5BKCM Ch. 31: School Life

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She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the bed in Nie Yu’s house was more comfortable than that in Qisen’s house. After washing up, Gu Yuan lay on the big bed, playing with her mobile phone with her feet up, feeling that her life was really complete.

Camille taught her a lot of things in the past two days. She started to learn how to shop on Taobei. Taobei was really a treasure. You could search for whatever you wanted. If you didn’t know the name, you could also use pictures to search. Gu Yuan quickly registered an account and started trying to buy. This jacket was good. She bought one for each of her two sons. This tie was good. She bought one for each of her two sons…

When she put a lot of products in the shopping cart and planned to place an order, Gu Yuan discovered that she did not know the address of her son’s home.

She opened WeChat and found Nie Yu’s WeChat account.

Different from Qisen’s simple profile picture and nickname, her Nie Yu’s profile picture was a selfie, cool and handsome, with his bangs half hanging down from his forehead, covering his narrow eyes, which were slightly narrowed. He looked handsome, cool and full of mystery.

If Gu Yuan didn’t know him, she might have screamed or been fascinated by this photo at first sight, but now that she saw it, she only had one thought, this kid is pretty good at posing.

The nickname of Nie Yu was also interesting, it was “riding an ant to see the sea”.

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Yu’er, I would like to ask what your home address is?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “What do you want to do again?”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Mom wants to buy something online, but it’s inconvenient to send it to school. I don’t live with Qisen recently, so I have to get it delivered here. Is that okay?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “It’s up to you.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “So, address?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Wait a minute.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Well-behaved.jpg”

After a while, Gu Yuan finally received an address.

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Thank you, son! I will place the order at this address, it won’t cause you any trouble?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “It’s up to you.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Good night, son, go to bed early.”

The other person didn’t respond or take any notice at all. Gu Yuan didn’t care and continued shopping online happily, buying, buying, buying, placing orders after orders, and was very happy with the purchases.

At the same time, Butler Zhuge, who was in awe after a busy day and tried to call his husband but couldn’t get through, was also confused.

The young master had never cared about these trivial matters in life. He had always had people helping him take care of things wherever he went since he was a child. He had never worried about his home address. But today, he was urged to ask him what the house number was.

Because he was busy, he did not reply in time, and was actually called to death by the young master for interrogation.

Butler Zhuge touched his chin and wondered, what happened to the young master recently? Was the real spring for the young master coming?

When Gu Yuan woke up early the next morning, she heard the pitter-patter outside. She rubbed her eyes and got up and came to the floor-to-ceiling window.

Outside Nie Yu’s villa was the back mountain, where the scenery was very good. It was raining here at this time, and the misty rain had shrouded the green mountain scenery in a light rain and mist. Listening to the ticking sound on the balcony, admiring the scenery, there was a slanting wind and drizzle, and the white screen window was blown up, with a cool dampness blowing on her face, which created a unique artistic conception.

Gu Yuan stretched out and started to wash up quickly. She had classes at school today, and Nie Yu’s villa was halfway up the mountain. She had to rush there early, otherwise she would be late and miss her morning class.

After washing up, she picked up her phone and saw a WeChat message from Ji Qisen.

JQS: “Stayed at Nie Yu’s place last night? How did you sleep?”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Yeah, yeah, I slept well.”

JQS: “His home is far from your school. Ask him to send a car to take you to school.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Okay, I know!”

JQS: “It’s raining today and the weather is getting cooler. Remember to wear more clothes to avoid catching a cold.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “I know, thank you for your concern, son, you do the same too!”

JQS: “It’s raining and there’s a traffic jam. There are a lot of cars on the road. Pay attention to safety when crossing the road and don’t play with your mobile phone.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “…I know!”

JQS: “Go home early after school and don’t hang out with unfamiliar classmates. If you want to make friends at school, be careful to screen them carefully.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “…well, I understand.”

After signing out of WeChat, Gu Yuan felt that three black lines had appeared on her forehead.

She didn’t notice it when they lived together before, but now that they were separated, why did it feel like Ji Qisen was like an old father who was reluctant to let go of his daughter, giving her all kinds of instructions?

Sighing softly, Gu Yuan happened to see Nie Yu’s handsome profile picture. After she clicked on it, she thought about it and sent a message.

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Good morning, son, how did you sleep last night?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “It’s not bad.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “You have to go to work, right? The company is not close to here, right? Be careful on the road.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “I know.”

Yuanyuan loves eating grass: “It’s easy to get traffic jams when it rains. If you’re taking a car, please ask the driver to pay attention to safety.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “…I understand.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “That…”

Faced with such obedient Nie Yu, Gu Yuan suddenly didn’t know what to say. She quickly opened the chat between herself and Ji Qisen, drew some inspiration, got the connotation, and sent another message.

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “You are not young now. You should be careful when making friends outside. Don’t make bad friends. Remember to make some friends who are good for you.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “…Hmm.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Okay, go to work early. Come on, son, mom won’t disturb you anymore!”

After riding an ant to see the sea did not reply anymore, Gu Yuan looked at the chat history between herself and her son and felt that she had perfectly fulfilled the role of a gentle mother who cared about her son and was very satisfied with herself.

On the other side, Nie Yu, who was ignoring Gu Yuan on WeChat, was sitting there, holding his mobile phone, looking at the message sent by “Yuanyuan loves to eat grass” on WeChat, reading it over and over again, and finally remembering something, he quickly summoned Butler Zhuge.

“Prepare the car and take her to school. She is studying at the Capital Film Academy.”


“Prepare another set of autumn clothes, the weather is relatively cold today.”


Butler Zhuge was so excited. The young master had made so many girlfriends, but he had never been so interested them as he was in Miss Gu. It seemed that the real spring was really coming.

He knew the young master, he had seen growing up, was definitely not a playboy. He just hadn’t found true love!

Just when he was getting excited, the young master began to give instructions again: “That’s right——”

Butler Zhuge: “If there is anything else, young master, just give me your orders!”

Nie Yu: “Don’t tell her that I ordered you.”

Butler Zhuge: “?”

While agreeing, he pondered in his mind, could it be that the young master just had a crush now?

Gu Yuan secretly sighed, Butler Zhuge and Butler Sima were indeed the same model, they were both so considerate.

Butler Zhuge actually prepared several sets of autumn clothes and several sets of underwear for her, which was a real timely blessing for her. Nie Yu came here in a hurry and didn’t bring a change of clothes. It was great to have this.

Those clothes were all top brands that Camille had told her about, and Gu Yuan chose one at random and put it on.

After putting it on, Butler Zhuge had prepared a car to take her to school, and the rain gear was complete.

After Gu Yuan thanked Butler Zhuge gratefully, she asked the driver to park the car near the school, and she walked over with an umbrella.

When she walked to the school gate, she happened to bump into Huo Sijia, who she had gone shopping with yesterday. Huo Sijia was walking into the school with a few classmates. When Huo Sijia saw Gu Yuan, she immediately curled her lips with a look of disdain. After a few classmates looked at Gu Yuan with a meaningful look, they began to talk in a low voice and looked at Gu Yuan from time to time.

Gu Yuan could clearly feel that she was being discussed, and in negative terms.

They were discovered very easily, as they were whispering in front of her face, sometimes letting out mocking laughter, sometimes curling their lips with a look of contempt, and sometimes looking at her with a vague look on their faces.

Gu Yuan thought for a moment and then realized that it must be that her authentic limited edition bag of a certain brand blinded others yesterday, and everyone couldn’t stand it.

On college campuses, especially in this film school full of “quasi-stars”, there was a strong trend of comparison, and there were many girls with sugar daddies who acted like sweethearts. Such people were both enviable and despised. They were regarded by others as “that kind of person”.

She chuckled, but didn’t pay much attention to them, and walked past them to the school.

When the two roommates saw her coming, they all gathered around and chattered about what happened yesterday.

Now that she was discovered, Gu Yuan felt that there was nothing to hide, so she said openly: “I don’t pay much attention to the prices of these things, and I don’t understand the brands. Anyway, I just buy them casually.”

This sentence caused Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan to click their tongues.

Chen Yuting: “Gu Yuan, I really couldn’t tell, you are so rich! You actually just took that kind of black card!”

Wang Yuehan: “You are so rich, why do you still eat with us when you usually eat?”

The key point was that she had to go to the cafeteria for free seaweed and egg drop soup every time!

Gu Yuan spread her hands: “Actually, it’s not me who is rich, it’s my relative who is rich. He gave me these things. He did give me money, but I can’t spend it casually. Besides, the food in the cafeteria is still delicious, and I love eating with you.”

The key was that she was not the kind of person who was very extravagant. Food was so expensive now, so she should save some money for her son.

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at each other, then hesitated. Chen Yuting said, “Huo Sijia said, you must have recognized your godfather…”

Wang Yuehan nodded: “She told others so.”

Of course, what she didn’t say was that Huo Sijia told others that she was not as rich as Gu Yuan, but she spent her biological father’s money, while Gu Yuan spent her godfather’s money.

Everyone knew what it meant to have a godfather.

Gu Yuan had actually thought that rumours would be spread and cause trouble, but she didn’t expect the rumours to come so quickly. What the hell, godfather, that was my biological son, okay!

But of course she couldn’t tell her roommates like this, so she just smiled and explained: “No, it’s a rich relative of mine.”

As she said that, she briefly mentioned that she had a rich relative in her family, who was very rich, and how she was living in their house temporarily.

Finally, she said: “Anyway, it’s impossible for me to recognize anyone as my godfather!”

Chen Yuting thought about it and said, “Gu Yuan, I believe you. I feel like you are not that kind of person.”

Wang Yuehan also said: “Gu Yuan has a very simple temperament. I have seen seniors who recognized their father, but they are not like Gu Yuan at all.”

To put it bluntly, Gu Yuan was a person who didn’t even put on sunscreen. She was a pure natural and pollution-free little beauty. Would such a person think of having a godfather? It would be great if she knew what it meant to have a daddy!

After some discussion, the two friends felt that Huo Sijia was jealous of Gu Yuan’s bag.

“Yesterday, she desperately said that Gu Yuan’s bag was a knockoff, and she wanted to beat Gu Yuan to death with a stick. Later, when the counter sister said that this bag was genuine, look at her expression.”

“Yes, I was embarrassed for her at that time, Gu Yuan’s bag was genuine and it killed her!”

“She must have spread these rumours. She knew you could afford such a bag. She was jealous of you and didn’t want you to steal her limelight.”

“Gu Yuan, don’t be afraid. We support you. If they say you have accepted a godfather and isolate you, then we won’t play with them anymore.”

In fact, Gu Yuan didn’t care about being isolated by Huo Sijia. After all, these little girls’ little thoughts were far away from her. However, it was quite touching to see her two roommates believing in her like this.

In the afternoon, she studied basic ballet skills. When she entered the No. 2 Bodybuilding Room, she found that not only herself, but also her two roommates were being ostracized. The girls in the class, led by Huo Sijia, turned a blind eye to the three of them, and occasionally would also point at them.

After listening carefully, some people said that Gu Yuan used counterfeit products to pass off famous brands, and said that everything she wore was fake. Others said that it was actually all original. She only got it because she recognized a godfather with a fat belly, and a bald head. Some people even said he had a nose and eyes, even telling what her godfather looked like and what car he drove.

The two roommates were very angry: “This is nonsense, made out of nothing!”

Gu Yuan was also confused. Twenty-five years had passed and the world had changed. But people’s hearts was still the same, and they were ostracizing their classmates like this!

After feeling angry, she decided not to argue with this group of people, and pulled her two roommates along: “I’ll treat you to a big dinner at noon. You can eat whatever you want.”

It was rare that she still had two roommates on her side, so she had to make good use of her friendship with them.

When Chen Yuting heard this, she was naturally very happy: “Then let’s eat at the restaurant in our school!”

Wang Yuehan was embarrassed: “Is it too expensive?”

That restaurant was much more expensive than the cafeteria. They were now studying in the film school, so they had to buy clothes, bags and other supplies. They must pay attention to their personal image. Two little girls from poor families were more economical when it came to food.

After hearing this, Gu Yuan didn’t understand, and asked curiously: “How much does a meal at that restaurant cost?”

Chen Yuting gestured with eight fingers: “The three of us can’t get enough of this number.”

Gu Yuan: “What is eight thousand?”

Not expensive!

Weren’t prices soaring and inflation happening now? Her son Ji Qisen has already told her how prices were soaring. A random meal cost several thousand. If you eat it in the cafeteria, a portion of Chinese cabbage cost 300 calories. Compared to restaurants outside, it only costs 8,000, which was not too outrageous.

Wang Yuehan was immediately startled: “Eight thousand? Gu Yuan, what are you thinking? A meal for the three of us in that restaurant will cost 800!”

Now she suddenly began to doubt, could Gu Yuan be some hidden rich girl?

Usually in the canteen, she always swiped the canteen card. Maybe she didn’t even look at how much it cost to buy a dish?

Gu Yan: “Eight hundred? It’s too cheap. Is there anything better?”

Chen Yuchen was a little confused: “How good is it? The best one is the one outside the school, but that one is indeed more expensive.”

Generally speaking, school restaurants were cheaper than outside. Eight hundred was considered more expensive for them, while those outside were more expensive catering for people in society.

Gu Yuan: “Never mind, let’s go eat something good outside!”

She had a black gold card stolen from Nie Yu. She now knew that this kind of card could be swiped casually, and there was endless money in it.

She was embarrassed to have spent too much money, but it was still no problem for just a few thousand dollars.

Wang Yuehan and Chen Yuting listened to Gu Yuan’s bold tone, and immediately took a breath of cold air and looked at each other.

Both of them were secretly thinking, could it be that they always looked away?

Was Gu Yuan actually a real wealthy lady?

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