SLDH Ch. 34.2: The Mermaid

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On this day, Mi Wan was in the classroom reciting the final key points that Han Xiao had drawn for her, when she suddenly received a call from the sparrow demon.

“Boss, it’s been a month, are you still busy?”

Busy? What was she busy with? Mi Wan was stunned for a while before finally remembering that she had promised the sparrow demon to help his demon friend a month ago. At that time, she had just cured the kitten demon, and her spiritual power was overdrawn, thus she could not perform the treatment, so it was postponed for a month.

However, she was not much better now. A week ago, in order to delay the mudslide in Gu Yuan Mountain, her spiritual power was overdrawn again, and only 30% of it was recovered at this time.

“I’m done with work, so…is your friend’s situation serious?” Mi Wan felt that she had already pushed once, and it was not easy to push it again, so she planned to ask the other party’s situation first.

“It’s not serious, the situation is similar to Jingjing,” said the sparrow spirit.

Similar to Ji Jingjing? That did not require much spiritual power, 30% of her spiritual power was enough.

“Okay, then take the time to bring it here.” Mi Wan said softly.

“Can you do it today?”

So anxious? Mi Wan raised her eyebrows: “Okay, I’ll give you an address in a moment, and you can come there at 3:30.”

After hanging up, Mi Wan sent the address of the pet shop to the sparrow demon. During this period of time, under the supervision of Butler Ye, the renovation of the pet store was progressing very fast. The house behind the pet store had basically been renovated, and the windows were being kept open for ventilation. She could just bring people inside.

At 3:20, Mi Wan went to the store first with her schoolbag on her back. The workers were painting the walls, and when they saw Mi Wan coming, they thought she had come to oversee the work, so their painting action sped up a bit. But Mi Wan didn’t pay much attention to their movements. To be honest, she didn’t really like the smell in the room. If she knew that the smell in the house would be so heavy after the redecoration, she would have stopped Butler Ye’s decision to redecorate.

“Boss.” Mi Wan stood in the shop for a while, then the sparrow spirit appeared at the door of the shop. The sparrow demon was holding a basket in his hand, and next to him stood a man of about 30 years old. The other party was holding something in his arms, which was covered by a blue cloth, and Mi Wan could not see it clearly.

“Come in.” Mi Wan nodded and led the two of them into the house.

The sparrow spirit motioned for the people around him to follow, and as soon as the two entered the pet shop, they frowned because of the smell of paint. The sparrow demon was still okay, he held his breath and walked a few steps quickly. The man beside him seemed to find it a little unbearable. With swaying demon power, a faint mist of water condensed out of the air, isolating the smell around him.

Oh, it’s still a fish, and from the point that the moisture in the air didn’t have a salty taste, it should still be a freshwater fish, Mi Wan observed secretly.

After entering the backyard, the smell in the room dissipated a little because of the ventilation for two days, but it still smelled a little unpleasant. Although the middle-aged male fish was not feeling well, he had been waiting to see Mi Wan for medical treatment for a while, so he kept silent.

“I’m sorry, the store is still being renovated, so the smell may be a little unpleasant. But there’s no one here, so it’s more convenient to treat.” After entering the room, Mi Wan put her schoolbag on the chair.

“It’s alright, I’m fine.” The sparrow demon was fine, but he looked at the middle-aged man beside him worriedly, “Brother Yu, sister-in-law is fine, right?”

“It’s alright, the smell is separated by the water.” The middle-aged male fish shook his head.

Sister-in-law? Mi Wan subconsciously looked at what the middle-aged male fish was holding in his arms.

“Boss, these are this month’s eggs, I brought it to you together.” The sparrow demon first gave Mi Wan the egg basket in his hand, and then introduced the middle-aged male fish, “This is Yu Feihang, my friend from demon clan.”

“Hello.” Yu Feihang nodded lightly at Mi Wan. Although he had come to ask others for help, he was neither humble nor arrogant. Mi Wan guessed that this fish might have some status in the demon clan.

“The courtesies should be spared. Let me have a look at the patient.” Mi Wan smiled in response and asked directly without waiting for the sparrow demon to speak.

Yu Feihang glanced at the sparrow spirit and saw the other side nod. Then he carefully placed the thing in his arms on the table beside him, and then lifted the blue cloth, revealing a glass fish tank the size of a bowl. The inside of the fish tank was very delicately arranged, and among the rockery, water and grass, a small red goldfish was lying in it.

“Yan Yan, wake up.” Yu Feihang’s voice was very soft, as if he was afraid of scaring the sleeping little goldfish inside.

The red tail swayed gently, and the little goldfish, which was still motionless just now, swam out of the water with a flick of its tail, looking at her husband affectionately with big eyes, and asked, “Are we there yet?”

“Well.” After Yu Feihang comforted his wife, he turned to look at Mi Wan and asked, “Do you have a bathtub or a bigger bucket here?”

Mi Wan guessed that the other party might be about to transform into a human figure, so she took him into the bathroom. In order to avoid suspicion, the sparrow demon did not follow them in.

The large bathtub in the bathroom was just installed by Butler Ye, and it was very clean, but Yu Feihang still used his demon power to clean it before pouring water into the bathtub. When the water in the bathtub was almost filled, he carefully put his wife in it.

The palm-sized goldfish swam for a while in the huge bathtub, and suddenly there was a burst of demonic power, and layers of ripples swayed in the water. Mi Wan only saw a flash in front of her, and then a baby-faced long-haired woman suddenly emerged from the water. Because she didn’t have any clothes on, she shyly got into her husband’s arms as soon as she got out of the water.

Mi Wan took a closer look, only to find that her upper body had changed into a human appearance, but her tail still maintained the shape of a fish tail, and the red tail swayed lightly under her body, like a long red dress, looking very beautiful.

This was a living mermaid~~

“It started three years ago, suddenly Yan Yan’s tail couldn’t transform.” Yu Feihang comforted his wife and explained her condition to Mi Wan.

Mi Wan knew from the fact that other’s tail that got bigger, that the goldfish’s condition should be caused by something. If it was congenital, she should be the same as Ji Jingjing. Even if she turned into a human, her tail should be the size of her original shape, not as big as her current body. Now the size ratio was just right.

“I’ll check.” Mi Wan stretched out her hand.

Yu Feihang lowered his head and said to his wife in his arms, “Yan Yan, the doctor wants to check.” After that, Yu Feihang took his wife’s hand and put it in front of Mi Wan.

Mi Wan stretched out two fingers and probed it, looking very much like a Chinese medicine doctor checking the pulse of her patient, but she only sent a touch of spiritual power into her veins. After a while, Mi Wan discovered Yu Feihang’s wife’s illness. Her illness was neither in the demon core nor in the meridians, but it was because her demon power flowed elsewhere.

“How is it?” Yu Feihang asked nervously when he saw Mi Wan withdraw her hand. His wife in his arms also quietly revealed half of her face, with the same nervous expression.

“She’s pregnant.” Mi Wan stood up, “It’s not her problem that she can’t change shape, it’s because the child in her belly has absorbed too much of her demon power.” If she used the right words, this goldfish was actually finding it difficult to give birth.

The husband and wife looked at each other, and there was not much shock in their eyes, obviously they knew it.

“Yan Yan was pregnant three years ago, and it was only when the child was about to be born that she found out that it was a defective product. But at that time, it could no longer be destroyed.” The so-called defective product was a child born with demon poison. Usually, whether the children of the demon clan were healthy or not could not be known before they were born. It was not until the time of transformation that they got to know which children had demon poison and which children did not.

Yu Feihang’s wife was very unlucky. When she was about to give birth, her body’s demon power suddenly collapsed. At that time, they also guessed that it might be the child’s problem, but the child was already formed. If it was forcibly destroyed, the mother’s life might not be saved, and they also didn’t want to abandon the small fry. In the end, Yu Feihang figured out a way and used a secret method to stop the pregnancy, but in this way, although his child would not continue to grow up but his wife could also only maintain the shape of a half-human half-fish.

How happy he was when his wife got pregnant, was how sad Yu Feihang was when he sealed the child with a secret method. He thought that he could only live with his wife like this in his life, but suddenly he learned of Mi Wan’s existence from his friend, the patriarch of the Eagle clan, and he tried his best to ask the sparrow demon to bring them over to try it out.

Yu Feihang looked at Mi Wan and asked hopefully: “Yan Yan’s condition… can it be cured?”

“Yes, but the price may be higher.”

“Really?!” It was not Yu Feihang who spoke. It was his wife in his arms, who sat up directly from the bathtub, so excited that she almost forgot that she had no clothes on.

When Yu Feihang saw it, he hurriedly took off his jacket and put it on his wife, not caring about being excited.

“Doctor, as long as my wife can be cured, how much money doesn’t matter.” Yu Feihang and his wife solemnly assured Mi Wan.

“It’s easy to say that money is not an issue, but it may not be possible today.” Mi Wan said again.

“Why?” Yu Feihang only felt that his heart was going up and down. This was an opportunity that he had finally waited for, but why did he suddenly fail today.

“I thought Madam Ling was just suffering from demon poison, so she couldn’t change shape. As a result, I came over to check and found that the demon poison was not in your wife, but the child in her stomach.” Helplessly, “I’ve spent a lot of spiritual energy recently, and the demon poison in your child’s body is too heavy. It will have to wait for me to recover before it can be cured.”

The fish almost jumped outside the bathtub, and because of her movements, a splash of water came out.

“You mean, you mean…my child…it…can it be cured, right?” Jin Yanyan stared at her big, blessed eyes, staring at Mi Wan, waiting for her answer.

“As long as there are no sequelae from the seal of your demon clan, after I cure it, it will be born directly.”

Just as Mi Wan’s voice fell, Jin Yanyan burst into tears. Her eyes were much larger than ordinary people. So, the tears that fell were also bigger than ordinary people. She tugged tightly at the front of her husband’s shirt and cried for half a minute before she had the strength to open her mouth to speak: “Feihang…our baby…it…it There is still a chance for it to see this world, right?”

“Well.” Yu Feihang took his wife into his arms and nodded fiercely.

As early as when they decided to seal the child, the husband and wife had already acquiesced that the child was dead, and they killed the child’s vitality with their own hands. The appearance of Mi Wan almost gave the child a chance to come back from the dead. No matter how good his control was, at this moment, Yu Feihang, like his wife, lost his composure and shed tears.

Mi Wan didn’t bother the husband and wife who were hugging and crying. She quietly exited the bathroom and met the puzzled eyes of the sparrow demon. Mi Wan took the eggs and schoolbag on the table and said, “At Christmas, when my pet hospital opens, you can bring them here.”

“Boss, do you want to open a pet hospital?” Sparrow Jing didn’t ask about the situation of Yu Feihang and his wife because he was almost stunned by the sudden news. Although he had thought about it when he had just appeared at the door, he still felt that it was unlikely. A demon hunter opening a hospital to treat demons?

“Yeah, remember to accompany them when they come.” Word of mouth, that was a fine tradition that had been preserved since 500 years ago.

“Is…is that the pet hospital that I’m thinking?”

“As long as it’s an animal, it’s my client.” Mi Wan left the room with a hint of a smile.

The sparrow demon stood stunned in the room for a long time, then decisively took out his mobile phone, sent the location in the demon group, and advertised in advance. So, Mi Wan’s pet hospital dominated the demon’s circle of friends without her having to spend a cent on publicity.

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