TBLF Ch. 76

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Dating was impossible. No need to think about the world of two people. Having a barbecue party on the roof early in the morning, were they not afraid of being beaten up by the residents of the residential building.

Yue Li happily said hello to Ji Rang, and then yelled at them, “Can you guys do something useful? Come and help me with the sign!”

Qu Dazhuang said: “What do you know, I am a lively person! The most indispensable person for partying is someone like me!”

Yue Li: “Don’t come over while we are eating, just be active at the side.”

Qu Dazhuang obediently ran to help put up the sign.

Although it was midsummer, it was still early, the sun was hidden behind the thin clouds in the morning, the sky was blue, and the wind was cool. He didn’t know who raised a lot of flowers on the terrace, which were stirred by the morning breeze.

Everything was so fresh.

Qi Ying pulled him to the set table and sat down with him. That table was the long wooden table of Yue Li’s family, and now it was covered with red and white checkered cloth, and it looked quite high-end.

The table was full of gifts prepared for him.

Qi Ying said: “You don’t have to do anything, just open the presents.”

So, the big guy experienced the satisfaction of unpacking the presents while everyone else worked hard.

It was noisy on the terrace. Yue Li had obsessive-compulsive disorder. When cutting vegetables, each one had to be cut into the same size. After half an hour, she hadn’t even cut one potato. Qu Dazhuang said: “Waiting for you to cut like this, we won’t be able to eat dinner until noon tomorrow. “

Yue Li held up the kitchen knife and shouted: “What’s the use of cutting so fast! Wu Rui has been working on firing up the barbecue for an hour, but till now I haven’t seen a single flame!”

Suddenly on cue, Wu Rui pushed up his black-rimmed glasses, a little embarrassed: “I’m still studying the composition of this carbon, to see which is the easiest way to reach the burning point.”

Then it came to the first ranker’s mind and he asked seriously: “Do you remember what the chemical symbol of carbon is? How many kinds of isotopes are there? And what is the equation when it burns in oxygen?”

Everyone: “…”

Wu Rui said with a heart and soul: “Don’t forget to study even when you are having fun.”

Then he started to review the relevant knowledge about carbon element that will appear in the exam.

Ji Rang couldn’t stand it anymore, so he stuffed the gifts back and began to help Wu Rui burn the carbon. Qu Dazhuang also took over the kitchen knife in Yue Li’s hand, so that the obsessive-compulsive disorder patient did not continue to only have one potato cut out of the five that were bought.

When the sun rose sharply from the clouds, the barbecue was finally put on. After a while, the cake was also delivered, and when Qu Dazhuang went to get it, he also bought beer.

The scent of barbecue wafted along the morning cool breeze. Everyone didn’t eat breakfast much and swallowed their saliva with the smell. They first grilled a large plate of meat, and before it was served, it was eaten by the few boys who were barbecuing.

Yue Li roared: “Whoever stretches out his hand will get it baked!”

So, they baked another round, put it on a plate, sprinkled it with chopped green onion, and served.

It was full, with meat and vegetables, and cooked food prepared in advance, filling the entire table. Qi Ying brought out the cake and inserted number 18 candles.

A circle of people gathered around the table, and Qu Dazhuang excitedly took out his mobile phone: “Wait for me to find an accompaniment! Let’s sing the birthday song!”

Ji Rang: “No singing! I don’t want to listen!”

It was so fucking embarrassing, and with an accompaniment as well.

Qu Dazhuang: “Hey…”

He practiced at home for a long time, OK? The pitiful little eyes glanced at Qi Ying. Qi Ying received his signal and pulled Ji Rang’s clothes corner softly and said, “I want to sing the birthday song on your birthday.”

Ji Rang: “…Alright, sing.”

Qu Dazhuang: “!!!”

Out of self-interest, he quickly turned on the phone and turned it to the maximum volume: “Here it is coming, get ready!”

Then everyone heard a shrill voice: “Hello, cool dog!”

Liu Haiyang kicked him when he lifted his foot: “Cool your mother!”

Everyone laughed.

Finally, the birthday song was sung, and a group of people sang along with the accompaniment, and all of them took snap shots.

The big brother had a great sense of ritual, and the little brothers were also not far behind. Qu Dazhuang strictly followed the normal birthday procedures to preside over the party: “Okay! Now is the wishing time! Brother, you don’t need to tell us, just blow the candle after you make the wish!”

Ji Rang: “That is good.”

He looked as if he was about to blow the candles.

Qu Dazhuang stopped him: “No way! You have to put your hands together against your chin, close your eyes, and be more pious to be effective!”

Ji Rang: “???”

Damn you.

Does it work like this? Okay, let’s do it again.

The boss did the same, closed his eyes, and slowly, seriously, said word by word in his heart: I hope I can live with Yingying for a long time in peace.

He opened his eyes, leaned over and blew out the candle.

Qu Dazhuang took the lead and clapped his hands, and the next step was to cut the cake into pieces. Now that there was a cake, how can they not have a cream fight, and Qu Dazhuang is ready to move.

Ji Rang discovered his intention in time and said coldly: “You’re dead if you dare to put cream on my face.”

Qu Dazhuang: “…”


Ji Rang just finished speaking, with a pop on his face, the cool and greasy cream slid down his cheek to the collar. Turning his head to see, Qi Ying stood behind with a small cake, tilted her head and smiled at him.

Ji Rang expressionlessly stretched out his hand towards Qu Dazhuang: “Bring it.”

Qu Dazhuang respectfully handed the butter cannonball he had prepared.

Then he saw the big man chasing Qi Ying running across the court with the cream cake.

So naive.

He finally blocked her in the corner full of flowers and plants, Qi Ying squatted back and hid, covering her face with her hand, and acting soft, “I was wrong, okay?”

Ji Rang: “Good.”

She didn’t doubt him and put her hand down.

Ji Rang raised his hand and pressed the cream plate on her cheek.

Qi Ying was battered with the cream on her face: “…You are a liar!”

Ji Rang smiled and the corners of his lips lifted, pressed her against the wall, and stroked her face with one finger left and right, petting her like a small cat: “Yes, I’m a liar, what will you do? Bite me.”

Qi Ying was very angry, and turned her head angrily, biting the finger with which he was still drawing on her face.

So sweet.

The cream is delicious.

She subconsciously sucked.

Ji Rang seemed to be electrocuted all over, and suddenly took out his finger.

Qi Ying’s face was so creamy that she couldn’t see anything, but her eyes were big and bright. She looked at him and blinked innocently.

Ji Rang’s anger was unsatisfactory, and his body was so tight that he stared at her for a long time, gritted his teeth and leaned forward: “Do you know that I am an adult?”

She laughed: “I know.”

He got too close and smelled the light scent on her body, mixed with the sweetness of butter, which made him crazy, and his voice became dumb: “Adults have bad self-control, you should be careful from Lao Tzu.”

His breath was so hot, and it was spread all over her neck when he spoke.

That is when Qi Ying realized what she did.

She blushed.

She pushed him with her hand, stammered and said: “Know… I know.”

Know it now??? Why did you do it then??? Riling him up like this, now you want to push him away?

Ji Rang was almost maddened.

He lowered his head and gave her a hard kiss on the cheek.

And sucked a mouthful of cream.

Author’s Note:

Yingying: You are an adult; I am not yet.

Brother Ji: swear word.

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