KHSW Ch. 217

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When the teacher heard his answer, the expression on his face froze. The children who could come to school here were all from a strong family backgrounds. Only this “Xiao Nuo” seemed to have just a little money in his family.

Although he was disdainful in his heart, he still forced a smile on his face, “Okay, the next kid…”

Inside the nanny car.

“Sister Xi, I have already heard from Sister Pei about your itinerary, just leave it to me at ease.”

“How old are you?”


“I’m the same age as you, you don’t need to call me ‘Sister Xi’, just call me ‘Ling Xi’.”

“Okay, Ling Xi.” Jiang Shu nodded slightly.

Ling Xi closed her eyes slowly, and still asked persistently: “Have we never met?”

“You are a star, and I am just an ordinary person. The probability of us meeting should be very low, right?”

“Hello, sister Ling Xi, I’m Liming.” A big boy with silver-grey hair nodded politely.

Ling Xi paid attention to his hair at a glance. When she saw him in the taxi last time, the hair exposed under his hat was this color.

She said “Hello” indifferently, and then didn’t make another sound.

Liming was already deeply impressed by the events of that day, but now seeing Ling Xi’s appearance, he couldn’t help but be surprised, “You…you are the day…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ling Xi immediately stepped forward and covered his lips with her hands, with a hint of warning in her eyes.

A burst of sweet fragrance suddenly floated into his nostrils, and Liming, who hated touching girls, his heart throbbed for a moment.

Although Jiang Shu saw Ling Xi’s actions, she consciously retreated to the door and “watched”.

Ling Xi saw that there was no one else in the room for the time being, so she let go, and suddenly put down the “high coldness” on her body, her style of panting changed suddenly, and she asked in a low voice: “Can that matter be our secret?”

Liming looked into Ling Xi’s eyes, like glass beads shining in the sun, and nodded unconsciously, “Okay.”

Ling Xi curled her lips slightly. It seemed that this big boy was quite cute, so she started treating him like her younger brother, she tiptoed lightly and reached out to rub his hair, “Good boy, just call me ‘sister’ from now on.”

The back of Liming’s ears turned red slightly, and he, who had rarely been in contact with girls, suddenly felt that his reaction was a bit strange.

He remembered the last time he saw her, she was exuding the brilliance of a “mother’s love”, but she was as cold as ice to him, but this time, he saw another side of Ling Xi, his heart was like a string of a lyre, being gently moved.

Seeing that Ling Xi solved the problem so easily, Jiang Shu felt a sense of relief in her heart. She hadn’t seen her for a few years, and Ling Xi had really changed a lot. This time, she would definitely protect her.

Until the follow-up director walked into the room, “Ms. Ling Xi, hello, I am your follow-up director. Our mission this time is to go to the ‘ancient town’…”

After hearing the specific task of the director, Ling Xi was slightly surprised, so the program group still had this kind of gameplay?

It was the first time for her to participate in such a variety show, which seemed very fresh and challenging.

On the way to the “ancient town”, Ling Xi lay on the window like a kitten all the way, looking at the green mountains and blue waters outside.

“Sister, if you are sleepy, you can sleep on my shoulder for a while!”

Ling Xi continued to look out the window, “I’m not sleepy, just looking at the scenery outside, it’s so beautiful.”

Liming, however, kept his gaze on Ling Xi’s face looking out of the window, and said silently in his heart: She is so beautiful.

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