qinglan, is that your adoptive sister?”

Shen Qinglan followed her gaze, and it was indeed Shen Xitong at the bar, and the man sitting next to her seemed to be the man who appeared at Mr. Zhou’s birthday banquet yesterday. It was said that he was the son of one of the leading business groups.


“She’s been in a good mood recently, and you can always see her news in the newspapers. Didn’t you say that she was preparing for a concert, why does she still have time to come here?” Yu Xiaoxuan rolled her eyes, she really didn’t like Shen Xitong, and since she met Shen Xitong last time, her perception of Shen Xitong had dropped to negative points.

She couldn’t even understand that even though Shen Qinglan’s mother seemed to be a gentle, intellectual, and reasonable person, why couldn’t she see Shen Xitong’s real face, and treated her better than Qinglan, her own daughter?

This time the concert was heavily publicized, and it was Shen Xitong’s first solo performance. Chu Yunrong wanted to praise her, so the media naturally wanted to give her face. Naturally, Shen Xitong was paid a lot of attention. With them fuelling the flames behind the scenes, it was impossible for Shen Xitong not to be popular this time.

Looking at it from Shen Qinglan’s perspective, it could be seen that Shen Xitong was having a pleasant chat with that man. Her dress today was quite normal, without heavy makeup, which was in line with her usual ladylike style.

When Shen Xitong was having a heated chat with the man, she didn’t notice Shen Qinglan and the others at all.

“Xitong, there is a party this weekend, you come too, we are all familiar friends, and I will introduce you to the others.”

The man sent out an invitation, and Shen Xitong naturally would not refuse, after all, the concert had not yet started, so it was not yet time to offend this man.

“Of course, I just don’t know what I need to prepare?” Shen Xitong asked softly, looking like a lady.

The man did like Shen Xitong, although he also knew that Shen Xitong was only the adopted daughter of the Shen family, but he had self-knowledge that the serious daughter of the Shen family was not someone he could think about, and Shen Xitong was also a favoured one, so it didn’t matter if she was an adopted daughter.

“You don’t need to prepare anything, as long as you’re there, it’s just a gathering of familiar friends, it’s not a very formal occasion.” The man said.

Shen Xitong understood that this was probably a private gathering of a few wealthy second generations, and going to it was just a good way to expand her social circle.

The two were chatting and laughing, but they didn’t know that someone was secretly filming them with a camera not far away.

Shen Qinglan glanced at it twice, then looked away, and continued to chat with Fang Tong and Yu Xiaoxuan.

“Little sister-in-law.” Han Yi’s voice sounded above her head, Shen Qinglan looked and saw Han Yi’s monstrous face.

Han Yi sat down with them by himself, and coincidentally, he sat beside Yu Xiaoxuan and glanced at the table, “Sister-in-law, why didn’t you order wine since you’re here? Just order whatever you want, I’ll treat you.”

“I still have to drive, and I can’t drink.” Shen Qinglan said lightly.

Han Yi just came out of the company. He originally wanted to come here for a drink, but was told by the manager that Shen Qinglan and his friends were here. Shen Qinglan had only a few friends, so Han Yi, who originally wanted to go to the private room, turned to the bar.

“It’s better for girls to drink less.” Han Yi said, and glanced at Yu Xiaoxuan beside him with a half-smile.

After Yu Xiaoxuan saw Han Yi come in, her gaze never stayed on Han Yi’s body, and she concentrated on drinking the juice, as if what she was drinking was not juice, but nectar and jade dew.

Han Yi felt funny, this girl was really vengeful, since last year’s annual meeting, she had hardly looked at him.

“Sister-in-law, I heard that you have set up a teahouse?” Han Yi started talking about serious business.

Shen Qinglan nodded, her teahouse had been officially opened for a long time, most of them were old customers, and the business had not declined because of the change of boss.

In addition, before the opening of the teahouse after the year, Shen Qinglan made minor adjustments to the furnishings in the teahouse, making the environment more elegant, and so more people came.

Although she seldom appeared in the teahouse now, she still went there once a week. After all, it was her own official business, and she should be concerned about it.

“Sister-in-law, our company is going to entertain a group of guests from country H recently, and some of them like our tea ceremony very much. I wonder if I can borrow my sister-in-law’s teahouse?”

“I’ll give you the manager’s phone number, you can contact her directly, and she will make arrangements for you.” Shen Qinglan agreed without hesitation.

Originally, the teahouse did not have a store manager, but only one owner. This store manager was selected by Shen Qinglan later. Although he had held the job for a short time, he had a strong ability to handle affairs, which saved her a lot of work.

Han Yi had never been to that teahouse, but he had also heard from Shen Junyu that it was taking the high-end route, so he was not afraid of losing face.

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