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Yun Qing lay obediently in Huo Yunshen’s arms, thinking that he was going back to the small attic when he said he was going home. Unexpectedly, the car ran over the firecracker debris on the ground and went in an unfamiliar direction.

During the days when he could not see Qingqing, Huo Yunshen worked desperately and saved money to rent a new house, still near Ninghua Middle School. Although the area was not large, only forty or fifty square meters, it was better than the previous environment.

The small home was decorated according to Qingqing’s favourite style, and a separate small bed was bought for her, with pink-blue sheets and pillows that were much softer than the ones he used.

Yun Qing rushed over in surprise and shock, touched the soft quilt, and asked with watery eyes: “Why did you prepare this?”

Was he trying to do something worse?

The extreme intimacy between boyfriend and girlfriend, even if she couldn’t talk about it and she didn’t dare to mention it, but she understood it. After all, she was still a little scared in her heart, but if Brother Yunshen really wanted to, she could… work hard to overcome her hesitation.

Huo Yunshen squatted down, raised his head and pinched her blushing face, smiling a little naughtily: “What are you thinking about, little girl? I bought you a bed so that you can come and rest when you don’t want to go home at noon.”

He raised his lips and said seriously: “If I really planned to do something, I wouldn’t buy it. I would just trick you here and force you to share a bed with me.”

Yun Qing was told something important again, and she pushed him away with burning cheeks.

Huo Yunshen carried her to the small sofa by the window, hugged her and watched the fireworks roaring outside.

The bright colours made Yun Qing’s profile seem unrealistic. He stared at it obsessively and said in her ear: “My Qingqing is not yet an adult. She is too young and I don’t want to let her suffer.”

“When you grow up and can determine your true feelings…” He lowered his voice, and there was some pain in his eyes, “Only then will I do it.”

Huo Yunshen said this calmly, but his heart was shrinking silently.

Qingqing was already in her second year of high school and would take the college entrance examination the next year. Her grades were so good that it would not be a problem for her to go to any prestigious school. She did not necessarily have to stay in Haicheng. There would be more and more like-minded boys in the university. When she saw the bigger world, would she still be willing to be bound by his side?

But he…

He had integrated her in all his life and could not be separated even in death.

If she really regretted it one day…

Yun Qing saw that he was absent-minded, and there was a trance-like glimmer in his eyes. She squeezed his fingers in confusion and said, “We haven’t eaten the dumplings yet. They are getting cold.”

Huo Yunshen’s eyelashes trembled and he laughed hoarsely: “Okay, today is the Chinese New Year. We can’t let Qingqing eat the leftovers from those people. I will make new ones now.”

“You can make dumplings?!”

Yun Qing was surprised. Huo Yunshen looked someone far away from the kitchen. How could she tell that he knew how to cook such complicated dishes?

Huo Yunshen kissed her face: “For the little cutie in the family, I can learn everything.”

The kitchen was small and cosy, and Yun Qing joined in the fun not to be outdone, squeezing between Huo Yunshen and the cabinets, smiling and smearing flour on his face. Huo Yunshen simply trapped her, pressing her neither lightly nor heavily so that she couldn’t move, and leaned over, biting her lips and rubbing his face against hers.

Both of them also had white flour on their heads.

Yun Qing asked happily: “Does this count as growing old together?”

“It doesn’t count,” Huo Yunshen hugged her greedily, absorbing her endless sweetness. “Don’t try to trick me with flour. I will take you until you are old.”

The dumplings were not cooked until late at night, and they were crooked in different shapes and sizes.

Yun Qing picked them up like a treasure, puffed her face and blew on it until it was warm, and fed it into Huo Yunshen’s mouth. She asked with bright eyes: “I made this particularly ugly one. Is it delicious?”

Huo Yunshen even couldn’t bear to swallow and kept nodding.

He had lived for almost twenty years, before having the best Spring Festival, and eating the most delicious dumplings in the world.

In the next few days, there was no one in the Yun family, and Yun Qing stayed with Huo Yunshen peacefully. The short sweetness of the day and night was exchanged for Huo Linchuan’s anger after hearing the news, thinking that Yun Qing had given everything to Huo Yunshen. Her cold rejection towards him, which had never changed, finally ignited his true jealousy.

He originally thought that Yun Qing would give up sooner or later after seeing Huo Yunshen’s miserable state, and come back to be his Mrs. Huo, but he didn’t expect that she was so obsessed that she didn’t deserve his polite treatment.

After school started, Huo Linchuan, wanting to vent and take revenge, went to Ninghua Middle School many times to intercept Yun Qing with evil intentions.

Huo Yunshen was beyond his expectation. He seemed to have changed into a different person. His mood, which had been gradually calming down for more than a year, had been swept away, and he turned into an extremely ferocious beast. He was bleeding and forcing himself in front of him again and again, trying to eat him alive.

The more this happened, the more violent Huo Linchuan became. One time, he forced Yun Qing and was injured by Huo Yunshen. In anger, in front of Yun Qing, he had people restrain Huo Yunshen and stabbed him with a knife.

Yun Qing acted like a madman and stood in front of Huo Yunshen without hesitation.

Huo Linchuan was furious and grabbed Yun Qing’s slender, snow-white neck. He was wearing expensive gloves and his thumbs were decorated with metal. His fingers dug into her skin, leaving a scarring wound.

That was the day when Huo Yunshen broke out completely and frantically struggled towards him, desperate for revenge. This made Huo Linchuan, who had always been complacent, extremely frightened. In the end, he fell in a pool of blood in disbelief with his body wasted.

Huo Yunshen carried Yun Qing home, wiped her wounds with scarlet eyes, and completely collapsed.

Yun Qing hugged him, held his head, and pressed her lips to the gaping hole, and said softly: “I don’t feel any pain at all. Even if it leaves a scar, it’s not ugly. It has nothing to do with anyone else, from now on, it’s just my imprint for you.”

Huo Yunshen trembled and hugged her tightly, his teeth sore from clenching his teeth.

After Huo Linchuan disappeared, the college entrance examination time was approaching, and the atmosphere in the school became increasingly tense. They talked about aspirations and the future. Yun Qing was the only one who was not asked where she was going to take the exam. Everyone knew that she was the first in her grade, and she would absolutely want to go to the best university in Beijing.

However, Cheng Tian felt that it was a bit dangerous, so when he went to buy snacks with Yun Qing during the break, he took the opportunity to ask her: “Tell me the truth, where are you going to take the exam?”

Yun Qing said quietly: “Haicheng.”

Cheng Tian had a as expected look on his face and shook her: “Please wake up. There are famous schools in Haicheng, but they are still inferior to those in Beijing. Why are you bothering? Don’t tell me it’s for the big devil! Of course you are going to Beijing ah–“

In the shade of a tree a few meters away, Huo Yunshen was holding Qingqing’s favourite snacks and drinks in his hand. Hearing the last sentence, he suddenly stopped running towards her.

This was a trail with fewer people walking on it.

Every time he came to see Qingqing, he liked to choose this place to avoid being seen by too many people which would not be good for her.

The joy of meeting her today was frozen by these words.

He tried his best to avoid asking Qingqing about her college entrance examination aspirations, for fear of getting an answer he couldn’t accept. Now…

Yun Qing said nothing, showing her silent disapproval of Cheng Tian.

Cheng Tian sighed and said sincerely: “You are showing mercy by being able to fall in love with the big devil, aren’t you? Do you still want to let him stay with you for the rest of your life? Yun Qing, wake up, you have such good conditions, you will go to university in the future, how many young talents who match you must be crazy to chase you, you will definitely be spoiled for choice by then, and naturally you will know how stupid you are now!”

Without waiting for Yun Qing to speak, he rushed to persuade: “Look at our school itself, several couples have broken up. Everyone is sober and understands that their lives will be different in the future. Just break up and get rid of early -“

Yun Qing had a lot of retorts on her lips and was suddenly stunned.

No wonder…

After Huo Linchuan disappeared, brother Yunshen’s condition obviously gradually improved and returned to his previous state. However, as the college entrance examination approached, he became gloomy and silent again, and lost weight.

It turned out that it was because of this.

He thought about it earlier than she did. Every day and every night, he was worried that she would leave him.

Yun Qing understood, and felt so uncomfortable that she twisted into a ball.

But what Huo Yunshen saw was Qingqing acquiescing to Cheng Tian’s words without saying a word.

He exhausted all his strength and walked in the opposite direction step by step. His fragile nerves were repeatedly grinded by the word “breakup”. His heart felt like it was being dug out and chopped into pieces, and there was a fishy smell in his throat.

If Qingqing told him to break up, he didn’t know what he would do.

He would rather lie to himself.

Yun Qing went back after buying snacks and couldn’t help but call Huo Yunshen before going to class. She wanted to hear his voice and planned to go to Xiaojia after school in the evening to coax him and reassure him.

But Huo Yunshen said: “Qingqing, I’m very busy with work these days. You should also review carefully and not be affected. I will find time to see you.”

Yun Qing was a little disappointed: “I still have something to say to you…”

Huo Yunshen’s body became cold, fearing that Qingqing would break up so soon. On the other end of the phone, he pinched the bleeding marks on his palms before remaining calm and said: “I’m really busy. I can’t take care of it for the time being. I’ll wait until the next time we meet.”

He could endure it, endure not seeing her, and secretly go see her without losing her.

Huo Yunshen waited until the eve of the college entrance examination without sleeping a full night. He went to Ninghua every day to watch Yun Qing from a distance without saying a word. Sometimes he would have to attend several classes just to look at her more, like a cold and silent sculpture.

The night before the college entrance examination, Yun Qing couldn’t bear it and called him: “Huo Yunshen, are you ignoring me? I’m downstairs!”

Huo Yunshen rushed downstairs unsteadily and hugged her until her bones ached.

Yun Qing pinched him bitterly: “Pick me up after the exam. I have something to talk to you about. How will I punish you if you make me wait?”

On the day the exam ended, the sun was setting brightly, and the streets were filled with students cheering for liberation. Only Huo Yunshen stood under a tree, his eyes grey and lifeless.

Yun Qing waited for the crowd to disperse before walking out and said to Huo Yunshen, “I did very well in the exam.”

His voice was suppressed: “I know.”

“Can you let me say what I want to say now?”

Huo Yunshen’s fingers were cold and he turned around and walked forward, his steps mechanical and stiff.


She should just kill him without saying these two words.

The long street was full of celebrations and laughter, but he was the only one who looked pale and shaky.

Yun Qing felt both angry and distressed. She chased him and grabbed him, pulled him to the shade of a tree and pushed him against the trunk. She raised her little head and warned fiercely: “No matter if I do well or not, I will go to college in Haicheng. I won’t let you go. If you dare to avoid me again, I will meet many seniors on the first day of school——”

Huo Yunshen grabbed her wrist: “It’s not… break up.”

Yun Qing blushed.

He actually even thought about this!

Huo Yunshen pulled her into his arms and bit her open and closed lips.

Didn’t break up.

There would be no seniors.

Qingqing only wanted him!

Yun Qing’s ears were burning, and she couldn’t breathe properly and said aggrievedly: “Is your evaluation of yourself so unreal? Don’t you know that to me, Huo Yunshen is the best and most worthy!”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t help but bury himself in the crook of her neck, trying to save his lost face: “…You can also take the Beijing exam, as long as you still want me.”

He was imprisoned, unable to leave Haicheng, and could not pursue her, so he was in extra pain.

Yun Qing tilted her head: “Really? Are you willing to let me stay so far away from you?”

Huo Yunshen gritted his teeth deeply, and the muscles on his arms became stiff.

Yun Qing couldn’t bear to tease him anymore, so she leaned against his chest and whispered softly: “I’m not going anywhere. I like the university in Haicheng, and I can’t bear to leave Huo Yunshen in Haicheng.”

After the semester started in September, Huo Yunshen moved out of his original house and rented a larger one near the university. He carefully prepared it without telling Qingqing and went to pick her up at the school gate.

Yun Qing wore an off-white long skirt and ran briskly towards him against the wind. All the beautiful and gorgeous lights that day fell on her body.

Huo Yunshen held her hand, hiding his nervousness, and whispered: “Qingqing, I have rented a new house. It is very close to the school. You can go and stay for a day or two occasionally…”

He knew what it meant to keep her overnight.

But he had long since lost his patience.

Yun Qing bent his eyes and waved: “Lower your height.”

Huo Yunshen leaned forward.

She leaned close to his ear and said softly: “It’s not enough for a short stay. Can I apply for a long stay? This time… just one big bed is enough.”

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