RCFS Ch. 70: Winning First Place 2

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At this time, Junyao’s invigilators were in the examination room.

“Young Master Emperor also has the time to watch Junyao’s entrance exam?”

Invigilator Jiang Baichuan stared at the man’s slender back with interest.

“Junyao’s exam questions are difficult this year?”

Di Junxie stared at the big screen lightly.

“Of course, this time it’s an actual battle!”

Jiang Baichuan said with a smug look: “The SWAT police are going to shut down the Internet today, and in this year’s exams, everyone will absolutely have zero points!”

“But how do I see that someone has acted before the SWAT police?”

Di Junxie’s smile gradually deepened.

“How is this possible?”

Jiang Baichuan exclaimed, looking at the big screen.

Sure enough, a group of people had already arrived at the door of KTV, and the girl in the lead looked arrogant and beautiful.

“What are you doing? How did they found out, no, I’ll call the SWAT directly. I can’t let these few hairy kids mess up today’s network closing operation!”

Jiang Baichuan’s face changed.

To be honest, he didn’t believe that anyone could find the target person at all, because the information given was limited. There were five suspects in the southern suburbs, and one of them was a drug dealer. This made it impossible for anyone to find him, okay?

But there was a team that found the culprit!

Were all the current students so smart?

And they were all students from ordinary schools. If it was Junyao’s students, he could still believe it. Could this group of poor students see criminals or something…

It must be a blind cat catching a dead mouse[1], right?


It must be so!

“Hey, the kitten strayed into the devil’s lair, close the net as soon as possible!”

The special police knew what was going on as soon as they heard it, and couldn’t help making fun of Jiang Baichuan: “Is it a slap in the face? We have installed a net, people can’t escape, you can just pray that the kittens don’t have an accident. Come on!”

Jiang Baichuan: ……


Student Safety!

Jiang Baichuan was going crazy!

What to do now?

Jiang Baichuan wanted to cry without tears.

At this moment, Ye Yunxi had already kicked the door of the private room with Sun Chao.

“What are you doing!”

The several people in the room were startled, apparently they were hiding something!

Ye Yunxi squinted her eyes, and the smell in the room that didn’t have time to disperse confirmed her guess.

Yes, it was drugs!

The suitcase was thrown on the coffee table, and a box full of money burst open, blinding everyone in an instant.

What the hell, this boy and girl, what were they doing here?

And, there was a lot of money!!!

Glancing around, Ye Yunxi quickly identified the target person, a thin middle-aged man in the corner.

She lowered her chin arrogantly and said with a lazy smile: “Why, you don’t know Brother Sun?”

She brought Sun Chao over to pat his shoulder, then Ye Yunxi smiled and said, “He is the young master of the Sun family, and the second-generation heir of a rich family. 600,000 for a night is nothing for him, but his buddies in the circle said that if you want to get something exciting, we have to come find you brothers.”

Sun Chao was immediately dumbfounded.

Damn, what’s going on?

What was Yunxi saying? He obviously knew every word, how come he couldn’t understand it when he connected them?

“Sun Family?”

A few people looked at each other. Everyone knew that there were rich second-generations racing cars in Mopan mountain, and some goods were also more popular there, but there were fixed supplies there, and generally no one would come here.

The figure in the corner moved, Lao Niu stretched out his pair of bloodshot eyes and stared at Ye Yunxi coldly: “Looking for stimulation? Brothers, let these two little brother and sister be stimulated, and teach them the rules of the industry by the way!”

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[1] Something done by mistake or because of a coincidence.

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