TCYEC Ch. 72

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The morning sun shone from the edge of the window into a fully designed bedroom. The corner of the sleeping man’s mouth was slightly curved upwards, as if he was having a good dream. The alarm clock rang at seven o’clock, and he opened his eyes. He turned off the alarm clock, lifted the quilt, and stepped on the wooden floor with bare feet.

The neckline and cuffs of the black silk nightgown on the body had complicated and exquisite golden embroidery. During walking, the exposed calf and the curved hem had a seductive beauty.

After washing, he opened the door of the cloakroom, and all kinds of clothes and accessories were placed in random order, waiting to be selected. He walked in slowly, took off his nightgown as he walked, and casually threw it on the ground, wearing only a black boxer briefs, walked through the closet, and took out a shirt and a suit.

A white shirt and a black pinstriped wool suit. The exquisite tailoring perfectly showed off his slender legs and thin waist. When he walked, he was full of natural elegance and extravagance. Before going out, he looked in the mirror slightly. He raised his chin and took a look from side to side. Obviously, he was satisfied with his appearance and looked handsome.

“Oh, oh oh, my team leader is so sexy that people can’t bear it!”

“Just showing us what kind of heroes are on the back, do you dare show us the front of the leader?”

“Ah ~ Ma Ma just asked me if I was sick? Why was my saliva and nosebleed spraying everywhere? Yes, yes, I am sick. I need to see the head to get better.”

“My leader is handsome; looks good in everything he wears. It looks good.”

P&H’s commercial was released together with traditional TV media and news media. At 10 am, the first short version of the 30-second commercial was released on P&H’s official WeChat account, and the food groups were immediately super excited. Unable to contain themselves, in just ten minutes, there were more than 300,000 likes, 60,000 reposts and more than 90,000 comments. The topic of #Yu Siyang P&H Commercial Blockbuster # quickly became popular.

Because the full version of the commercial could only be seen on P&H’s official website, P&H’s official website, which has always had poor customer views, has seen a sudden increase in views, and the website almost crashed.

In the complete commercial, Yu Siyang showed all the P&H men’s series products, naturally including the imaginative black boxer briefs in the condensed version.

When shooting, photographer Aude originally wanted to take the front of Yu Siyang, but to be honest, he was so thin that he didn’t have chest muscles or abdominal muscles. The front was really not good.

On the contrary, on the back, because he’s thin, his butterfly bones were prominent, and the arc looked like he was about to open his wings. The slender waist was naturally sunken in, and the buttocks wrapped in black boxers were quite warped and fleshy, plus a pair of slender long legs, seen from the back, was so sexy that people couldn’t bear it.

Yu Siyang’s fans were actually very interesting. At the beginning, most of his fans were foodies. At that time, he was not as busy as he is now. Every day he discussed with his fans on Weibo about what to eat in the morning, what to eat at noon, and what to eat at night. His Weibo must not be swiped when one is hungry, it was definitely an action of abusing oneself.

Every day discussing what to eat like this, and because of his beauty, people were attracted to his face, but were also converted to a foodie.

As a result, other celebrities’ Weibo comments mostly had “I love you, love you, love you”, “I love your beauty”, “Come on, you are the best”, etc., but in Yu Siyang’s Weibo comments, the style became-

“What did the leader eat for lunch today?”

“Tried to learn the leader’s new dish, and I found myself handicapped and sad. jpg”

“Lord leader, give us a taste of the shortbread you made.”

And so on.

It was really hard to see his fans discussing things other than eating.

But this time, face fans finally defeated the foodies, occupied Yu Siyang’s Weibo, licking the screen frantically.

At the same time, the general manager of the P&H China regional branch got the real-time sales data sent back by the sales department and was so happy that he secretly skipped a few times in the office. Today’s half-day sales data are almost equal to the sales volume of the first half of the year. It was no wonder that BOSS stood out from the crowd and appointed a young star who just debuted as a spokesperson. This appeal was comparable to the big names.

But what made the general manager of the branch company feel depressed was that their best-selling product, the men’s underwear in the Yu Siyang advertising film, had been sold out. The casual wear they expected to sell well was actually low in sales. Sales of suits were also not as good yet.

Under their official Weibo, there were people complaining about the casual wear-“The designer’s mind is flooded, and the casual wear is designed to be feminine. Except for Yu Siyang, who could carry this earthy nymph style.”

“This casual wear is all supported by Yu Siyang’s face, let alone wear it, it is too ugly to even be displayed in a shop window.”

“This dress tells us that as long as we are handsome, we are handsome in everything we do, and if you look ugly, you can shovel shit.”

Luo Peng accompanied Yu Siyang and other actors for the auditions of “Battle of Fei Shui”, while holding a mobile phone in one hand to review online comments. When discussing the script of the advertisement shooting, he originally opposed the semi-naked scene-It was really that Xiaoyu’s thin body was nothing to look at. The current male celebrities did not dare to expose their flesh without a little pectoral or abdominal muscle. This was to avoid people from spraying them with curses.

But after seeing the film, he had to admire that the bearded photographer was too good at looking for angles. From the back, although he was too thin, he was unexpectedly sexy.

Although Luo Peng had a little confidence in this shot, he was still worried that fans will not be able to accept it. From the moment the commercial was released in the morning, he had been using his mobile phone to read fan comments, and he had already planned several things to deal with the negative effects.

Unexpectedly, the foodies are simply too powerful, and so far, there had been no negative comments.

“Xiaoyu, your underwear has been sold out.” Just seeing the “apology notice” posted on the P&H official Weibo, Luo Peng put away his phone and smiled and said to Yu Siyang, the big stone in his heart finally landed.

Yu Siyang was reading the script, and when he heard Luo Peng’s words, he stayed silent for a while, “What about my underwear?”

“That’s the commercial that you shot for P&H. The underwear you wear in it, that one is out of stock. “Luo Peng said specially to remind him.

Yu Siyang looked at Luo Peng silently for a while, then buried his head in the script again.

Why does he feel so ashamed that so many people bought the underwear that he wore?!

“Brother Lan.”

“Brother Lan is good.”

Luo Peng was discussing the issue of underwear with Yu Siyang. He heard many people greet someone respectfully. He looked up and saw only one elegant-looking man. The man came with his assistant and a bodyguard with great momentum.

“Xiaoyu.” Luo Peng pulled on Yu Siyang’s clothes and motioned him to get up and say hello, “Lan Ce, look respectful.”

Yu Siyang stood up unclearly, waiting for Lan Ce to pass by his side. Learning from the others, he respectfully yelled: “Brother Lan is good.”

Lan Ce walked by without squinting, but after hearing Yu Siyang’s voice, he stopped and looked at Yu Siyang. In his eyes, there was an imperceptible pickiness.

Maybe others couldn’t see it, but Yu Siyang had studied with Nong Yuan for a while, and he had more experience in understanding people’s micro-expressions. Seeing Lan Ce critically looking at himself, the strings in his heart suddenly collapsed, secretly thinking: I don’t seem to have offended this person.

“Are you Yu Siyang?” Lan Ce asked knowingly, if he didn’t know, how could he say the other party’s name accurately.

Luo Peng furrowed his brows, his intuition saying that Lan Ce was unkind. He stopped Yu Siyang behind him without a trace and said with a smile: “He has looked up to Brother Lan for a long time, I didn’t expect Brother Lan to even know our Xiaoyu. It’s an honour.”

“You are?” Lan Ce looked at Luo Peng displeased. What he hated most was such a person who talked to him in a familiar manner.

Luo Peng reached out to Lan Ce and introduced himself: “Hello, Brother Lan, I am Yu Siyang’s agent, and my name is Luo Peng.”

Lan Ce gave a cold “um”, instead of answering Luo Peng, but faced Yu Siyang said: “I heard that you have already been appointed for the role of Xie Xuan.”

As soon as this statement came out, all the artists waiting for the audition turned their eyes to Yu Siyang in surprise.

Xie Xuan was one of the several important roles in the “Battle of Feishui” movie. It can even be said that the role of Xie Xuan was the male protagonist of this movie. As the forward of the Battle of Fei Shui, this role was important. The degree of importance was self-evident.

So many actors wanted to try for Xie Xuan, for what reason had been a newcomer been decided for this role by default.

Yu Siyang naturally noticed the unfriendly eyes around him, and immediately became displeased with the person Lan Ce, and thought that in one word he provoked everyone to be hostile to him. Is this person so fond of doing such things?

“Senior Lan jokes, nobody is the default, it should be the director’s final say.” Yu Siyang said lightly: “If Senior Lan has a certain role, it must be Director Chu who thinks you are suitable for this role.”

Lan Ce sneered and said: “Sometimes it doesn’t count what the director says, but what the investor says.”

Yu Siyang smiled faintly: “That shows that investors have a good vision, have a unique insight, and find good talent.”

A good vision, have a unique insight, and find good talent? This newcomer really dared to say anything.

After one round, Lan Ce realized that he had been defeated by Yu Siyang’s cheeky reply. He was so angry that he despised Yu Siyang even more.

“I hope you are really a good talent.” Lan Ce snorted and turned to leave.

Luo Peng laughed loudly and said in a slightly louder voice: “Brother Lan is really polite, and he never forgets to encourage younger generations. No wonder Shi Zhen has been following Brother Lan. It’s really brotherly affection.”

Lan Ce stepped out. He stopped and stared coldly at Luo Peng, “In this circle, the important thing is to know the current affairs.”

“I think so too.” Luo Peng nodded, not giving way. His height of 1.9 meters completely overwhelmed Lan Ce who had a height of 1.7 meters.

Lan Ce was secretly angry but thought that this tall man was Wei Xiaofeng’s cousin, although he is not unreasonable, but in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, he abruptly took a deep breath, but his eyes towards Yu Siyang were even more unfriendly than before.

Yu Siyang was not afraid, looking at Lan Ce blankly, waiting for his next move, the other party looked at him for a while and left.

Simply inexplicable.

“Brother Luo,” Yu Siyang waited for Lan Ce and his group to walk to the other side to sit down and rest, then whispered: “What does this person mean? I offended him?”

Luo Peng whispered, “The one I just said. Shi Zhen is Lan Ce’s lover. I heard that Shi Zhen wanted to win the endorsement of P&H, but he was cut off by you, so he naturally hates you.”

Yu Siyang curled his lips: “Am I being shot while lying down? “

“Who knows?” Luo Peng shrugged, “Let me tell you, Lan Ce likes to play big names, and he always asks the director to change the scene and delete other people’s scenes. Don’t look at him as a man. He is dog-like, his reputation in the circle is very poor, and the actors who have worked with him said that they don’t want to cooperate again.”

“I can see it.” Yu Siyang nodded.

Just from the posture and the way that he came all the way to them, you could know that this person liked to show off.

“If he participates in this movie,” Luo Peng said sadly: “It is estimated that the other characters will be deleted, and he will be the only one left in the whole drama.”

“It’s not that serious, right?” Yu Siyang felt it to be a lit bit of an exaggeration.

Luo Peng glanced at Yu Siyang and gave him a look to let him experience it by himself.

——Hmph, Xiaoyu, you are so naive.

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