TCYEC Ch. 71

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The doctor’s lounge was not too big, with a narrow single bed against the wall inside, and a double sofa on the other side. Apart from that, there were no other furnishings.

Yu Siyang lay on the single bed covered with pastoral floral-style sheets, tilted his head to look at Mr. Xue who was sitting on the earth-tan sofa. Even if he was sitting on such a rustic-coloured sofa, Mr. Xue looked as if he was sitting on a high-end western style.

Hmm… People are different when they are handsome, even if they are wearing a sack they are still handsome, they are not just handsome, but they have different temperaments from others, and their stature is also tall. When they are in a crowd, they will immediately stand out from the crowd.

Mr. Xue should have come in a hurry. He also brought a laptop computer. He was connected to the hospital’s Wi-Fi for work. The lounge was quiet, with only occasional typing sounds.

“What’s the matter? Close your eyes and sleep. I will call you after the infusion.” Xue Chengxiu did not look up but could feel Yu Siyang’s straight gaze.

Yu Siyang’s fever subsided a little, but he was still a little hot, so hot that his mind was dizzy, and he blurted out stupidly, “Mr. Xue, I find you extraordinarily handsome today.”

Xue Chengxiu chuckled and said, “I also find you very handsome.”

“Ah…I know…” Yu Siyang said slowly: “Fans always say that I am as handsome as a new height in the universe…”

“Your fans are very discerning.” Xue Chengxiu smiled even more.

Yu Siyang the silent child, suddenly asked: “Mr. Xue, why are you so good to me?”

Xue Chengxiu did not think he would ask such a question, and was stunned for a moment, then said: “Why do you ask?”

“Never have people treated me well, cared about me, and tolerated me like you,” Yu Siyang became a little sluggish in response to his illness, and his speaking speed also became very slow. “Brother Xiaofeng and Brother Luo are also very good to me, but it’s different. Tang Hang is also very good, but that’s also different.”

“How are they different?” Xue Chengxiu removed the laptop on his lap and looked at Yu Siyang seriously, waiting for his answer.

Yu Siyang seemed to think about it for a while before he said: “Brother Xiaofeng and Brother Luo are the kind of friends who are kind, affectionate and righteous. When friends are in trouble, they are willing to give the greatest help, but they have their own lives. Tang Hang because he is my assistant. When I am popular, his income will be high. It is undeniable that he is very good to me, but it is more mutual help among colleagues.”

“What about me?” Xue Chengxiu asked.

“You are very good to me, neither like a colleague nor a friend,” Yu Siyang said slowly: “It is more like a family member. I think my life seems to be integrated into your life, and you are the same, integrated into my life. “

Xue Chengxiu, said: “Isn’t this good? I, you, and Mu Mu, living together as a family.”

“Why?”, Yu Siyang asked: “Why are you so good to me?”

Living together as a family is really an exciting proposal, especially for a person like him who has never had a family and it makes him even more moved.

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know, I think you sometimes look like my father, loving, tolerant and when needed severe.”


Xue Chengxiu felt that he was choked on his chest and couldn’t get up, making him sore.

Is this silly boy’s emotional quotient fed to the dog?

What did he do that would give him the illusion of being “very like a father”?

He has always been pursuing him as a lover. Was it because his pursuit was too subtle for a silly boy to understand?

Xue Chengxiu decided to say it bluntly: “Yangyang, I’m nice to you because I like you.”

Yu Siyang immediately said, “Well, Mr. Xue, I also like you very much.”

Xue Chengxiu raised his eyebrows, a hint of surprise appeared in his heart, and then the surprise expanded. There was a feeling that the whole person was shrouded in joy, and the smile on his face became larger and larger, and asked softly: “Really?”

“Really? You are very good to me, like an elder, tolerant, patient. If I did something wrong, you would also criticize me severely.” Yu Siyang thought for a while and said, “Dad Xue.”

Xue Chengxiu: “…”

The EQ of the silly boy is really fed to the dog.

He was only ten years older than him. Why is he calling me “Dad”? Meaning, he’s very old?

“Huh?” Yu Siyang tilted his head, not knowing why Mr. Xue’s expression was so strange, like he was annoyed, as if he can’t laugh or cry, but also as angry.

Xue Chengxiu’s mood was really complicated. From pursuing a lover to raising a child, his strategy of boiling frogs in warm water was really a big failure. The most important reason for the failure is that the emotional intelligence of his child is already negative.

The premise of boiling a frog in warm water is that the frog must have an online emotional intelligence, otherwise, it will become this current embarrassing situation.

In this case, he simply stopped using any more circuitous strategies, and if he continued to circuitously, he might not only be “Papa Xue”, “Grandpa Xue” would also be possible.

“Yang Yang.”

Xue Chengxiu called Yu Siyang, and was about to show his heart, when the door of the doctor’s lounge was knocked, a lively voice outside said: “Yu Siyang, are you asleep? I’m coming in.”

Before the words fell, the door was opened from the outside. Hong Zhehao stood at the door, holding a large gift box in his arms, and smiled brightly at Yu Siyang, “Surprise, I brought you Hermi’s snack.”

Yu Siyang was about to sit up on the bed with one hand, and Xue Chengxiu hurried over to help him up and leaned on the side of the bed.

Hong Zhehao unceremoniously put the dessert box on the bed and opened it. There were a total of sixteen compartments inside, each of which contains a piece of different desserts. The boxes and desserts are very exquisite, and they were pleasing to the eye.

“Yangyang is sick and can’t eat these things.” Xue Chengxiu said grimly, especially wanting to throw the uninvited guest Hong Zhehao into another dimension to disturb others’ confession, and that he would be struck by lightning.

“Ah, I didn’t know.” Hong Zhehao was embarrassed for three seconds and said immediately: “Yu Siyang, since you can’t eat it, let me eat it for you. I also brought fruit. You can eat fruit.”

Yu Siyang looked at the desserts in the box, then at Mr. Xue, and finally turned my eyes to Hong Zhehao, and unceremoniously exposed him, “You bought the desserts deliberately, so you can take the opportunity to eat it yourself.”

“Hey, this, how can you say it? It was intentional,” Hong Zhehao scratched his head awkwardly, “Eat sweets, and my mood will improve.”

Xue Chengxiu even wanted to throw Hong Zhehao out. This person was purely here to make trouble.

Hong Zhehao came forward, followed by Jin Ce and Guan Yahua. A crowd of people suddenly squeezed in the small doctor’s lounge. Xue Chengxiu was squeezed to the side, sitting down on the sofa with an ugly expression and picked up the laptop to continue processing work.

Such a good opportunity for confession was ruined abruptly, and it was simply annoying.

After a while, Luo Peng also came, and the doctor’s lounge was even more lively, and Mr. Xue was troubled by the noise.

When the bottle was finally finished, Xue Chengxiu immediately took someone home to rest.

Although Jin Ce was struggling with the progress of the filming of the movie, someone was sick. He couldn’t be so unreasonable to make sick people sicker by insisting on filming. After only hesitating for a while, he promised to give Yu Siyang a few days of vacation to take him off. The shooting was postponed.

On the contrary, Yu Siyang was embarrassed that he always delayed the shooting schedule and wanted to return to the set to continue filming after the infusion.

But when he was going to say this, Mr. Xue frightened him back by a majestic look, so he had to go home with Mr. Xue obediently.

Yu Siyang was honest, and Mr. Xue was satisfied, and touched the dull hair on his head.

However, there was also Luo Peng who went back with Yu Siyang.

Although Xue Chengxiu was not happy to have an extra light bulb, it seemed that Luo Peng had something to communicate with his child about work, so he tolerated it.

When he went out today, he should have looked at the almanac. Maybe it was written on the almanac—it’s not appropriate to confess that day.

Luo Peng did have work arrangements to communicate with Yu Siyang. He took out a black notepad, opened one of the pages, and said: “P&H’s commercial is about to be released. The scheduled time is next Wednesday. Their spring and summer collection was released in October Fashion Week, which saves us a lot of trouble.”

“Also, I have communicated with “MODE Impression” for the cover shooting, and the theme of the shooting is the Christmas special.”

Speaking of this, Luo Peng felt angry. This time the filming was a P&H release, mainly to showcase P&H’s new clothing. The manufacturers had paid for it, and the magazines can honestly shoot, but “MODE Impression” is really a big store. Their editor-in-chief Xu Yan is very good at communication. It is mainly the cover editor, who is particularly awkward and ridiculed them by saying that they are “unsightly”, “if there is a little topic, they will go to heaven”, and “if the magazine is unsalable, they will be slapped on the face” or something like that.

At that time, he really wanted to PK with the deadly perverted sissy of the cover editor and use practical actions to display what is called “face-slap”.

Luo Peng tried his best to remember the values of harmonious society and civilization in his heart, and he restrained the desire to do a real PK. After more than a year in the entertainment industry, he was not the person who acted impulsively and did not consider the consequences anymore. Beating the perverted sissy to death would be refreshing for a while, but when he thought about it hard, if he messed up Xiaoyu’s career, it would not be worth the loss.

But… he could wait for that issue of the magazine to go on the market before going to PK with the dead perverted sissy, he had to let him know that their Xiaoyu couldn’t be offended casually.

“Brother Luo,” Yu Siyang pushed Luo Peng, “What are you thinking? You laughed so sinisterly.”

“Nothing.” Luo Peng shook his head, returning his attention to work, and said: “The audition time for “The Battle of Fei Shui”, directed by Chu, has already been set, and it happens to be next Wednesday. Also, Zhan Heng has to participate in a talk show, please be his special guest. The time is next Thursday night to record.”

Yu Siyang said: “There will be a lot of things next week.”

Luo Peng closed his notebook and smiled in his heart. This is not a lot, he rejected most of the boring announcements, allowing Yu Siyang to concentrate on filming, not to mention the weird cocktail parties, but with the boss escorting, Xiaoyu indeed did not need to do much socializing.

In other words, what is the situation of the boss and Xiaoyu now?

He has been pursuing him for more than half a year, but it seems that there is no progress at all.

Is it possible that the boss is actually a giant in thought and a short man in action?!

Luo Peng glanced at Xue Chengxiu secretly, then glanced again, cough… At the third glance, he was caught by the boss!!!

He immediately sat down, his eyes were empty, pretending that he was not looking at anything, just in a daze.

After a while, Luo Peng let out a long sigh of relief when he felt that the boss’s poisoned gaze didn’t seem to stay on him.

He was almost scared enough to pee.

He felt that the boss is more scary than usual, and his eyes can stop the crying of children at night, and his aura is not conducive to the construction of a harmonious society.

Luo Peng moved to the side secretly and sat close to the car door, regretting that he was not going to Jingxian County by bus.

What I regret more is why I saved the ten dollars of bus fare and used the boss’s car to return to the city.

To be a man, you really can’t be too stingy!!!

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