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Jiang Yu originally thought that Qiu Li was just joking, so she didn’t take it seriously.

Unexpectedly, he came out of the shower, wiped his wet black hair, went straight to his bedroom, and threw out a sentence: “It’s your choice.”

Before entering the room, he turned off the heating.

Jiang Yu: …

She watched the rain outside the window getting heavier and heavier. At this time, it was impossible to go home even with an umbrella. She would be tossed around and might even catch a cold.

It was even more impossible to stay on the sofa for one night, because he didn’t even bring her the sheets…

Jiang Yu pushed open Qiu Li’s door and asked, “Are you serious?”

Qiu Li was already lying on the edge of the bed flipping through a thick psychology tome.

There was a small night light on the wall in the room, and the light was dim, which softened his outline a lot.

He didn’t lift his eyelids, he was still reading the book, but he lifted the quilt and gave her the left position, “Welcome.”


Jiang Yu said patiently, “Don’t go too far, Qiu Li!”

“I’ve seen your ID card.” Qiu Li slowly put down the book, his tone a little unhappy: “You became an adult last month, and you didn’t tell me on purpose that you had your birthday.”


Jiang Yu went to school one year later than other children because of a household registration problem, so she was one year older than her classmates.

However, Qiu Li was right, she deliberately didn’t tell him.

“So what if I’m an adult.” Jiang Yu looked at him angrily and said, “You’re still younger than me, so I won’t behave like a beast to you, brother.”

She deliberately emphasized the word “brother”.

The corners of Qiu Li’s eyes evoked a smile, and his handsome features instantly became bright: “I don’t mind, my sister can do whatever she wants to me.”


Jiang Yu was really angry, sitting in the ergonomic chair in front of his desk, she said angrily, “Okay, then I’ll watch you sleep!”

Qiu Li put down the book, and then took off his shirt without hesitation.


Jiang Yu looked away, but she could still catch a glimpse of his powerful upper body from the corner of her eye.

“What kind of hooligan are you playing…”

Qiu Li was innocent: “I’m at my own house, on my own bed, taking off my clothes and sleeping. How can I be playing a hooligan?”

Jiang Yu was speechless because what he said was correct.

She still couldn’t hold back and glanced at him secretly.

His upper body was an almost perfect sportsman’s physique, and his muscles looked very strong, especially the abdominal muscles that spread down, which were extraordinarily sexy.

Jiang Yu was not the kind of girl who became crazy when she saw a handsome guy, but her fantasies about her boyfriend did inevitably arise uncontrollably…

Qiu Li enjoyed her gaze and asked with a smile, “Is my sister still satisfied?”

“What do I care about, I…I don’t care!”

“You don’t care, but you keep watching.”

Jiang Yu buried her head in her knees angrily, her cheeks flushed red.

I really can’t make it through tonight!

“I’ll sleep on the chair.”

“As you like.”

Qiu Li turned off the light and lay down.

The room suddenly fell into darkness, and the soundproofing effect of the bedroom window was also very good, it was so quiet that it seemed as if there was only the sound of their breathing in the whole world.

Qiu Li’s breathing was very heavy, while Jiang Yu’s breathing was very light, intertwined in the darkness, it kept reminding them of each other’s existence…

Jiang Yu yawned, drowsiness came up, and her head began to fall down like a woodpecker.

In the darkness, the boy’s magnetic voice came: “Come on the bed, I won’t do anything to you.”

Jiang Yu looked up at him.

He gave up his left side and said in a soft tone, “We have a clear line, no one will touch anyone, okay?”

“Can you promise?”

“Promise, you know me, I haven’t done anything to you after so long.”

Jiang Yu believed in Qiu Li, they had countless opportunities to get along alone. Qiu Li had always respected her very much. Although there were several marginal temptations, he never did anything to hurt her.

Jiang Yu finally put on her sandals, walked to the bed, and lay down on the edge of the bed.

Qiu Li handed her the quilt.

As soon as she got into the quilt, the fiery warmth enveloped her body in an instant.

The boy’s body temperature was really not on the same level as the girl’s. Jiang Yu couldn’t help sinking into such warmth.

There was such a “little sun” warm quilt in the cold winter, it was really… so comfortable!

The moment she got into the bed, Qiu Li turned over and hugged her from behind.

Jiang Yu was startled, struggled subconsciously, and said, “You promised!”

Qiu Li put his chin on the back of her neck, and said in a soothing voice, “Don’t worry, I’m just hugging…”

Jiang Yu found this guy had tightly wrapped around her like a rope, and she couldn’t break free at all.

He made no further action, so Jiang Yu had to tolerate him.

Qiu Li’s body was very hot, so not long after she was hugged by him, Jiang Yu started to feel hot.

However, this kind of warmth also made her drowsiness increase, and Jiang Yu soon became confused.

Half-asleep and half-awake, she seemed to hear Qiu Li whispering in her ear, saying some very heart-warming little words, such as “I really like Xiao Yu”, “I want you”, “I want to marry my sister”…

Jiang Yu was not clear if it was a dream or his real whispers, but after a troubled marriage and a wasted life, she really wanted to cry when she heard these words…

At least, she kept her tears on bay in her dreams.

It would be great if she could have met him under normal circumstances.

She would definitely stay with him, love him, protect him, hold his hand, and would never let go no matter what.

Her mother said that in this world, it was easy to seek priceless treasures, but it was really rare to be able to keep them.

Jiang Yu instinctively turned around and rubbed the tears on his chest.

She slept very peacefully that night.

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