CFCS Ch. 199: Apocalypse World (3)

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After Qi Yun was reborn, in order to buy what he needed, he used the excuse that his father was sick and asked everyone around him to lend him money, but the amount of money others could lend him was limited, so he focused his attention on Qiu Jin. Because among the people he knew, Qiu Jin was the only one who could give out such a large sum of money immediately.

In the previous life, Qi Yun also brought a group of friends to Qiu Jin to borrow money. Qiu Jin said that his father was at a critical juncture and needed money to get operated immediately, otherwise his life would be in danger.

Although Qiu Jin hated Qi Yun, he looked like he was really anxious and could not wait for the money to save his father, so thinking about saving the poor and since the money was nothing to him, but it could save his father, he decided that life was meant to be used to do good deeds. Qiu Jin thought, anyway, his family spent a lot of money every year to help those who were really in need, and it was not bad for him. So, for the sake of them having played together, he would lend it to him.

But Qiu Jin didn’t expect that the money he lent Qi Yun became the biggest help for Qi Yun in killing him.

Qi Yun used the money borrowed from Qiu Jin and bought everything he needed, and his father, who he said was seriously ill and needed surgery, he didn’t care about his life at all, because he didn’t want to live in the last days with people who would continue to drag him down.

Before the apocalypse, Qi Yun asked Wu Hao to invite Qiu Jin out. Qiu Jin didn’t want to go, but Wu Hao said that it was his birthday, and he hoped that he could come no matter what, even if he just showed his face a little. And Qi Yun wanted to thank him face to face for borrowing money.

Because Wu Hao called him again and again and asked him to go, Qiu Jin thought, they hadn’t reached the point where they couldn’t meet, not to mention that they would see each other at school, so he just showed up to give gifts and then planned to leave.

As a result, Qiu Jin went to the appointment and found that the place where he had come was actually an abandoned factory. Although he was a little puzzled, he saw a lot of lanterns and heard music inside. He thought they might be having a birthday party with the theme of an abandoned factory. So, he got out of the car directly.

But after entering, there was no one inside, and the door was suddenly closed from the outside. Qiu Jin looked around vigilantly, thinking that they were trying to prank him. He was very unhappy, but he still waited for others to appear.

But only Qi Yun appeared, no one else, and Qi Yun appeared on the second floor with an air gun from the Gunfight Club. Although that kind of air gun was not as powerful as a real gun, but it also had a certain lethality, so it was controlled and not allowed to appear outside the gunfight club. However, the gun in Qi Yun’s hand was specially modified by someone, and its lethality was not much different from that of a real gun. Moreover, the money for smuggling and the money for modifying the gun were all borrowed from Qiu Jin.

Qiu Jin looked at Qi Yun and asked him what he wanted to do. If he really dared to shoot, he would definitely sue him until he could not get out of prison for the rest of his life.

Qi Yun smiled and said that he had tricked him here to kill him, but after killing him, he didn’t have to take any responsibility, because no one would hold him accountable.

Qiu Jin felt that Qi Yun had a problem with his brain. Even if he had no relatives, his company still had so many managers, and many things required his fingerprints and stamps, so there was no way for him to stay missing for more than a day, someone would immediately call the police.

Qi Yun looked smug and didn’t care about the consequences and fired several shots at Qiu Jin in a row.

The bullets passed through Qiu Jin’s body. Qiu Jin stared at Qi Yun with wide eyes. He didn’t expect that Qi Yun would actually dare to shoot, and it was even a real gun that could kill him.

Qi Yun watched Qiu Jin fall to the ground and felt very happy. He had not only taken his revenge, but also cleared an obstacle for himself. Even if the apocalypse was coming, he could rely on the memory of his previous life to become powerful in this troubled world.

Jing Yang’s rebirth was the third life in this world for him, but Qi Yun’s was his second life, and for others, it was their first life in this world, so because the memories they had were different, each life was judged based on the memory they had experienced.

When the original owner died, although it was very inexplicable, he didn’t understand why Qi Yun was so bold and directly killed him. Moreover, at that moment, Qi Yun didn’t have any hatred in his heart, so revenge for the original owner was what Jing Yang had to take.

Jing Yang opened his eyes, stood up from the sofa, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked up at the sun in the sky. If you look closely, the sun was already a little wrong. Jing Yang activated the system and squinted his eyes to observe. Through the dazzling light, he could now see the faint black and red on the sun.

On ordinary days, no one would go to observe the sun, but the technology in this world was quite advanced. There were research institutes in developed countries who paid attention to things that ordinary people did not pay attention to. The country where Jing Yang was now was no exception.

So, in fact, the top officials of the country had long known that something was wrong with the world, and a very small number of people had already begun to have signs of turning into zombies before the sun completely turned black and red, but the process of change was very slow. After the top officials of the country knew about it, they suppressed this matter, so ordinary people wouldn’t know about it.

In fact, the country had already begun to take measures to deal with it early, but they had not been able to predict that the end of the world would come so suddenly. If they could not save everyone, then they could only let some people be eliminated first, and then save people who could adapt to this world, so as to build a new living space together. After all, there was a saying that was very reasonable, that the natural selection looks for the fittest to survive. Under the changes of the world that could not be controlled by human beings, whoever became stronger would be able to survive.

Therefore, some people had become zombies, while other people had stimulated the supernatural powers in their bodies. This was all attributed to various reasons ranging from the mysterious and vast cosmic power, changes in the environment, the choice and competition of good and bad, and whether fate was willing to help you, or whether you had the ability to survive.

Jing Yang covered his eyes with his fingers and gently rubbed his eyes that felt uncomfortable because he had been staring at the sun for too long. Although there were still ten days before the sun completely turned black and red, he must prepare all the things that should be prepared within five days, then find a place to hide and wait until the right time to come out.

He was about to use the original owner’s highest authority to fetch supplies and medicines from his own warehouse. What he needed to buy in large quantities, in addition to weapons, were various types of sturdy and practical vehicles.

Cars were easy to buy, but these armored vehicles, in addition to being able to buy some from the black market, could only be bought for actual combat games, and then had to be modified to increase its power.

Time for hesitation was short, Jing Yang did not have any rest time, and must start preparations immediately.

The first thing Jing Yang did was to use a computer to send a notification to all managers to stop production in all factories. The reason was that he was going to change the business model and all previous products had to be changed. Before the specific plan came out, the factory would start work.

Some managers thought it was very strange that Jing Yang suddenly issued such a notice, so they called him to ask about the situation, but Jing Yang didn’t explain so much to them, and forced them to do as he said.

Jing Yang forced all employees to take vacations and asked each of them to take home a large number of products produced by their own factories. All employees looked at the items that everyone needed to carry in a car to bring home and felt that the big boss must really be determined to make a change.

Jing Yang used the system to call up all the bodyguard companies in the city, selected the ten most suitable people, and then signed a contract on the Internet to hire these ten people. Because the personal help that Jing Yang needed to get afterward was very important, and Jing Yang had no time to choose slowly by himself, so he could only use the system to choose directly. First of all, these ten people must have no kinship concerns, next they must have good intentions, and third they must obey his leadership and management. Finally, they were all people who had awakened their supernatural powers and survived in his last life.

Jing Yang paid a large commission very readily, and then the ten people came to his house to report that night.

Jing Yang asked these ten people to transport all the things in the warehouse to a different place to hide them. Then during these five days, Jing Yang bought all the things he thought were useful and asked the ten bodyguards to transport them to a certain place. The bodyguards just transported them. They didn’t know what was in the car.

When the apocalypse came, the world would start to become messy, and various items might be damaged a lot in the looting and chaos, so Jing Yang hid those things in advance so that they could be used to their maximum potential at critical moments.

For five days, Jing Yang slept for less than two hours a day. This was an experience he had never had in his many lifetimes. Now he could fall asleep while standing, all by the system forcibly supporting him. This was all because some things needed to be done by himself, who made him not meet his lover at the beginning of this life?

Although these five days were hard work, but after all, everything that had to be done was done. Jing Yang stood in the living room and turned to look around the house. He might not be able to come back to this place where the original owner lived for more than 20 years in the future, and this place might not even last long.

Jing Yang took out his mobile phone and turned it around in his hand, tugging at the corner of his mouth and showing a malicious smile, he put the mobile phone on the coffee table in the living room, then he put on his backpack and pulled the suitcase out.

Jing Yang drove to the suburbs to the place he had his bodyguards waiting.

After driving for several hours, Jing Yang finally drove the car to the outside of an inconspicuous residential compound. He used the remote control to open the big iron gate, and then drove the car in. This house was quite big. There were two three-storey buildings in it, which were used as production factories. The walls were very high. This was where the original owner’s parents started from scratch. Although the place had been empty for a long time, the parents of the original owner had not disposed of it, because it was of commemorative significance and had the significance of reminding them how hard they had worked in the beginning.

When the original owner was in this world for the first time, he also relied on hiding here, and spent a long time here during the apocalypse.

After Jing Yang arrived, he let the bodyguards install the security system in this place at the fastest speed and in the shortest time, making sure that it was unbreakable and easy to defend and difficult to attack.

The bodyguards were quite puzzled by Jing Yang’s requirements, and they didn’t understand what he was going to do, but they were also very experienced bodyguards. As long as it was not illegal, they just did it.

These bodyguards are all professionally trained. Jing Yang had paid a lot of money to hire them. Naturally, they were worth the high price, and their abilities were no worse than professional soldiers.

Although the time was tight, the first thing Jing Yang did after arriving here was to take a good sleep first, otherwise he would really be unable to last. After waking up, he would modify those weapons.

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