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When Siyu saw Fifth Master Lu, she was taken aback.

When the crew caught fire, she vaguely felt that someone rushed into the fire scene to bring her out. At a blurred glance, she seemed to feel that the person was Fifth Master Lu, but since she woke up, Fifth Master Lu had not appeared even once. Siyu doubted whether it was hallucinations caused by being fumigated at that time.

Lu Xingzhou said that Fifth Master Lu had the culprit who was responsible for the arson to deal with, but he didn’t know how to deal with it for so long. He didn’t see anyone for several days. Siyu kept holding a thank you in her heart with nothing more to say, and for the first time she looked forward to his appearance.

A debt owed was not good, let alone this time Fifth Master Lu saved her life.

Now, Fifth Master Lu suddenly appeared in the ward. Although, Siyu still felt a little fear reflexively, she quickly remembered that this person had saved her, so the fear was suppressed, and she pursed her lips. She took the initiative to smile at Fifth Master Lu and called out obediently: “Fifth Master.”

Fifth Master Lu looked at her from a distance. The little girl looked better, and it made him want to go and take care of her well. At that time, when he rescued her, she lay feebly in his arms and her face was as white as paper. Fifth Master Lu did not want to recall the scene, and now that Siyu was recovering well, his hostile heart was also a little calmer.

He personally rushed to deal with the mastermind who had tampered with the props. In fact, he shouldn’t handle these things. For some reason, he had been warned not to get angry, not to commit too many crimes, and to cultivate his body and keep his cool. His self-control had always been strong, but he didn’t know why, when it came to Siyu’s affairs, especially seeing her being harmed with his own eyes, Fifth Master Lu was a little bit unable to control himself.

Of course, he didn’t need to tell Siyu about these things. Fifth Master Lu walked in slowly, glanced at the sweet smile on Siyu’s face, and curled his lips slightly.

This little girl had always been afraid of him to death, so, why did she suddenly change her demeanour?

Siyu even pushed his brother to sit on the other side of the bed and vacate the chair, she also graciously offered him the tiger apple that Ji Lin had cut before, “Fifth Master Lu, you taste it. Lu Xingzhou just delivered them this morning.”

Ji Lin stared at the little tiger that he had cut out after training on a few apples, that’s what he used to make his sister happy!

He glared at this man, feeling aggrieved, but he knew measure, and knowing that Fifth Master Lu had saved his sister’s life, he didn’t say anything to stop him, just looked at Siyu with a vague look.

“What are you looking at, do you want to eat too?” Siyu picked up a pufferfish-shaped apple-she strongly asked Ji Lin to cut, and then directly stuffed it in his mouth. Ji Lin was caught off guard and was stuffed with a big piece, which caused his cheeks to bulge, and he really looked like a pufferfish.

Fifth Master Lu looked down at the “little tiger” and don’t know what he thought of, he suddenly chuckled, “You really know how to pick them.” There were dozens of small animal-shaped apples in the fruit tray, and Siyu just glanced once and picked this one, it seemed that she subconsciously thought of him as a tiger?

Siyu glanced at him, but didn’t dare to say that in fact, she didn’t think the tiger was the most appropriate. A big-tailed wolf should be the best fit for Fifth Master Lu.

“But I still like rabbits better than the one you picked.” Fifth Master Lu put the tiger apple back into the fruit bowl and used a toothpick to pick up a rabbit apple. After Ji Lin’s violent treatment, the two rabbit ears were folded in half, and they looked awkward. Fifth Master Lu looked at it for a while, and the more he looked at it, the more he felt that it looked like the little girl lying in the hospital bed now.

Wasn’t she just as listless with her bunny ears hanging down?

In fact, Siyu did not expect this extremely picky master to eat it. After all, who knew if apple was also on Fifth Master Lu’s blacklist, but unexpectedly, he seemed to like it. He liked this little rabbit apple and staring down at Siyu, he ate it bite by bite.

Siyu always felt that his eyes caused people to panic when he looked at them?

Naturally, Fifth Master Lu didn’t come here empty-handed this time. He took out a small porcelain bottle and put it on the bedside. Siyu opened it and saw that it was still that kind of expensive pill, but now she didn’t bother to calculate how much it had spent. Anyway, she couldn’t afford to pay for it…

“Does someone want to give you supplements?” Fifth Master Lu asked abruptly.

Siyu was startled, nodded subconsciously, and then realized that the conversation she just had with Ji Lin about Wen Yuan was heard by this person, so, how long did he listen from the corner of the wall!

Fifth Master Lu still looked careless, “Don’t worry about that kind of inferior product, don’t eat it, be careful about eating them, because it will hurt your body.”

Siyu thought about it, indeed medicine was three points poison, and Fifth Master Lu had stuffed her with so much already. She couldn’t finish the whole lot, so she obediently said that she would distribute the medicines sent by Wen Yuan to others.

Fifth Master Lu was satisfied now, the air-conditioning on his body receded a little, and his hand twisting the Buddhist beads slowly stopped, then he said, “This incident is an accident, but it is the negligence of the people below. No matter where you go in the future, at least let one person follow you to avoid this happening again.” After a pause, he seemed to smile but his eyes were cold, “But if the fate of the main messenger is passed out this time…probably no one will attack you so boldly again.”

His voice seemed to be soaked in a thick bloody aura. Siyu was very sensitive to the changes in his breath. She was immediately irritated, so she coughed and moved away from his face. Ji Lin quickly grabbed the towel and wiped the blood stains for her. Ji Lin was not afraid, only the elder sister was someone he could not provoke, so even though he also felt that Fifth Master Lu was not easy to provoke, but seeing Siyu coughing hard, he turned his head and glared at him.

“My sister still needs to rest!” Ji Lin said in a posture of driving people away.

Fifth Master Lu raised his eyebrows when he looked at Ji Lin’s calf not being afraid of tiger appearance and raised his eyebrows. Apart from Siyu, this kid was the second person who dared to talk to him like this…These two people were worthy of being siblings.

After Siyu heard this, she coughed more severely, and while coughing, she reached out and quietly tugged Ji Lin’s sleeves. Silly boy, don’t provoke this humanoid monster. If you are too cool today, you will cry for your sister in the future.

Not only did Ji Lin fail to comprehend what his sister meant, he thought that she was emboldening him, so he straightened his back and said to Fifth Master Lu, “The visitation time here is only fifteen minutes, shouldn’t you leave?”

Siyu’s expression was numb, silly brother, why don’t you stop talking when you should?

Unexpectedly, Fifth Master Lu was not angry. He narrowed his eyes, as if he had heard something funny, and asked with a smile, “You have been here for a few days, why didn’t you leave?”

Ji Lin standing proudly, “I’m a family member!” Fifth Master Lu smiled and looked at Siyu who was shrunk into the sheet. The little girl curled up and tried to reduce her sense of existence, trying not to be noticed at this sensitive moment, but things went against her wish. Fifth Master Lu lifted her out of the bedding with one hand, stroked her long black hair, and then said quietly:

“This nursing home belongs to me.” So, if he stayed on his own site, who could control it? Ji Lin was choked.

Siyu felt the gentle force of Fifth Master Lu’s caress on her head, and she wanted to cry without tears, Ji Lin, you can have a snack, why are you rushing to be stupid?


At the same time, the crew of “Qin Guo” discussed for a long time, and finally issued an official announcement to explain the fire accident.

In fact, the follow-up treatment of the accident was completely done by the Lu family. Only Liang Dao faintly settled a little bit of inside information. He knew that the accident might be related to an enemy of the Lu family.

The props team was also aggrieved. Fortunately, the Lu family caught the person who was involved in the scheme, so the crew finally used this person to cover their asses. The fine and the complaint that should be filed finally calmed a little bit of public opinion.

It was just that Xu Qingwan’s unauthorized posting of Weibo with an oral account of the thrilling journey at the time, and also mentioning that she had been injured continuously in the crew, had aroused many people’s resentment. After all, there were so many people fighting fires, and there were many people who had suffered minor injuries. They didn’t complain about it, so why did you jump out at your turn?

Moreover, the inconsistency between the action of an actress and the crew was a taboo. Xu Qingwan was actually not unaware, but she could no longer control herself. Seeing Ji Lin start to block her way, if she did not rely on hype to accumulate fame, she might really be banned. She wouldn’t receive a good script anymore, which was a fatal injury for an entertainer who had the ambition to climb up the ladder.

However, the price Xu Qingwan paid was that the good reputation she had accumulated in the crew for two full months was destroyed by her self-complaint video.

Even Director Liang had a lot of complaints about her. After all, Xu Qingwan said in the video that she was sick and injured many times in the crew in order to sell herself better. The outside world did not know what really happened. Listening to her, the audience naturally thought Director Liang’s crew deliberately treated her harshly!

This was pretty good! Xu Qingwan really dared to say anything!

So, when determining the final poster, Director Liang thought carefully and asked the artist to change Xu Qingwan’s position with Siyu. Even though this change was small, it was equivalent to giving Siyu a higher position in disguise and treating her as an invisible second female lead!

After dealing with the mess, Liang Dao suddenly remembered that Ji Lin seemed to have called before and said that Siyu wanted to take a look at the video left over when the fire broke out.

He didn’t think about it before. Director Liang hurriedly found the tape and sat in front of the computer to watch it in person. The scene was normal at first, but after Xu Qingwan lit the barrel of oil and the fire started to burn, Director Liang felt something was wrong.

This camera, which was lucky to have not been burnt by the fire, was positioned very far so it could not see the whole picture. It only faced a small corner, but it happened to be able to clearly capture a person, Xu Qingwan.

This Xu Qingwan…just as the sparks ignited, she stood calmly in the safe corner closest to the door, as if she had known it would happen a long time ago, and when everyone panicked, her expression seemed to be indifferent. Not afraid, but staring straight at a certain place…

As a director, Director Liang has a strong control over his own film. Almost in the next second, he remembered the direction Xu Qingwan was staring at. It was the position of Siyu at that time!

She had been looking at Siyu, why?

Director Liang was puzzled, but soon he discovered an even more astonishing situation, Xu Qingwan… unexpectedly rolled up her sleeves and put her hand into the fire!

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