TBVSR Ch. 50.2

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The next morning, Jiang Yu’s biological clock woke her up early.

After waking up, even when she hadn’t opened her eyes yet, she thought “fuck” for a moment.

She didn’t dare to open her eyes, because she was touching a man’s warm body, it was not only her hands, but also her feet…

In her ear, a very magnetic and seductive voice sounded, “Stop pretending, I know you are awake.”

Jiang Yu opened her eyes with difficulty, and she saw Qiu Li’s handsome facial features, and his every eyelash was clearly visible in her eyes.

His thin lips curled up: “It’s very clear, you shouldn’t casually touch anyone, but sister, you took a lot of advantage of me last night.”

“I don’t know anything, and if I don’t know it, I didn’t do anything.” Jiang Yu didn’t have the face to look at him at all, so she could only bury her head in the soft blanket.

Qiu Li turned around and commented, “Robber’s logic.”

“You go out, I’m going to change.”

Qiu Li got out of bed, then opened the closet, pulled out a fleece sweater and a pair of jeans and handed it to Jiang Yu: “Wear my clothes for the time being, and change when you get back to school.”

After that, he walked to the door, opened the lock from the inside, and walked out.

Jiang Yu looked at his every movement and sensed his thoughts meticulously.

With a boyfriend like this, what could one expect from a husband.

Jiang Yu quickly changed her clothes. Although the clothes and trousers were very loose, they didn’t look strange, they looked very hipster on her.

Qiu Li went out to buy steamed buns for breakfast, then he went to the kitchen to warm up milk and boil eggs, and then he set up a table full of hearty breakfast.

Jiang Yu sighed and said, “I couldn’t see that you eat so delicately for breakfast.”

“I rarely eat breakfast.” Qiu Li said casually, “Because it was the first time my sister slept with me, I had to make you comfortable. An exquisite breakfast is essential for that.”

“Who slept with you!”

“When I say sleep, I mean sleep in the literal sense.” Qiu Li sat opposite her and peeled eggs for her: “For a good woman, your head is full of filth.”

Jiang Yu: …

She couldn’t talk to him, so she simply didn’t say anything, she was too lazy to argue with him.

Qiu Li peeled the eggs, placed them on Jiang Yu’s plate, and asked, “Is my bed comfortable?”

“It’s okay, I fell asleep soon.”

“Then you’re welcome to sleep again next time.”

She gritted her teeth and said, “Just wait.”

Qiu Li smiled kindly: “I wait every night.”

That afternoon, Wen Lun walked out of the dance classroom and saw Qiu Li who had been waiting for a long time by the floor-to-ceiling windows in the hall.

Qiu Li felt cold and hard, and his silhouette was very aggressive.

Handsome, really very handsome.

Wen Lun knew why Qiu Li came here, so he simply walked up to him and said, “I have explained the temporary partner change very clearly. I feel very guilty and have already apologized for that. If you want to trouble me, then I can’t do anything about it.”

Qiu Li stared at him with dark eyes.

His eyes dodged a little, and he pretended to be calm, but he was obviously very guilty, and he was not as confident as he sounded.

Only people who had a plan in their hearts would have such an expression.

Qiu Li looked indifferent and said sharply, “What are your conditions?”

“I… I don’t have any conditions.” Wen Lun turned his back and said, “I said it before, it was requested by the family, and I myself feel very guilty.”

“Do you want me to bow my head to you?” Qiu Li said solemnly, “I can beg you, I can also apologize for the previous dispute.”

For Jiang Yu’s well-being, he could do anything.

Wen Lun glanced back at him, knowing that this man was able to put his face down to find him today, this action showed his great determination and also needed courage.

He was silent for a moment, and finally said, “Otherwise you break up.”

Qiu Li’s hand under his sleeve tightened.

So, he was waiting for him here.

“If I reject Shen Aoqing, it will affect our family’s cooperation and business. If it’s just for an ordinary friend, I’m afraid I can’t do it.”

Qiu Li stared at Wen Lun, and from his dodging eyes, he could see that he was taking advantage of others’ situation.

A person who went back on his word like this couldn’t be a gentleman.

Suddenly, Qiu Li sneered: “I’m afraid breaking up can’t be done.”

Wen Lun’s face was tense, and he said, “This time the best performance is a knockout system, and the person who ranks at the bottom will be expelled from school.”

“So you have already taken care of our sister’s three inches.”

Qiu Li’s smile faded, and there was a cold chill in his eyes: “Is it interesting to find so many excuses?”

“Everyone in Esmera works hard and is very strong. There is very little time left for Jiang Yu to start preparing now.”

Wen Lun simply stopped pretending, and looked at Qiu Li with knife-like eyes, then he looked down at his newly mended shoes: “If you are really doing it for her good, don’t delay her.”

Qiu Li turned around and strode away.

Behind him, Wen Lun shouted at his back, “It was not easy for Jiang Yu to get into Esmera, I leave this choice to you, just to give you face. Otherwise, you try to let Jiang Yu choose by herself, see if she chooses Esmera, or you!”

All afternoon and evening, Qiu Li in the library was absent-minded and was about to explode with irritability.

“Let’s see if she chooses Esmera, or you.”

Wen Lun’s words echoed in his ears like a spell.

Qiu Li accompanied Jiang Yu all the way and saw how much she loved ballet and how much effort she had put in to enter the ballet hall of Esmera.

If Jiang Yu was allowed to choose, Qiu Li really didn’t have the slightest bit of confidence.

He was not excellent, he was poor, living on scholarships, and sick…

What qualifications did he have to compare with her dreams.

Jiang Yu rehearsed a solo variation of the second act of “Giselle”.

This section was very difficult, and the technical requirements were particularly strong. She was familiar with the section, but it was not easy to do it, and it needed a lot of repeated practice.

Throughout the day, Jiang Yu practiced in the dance classroom. In the evening, there were more students practicing dance. In order not to be disturbed by other music, Jiang Yu went to the unmanned hall on the first floor.

There was a five-meter-long coat mirror in the hall, so it was also suitable to practice here.

Even at the end of the cold winter, her face was covered with fine sweat particles, and her body seemed to be tireless, as she stood on tiptoes, her body was as light as if she was flying.

Qiu Li stood outside the glass door for an unknown amount of time until Jiang Yu caught a glimpse of him in the mirror.

She stopped, wiped the sweat away with a towel, causing her small breasts to swing up and down, and said to Qiu Li, “Why are you here?”

“Come to accompany you to train and see if I can help.” Qiu Li walked to her side and wiped her sweat away with his sleeve.

Jiang Yu sat on the chair next to him, and decided to take a break, then she took out a thermos cup and took a sip of water.

“You can’t be of much help, but you can accompany me in this building, I’m alone here and I’m quite afraid of dark.”

Qiu Li sat beside her and commented, “The part just now was okay.”

“It’s okay, it’s at a level that will be eliminated.”

Jiang Yu shook her head: “You don’t know how well everyone dances! Every step is very precise. I just watched it at the door of the classroom for a while, and I’m afraid I’ll be eliminated.”

She crossed her legs and started rubbing her sore feet, not caring about her image in front of Qiu Li.

Qiu Li liked how relaxed she was in front of him, which meant that she regarded him as her own in her heart.

He grabbed her ankle, pulled her leg to his side, took off her VCI dancing shoes, and started gently massaging her toes.

Jiang Yu instinctively wanted to withdraw her foot, but Qiu Li squeezed her ankle tightly and told her not to move.

She felt his rough palms softly pressing against the soles of her feet.

It was itchy, but comfortable.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting dirty?” Jiang Yu was very embarrassed: “I’ve been dancing all day.”

Qiu Li raised his eyes and glanced at her, then he leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her instep.


Jiang Yu didn’t expect him to do this, she was so anxious and embarrassed, she pushed his head away: “What are you…, it’s dirty!”

Qiu Li held her feet and put them on his lap, as if holding his beloved treasure, he said, “There’s a question that has bothered me for a day. Although it’s silly to ask, I still want to know.”

Otherwise, the question would keep hitting into his heart like a poisonous snake.

Seeing that he suddenly became a good-natured nanny today, Jiang Yu couldn’t help reaching out to touch his hair: “Ask.”

“If your mother and I fell into the river, who would you save?”


“My Mom.” She said contemptuously, “Who gave you the guts to compete with our queen dowager.”

Qiu Li smiled lightly, raised his head, and stared at her seriously with his dark eyes: “Then between Esmera and I, who would you choose?”

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