KHSW Ch. 216

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Ling Xi touched his little head wearing a hat, “Okay, mom won’t blame the baby, you just need to remember that mom won’t leave baby Xiao Nuo again.”

“Xiao Nuo remembers, Xiao Nuo must obediently listen to the teacher this time.”

Xu Yizhi also squatted down immediately, and straightened Xiao Nuo’s clothes, but he didn’t say a word.

Xu Yizhi drove Ling Xi to the vicinity of “Yi Ling”.

“Husband, I’m going to start working again these few days, and I may go to a faraway place. Please take care of the family affairs and the baby!”

“Okay, remember to call me every day.”

Hearing the man’s words, Ling Xi couldn’t help but want to tease him, “What? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to stop thinking about me?”

“No, I’m just worried that Xiao Nuo will miss you.”

It sounded like it was true.

Ling Xi complained silently in her heart.

“I don’t want to call you, because I’m so poor that I don’t even have the money to pay the phone bill.”

Of course how was this possible? The dowry money he gave was still in the card and she dared not touch it!

However, Xu Yizhi handed her his mobile phone.

Ling Xi couldn’t keep up with his train of thought, “Why?”

“My mobile phone has sufficient balance, enough for you to call me for a lifetime.” Most importantly, there was also a tracking and positioning system in it.

Ling Xi looked at him with a strange look, she originally thought that he would go out of his way and say something like “I’ll recharge your phone bill “, but he actually thought of giving her the phone?

“You gave me your mobile phone, what will you use? Besides, what if there is an important business call for you?”

“This is my new private mobile phone, and it only has your number in it.”

Alright, you win……

“Sister Pei, I’m here. Am I leaving today?”

Ling Xi casually walked into Pei Shan’s office.

“I know you’re here, so let me introduce you to your new assistant, Jiang Shu.”

A girl who looked quiet, immediately got up and bowed, “Hello, sister Xi, I am your new assistant Jiang Shu, and I will take care of all your daily needs.” Her voice was a little hoarse.

This assistant gave Ling Xi a very comfortable first impression. It seemed that Sister Pei had good vision.

“Hello, I’m Ling Xi.” The moment they held hands, Ling Xi felt inexplicably familiar.

Just like……

No, how was this possible?

“Have we met somewhere before?”

The girl thought about it carefully, but still shook her head, “There shouldn’t be any.”

What’s up with that sense of familiarity?

In kindergarten.

“My dream is to be like my father. My father is a high official. As long as my father gives an order, all the soldiers will be obedient.”

“My mother is a singer, and my dream is to become a better singer than my mother.”

“Wow, after listening to the dreams of so many children, it seems that everyone is very ambitious! I don’t know what dreams promise children have?” asked the kindergarten teacher.

Xiao Nuo stood up wearing a hat, his eyes glowing with confidence, “Teacher, I want to be a monk when I grow up.”


“He actually wants to be a monk?” The children whispered to each other.

Even the teacher couldn’t help laughing, “Why is it a monk?”

“Master said, ‘monk’ can only be a person with great love. He has to have compassion in his heart like Bodhi, with a heart of self-love, and be able to love all things. A monk practices all his life, only to become a gentle and compassionate person, Xiao Nuo wants to be a compassionate person.”

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