CFCS Ch. 200.1: Apocalypse World (4)

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Qi Yun was not able to borrow money from Jing Yang and was very unwilling. Although others had lent some to him, it was not enough.

Seeing that the apocalypse was coming closer, Qi Yun’s heart was getting more and more impatient, so he asked Wu Hao to contact Jing Yang, but the phone was never answered, Jing Yang no longer going to school also made him very puzzled, but only after asking the teacher did he got to know that Jing Yang had taken sick leave because he was not feeling well.

Qi Yun thought, even if he couldn’t ask Qiu Jin to borrow money, he must think of killing him before the end of the world, and he must not let him be his opponent like in the previous life.

So, Qi Yun asked Wu Hao to accompany him to Qiu Jin’s house on the grounds of visiting the patient. He was worried that if he went alone, Qiu Jin would refuse to meet him.

At this time, Jing Yang was sitting in the studio modifying firearms. After he slept well that day, he had been busy doing this. He had been modifying weapons for two or three days. Although he was fast, he could also use the system to modify with his eyes closed after all, but the number of people who could modify weapons like these were still too small. He also couldn’t let those bodyguards help him remodel together, as they won’t be willing to do it, because before the apocalypse, what he was doing was illegal.

Suddenly hearing the sound from the computer, Jing Yang was stunned for a moment, then he immediately opened the screen of the laptop, and sure enough, he saw Qi Yun and Wu Hao standing outside the original owner’s house ringing the doorbell.

Jing Yang curled the corners of his mouth and smiled, thinking that they still came. Then he pressed a few keys on the keyboard, and the door opened. Jing Yang watched the two walk in through the computer screen.

Wu Hao looked at the empty living room and called twice but didn’t hear a response, so he said to Qi Yun, “Wait here, I’ll go upstairs and tell him to come down.”

“Okay.” Qi Yun nodded and looked at Wu Hao. After Wu Hao went upstairs, he walked to the sofa to sit and wait. As soon as he sat down, he saw the phone on the coffee table. He looked at the direction of the stairs, and finally picked up the phone without restraint.

Qi Yun looked at the phone, wondering if he should just leave with the phone, and then find a hacker to crack the phone’s password, and transfer the money to himself. Anyway, the apocalypse was coming soon, and he could hide immediately after he got the money, so even if Qiu Jin called the police, it wouldn’t work either.

Qi Yun was hesitating whether to find a way to kill Qiu Jin first, or take his mobile phone to transfer money, when the screen of the mobile phone suddenly lit up, and Qiu Jin’s face appeared on the screen, seeing this, he was so frightened that he almost threw the mobile phone away.

Jing Yang looked at Qi Yun’s wide horror-filled eyes, smiled sarcastically at him, and then started the countdown with three fingers.

When Qi Yun was still confused about the situation and what Jing Yang was doing, he heard a bang and the phone in his hand exploded.

The sound of the explosion made Qi Yun’s ears and head buzz. Just now, he subconsciously closed his eyes to avoid it, but now his heart was beating fast, he had not recovered yet, and he didn’t know what had happened.

When he slowly opened his eyes and slowly turned his head to look at the right hand which had been holding the mobile phone, he found that his entire right palm was gone, and blood was constantly flowing out. The severe pain he felt only now made him lose his senses, so he shouted “Ah!!! Ah!!! Ah!!!”

Wu Hao knocked on the door for a long time but it wasn’t opened. Just when he was wondering why Qiu Jin didn’t open the door, he suddenly heard an explosion. He was startled, and when he was thinking about what happened, Qi Yun’s scream made him rush downstairs.

Wu Hao rushed to the hall and saw Qi Yun collapsed on the sofa. He ran over to help Qi Yun up to see what was going on: “Qi Yun, what’s wrong with you? What happened?”

“My hand, my hand is gone!! No more!!” Qi Yun was already in a trance, and he could only scream in a panic, “Ah!! My hand!!”

Wu Hao saw Qi Yun’s blown palm, and the reality made his eyes widen in shock, and it took a long time for him to recover from Qi Yun’s screams. He took off his clothes and bound Qi Yun’s right hand to stop the bleeding, then he quickly called an ambulance and the police.

After Wu Hao finished the phone call, he hugged Qi Yun, who had become a little mentally ill, and said, “Qi Yun, please bear with me, the doctor will be here soon, please bear with me.”

“It’s Qiu Jin! It’s Qiu Jin!” Qi Yun, whose voice was hoarse, suddenly shouted, “It was done by Qiu Jin! Qiu Jin, come out for me! Come out for me!!”

Jing Yang, who was watching all this through the computer screen, thought, you just lost your right hand. Qi Yun, after the end of the world, how will you live with this difficulty? He was looking forward to seeing it. The two were also old enemies for so many lifetimes. Jing Yang naturally knew how much he wanted to kill him. Jing Yang also had many ways to make him die immediately, but it would be a lot less fun, so he was not in a hurry to let him die.

Jing Yang didn’t know when he had changed his mentality, but it had become more and more inclined towards torturing his old enemy. The more pain the other party was in, the more comfortable he felt. So, in this life, he could also play with him slowly until he got tired of it.

Seeing that Qi Yun was taken away by the doctor, Jing Yang turned off the computer and continued to modify the firearms.

Qi Yun stayed in the hospital for two days but after that he insisted on being discharged, because the apocalypse was about to happen, and once the apocalypse came, the hospital was the most dangerous place. He would then be surrounded by zombies, so he still preferred to escape but he had still lost his palm.

Qi Yun’s hatred for Qiu Jin or Jing Yang had reached its peak, and he vowed to take revenge even if he died again. The palm he lost must be repaid to him a thousandfold.

At this time, Qi Yun had lost his normal thinking ability because of his anger and hatred, as he did not expect that Qiu Jin would blow up one of his palms at this time and disappear completely, or that he had been reborn like him. Or Qiu Jin was not the original Qiu Jin anymore. So far, he still thought that he was the only one who was reborn, so even if he lost a palm, he would still be able to live well in the last days.

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