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Tang Tang waited anxiously at home. She waited until midnight. When everything was silent, the sound of the door lock opening finally sounded. Tang Tang immediately jumped up from the sofa and ran to the door, opening the door first.

“Husband, you are finally back!” Seeing the person coming, Tang Tang couldn’t help but rush over and throw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“What’s the matter? Be good, let husband come in first.” Ji Yan smiled, picked her up and walked in, closed the door with his feet, and carried her directly into the bedroom.

“Why didn’t you go to bed even though it is so late?” Ji Yan put the person in pajamas on the bed, covered her cold feet with his big hands, and quickly warmed her feet.

Tang Tang’s whole heart was up and down, “Husband, why had you been there for so long? What happened?”

The expression on Ji Yan’s face was very relaxed, “It’s okay, I’ve taken care of everything, the Tang family won’t come to you again, don’t worry.”

What he said was an understatement, but Tang Tang didn’t believe it very much. The Tang family was so persistent that they even knelt and kowtowed. How could they give up so easily? So she couldn’t help asking, “How did you do it? Did they really give up?”

Ji Yan smiled and pinched her cheek, “Silly girl, your husband will take care of these things, don’t worry about it, be good.”

Knowing that he didn’t want to tell her, Tang Tang flattened her mouth, but she nodded and stopped asking.

“So cute.” Ji Yan kissed her forehead, hugged her into her arms, then with guilt in his tone, he said, “Tang Tang, our trip will be delayed for a while tomorrow, I’m sorry.”

Tang Tang knew he was going to deal with this matter, so she raised her head and kissed his chin with light stubble, “Husband, go do it if you have something to do, and we’ll go to play after you are done. It’s not that we don’t have time. The children and grandpa will understand.”

Ji Yan smiled, suddenly stretched out his hand and picked her up horizontally, and said while walking to the bathroom: “Why is my wife so obedient? Huh? Your husband is in great pain tonight.”

Tang Tang covered her face in shame, and her uneasy thoughts about the Tang family’s affairs instantly drifted away, leaving only the man in her eyes.

An hour later, Ji Yan came out of the bathroom holding Tang Tang, who was already tired enough to sleep, and gently put her into the bed, kissed her forehead, and after making sure that she was sleeping soundly, he put on his clothes and stepped out on the balcony, then he took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, the lighter flame looming bright in the dark night.

Standing quietly looking at the night sky, thinking about what happened tonight, an unstoppable surge of anger surged in his chest.

His woman, the treasure in his heart, why should they treat her like this! How dare they!

After he sent the Tang family away, he called someone to investigate Mother Tang’s illness. Mother Tang was in the late stage of kidney failure, and her physical condition was already very serious. Physical therapy could no longer sustain her life. The last hope was to have a kidney transplant. Then only it was possible to survive.

Originally, according to the financial resources of the Tang family, it was not too difficult to find a suitable kidney, but Mother Tang had a special blood type, so it was rare to find a suitable match. Unfortunately, Tang Tang’s blood type happened to match, which was why the Tang family was obsessed with Tang Tang.

But that was not what made Ji Yan so angry, what made him angry was the news he heard next.

Mother Tang’s health was very poor. She not only had kidney problems, but also had many other problems. Therefore, even if the risk of surgery was avoided and the transplant operation was successful, the probability of recovery was only 50%. Moreover, because Mother Tang had other physical problems, even if this transplant was successful, she would not live for more than three years.

That was to say, under the ideal situation where all aspects were guaranteed to be fine, Mother Tang could only live for three years at most. On the premise of knowing this situation, the Tang family still wanted to exchange Tang Tang’s healthy kidney and the rest of her life for Mother Tang’s precarious three-year life; regardless of safety and danger, they even knelt down in public to embarrass him, just to force Tang Tang to agree.

Mother Tang’s three-year lifespan was priceless in their eyes, but Tang Tang’s health was worthless in their eyes. He thought, if Tang Mi’s kidney matched Mother Tang at this moment, would the Tang family still be so determined to carry out the kidney transplant?

Not to mention that Tang Tang was not the original Tang Tang at all, even if it was the original one, it was extremely unfair. What right did they have to treat her like this?

Well, it was really good.

Since they didn’t take Tang Tang seriously and persecuted her again and again, don’t blame him for being cruel.

Ji Yan took another deep puff of cigarettes, thinking about the next action in his mind, until the sun rose from the east, then he finally calmed down his emotions, took out his mobile phone, found Sun Yi’s number, and dialed it.

He remembered that Sun Yi’s mother was the second in command of the tax bureau.

After hanging up the phone, there was movement in the room, and Tang Tang’s dazed voice came from inside, “Husband—”

Ji Yan rubbed his face, then he turned and entered the room. Inside, he saw Tang Tang who was in a daze, with her eyes closed, she was touching the place next to her, she probably missed him, so she called him.

Ji Yan smiled, walked over and getting into the quilt, hugged her into his arms, “Husband is here, it’s still early, go to sleep again.”

After finding the one she was looking for, she felt relieved, so Tang Tang closed her eyes and looked up while acting coquettishly with him, “Husband kiss.”

Don’t look at Tang Tang who was a lady and reserved during the day, but once she had slept like a child, especially in front of him, she always acted coquettishly and became playful unconsciously, like a little girl, but he really loved her to death like this.

He kissed obediently on her forehead, kissed on the nose again, and finally kissed her on the lips, which made Tang Tang satisfied, then she closed her eyes again and fell asleep.

Looking at the beautiful face of the little wife in his arms, Ji Yan really felt that no matter how much he loved her, he couldn’t love her enough. He wanted to give all the good things to this baby from another world, so as not to surprise her, save her from suffering, and save her from wandering around, lest she have no branches to rely on. Therefore, he would never allow her to suffer any harm, including from that unknown report.

Who checked Tang Tang without anyone knowing it?

Ji Yan searched carefully in his mind for the opportunity that Tang Tang might have come into contact with the inspection equipment during these days. Suddenly, a picture flashed through his mind quickly, his pupils shrank, and he had some kind of guess in an instant.

It was that time…

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